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Aftermath { Alynn }

Alaric had been shocked to learn, after the twins broke off the compulsion from his mind, that Synn had tried to erase such important memories of the previous night. Granted, none of them knew how to handle the situation at hand, he could not help but feel slightly hurt and even offended by her actions. Having people toy with his mind was not something he appreciated or took lightly– so when she appeared, standing in the doorframe of his office, the chaperone teacher was kind of pissed. Kind of being an poorly worded understatement. 

“ Synn.” 


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Hi Synne! Do you have any tips on playing support in Overwatch? I keep dying as Mercy and Lúcio and I don't think it's my teams fault;;;;

I can only give tips on mercy since I never really play Lucio and believe me I have 200+ hrs logged on mercy L O L

This is super long cause i have a lot to share

I play console so a lot of this is assuming you are too. If you’re on PC you have the luxury of typing in your thoughts to the team, otherwise if you’re like me you have to hope and pray your team understands what group up means in context.

These are also tips on payload maps because KoTH maps are terrible for mercy. 

My number one tip - BE. A. HUGE. COWARD.

I have hiding places and spots I hide myself on each map to avoid death, i can heal still, and I can retreat to so i can get the big rez if the enemy team wipes mine and they work 80% of the time if my team is good and enemy is too focused on them.

Stay BEHIND your team. You are supporting them, don’t charge in with your reinhardts - if they wanna die they can die. To quote Spock: THE NEEDS OF THE MANY OUTWEIGH THE NEED OF THE ONE. Stay back and heal, your beam reaches out so you don’t have to be up your D.Va’s (or anyone) butthole healing them. BE SUPER AWARE OF WHERE YOUR TEAMMATES ARE. 

As mercy you are more aware of what everyone is doing than anyone else. Use your teammates to fly to to get out of heated battle and hide. What I do if the battle is super intense and my team is aggressive is just fly back and forth between everyone. Fly, jump, IGNORE THE ENEMY AND FOCUS ON YOUR TEAM. One time this enemy tracer was focusing me, but I just ignored them to favor of healing my team, they tried SUPER HARD to kill me but never did heh :v 

like one time i lured the tracer into the stairwell, jumped over them, and flew to a team mate. It got them off my back for a few seconds and they were funneled out to my teammates to kill. If you have a genji or tracer or whoever focusing you, ignore them, fly to a team mate and if your team mate is any good, they’ll take care of the threat for you. If you end up getting stranded, WHIP THAT PISTOL OUT. 9/10 times you’ll die, but at least you go down fighting, stalling a bit, and if you’re lucky killing one or two of them. (feels so good when you kill the roadhog that hooked you)

ALWAYS BE JUMPING. Do NOT ever stand still. You can’t see them, but they can see you - widows, hanzos, anas, they will snipe you if you just stand still, so jump, strafe, always be moving. 

Ok map specific tips

Dorado - Attacking

STAY IN THE SPAWN. Never stand at any of the doors, stay back at the middle wall near the healing doors. Hanzo can scatter arrow in and get you easy. Roadhogs will hook you out if they see you. Junkrat’s bombs can kill u in two hits so stay inside away from the doors and heal from there. Your beam will reach out and you don’t have to push forward.

you guys as attacking have spawn advantage. don’t worry about rezzing since your spawn is RIGHT THERE, save your rez for when you reach the courtyard and need that final push. Use side doors to exit, avoid main doors if you’re getting pushed back hard. When the coast is clear - remember you hear enemy footsteps louder than your team mates and as mercy you can hear EVERYONE - so judging by your team mates and if the car is starting to push, then you can leave spawn.

Dorado - Defending

Stay back near the choke point (the arch away) and heal. You can see the side entrance and the main from there and your beam will reach far enough for you to stay safe but do your job. Fly forward if you need to reach someone pushing far but IMMEDIATELY start backing up, jumping. 

This is more tricky as Mercy, so you really have to rely on sound to make sure no one is sneaking up on you. So if you have a hanzo or widow or someone on the high ground, lock on to them, fly, and wait it out till you can go back down healing again. 

You’ll probably be flying a lot. If your team is starting to lose, BACK UP. Spam group up on the remaining teammates and pull back, remember the attacking team has spawn advantage it’s better to pull back to the choke and try and get them there while your team respawns. 

Immediately at the choke, there’s a doorway to the left with a health pack, hide in there and heal. 1 - No one can flank you, 2 - if they are coming behind you you can hear them beforehand and fly out 3 - if you get hurt you can steal the health pack from the enemy, but heal your teammates if they come in for it

The attacking team wants to get out of this choke point so they’ll probably waste ults here. So hiding in this room will allow you to get the big rez if your team is wiped.

