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A/N: I’m gonna be quite honest. These past weeks I’ve been staying up until 6 am and waking up at 2 pm. One day I woke up and found I had written this in my notes. I don’t really remember writing it, but hey. Why not?

Spencer Reid meets his guardian angel and she’s nothing like he would have ever imagined. 

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You Owe Me

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. You guys wanted a part two to Let Me Help and so I delivered ;)

Word Count: 1,811, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex, Wall Sex, Just sex in general tbh.

A/N: So I seriously don’t know whether this is good or not lmao, I tried my hardest. I was listening to Feel It by Jacquees whilst writing it and just oh my god if you haven’t heard it please listen to it. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!

After you managed to catch the UnSub that was disfiguring women and stabbing them in the chest you and the rest of the team were heading back to Quantico on the jet. You sat down in the comfy, creme coloured chair and closed your unrested eyes as you heard the rest of the team load onto the jet. You hugged your form as the air conditioning pumped throughout the plane whilst getting ready for take off. You felt someone sit opposite you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to open your eyes. You were so tired from the long nights and the constant moving around that you just wanted to relax for once.

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Such A Sap ~Freaky February~ (S.R)

prompt: Hi, do you think you could write a Spencer Reid smut? Like, he gets jealous of Morgan flirting with the reader cause they’ve been dating for a year or so and has to claim her? You’re an awesome writer, I live for your smut <3

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Word Count: 1.27k

Warning: None(a little long before you reach the smut)

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Interrogation Techniques

For the anon who requested 45 and 58 with Reid “My eyes are up here.” “It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so attractive.”

Warnings: Some degrading language

‘Type killers’ always got under your skin a little more than random acts of violence. Seeing all those faces that looked eerily similar, murdered just for having the misfortune of sharing traits with someone else long gone. It bothered you even more when you were sitting and staring at a pile of woman who bore a striking resemblance to you.

Your teammates kept a close eye on your for the entire week, which only added to the slight paranoia that came with looking like murder victims. Once the guy was in handcuffs and shoved into an interrogation room you felt a weight you didn’t even realize you were carrying being lifted from your shoulders.

“We still need a confession.” Hotch announced coming into the room that your team was sat in, watching the unsub who seemed far too calm and collected. “We’ve got him on at least two accounts, but a confession for the other four would solidify his prison sentence.” The room was silent for a moment, all of their minds following separate trains of thought, but all arriving at the same station.

“I’ll go in.” You nodded, standing up from the desk you’d previously been stationed at. Spencer, who had been resting beside you shoot up immediately at your words.

“What? No!” You ignored him, turning to face your boss, straightening your back in a way you knew showed your determination. You knew what you had to do; it came with the job.

“Hotch, we all know his chances of talking are considerably higher if I go in and play nice. If you go in and start with that tough guy routine we’re going to move nowhere but backwards.”

“(Y/N) no.” Spencer stated using his firmest voice. His hand gripped at your arm and you continued to ignore him.

“I’ll go in, I’ll be able to catch him off guard, get him talking. If it- I mean if I’m not getting anywhere I’ll come out and you and Morgan can go in and do what you need to do.” Spencer’s hand tightened slightly and you lifted yours up to pat his, not breaking eye contact with Hotch.

“Go in. Play nice. If he gets too… crude. But no information is coming through you get up and you leave or I will come in and remove you myself.” You cocked an eyebrow before nodding and removing yourself from Reid grip.

“Gotcha.” You nodded turned around and swiftly removing the blazer you were wearing and popping open a few buttons on your shirt. You stood up straight and fixed your hair giving yourself a moment to collect your thoughts. When you zoned back in you couldn’t help but smirk slightly.

“My eyes are up here.”  You teased, putting a finger under Spencer’s chin and lifting. He glared. Okay maybe not a time for jokes.

“You’re not meat, (Y/N). Don’t unbutton your shirt for that pervert.” You smiled gently and moved your hand up to pat his cheek.

“You’re sweet Spence, but if it gets a confession out I think I’ll manage. I get similar looks from the creeps that stalk the subway. I’ll manage.” He made a soft noise of protest and you hushed him quickly, “I’ll be okay.”

Thirty seconds later you were swiftly entering the interrogation room, sitting in the chair and keeping your head down as you looked through the files, giving him a moment to really look at you. You felt a bit… dirty. Allowing yourself to be ogled at but when you looked up and caught his staring at you practically licking your slips you had to bite down a smirk. You’d gotten worse. Most women above the age of… well. Birth. Had gotten worse from people passing on the streets. Being leered at for a few minutes would be worth it if it meant this sicko was put away for a long long time.

The first few questions were easy. He answered them gladly, licking his lips from time to time, eyes focused on you. His comments were lude but not obscene. You were making progress.

“Do you know any of these women?” You asked, setting a series of photos out in front of him.


“You didn’t look.”

“I’m sorry, Skank. But I can’t seem to focus. It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so damn attractive. Or if you had the decency to button your top.” Your body tensed. The profile pointed to all signs of him wanting to sexual engage his victims, not that their appeal angered him. You opened your mouth to ask again when you heard a shuffle from outside the door.

“Reid!” Emily called as Spencer burst into the room, face flushed with anger. You raised both eyebrows in surprise. Reid quickly approached you, gently grabbing you by the elbow and lifting you from the seat nudging you towards the open door where Emily stood looking shocked.

Spencer turned on the unsub not even waiting to make sure you left and his eyes became a kind of intense you’d never seen before. It was like they were oozing with anger. He’d never looked so intimidating.

“Hello, I’m that Skank’s husband, and I will be finishing your interrogation.” He sneered as you let the door fall shut. You stood completely shocked for a second, mind processing what just happened. Spence rarely ever lost his cool. You waited another moment before you allowed yourself the pleasure of a little smirk. That’s your man.

Dream A Little Dream

Spencer x reader smutty smut smut.

“Y/N we’re gonna have to get a motel, I’ve checked online and the highways gridlocked for miles. Huge accident.”

“What if we if double back and go a different way?” You asked him, already knowing that you wouldn’t be able to drive for much longer without losing your patience.

“It’ll still take us at least three hours. It’s up to you. I can drive for a bit if you’d like?”

“No I think you’re right. There’s bound to be a motel around here somewhere. Can you call Hotch and tell him we’ll be late in tomorrow please.”

You pulled out of the fast food restaurant parking lot you’d pulled into after sitting on the freeway for the last three hours, barely moving more than an inch every few minutes. Spencer and you had been lecturing for the last two days at a colleague campus four hours away. The faculty had taken you out for a meal afterwards to say say thank you and you’d left at eight pm, meaning you should have been home by twelve at the latest. Instead, it was eleven pm at night and you’d encountered one of the biggest traffic jams you seen or read about in years. After crawling at a snails pace for three hours, you come off at the next exit to assess your options and to get food. You were tired, you wanted to sleep but you still had at least a three hour drive ahead of you both and that was in normal traffic. You spotted a sign for a motel and pulled in, seeing the parking lot was nearly full. A lot of other people on the road were perhaps having the same ideas as you were.

Spencer disconnected his call to your supervisor. “Hotch says it’s fine, the accident is all over the news. He says we can reclaim the cost of the rooms on expenses.”

You nodded and reached behind you to pull out your bag that you’d packed for the few days away, handing Spencer his, and you both exited the vehicle, heading for the reception.

“Please tell me you have two rooms free?” You greeted the woman behind the reception desk.

“Sorry darlin’. We’re down to our last one. We’ve filled up pretty quickly cos of the accident on that darn freeway.”

“Twin beds?” You asked hopefully, watching her shake her head.