Gibraltar - Attacking

Same deal, stay in spawn, heal from mouth of the cave till your tanks have scared the snipers and shit from their hiding spots so you can fly out. If you’re attacking what I do is go to the window at the top floor to watch the defense set up. That way you see any tricks they are setting up before getting caught in them. Like DVA’s hiding at the top entrance, or junkrats putting their traps there.

Once it’s safe to go out, STAY BEHIND YOUR TEAM. I cannot stress that enough. Stay behind your team and heal. You can hear enemies above you at the first choke (where the checkpoint used to be) and I can’t tell you how many high noons and death blossom I’ve avoided cause i heard them above me and hid. 

There’s a lot of places for the defenders to sneak up on you ABOVE, so you REALLY have to listen for the footsteps above you and tell who it is. I’ve avoided so many death blossoms especially because I heard the reaper. 

Remember, enemy reapers will say “Death walks among you” or w/e BS when he teleports in. YOUR reaper will say ‘re-positioning’ when he warps somewhere so learn the difference. (enemy reapers will say “die die die”, yours will say “clearing the area” when they ult)

Gibraltar - Defending

Stay near the tunnel. The enemy can’t see you and you can still heal if your teams mates are there too. Any teammates pushing spawn are dead. They are just dead. Don’t go out of your way to heal them cause then you will DIE and the teammates in the back will too without you. Let them push if they want to, but you stay back and heal.

If the enemy starts to push forward, back up. I’ve won many games at the first checkpoint. You want to hide at the door you go through to get to the big area at the first checkpoint. Hide near there and heal. If that areas starts getting pushed, you’ll hopefully have a junkrat or sniper at the top level to fly to and let your health regen while supporting them. You will be flying back and forth a lot but always use that door to hide. There are stairs immediately behind you in the next area (the big hanger) to retreat to if the attacking team rolls through you. You can go up run around to get to the other side, and rejoin your team. 

At the final push to the end, you have spawn advantage. AS mercy, you want to stay IN the door and heal. TIP YOU CAN REZ FROM BELOW GROUND. Ive won many games for my team by rezzing them from below ground and rushing out. If you can see the x1-4 on your screen MASH THAT ULT BUTTON. 

Staying near that side door will help you because the enemy can’t push in. But you can still heal and retrean back inside to recover. If your team is smart they will not push forward and stay on the payload. YOU WANT TO STAY BACK AS FAR AS YOU CAN. Pharra, reaper, Dva, anyone wil a devastating ult CAN AND WILL wipe your team to get that last push. You with the rez need to be safe and hidden so you can fly out and get the rez in to keep contesting. 


If the enemy is focusing the door ppl usually exit out of, GO OUT THE OTHER. Ive lost so many games because no onE WOULD USE THE OTHER GOD DAMN EXIT EVEN WHEN I AM SPAMMING GROUP UP GOD DAMN IT!!

So if you see in ur respawn cam them focusing the one door, out the other. Its less safe, but at least you’re out and contesting.

Numbani - Defending

STAY ON THE FUCKING POINT. DO NOT PUSH FORWARD. If your ENTIRE TEAM is pushing, you stay. They might have a genji or tracer or someone who slips by flanking and will capture the point, so if you’re there, you can at least stall and use ur flimsy pistol to kill them. Spam group up. 

Usually by that point, one or two teammates will stay back with you to guard the point - LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE - and you can use that back room to hide in. If the attacking team is particularly rushing the point, stay on the side road where you all walk in from. The attacking team will be too focus to try and capture the point, so you off to the side can still heal and stay out of most of the fire. And if they spot you, chances are a teammate is running back from spawn so you can turn and fly to them and let them deal with it. 

Just like with Gilbratar, you wanna stay near the last spawn point if they are pushing forward. Stay back and heal. From there you can see flankers and anything sneakig in and hopefully when u say group up someone will come to you and take care of the threat. From the entrance of the spawn area, you can heal and if your team is wiped on point, fly in for the rez.

Numbani - Attacking

STAY BACK. You have no idea what the defense is doing, They could be all right there or a sniper is tucked somewhere you don’t see. So stay back and let your teammates out first and then follow when you judged it safe.

Here it’s more about following the flankers than the main attackers. You wanna keep the flankers alive to get the surprise. cause then the defenders will realize you are there and move their focus so the main attackers can push in. If you and the flanker are being pushed, back up and regroup. If you have to, leave your teammate and run. Better them than you so you can at least go and support the main attackers.