“Fraid not. It’s a double. I can get you some extra bed linen in one of you wants to take the floor? Or else there’s another motel a few miles down the road.”

You couldn’t bear getting back in the car right now, you just wanted to stretch out and sleep. Turning to Reid you asked him.

“Do you mind sharing a bed?”

“If you don’t then I don’t.”

You pulled out your purse and credit card, flashing your FBI ID as the required identification and requested a receipt for expenses.

“Did you guys want any extra linen?” The receptionist asked as she slid the room key over.

“We’ll share. It’ll be fine, I’m sure.”

You and Reid found the room, pleased that the bed was a fair sized double, and you took yourself off into the bathroom; changing quickly into your sleep shorts and tank top, brushing your teeth and pulling your hair up.

“Bathrooms all yours.” You told your colleague as you plumped the pillows up and climbed into the bed, rolling onto your side, willing your brain to remember that you were sharing with someone so if you got warm, you could NOT strip off like you normally did in your sleep. Half the time you didn’t even remember doing it, you’d go to bed in pajamas and wake up naked and with your foot sticking out of the sheets in an effort to cool down. Not tonight, please… Not tonight.

Closing your eyes, you settled down into the pillows, feeling the bed creak a while later as Spencer climbed in beside you and got comfortable.

“Goodnight Y/N.” He whispered, shutting off the light.

“.. Night… ” You murmured, already half asleep.


You were warm, uncomfortably so.

And it probably had something to do with the arm that was wrapped around your waist and the long body that was pressed against your back. Spencer was asleep, little snuffles coming from his mouth.

So this was why Derek refused to share a room with him on cases. The genius was a sleep snuggler.

Glancing down, you were thankful to see that your tank top was still in place. Otherwise that could have been embarrassing. You wriggled, trying to gently nudge your colleague away but his arm wasn’t budging. Not wanting to wake him, you threw the covers back and closed your eyes again.

You woke again a few hours later… Or at least you thought you were awake.

But you couldn’t be. If you were awake you definitely wouldn’t have your colleagues hand on your chest.

Would you?

You wriggled again feeling the hand start to stroke softly against the fabric of your chest. It actually felt kinda nice.

More than nice to be honest, it felt… Sensual, erotic even. As his hand caressed your body, skimming over your torso and cupping your breast, massaging it lightly, you wondered what he was dreaming about.

This was not good. Except.. Oh it was. You stretched out, pressing your back against Spencers front and feeling a hard bulge pressing against your ass.

You should totally wake him up.

In a minute, you thought as his fingers brushed over your nipple sending a jolt of pleasure through you. You juddered suddenly and you felt Spencer stir beside you, his hand stilling and his breathing changing.

He was awake.

He didn’t remove his hand but you could feel him holding his breath and trying to work out if you were awake and what he should do.

What SHOULD he continue to do exactly. You’d never been in this situation before. You stretched again, pressing your ass against him and pushing your chest out so that it pushed against the palm of his hand.

He breathed in deeply and then moved his hips forward, nudging you. You very purposely rubbed your butt up and down slowly hearing a low groan.

Alright. So you knew he was awake and he knew you were awake.

One of you needed to take charge here and make a decision.

“Either roll over and go back to sleep Spencer, or carry on what you were doing, because I’m VERY intrigued to know what you were dreaming about that was making you do that…. ” You whispered.

“ You… I was dreaming about you, Y/N.” Came his murmured response. He hand resumed it’s previous activities, groping and squeezing your breasts lightly, the tips of his fingers grazing your now very alert peaks through your top. Fuck that felt good, and you let out a little gasp to let him know.

Reaching back with your arm, you placed your hand onto his hip, rubbing it over the fabric of his bottoms.

“Dreaming about… Me?” You asked him, move your butt up and down again as he teased with his thumb and forefinger.

“Mmmmm. I still think I’m dreaming.” Spencer adjusted himself behind you and you felt a pair of soft lips on your shoulder, kissing along the skin until he reached the crook of your neck.

“Same… I don’t think we… Ugh… are though.”

Spencers lips kissing the skin just below your ear, his hand travelling higher and tugging the tank top lower, slipping a strap off your shoulder and exposing your breast. His hand was now on your bare skin, your nipple catching between two fingers as his caressed you, pressing the two fingers together occasionally and pinching your bud.

“Oh fuck… ” You arched your back at the sensation, hearing Reid sucking air through his teeth as you pushed against him.

Moving on the mattress, you leant back so that you were flush against him, hooking your leg back and over his, essentially pulling his groin as close as you could to you. You actively started to grind on him now, revelling in the feel of him hard on you, the little grunts and groans he was making, egging you on. Feeling bolder, Spencers hand starting roaming further, trailing up and down your body, slipping lower and lower with each lap.

With your leg hooked over his hip, your centre was exposed to him already and you held your breath as he let his hand skate over your thighs and drag against your shorts. His fingers felt for the waistband, pushing underneath it and ghosting over your panties.

You were desperate for the friction now and you ground your butt against him harder and more frantically. He seemed to get the picture and moved his hand between your legs, dragging his fingers over your fabric covered clit. You gasped and he did it again, the pads of his fingertips pressing harder against you as he found your bundle of nerves through your underwear.

His lips suckling at your neck, he began to rub, alternating between moving the sensitive nub from side to side and up and down, the friction of your panties adding to the sensation. You pushed against him hard, feeling him starting to grind back, humping against your ass as he played between your legs.

Your moans started to get louder and more frequent, your arm reaching up and back so that it could caress the back of his head as it was buried in your neck, Spencers gasps and groans tickling your neck as they escaped his throat.

“Fuck…. Spence… Oh shit… ”

His fingers moved faster, applying just the right about of pressure at exactly the right speed as he worked himself up and down your butt, using it get himself off.

“Oh god…” He bit down on your shoulder and growled out your name, now bucking against you, his fingers working magic on your clit, the familiar tremble in your leg starting as you dragged your lip between your teeth as you started to come, your fingers tangling in his hair as you gasped through your orgasm. He shoved hard on your ass a few more times before your felt him twitch behind you, delicious grunts coming from him as he came inside his boxers.

“Jeez….fucking hell Reid… ” You whispered minutes later, when you could finally catch your breath.

You unhooked your leg and rolled away, Spencers hand retreating from you. You shifted on to your back, turning your face to face look at him.


“Hi.” Spencer replied, rolling onto his back and tugging his pajama bottoms away from his skin. You knew he must be dying to go and clean up.

“That was an interesting way to wake up, I must say.”

“Y/N I’m so sorry… I honestly didn’t mean to start groping you.”

“Hey hey…. Do you hear me complaining? Were you really dreaming about me?”

He nodded and you grinned.

“Have you dreamt about me before?”

“Erm…. ”

“Cos I’ve dreamed about you before Spencer. Just so you know…. And if you ever feel like doing that again, maybe with our clothes actually off, just let me know.” You told him.

He laughed. “Clothes off might be less messier for me… But do you think we could maybe go and see a movie or go to a restaurant before hand? Like.. Erm… A date?”

“If you’re asking me out, I’m saying yes.”

“Then I’m asking you out, Y/N.”

You smiled at each other.

“Alright. Go clean yourself up. We can still get a few hours sleep before we need to leave.”

He slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

“Spencer…. ”

“Hmmmm?” He turned to look at you.

“Is that why Morgan won’t share with you? Did you sleep grope him too.”

You laughed at the horrified expression on his face.

“I can tell you now, I have never EVER have those sorts of dreams about him.”

“Good…. Cos as much as I like Morgan, I’d hate to have THAT in common with him.”


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Television Show: Criminal Minds

Character: Spencer Reid

Pairing: Spencer Reid X Reader

Word Count: 414

A/N: I haven’t been able to write shit that have been requested, SO JUST TO BE WARNED!!!! I’ll get to those, don’t worry! Thank you in advance for writing this potentially crappy Suggestive Smut!

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Closer (Reid x Reader)

Originally posted by mentallydatingspencerreid

Title: Closer

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Request: I was wondering if you could make me a Reid x reader smut where Reid is shy out in public about PDA but dominant in the bedroom?

Triggers/Warnings: Explicit Language, Rough Sex

Words: 1,138

A/N: Sure thing hunbuns! Keep those requests coming! Xoxo My first Reid x Reader imagine was pretty successful, so I really hope you enjoy this one too!




You lingered in the elevator, practically hopping up and down, waiting to jump out. You weren’t sure why you were so hyper. You just couldn’t wait to lock eyes with him again. His curly hair perfectly framed his strong jaw line. The feel of his sweet, soft lips. The way he smiled.

You were so lost in thought, daydreaming of your boyfriend Spencer Reid that you were extremely startled when the elevator chimed and the two locking metals doors began to rip apart.

You skipped out and made your way towards the two glass doors, peering in. A broad smile formed on your lips as you yanked the handle of the doors.

With a flip of your hair, you coolly walked across the bustling office, the sharp ring of the phones making you feel a little on edge. Just before he was within your reach, someone jumped in front of you.

“Ah, ah, ah. Sorry babygirl, pretty boy is all mine,” Derek Morgan kidded with you.

You rolled your eyes with a smirk and playfully pushed him aside. Spencer was in the middle of a conversation with Hotch, who for once was kind of smiling. You couldn’t really tell with him.

You didn’t want to interrupt, but Hotch soon abruptly walked away in a hurry, judging by the piercing noise echoing through his office, you could guess his phone was ringing. Perfect timing!

You flounced towards your boyfriend, quickly pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Hey Spence!” you chirped. He look stunned and kind of shy.

“Y/N hey,” he wrapped his arms around you and gently placed a kiss on your forehead. A chuckle from behind you caused him to pull away.

“PDA Reid, PDA!” Derek threw his hands up as if in surrender. Spencer scowled and gripping your arm, not harshly, he pulled you away to the small kitchen.

“Uh- you want some coffee?” he stammered. You pressed your lips together, thinking how adorable he is when he’s shy.

“No thanks babe,” you replied. “Hey…do you want me to go?”

He swiveled towards you, looking almost upset. “No no, Y/N. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I just …get nervous when the team is around and you’re here. I don’t want them to make you…well feel weird and then want to leave. I mean statistics show that when one partner feels - “

You shut him up by cupping his face in your hands and kissing him lightly before pulling away and grinning. He blushed and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulling you closer.

“You’ll pay for that later,” he whispered seductively in your ear. A chill ran throughout your whole body and your muscles went limp. You tried to play it off by slyly responding; “Okay what you’ll spank me?” you winked.

He cocked his head with a devilish smirk and shrugged his shoulders and you held in a gasp and when sneakily pinched your butt.

When you left Quantico later on, you were immensely turned on and could barely wait for Spencer to arrive at your place.


A knock at the door made you jump. You gave your hair one last brush and pulled your T-Shirt back over your head, feeling satisfied with the sexy black lace bra you chose.

Approaching the door, you felt nervous, but confused. You pulled the door open until he was perfectly in picture.

You snickered, “Hey since when do you knock?”

Spencer pulled his messenger bag off his shoulders and threw it somewhere on the floor in your apartment before practically throwing himself onto you.

“Shut up beautiful,” he said breathlessly before his lips collided with yours.

He kicked the door shut and spun you around and pressed you up against it, beginning to tear off your clothes.  He wasted no time in ripping your shirt off your torso and stopping when his eyes landed on your bra.

He raised his eyebrows and that same devilish smile from before appeared, “Damn.” He spoke only before once again locking his lips with yours. His tongue swirled around in your mouth and you were too distracted by the intense makeout session you two were engaged in to notice he had not only taken off your pants, but his own.

You disconnected the kiss and yanked off his shirt as he scooped you up in his arms and hurried into your bedroom, not bothering to shut the door.

He laid you down on the bed; Spencer was dominant, but extremely gentle.

You could feel his buldge rubbing up against your thigh as you continued to kiss him. He grinded into you, starting slow and then speeding up, rolling his hips into yours roughly.

“Oh-oh Spencer please,” you begged him. You wanted him. To feel him inside of you. For him to control you and take you over.

He nibbled on your neck, dressing it in soft kisses and small marks of affection. After what seemed like eternity, his boxers finally hit the floor.

A rush of energy surged through your body. It hurt, having all of him inside of you, thrusting deeper and deeper. A small gasp escaped your lips, causing Spencer to kiss you again, as if telling you to be quiet. He just was too nice to say it.

With each push, you felt like you were going to explode. “Sp-Spence, I’m gonna cu-“ you attempted to speak, but you couldn’t make out the words. He didn’t answer, he just kissed you again and continued fucking you.

You then couldn’t help it and moaned out with pleasure. Your body was full of him and he was all you wanted and needed.

He pulled out and then pulled you on top of him. “Ride me,” he demanded.

You licked your lips, his dominance turning you on even more. You began to bounce up and down on his hard member, groaning each time, your juices making his cock slick. You picked up the pace, riding him faster and faster.

“Fuck Y/N,” Spencer screamed. You felt warmth flow out from your pussy as you released onto his dick. He followed by releasing inside of you, feeling the cum pour into you.

You rolled off him and laid down next to him.

“I’m hungry,” you started laughing. “I’m making pizza, you in?” you reached down and picked up his shirt, buttoning it up.

He got up as well and came up behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek.

“I love you more than anything Y/N.”

Those words made you the happiest girl in the world and they always would.

miafuckingsucks  asked:

1, 14, 15 for the Drabble thing <3

1.The skirt is supposed to be this short.

JJ and Garcia had been the first to notice the new addition to your wardrobe when you entered the conference room that morning.

“Since when did you start wearing skirts to work?” JJ teased, taking the opportunity since it was just the three of you in the room at the moment.

“And ones that could be considered so scandalous?” Garcia joined in as she prepped the files for the rest of the team members.

“This skirt would only be considered scandalous back in ‘The Scarlet Letter’ times,” you laughed incredulously at your friend’s comments, “And besides, I thought it was cute and would mix up what I usually wear to work.”

“It is very cute,” Garcia confirmed, coming to where you stood and handing you a case file, “And very short.”

Throwing your head back and groaning, you chuckled softly, “The skirt it supposed to be this short!”

Tilting your head back down, you noticed that Spencer had come to enter the conference room, and when his eyes settled on the hot topic of your previous conversation, he swallowed harshly.

JJ and Garcia also noticed this and shared a knowing look between each other as Spencer took his usual seat right next to your usual seat.

“See something you like, Spencer?” Garcia whispered to the blushing man as she handed him a file while you took a seat next to him.

Rolling your eyes, you whispered a silent thank you to the universe when Hotch walked in and immediately began briefing the team.

At one point, Hotch turned his attention to Rossi and you felt Spencer’s hand come to rest on your knee.

“I do like your skirt,” his voice just loud enough for only you to hear.

“Thank you,” your own voice no louder.

“Do you think anyone would notice if we were a little late boarding the plane?” Spencer asked, trailing his hand ever so slightly up your thigh.

“Not at all.”