When you capture the point, don’t think you’re immediately safe. I never go set up on the point, I always hide in that room that will be your next spawn or stay down the street and wait for the point to be captured. Ive had enemy reapers teleport in and ult, wiping my team but SURPRISE I have rez and was hiding like a coward. Even when the car is starting down the street, stay back and keep looking back. Mccree’s loves to go around behind and high noon, so be aware.

(Once as defending symmetra, I dropped my teleporter and then rushed the point. EVERYONE WAS THERE emoting and while I jumped the surprise on them, i focused the mercy while my team rushed through the teleporter and we won the game before they could cap because the mercy was there too just standing around. So. Never get on the point with your team and think you won, always be ready for a surprise)

Eichenwale - Defend

Stay on the point. There’s a lot of areas to hide in for you and run, so it’s not that hard to heal. You can even push a little and heal at the choke if you wanted and retreat if it gets too much. There’s a small entrance with a health pack that funnels you out right to the point, I like hiding there and healing if the enemy team is pushing forward. Ive have many good rezzes from there and while the enemy CAN sneak up behind you, chances are you hear them and can fly out. 

If the attacking team managed to cap, the second push is just as tricky for them. you want to hide in that castle thingy up on the roof. Your beam will actually reach down far enough to heal! If you really need to, fly down and heal, but do it from behind ur team.

If you need to get out, hopefully there’s a junkrat or pharra or sniper above you you can fly to. 

When they start to get near the checkpoint - the castle gates - HIDE IN THe RIGHT ROOM WITH THE HEALTH PACK. No one can get you, hopefully, and you can always fly right out to rez OR go back behind the door and get your rez there if your team dies at the gate. 

The best place for you to heal is in the corner right where the payload turns. The area with wood paneling and small debri that makes a ramp to get back up towards your spawn. The immediate left area if you’re running out of the left area of spawn. Enemies can’t get to you and you can heal from the side and rez. If they start pushing, use the makeshift ramp to get back up on the platform and run towards spawn or fly to someone on the opposite side and retreat. But usually that place is a good area to hide in and support.

Eichenwale - Attack

GOOD LUCK. This is a hard one to attack on. If you happen to get small leg up on the defense, you want to stay to the side rooms and NEVER rush openly.

The room immediately to the left at the choke with the health pack is where you wanna be to heal. The room will protect you, there’s a health pack for you, your beam will reach out for you. If it gets too much you can run up the stairs and drop back on to your side and wait it out till your team respawns.

By then you SHOULD HAVE rez. Let your team know. If your team is smart they’ll know that’s the time to rush. Hopefully by then you team knows that group up from you means IF YOU DIE, DIE IN A GROUP SO YOU CAN REZ. Specifically die on point. 

Anyway though, stick to the side rooms and like with Numbani, hide and let your team cap because i’ve had genjis just fly in and cut everyone or pharra’s just suddenly rain justice. Once they’re done wiping your team, you can go in and steal their POTG with your rez.

The push to the first checkpoint is really just…. stay back and heal. This part is so hard to get the push in. so really you just have to be good at listening and flying to teammates to get out of trouble.

When you’re at the gate, stay back. Like I’m not even on the bridge with my team when the payload is crossing it cause you can easily fall off. If you’re stuck at the gate just BARELY getting the first checkpoint, you should fly froward and support, but MAKE SURE you are aware of the bridge and don’t fall off. What you can do is stand on the right near the castle defend thing and heal, you can circle back on top and fly down if an enemy walks out of the door. 

Wait till you cap to push forward with your team. You want to stay in the room with the health pack (left side) and heal from the door way while the car rounds the corner into the throne area. That way you can heal and rez but you’re protected in that room.

When the car is starting to round the next corner straight to the throne, You want to hide in the small hallway right next to the throne area. It’s where if you go up there’s the demon souls campfire is. You want to stay there and heal since most of your team mates will be back behind the cart while the defending team tries to hold you back. Remember at this point they have spawn advantage and sometimes you’re the difference. Ive had many games where my team was wiped from an ult, but since i was hiding in that hallway, I just round the corner, lock on to a soul and rez. Boom. Got it.

King’s Row - Defend

Stay in the hotel area or on the point. It’s not a HARD choke, reapears and tracers and genjis can easily get through. So you want to stay back and support while keeping an eye on the point, but don’t stand where you can see their spawn because there might be a sniper somewhere and they will get you. 

You want to stay in rooms and halls along the way. If you’re out in the open a sniper will get you and if not, someone else because this map is p straight forward. So the best bet for you is to just stay back and fly to anyone who needs heals. - typically i play symmetra on defend here tho.

King’s Row - Attack

Stay back and heal. Stand to the left of the wall and heal the front lines. You can always retreat around the building grab the health pack if you need, and be back at spawn to regroup.