You prayed that no one noticed the smile you had to bite back or the hickey that would soon come to appear on your neck.

14. Take. It. Off.

“Please tell me that was the last box,” you huffed, taking a seat on the floor next to one of the many cardboard moving boxes placed sporadically around Spencer’s living room.

Nostalgia had struck Spencer after returning from a visit to Las Vegas to see his mother last week, prompting him to bring up the boxes of memories he kept stored in the basement of his apartment.

“There’s only one more,” Spencer assured, sliding a box labeled ‘photo albums’ out of the pathway you had created towards the door, “I’ll go get it and then we can start going through them.”

Humming in agreement, you scanned the boxes that were settled around you, wondering which one Spencer would want to open first when he returned.

Just to your right, the simple Sharpie label of ‘CHESS’ caught your attention the most. Imagining that it was most likely full of vintage chess boards that Spencer had collected over the years, you figured that was a good box to start with.

Standing up from your previous position and tearing back the tape that sealed it shut, you were pleasantly surprised to see a golden baseball hat residing at the top. Picking it up, a smile grew across your lips upon reading the black lettering of “Las Vegas Chess Champion 1989”. The thought of a little eight-year-old Spencer wearing the hat atop a mess of his untamed curls made you giggle before adorning the hat yourself.

As you began to carefully remove the chess boards that the hat had been on top of, you heard Spencer re-enter the apartment and close the door behind him.

“Babe, did you see a box mark—” Spencer stopped in the middle of his question upon seeing the familiar tone of yellow, “Where did you find that?”

“In this box with your chess boards,” your smile drooped, having expected him to be far more excited when seeing the relic.

“I thought I got rid of that,” Spencer swiftly set the box in his hands down and made a move towards you, “Please, take it off.”

“Why would you want to get rid of it?” you dodged his attempt to remove the hat from your head.

“Y/N, please,” Spencer ignored your question, the tone of his voice growing desperate, “Take. It. Off.

Before you had the chance to respond, Spencer was quick to close the space between you and wrap one arm around you while his free successfully snatched the hat from your head.

Squealing with laughter, you attempted to reach your arm just as high as Spencer’s to retrieve the hat back but settled back onto your feet when you realized your efforts were pointless.

“Alright, fine,” you feigned defeat, placing your forehead against his chest “But, Spence, why did you want to get rid of it in the first place?”

Lowering his extended arm to drop the hat on the sofa besides him, Spencer sighed, “The day after I won the chess tournament, I wore that hat to school, thinking that I was so cool,” his voice drifted off, “And well, we both know how uncool the rest of the high school already thought I was…”  

Your heart dropped at Spencer’s explanation for the embarrassment he had in regards to the baseball hat. Even if he had grown past the bullying he had experienced in school, it was obvious that some pain continued to linger.

Glancing down at the hat that was now by your leg, you smiled sadly before picking it up and placing it on Spencer’s head, right where it belonged.

“Well, if it’s any consolation, I bet you looked just as cool then as you do right now.”

And for the first time ever while wearing that hat, Spencer felt proud.

15. Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.

There were a million other places you would have rather been then an overcrowded bar right now. Most nights, you would be partaking in shots with Prentiss or singing a horrible rendition of some Journey song with Garcia and Morgan; but between the silent treatment that Spencer was giving you and the creepy stare you were receiving from a man at the bar, you had had enough of the night.

Pushing your way through the hoard of people on the dance floor, you made your way over to the spot of the bar where Morgan and JJ were stood, both of them ceasing their conversation at your arrival.

“Spencer still refusing to talk to you?” JJ asked sympathetically, being able to see the dejection that still resided on your face from the previous argument that the two of you had.

“Not a single word,” you shook your head, glancing back to see that Spencer was still sitting at the booth you had all chosen when you arrived, his eyes trained on the drink in front of him.

“So I’m just gonna head out,” you motioned towards the exit of the bar, receiving understanding nods from both of the agents.

“You go home and relax,” Morgan stepped forward to give you a hug, “I’m going to try and talk some sense into that boyfriend of yours.”

Lightly laughing for the first time in hours, you bid them both a good night before making your way back through the crowd of people and out of the bars overwhelming atmosphere.

Taking a deep breath of the fresh night air and reaching for your car keys in your purse, the sound of the door slamming caught your attention.

“Hey, there,” the voice was unrecognizable, but when you turned around, you were met with the man who had been staring at you since you entered the bar.

“Hi?” your response came out more as a question than a statement.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you left without the guy you came with,” his breath reeked with vodka as he came to stand closer to you, “And I thought maybe you’d be into leaving with me instead.”

Taking a step back, you scoffed at the complete stranger, “I’m not, at all.”

Sudden anger flashed across the man’s glazed eyes, “Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.

Even if you were a trained FBI agent, the man’s threat made your heart race and your palms go clammy.  

“Take one more step near her and I will not hesitate to shoot you,” Spencer’s voice rang clear and authoritative through the tense air, taking both you and the man by surprise.

“You don’t even have a gun,” the drunk man snarled, unmoved from his position near you.

Moving the jacket of his suit to reveal that he was in fact still carrying, Spencer spit venom in his words, “Back away from her, now.”

No longer willing to continue harassing you or run the chance of getting shot, the man was quick to practically run past you, in the complete opposite direction of Spencer.

A shaky sigh of relief had barely left your mouth before Spencer had pulled you into his arms, his own body shaking with fear at the idea of what could’ve happened if he had not come to apologize to you.

“Thank you,” you whispered against his chest, “I thought you were mad at me, I didn’t think you would come after me.”

Shaking his head, Spencer tipped his finger under your chin and made you look at him, “I will always come after you, I can’t lose you.”

Pressing a kiss against your forehead, Spencer pulled you into him once more, not yet willing to let you go.

No Competition

Part 2

Request:  Hi can I request a short where Reid and Prentiss both like the new girl and offer to go to the scene with her/escort her places, try and protect her and just little things like they both bring her coffee etc. Cool thanks :) - anonymous

Requested by: Anonymous

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader x Emily Prentiss

A/N: I kinda had fun with this one! I decided to make it a little less serious but I hope it lived up to what you wanted!

Originally posted by imafucking-leo

The entire BAU team was left speechless when they first laid eyes on you. The way you walked, talked, held yourself, hell, even just the way you moved was enough to captivate them. Everyone in the office had held a small crush on you for a moment, even Hotch was guilty of it. But while most of them quickly moved from it and simply formed a strong friendship with you, there were two that couldn’t quite seem to get over it.

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Deep Relief

Spencer walks in on the reader pleasuring herself, and smut ensues.

Part 1 of SMUTmas!

It was the end of a case, and you and Reid had been sharing a room for the last three nights in a lush Las Vegas hotel. Being in the same room with the object of your affections was hard enough, let alone having to share a bed with him (a booking “mistake” on the behalf of Penelope Garcia who was desperate to see her OTP get together). 

However, you had made it to the final night, and tomorrow you could sleep easily, not spending your nights lying awake staring at Spencer nestled into the pillow beside you.

‘Y/N?’ Spencer said, snapping you out of your thoughts and holding the door of the room open for you.

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Too Soon

A/N: So I had a conversation today with @lclb13 that sparked an idea for this story, which begins with the reader trying to get Spencer back for all the times he’s scared her, but ends in anxious Spencer and hurt/comfort. Enjoy!

Originally posted by toyboxboy

I was waiting anxiously just inside the hallway of the home Spencer and I share. While he’d been teaching his mandatory lectures all day, I had been using my day off to set up a scare that I hoped would at least match the countless times he’d scared me before. I had set up an elaborate system that enabled me to pull a string and cause some creepy crawly Halloween figures to drop down in front of Spencer just as he walked in the door. 

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that elaborate.

But I was very proud of it, and as I crouched in the hallway waiting, I could not have been more excited. Spencer had texted to let me know he was on his way home, and after replying as casually as I could, I had settled on the floor of the hallway, lying in wait for my unsuspecting boyfriend. 

Spencer has always loved Halloween, and while he’d always been the one to scare me, I thought it would be fun to beat him to the punch this year. Especially considering the year Spencer had had, I wanted to bring some joy to his life, and I had been quite confident this would do it. 

I heard his keys jingle in the lock and had to physically stifle my giggling. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been this excited and giddy. As the door swung open on its hinges and Spencer took his first steps into the apartment, I dropped the string and watched the homemade Halloween monsters drop dramatically in front of Spencer in the half-light of the living room. 

It was only seconds later that my glee turned to a deep, heavy sense of horror as I watched the terror that spread across his face as he ducked down and let himself slam against the door, which snapped shut. The sound caused him to jump violently, and he turned in a circle, seemingly unsure of where he could go that would be safe. I watched as his hands came up to cover his ears and a sound that I can’t even describe escaped his mouth. It sent shivers down my spine and I internally cursed myself. 

“(Y/N),” he sobbed, still standing there with the crumbled creations at his feet, and I rushed forward to stand beside him. 

“Spencer, hey,” I said softly, watching as he spun to look at me, his eyes wide and fear residing in the familiar irises. His breathing was ragged and rapid, and I could see his chest heaving while his hands shook uncontrollably. 

“Spencer, breathe,” I said, coming to stand directly in front of him. I met his gaze and tried desperately to keep my voice steady. I’d done enough damage without adding to it with my own fear and emotion. “Just breathe,” I repeated. “You’re okay. You’re safe, I promise.” 

He didn’t seem soothed by my words; he had begun to sob in earnest, and I was no longer sure if it was out of fear, relief, a flashback, or some mix of all three. 

“(Y/N).” My name again, torn from his lungs by his voice, escaping his lips in a broken, raw tone that shattered my heart. 

“Hey, come here,” I said softly. He hesitated, but I didn’t let it bother me. “It’s okay,” I soothed, and I held out my hand to him. He swallowed hard, still gasping for breath, but slowly, with trembling fingers, reached out to let his skin graze against my own. 

That one touch seemed to break something inside of him because a moment later, he had all but collapsed against me, burying his head against my neck and holding me tightly. 

“Oh, hey, hey,” I murmured against his crown of golden curls. “Hey, shh. You’re okay. You’re okay, Spence.” 

I gently extricated myself from him, intending to lead him over t the couch so that we could sit, but at the distance, he began to panic. 

“No, don’t-” he gasped. 

“I’m right here,” I said quickly, reaching up to rest my palm against his cheek and gaze into his eyes. “Come here,” I murmured, and pulled him over to the couch where I sat down. He followed, and it was a fraction of a second before he was back in my arms. I threaded my fingers through his curls and held him close to me. Over his head, I caught a glimpse of the Halloween decorations I had made, piled on the carpet, and felt a pang of regret course through me. 

“I’m so sorry, Spencer,” I murmured to him. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m so sorry.” 

He took in a shuddering breath. I could tell he was starting to calm down, but he was still trembling against me. 

“Stay close,” he whimpered, so quietly that I almost didn’t hear him. My heart constricted in my chest, and an unpleasant swooping feeling coursed through my stomach. 

“I’m right here,” I assured him, holding him a little bit more tightly, as if to assure him that I wasn’t going anywhere. 

“It’s okay, spencer,” I said softly. “Everything’s okay. You’re safe, I promise.” 

I knew exactly what I had done, and the regret and anger with myself was almost unbearable. 

After a long stretch of time in which the only sound that could be heard was Spencer’s ragged breathing, punctuated by my occasional soft reassurances, Spencer pulled back slightly to look up at me. 

“I’m sorry,” he croaked, and I could see sorrow in his eyes. It was only then that I realized he felt he’d ruined my plans, and I was quick to reassure him, leaning in to press my lips against his forehead, which was clammy and cool. 

“Spencer, don’t apologize,” I said. “You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for,” I swore. It was spoken like a sacred vow with emphasis and intensity behind my words, as much as I could muster in the hopes of making sure he knew just how not at fault he was. He glanced over the back of the couch at the discarded Halloween decorations. 

“I ruined your plans,” he said, in a voice coated with sadness. 

“No,” I said. “Spencer Reid, look at me.” 

He did, looking over and meeting my eyes with his, which were now puffy and rimmed in red. I reached out, tenderly placing my hand on his cheek. 

“Spence, honey, this was not your fault.” 

You were just trying to have fun, and I…freaked out.” The frustration in his voice was evident. 

“It’s not your fault, Spence, I wasn’t thinking,” I said. 

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t have to think about things like this,” he replied, and now I could hear anger in his tone as well. He grimaced, pain flashing across his features, and then I watched as he rubbed his eyes with his hand, clearly in agony. 

“Hey,” I whispered. “Come on, let’s get changed and get to bed, okay?” I suggested softly.

 “I want to see them,” he said, swallowing hard and glancing over at the monsters again. 

“Tomorrow,” I told him. “It’s okay, Spencer, I promise.” He looked back at me, his face a mix of emotions. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” he whispered. 

“Sorry for what?” I asked. I reached out and gently brushed a stray curl out o f his face. 

“Never apologize, Spencer. You didn’t ruin anything, I promise. You’re here, and you’re safe, and that’s all that matters to me. Okay?”

He nodded a little reluctantly, and I stood, taking him by the hand. 

“Come on,” I coaxed. “I know you’re hurting, and you’re still shaking. Let’s get you to bed, alright?” 

He nodded slightly, relenting, and a few minutes later, we were both wearing clean pajamas and lying on our bed.

“Will you stay with me?” he asked, glancing over at me hesitantly. “I know it’s early but…obviously I’m not going to be much use for the rest of the night.” 

“Of course I’ll stay with you, Spence,” I said softly, leaning over to kiss him lightly. I smiled warmly at him. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” For the first time since he got home, I saw a familiar smile spread across his features, and couldn’t help but laugh lightly. 

“There’s my Spencer,” I murmured softly, and he nodded slightly, closing his eyes against the pain in his head as he leaned his head against the pillow. I felt movement on the blankets, and then his fingers were tangling with mine. 

“I love you, (Y/N),” he murmured softly. I smiled at him even though he couldn’t see me. 

“I love you, too, Spencer.”

24 Hours of Torture

Spencer Reid x Reader 

Part 2 of this 

The team had been waiting in the hospital waiting room for more than 12 hours. Penelope was asleep on Derek’s shoulder cuddling a massive pink bunny that she had bought for Annabel. Derek was flipping through Highlights, the only magazine left available. Aaron and David were sitting in the corner quietly talking. JJ was reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar to Henry, who had insisted on coming to see Uncle Spence and his baby cousin.

It had been 23 hours since Y/N had gone into labor, 5 days after her due date. She was still in the active labor phase and was only 5 cm dilated and had to reach 10 cm before any pushing could occur.

“Are you FUCKING kidding me?” screamed out Y/N as a contraction overcame her.

“Just breathe through it Y/N, you can do it” said Spencer to help ease the love of his life.

“Shut the hell up Spencer, I’ve been at this for almost 24 hours. I DON’T WANT TO BREATHE THROUGH IT” shrieked Y/N while squeezing Spencer’s hand.