Like the others, don’t stand on point to cap. Reapers, hanzo, widow, mccree all love to pick you off on point. Ive had reapers drop from the floor above to ult on point, mccree suddenly high noon sneaking around the rooms around the point, widow’s just snipping above, if you’re hiding near the hotel you can heal and then go in for the rez. Let your tanks cap.

Once the car starts to go forward, go into the bookstore to your left with the health pack and heal from there. You can’t get hurt easily, you’ll see enemies come to get you cause the door is the door youre healing out of and if they go from behind you can hear them and fly out.

Youre also safe from dva ults and stuff, but beware of dragons. It’s a small room so you have to listen for that hanzo ult and move out of there if you hear it. Just run back towards your new spawn area. 

At the last push area, you want to stand to the left. You can heal and rez from there and no enemy can get you. They CAN sneak up behind you but as always hopefully you’re listening and can fly out before they get you. But typically that area is safe to hide and heal in.

When the car starts it’s final push forward, you want to stay hidden in that center room with the big health pack. You can heal out the door. The enemy CAN get in the easy, but you can run out the other way grabbing the health pack from them if you need to. But many times I’ve just stayed in that room and healed and peaked out only to rez for that final push.

Some team mate tips:

  • If you have a symmetra on your team, focus heal them. Symmetra can literally 1 v 6 an entire team if you are healing them. Unless they get headshot. I’ve given many symmetras POTG cause i just focused healed them as they attacked everyone. She is your strongest character if you are in a pinch to focus heal + u will help her get her charge for her teleporter which will get your teammates back faster.
  • If your mccree says they have high noon ready, you should follow them (if you can - you judge the situation) and heal them while they set up their ult. If your mccree is good, they will go behind the team and you can heal them when the enemy tires to kill them. That way they can focus their ult and you keep them alive to wipe the team.
  • If a DVa on your team ults and you need to get some charge on your rez, you can actually heal her bomb and get some charge. It doesn’t heal the bomb, but hey free charge
  • If you have a pharra on your team, be aware of where she is. She will mostly be in the air and that’s great for you to fly up to to take a breather and regen health. The down side is if the enemy has a good sniper you will prob die, but keep track of her, she can save you form ults on the ground. (but if a dva ults u wanna hide, dva ult can kill u in air)
  • If a reaper ults, HEAL THEM EVEN IF THEY ARE FULL HEALTH. You can kill a reaper out of their ult so it’s best to keep your reaper alive while he does his thing. (same thing with pharra since she is stationary, heal her so she can get her ult in - genji too if you can keep up with him)
  • If a soldier ults buff him and switch to heal if he gets focused but hopefully he’s already laid his heal field down so you can just buff him - it’s a great way to team wipe.
  • If there’s an ana on your team and you guys happen to both die at the same time and are running back to your team. If you can communicate to your ana to nano boost you, you can run in faster and fly in and get the rez in for the clutch. Seems wasteful, but ive seen it done in comp where the mercy gets nano boosted to run faster and take less damage so she can get the team rez
  • If a reinhardt charges in, let him die. It’s not worth it. 
  • When Zarya does her ult either boost her or quickly judge who is going in for their ult with zarya to boots/heal them. 

WHEW!! that was long but i hope it helped? AHAHAHAH if i ever stream again you can watch and see what I mean by these things. GOOD LUCK ANON AND REMEMBER BE A COWARD!!!

If you want tips on Ana i have some too since i’ve been playing her more and some zenyatta tips. Just ask!

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hi sunshine i just wanted to say that I love ya. you're so sweet, and your art is gorgeous and you're by far my favourite artist. hope you have a great day <3

oh gosh thank you so much! that’s really kind of you to say anon thank you;;; <3 i hope you have a good day too!!

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Hi! My friend is an artist but she never distributed her work publicly; she only did them for school assignments and personal projects. But she's been considering selling some and getting her work out there. What advice would you give (which website to use for advertising her work, which website to sell her stuff etc..?) Thank you so much for your time!! Have a lovely day :))

Sorry it’s been awhile, but I’ve been trying to think how to answer this. Honestly, my best advise for your friend is to try and build an audience first before she starts selling. My main concern is always breaking even when I make merch… so if she doesn’t have an audience or someone who can get her exposure for her work, it’ll be a bit of a challenge to sell your things if no one knows who you are, you know?? If cost of production isn’t a concern for her then I suppose it doesn’t matter.

For websites to sell, I suggest googling online stores and see what matches her needs. Different websites offer different things and it all depends on what works for her. What brand is she building? What sort of audience is she trying to reach? What functions of a store is most important to her? Does she care if the website take a cut or not? Etc Etc…

So research and look around, build your audience and most of all just start posting your work. good luck to your friend! o/