“SHIT. Y/N don’t squeeze so hard” yelped Spence.

“Unless you have a cantaloupe pushing it’s way through your fucking asshole don’t tell me what to fucking do” Y/N screeched as another contraction pushed it’s way through her.

Spencer was at a loss for how to respond and simply said, “I love you Y/N”, before wiping the sweat off her forehead and placing a kiss.

After another 20 minutes, Y/N had finally dozed off. Spencer looked at his beautiful and loving wife and thought about the day he finally worked up the courage to propose. They had been dating for almost 4 years and Penelope and Derek were badgering him for the 1000th time about when we was going to ask his “Lil’ Mama” to marry him. What he didn’t tell them was that a couple weekends prior he had gone with JJ to buy Y/N’s ring. It was a round cut 18 carat white gold diamond engagement ring. It was simple yet elegant. He couldn’t wait till he could see it on her hand every morning when they woke up and every night before they went to sleep.

It was the 4th of July weekend and Spencer and Y/N had planned a small getaway to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. They had booked a room at The Villas at Hatteras Landing. Their room had a queen sized bed, a living area, a massive bathroom, a private balcony, and even a small kitchen of their own. They spent most of their trip sleeping in and laying on the beach. That Saturday was the day Spencer finally did it. He woke up early and made an elaborate breakfast, well elaborate for him, of bagels, scrambled eggs, bacon, and coffee. After they spent a very lazy morning in the room the couple finally got ready to head out for the day.

Spencer had booked a boat tour for the two at 2 pm. After the boat tour they spent the day shopping. Spencer happily followed after Y/N as she smelt every single candle and looked through all the homemade soaps. He just held her hand as they hit all the souvenir shops on Highway 12  and Y/N looked through the tacky gifts. After an amazing afternoon, Spencer and Y/N had dinner reservations, at a restaurant that Y/N and her family went to every summer they spent at the Outer Banks, Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant. They had their fill in fresh seafood and wine. After they ate till they couldn’t eat another bite the duo went on a romantic walk on the beach during sunset. During the walk, Spencer got down on one knee.

“Y/N, ever since you joined the team 5 years ago I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of you. You were everything that I had ever imagined yet everything I also thought I would never have. The day you agreed to go out with me was the best day of my life. The past four years with you have been amazing. You’re the one I go to when I have a nightmare. You’re the one that takes care of me when I’m sick. I can always go to you with any problems. You make me a better person. You’re beautiful, loving, caring, selfless, and my entire world. So here I am, asking if you would do me the honor, of marrying me” said Spencer.

Y/N had tears streaming down her face and a look of awe.

“Babe, you have to answer me soon before I throw my bad knee out” said Spencer jokingly, although he had an irrational fear that she would say no.

Y/N, with tears still running down her face, rapidly nodded her head before saying, “Yes you idiot. Of course I’ll marry you”.

At that point Spencer, with a grin plastered onto his face, slid the ring onto the correct finger before standing straight. He pushed Y/N’s hair out of her face and wiped off her tears before saying, “I love you”, and pressed his lips to Y/N as she wrapped her hands around his neck sending shivers down Spencer’s spine. Y/N smirked into the kiss as Spencer’s arms grasped Y/N’s waist tighter and his thumb grazed the free skin available to him from the cutout on her dress.

Spencer jostled back into reality and rushed to his wife’s side as he heard Y/N scream, finally ready to push after hours of torturous labor. And after thirty more excruciating minutes they heard the angelic cry of Annabel Diana Reid.

“Look at her Spence, she’s gorgeous” said Y/N holding their baby girl for the first time.

“She already takes after her amazing mom” said Spencer before taking Y/N’s hand and gently kissing it.

A/N I wrote this piece because you guys liked the first part so much that it now has over 200 notes! You guys are freaking amazing! Also, I’m still accepting requests!


Request: ‘I saw a Reid’s gif where he’s at the phone and he’s saying:’ I promise you, you’ll be okay. So will I.’ Can you do an imagine based on this gif? Maybe something like the reader is having an anxiety attack and Reid is the only who can help her. (I hope you understand, I’m not really good to speak english and I’m from Italy 💞) Thank you!’

This may be a pile of shite, we don’t know. Enjoy!

Trigger Warning- anxiety/panic attack

‘Y/L/N, Reid, I need you two to go inside the building. You are the youngest in the team and since the unsub is young himself, we think that he will find it easier to connect with you.’ Hotch said, placing a reassuring hand on your arm as he saw your eyes widen in fear.

A young man had gone on a shooting spree and then kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, holding her at gunpoint in an abandoned building. Evidently, it was your job now to persuade him to turn the gun away from her.

‘Don’t worry, we have snipers positioned on him so if he even goes to move his gun he will be taken out.’ Hotch continued, giving you a nod before turning back to Rossi.

You looked at Spencer, who was surprisingly calm and tightening up his Kevlar vest. It had only been a few weeks after he had been shot in the neck while protecting Blake, and it was safe to say that you had never felt a fear like it.

Reid was obviously unaware of your feelings, and you were terrified at the thought of destroying a friendship that had pulled you through the darkest of times. Just the notion of stepping into a dangerous hostage situation and the possibility of losing Spencer again made your legs buckle beneath you.

‘Woah, girl, are you okay?’ JJ said, wrapping her arm around your waist in an attempt to steady you.

‘I- can’t- breathe.’ You whispered. Your heart was racing and you felt tears pricking your eyes.

‘Okay, Y/N. I need you to breathe with me. Come here and we will sit you down.’ JJ soothed, taking you over to a nearby bench.

You turned to try and locate Spencer but he was nowhere to be seen. Had he gone in without you? Was he trying to talk to the gunman on his own?

‘Spencer! SPENCE! Where are you? JJ, where’s Spencer? Has he gone inside? SPENCER?’ You screamed hysterically, tears streaming down your face.

‘Y/N, listen to me, you need to keep calm.’ JJ said, rubbing your back and squeezing your hand.

You were sobbing and spluttering, trying to get the air in and out.

‘SPENCER! SPENCER!’ you screamed, as the people around started turning their heads towards you. You caught the attention of Hotch, who was striding towards you.

‘JJ, what is happening?’ Hotch asked, crouching down to look at you.

‘She’s having some sort of anxiety attack, Sir.’ JJ said, still gripping onto your hand.

‘Where’s Reid?’ Hotch whispered, placing a hand on your knee to stop it from shaking.

‘We don’t know. He is the only person who will calm her down.’ She replied, before she was interrupted by a voice.

‘JJ? Y/N? Are you alright?’ Spencer said, appearing in front of you as tears continued streaming from your eyes.

‘Reid, sit with her please.’ Hotch ordered, squeezing your knee and leading JJ away from you and Spencer.

‘Spencer- I- couldn’t- breathe- I – thought- I- was- going-  to- lose- you.’ You said between breaths, as your body continued to shake involuntarily.

Spencer instantaneously sat down next to you and enveloped you in his arms, resting his forehead on yours.

‘Y/N, I need you to take a big deep breath in and hold it. And then breathe it out. Can you do that for me?’ Spencer whispered, as he took both of your hands into his.

You locked your eyes with his and did as he said. Soon, your breathing returned to normal but tears were still falling down your cheeks.

Spencer wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest, his lips connecting with your forehead. His grip around you was the only thing keeping you together.

‘What happened?’ He whispered into your hair.

‘I thought about losing you again. And then I got panicked. And then I couldn’t find you.’ You mumbled, and you felt his embrace tighten.

‘Y/N, you are never, ever going to lose me. No matter what.’ Spencer said, and you believed him.

‘Love you.’ He smiled, planting a kiss on your forehead.

‘No you don’t.’ You murmured into his chest, and you felt him release you.

Spencer cupped your cheeks and brought your face to his. ‘Yeah- Yeah I do.’

He leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on your lips, and then stood up and held out his hand.

‘C’mon, let’s go and get the bad guys. Together.’

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Bubbles || Spencer Reid x Reader

Originally posted by sweetg

Summary: you and your boyfriend, Spencer take a bath together and talk for hours on end about nothing.

Length: 1,016 words

PSA: This is more of a cute imagine than a sexual one, we shall save those for later friends ;)

You and Spencer had just finished a fine meal of an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, half of your rice still strewn across the cheap porcelain plate you had pushed away in full contentment. Spencer had given you a smile as he copied your actions, adding a stomach rub indicating his food child was due. Just like a shadow, you followed Spencer’s every move - from putting the plates away (even though he had already broken one), to saying a meek goodbye on the way out of the average restaurant. 

Once home from the short drive, you could tell Spencer was still stressed from an earlier case - one involving a male who had been killing women in an attempt to fulfill his desire at revenge for those who had mislead their longing to be with him. It was just another day for Spence, but that was all part of the job. With that occupation came your profession as well - keeping the boy with the bright eyes as happy as can be - and man, were you good at it. 

Spencer had shuffled his way into your small bedroom, the smell of musty books and flowers prevalent in the stale, cold apartment air. The boy now plopped on the bed, reading what was ever closest to him. He seemed calm, but almost to the extent of an anxious presence rather than a focused one. 

He would get like this sometimes, as if the world were too much for his fragile shoulders to take. He wanted to do so much good in this world, that he would hurt himself in the process just to make others happy. That’s where you had come in. He could always count on you, and he would reciprocate that back to you when the world decided to fall on your shoulders instead. 

You decided to make this night about him, and you knew he was tired, so he probably wouldn’t appreciate a sexual act, but you knew he was always down for a romantic one. 

Walking into the bathroom, you snatched the bubbles from the cherry wood cabinets and turned on the bath faucet, the hot water spilling from the small spout. Slowly you intertwined the soap with the running water, making sure there were extra bubbles, just for the special boy you held close. 

As you entered the room, Spencer was still deep in reading. Stripping off your clothes before him, Spencer’s sad eyes rose from his book he had scanned and absorbed, to you, exposed before his presence. 

“C’mon Spence, you gotta relax. Please, just come take a bath with me. You won’t have to do anything, I just want you with me.”

A small smile rose from the boys lips as he slowly set the book down, fumbling to discard his clothes from his body. You couldn’t help but giggle - even though he felt insecure about his awkwardness, you couldn’t find it more lovable. 

As you both settled into the warm bath, your body fell into Spencer’s perfectly, slowly submerging into the mountains of bubbles. His hands naturally found their way around your waist, cupping the little love handles you were insecure about, but he absolutely worshiped. Your head had rested against his defined torso, leaving little water between you. Spencer had managed to already make himself a bubble beard, but that was okay, because after seeing the things he goes through on a daily basis, he deserved to be a kid. 

“Have I ever told you how much I am so in love with you, y/n? Cause I am. Like… madly in love. With every possible inch of you, inside and out. You’re it for me, y/n. You’re all I need.” His emotions spilled from his soft lips in a jumble of stutters, accompanied by a presence of a rosy tone upon his cheeks. He had a hard time expressing love, yet he always tried for you.

“You’re it for me too, Spence. I don’t know what I would do without you.” A smile can’t help but escape both of your lips, and a sigh of relief following your words from the boy behind you. He was always one to need reassurance, because he got so insecure that he would convince himself that love was simply unattainable. 

Both of you had sat like that together, as one in the small room with soft music playing in the background. Small traces of affection inserted themselves into the time you and Spencer spent, from light neck kisses to light splashing. 

Spencer subtly placed a deep kiss on your lips, as you could taste the sweet flavor of orange - the gum he had been chewing earlier. He let his chin rest on your head while he took a deep breath, as if contemplating to mention what was on his avid mind.

“Do you think we’re going to be okay, y/n? Like, I don’t know. A lot of stuff happens. Life happens.”

“As long as we’re together, I know we’re going to be okay.” You grinned. Spencer slowly hugged you tighter around your waist, as if showing the physical emotion of not wanting to let you go. His wet curls tangled within your own, trying to find as much space to fill between the two of you. 

Spencer continued questioning, ranging from “what if’s”, to fun facts and statistics he had learned from readings prior. 

It was just you and him, talking away in a small room. There was emotions of sadness and joy, fear and doubt laced within the late night conversation. Your voices both echoed against the porcelain walls, filling the petite space with wonder and curiosity in contrast to a day where all Spencer felt were heavy emotions too indescribable for words. 

You were always one to fear perfection; hesitant to let ideals and experiences in that were too good to be true. But this boy - this incredibly awkward, smart and handsome boy - made you think. Sitting there, reciting mindless nothings to a man you fell hard for, well, he may just change that thought.

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A/N: An anon request for an angsty smut piece where the reader walks into Spencer’s apartment to see that he is seriously thinking about using again. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @lukeassmanalvez @sweetg @yoinkpeter 

Warnings: Smut


“Spence?” Walking into the apartment felt like walking into a mausoleum - barely lit, stale, quiet save for the occasional creaking that sent shivers up your spine. It felt wrong. Spencer’s apartment was always on the darker side, but it was warm and inviting, never without the smell of musty old books and freshly-brewed tea.

Since joining the BAU four years earlier, you’d set foot in Spencer’s apartment more times than you could count, but this time it felt different. You knew that the cases were getting to him a lot lately, especially this last one, but your heart beat frantically in your chest as you rounded corner after corner wondering what you might find. “Spence?” Again, you got no answer. Each step was a step further into uncertainty; it was bringing tears to your eyes.

When you gently slipped open the door to his bedroom, you felt simultaneous relief and heartbreak. Your mind had gone to the worst possibly thought - that maybe he’d tried to do something to himself and succeeded. He was sitting upright on the bed staring down blankly at his nightside table. 

On the dark and dingy wood, scuffed and marred by years of spilled drinks, and fingernails desperately searching for the snooze button, stood a small bottle of some kind of clear liquid. At first, you couldn’t figure out what it was, but when you looked between him and the bottle, his gaze so stark and transfixed it scared you, you knew what it was. He told you about those few short years after he started at the Bureau - what happened in Atlanta. 

Kneeling down, you placed your hand on his knees. “Spence, it’s not worth it. You’re not alone. You don’t need to do this.” As soon as you started at the Bureau, Spencer became your best friend; he was the one you could always come to for comfort, and he felt the same way about you. He’d texted you to ask you to come over. He didn’t want to do this; he wanted someone, you, to talk him out of it. “Spence, look at me.”

The tap of the knee turned him toward you finally. It was as if he had just allowed himself to blink, realizing that someone was here. “I wasn’t here when this happened before, but I’m here now. You don’t need that. You’re not alone.”

“Can you take it away from me?” Because of his seeming vacancy, you’d expected his voice to be low and meek, but he wasn’t; he was very sure of what he was asking. “I don’t trust myself.”

You bit your bottom lip and choked back the tears. He needed you to be strong right now, so you did your best. “Is there any more? Don’t hold back. If there’s any more anywhere in the apartment, let me know so that I can take it away.”

Spencer swallowed hard and stood up, waiting for you to grab the bottle already in view before walking to the bathroom cabinet and revealing a bottle, and the kitchen cabinet, to reveal one more. “That’s it,” he said, his eyes downcast toward the floor, ashamed. “That’s all of them, I swear.”

“Look directly at me and say it again.”

“That’s all of it. I swear.”

More than anyone else you knew, you could tell when Spencer was lying, and he wasn’t. “I believe you. What do you need me to do?” Under normal circumstances, there was nothing you wouldn’t do for Spencer, so right now, there was truly nowhere you wouldn’t go and nothing you wouldn’t do to make him feel better.

“Can you just stay with me for a while?” He hated showing his vulnerability, but he would with you.

You placed the three bottles of dilaudid into your bag and grabbed his hand, leading him to the couch where you sat in the corner and motioned for him to join you. In just a few swift movements, he laid down across the remainder of the couch and placed his head in your lap. “Just take deep breaths,” you said. “I’m here. And I’m not going anywhere.”

As he took his first deep breath, you ran your hands through his hair, massaging his scalp to try and help him to relax. At first, it wasn’t working - through closed eyelids, you could see his eyes filling with tears. “It’s okay, Spence.”

“It’s not,” he said instantly. “It’s not okay. I thought I was stronger than this.”

“Spence, you called me to tell you not to do this. Not only did you leave yourself vulnerable to me, you didn’t actually do it - that takes strength.” Heated tears slipped down your cheeks. You were doing your best to stay strong for him, but seeing him in so much pain - hearing the despair in each crack of his voice - was ripping you apart. “That takes so much strength. Please give yourself credit.”

He seemed to take your words to heart, because he broke out into a fit of silent tears. You let him cry. His tears slowly but surely slipped out your jeans, soaking the material through and through, until about 20 minutes later when he stopped.  Sitting up, he took a deep breath. “Thank you for coming over.”

Anytime, Spence. Seriously. Do you want some tea?”

He nodded; tea would probably do him some good right now. After putting on a pot, you sat back at his side. “You’re never alone. Please remember that.”

“I know,” he replied, his lips turning upward into the smallest of smiles. “That’s why I texted you.”

Nearly an hour went by in silence while you both drank your tea. After washing dishes for him, you turned to leave, stopping in your tracks when he said your name. “Y/N…thank you again.”

Turning around, you wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned in, a few silent tears of your own making their way onto his shirt. When you tilted your head upward to tell him again that he never had to do this alone, some unknown force made you lean in to brush your lips against his. Spencer moaned just slightly into your mouth, bringing his hands to the sides of your head and taking your mouth in a desperate kiss. He gathered you close to him by the small of your back and brought you back inside, kicking the door closed.

When he pinned you up against the wall to lock it, you pulled your mouth from his. “Are you sure, Spence? I am more than okay with doing this, but only if you’re sure.”

“I’m sure,” he whispered. 

With his okay, you wrapped your legs tighter around his waist and started to unbutton his shit as he ran his lips up the length of your neck, gently licking and kissing along the way and bringing goosebumps to your skin. His left handed glided up the side of your neck to tangle itself in your hair before you moved his arms to push the shirt off his shoulders. The delicate muscles of his shoulders rippled as he hoisted you into a more comfortable position and briskly walked you back toward his bedroom where you’d found him earlier. 

Before laying you down, he pulled your shirt up over your head and kissed between the valley of your breasts, seemingly drowning himself in you. As your heated skin came into contact with cool sheets, you reached behind your back to undo your bra, throwing it out of your line of sight. 

All trace of tears had disappeared. Now his eyes reflected a deep-seeded need. He came to hover over you, his tongue parting your lips as his hand slipped into your panties, feeling the wetness that had accumulated there. Of course there was time for foreplay, but you were both beyond that right now. 

If you wanted him as badly as you did, you couldn’t imagine how Spencer felt. Open mouthed kisses traveled down your torso as he removed your jeans and panties; his mouth slipped over your sex and made you even more desperate for skin on skin contact.

After removing his own pants and briefs, he returned to the bed and lifted your leg around his waist. “Are you sure, Spence?” You asked him one more time. Last thing you wanted was for him to regret this in the morning because he was in a vulnerable place. Even completely naked, if he wasn’t comfortable with this, you’d get up and leave and try to pretend things had never come this far.

“I’m positive,” he said, his voice cracking with emotion as he placed himself at your entrance and slid inside. Your sex enveloped him immediately and you cried out into his neck, your hands tangled in his hair again. Spencer whimpered into your mouth as he thrusted in and out of you, seeking relief from the thoughts running around his brain - the ones that had brought you here to begin with. 

As he pumped in and out of you, you grasped at his back, nails raking against taut muscles as his teeth gently bit down on your neck. “Oh, fuck…Spence…oh my god. Please.”

He responded in kind, increasing his pace as he moaned into your mouth. You cried out again and took control, pushing against him so you could turn him over and have him underneath you. Once in position, you laid flush against him and moved your hips in figure eights, grinding your sex down onto him with the practiced expertise of a dancer. “Fuck, Y/N…I’m gonna…I-I…”

“It’s okay,” you whispered, swallowing his guttural groan as he arched underneath you and dug his fingers into your hips. “Come for me, Spence.” You followed closely behind, shaking with the force of your release.

Falling to the side, you let your hand rest on his chest while he caught his breath. “Do you want me to go?” You asked. He hadn’t said anything, and if he was regretting this, you needed to leave as soon as possible. 

“No.” He said it instantly and forcefully, almost scared that you wanted to leave. “I want you to stay. I r-really want you to stay.”

“Okay, good,” you whispered, pressing your lips against his. “I’m just gonna use the bathroom and I’ll be right back.” You didn’t expressly state it, but Spencer knew what you were doing. You flushed the dilaudid down the toilet and cleaned yourself up before returning to him. When you slipped underneath the blankets, he gathered you close to him and placed a kiss in the crook of your neck. “You’re not alone, Spence,” you said again, your eyes drifting close, both emotionally and physically exhausted. “You’re never alone.”

As sleep overtook you both, his hand gave yours a gentle squeeze. He made it through the day. Tomorrow was a new journey.

In The First Place (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting but once again I don’t really have the motivation but I really like this one a lot and I hope you do too!
Warnings: super fluff coming at ya
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader has told spencer about her feelings but he told her that he needs some time and meanwhile another guy enters the BAU and he likes the reader so he invites her out to dinner in front of spencer and then he realizes that if he doesn’t make a move he is going to lose her
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: inspired in the end of s9 ep7…

3 months ago…

You stood in front of Spencer, who was sitting in the chair with a confused look on his face.
“Are… are you going to say some…”
“Yeah yeah sorry. I just… this is really hard to confront this to you.” You said interrupting him as you paced back in forth.
Spencer himself looked a little uneasy too, scared of what your going to say.
You’ve been meaning to tell Spencer about your feelings towards him but, he just makes it so hard when he’s so… attractive and sweet and everything you could ask for.
You try to be optimistic, thinking maybe he will like you back, like in the movies and it all works out, maybe even a kiss if your lucky.
With your positive thoughts, you gained up the courage to stop in your tracks and look him in the eye.
“Spencer… I’ve been meaning to tell you that… I like you, a lot. Like not in the friendship way, but the relationship way. I really hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship and-and if you don’t like me back that’s totally okay. We could just put this behind us and pretend this 10 minutes never happened.” You rambled as you broke eye contact with him.
You looked back up at him and he hesitated, his mouth opening and closing as he doesn’t know what to say.
“God… that was… Spencer I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have put you in this position. I’m so stupid…”
“No Y/N your not stupid. It’s just… I need time to process this okay?” He said grabbing your hands in his.
He’s never done that before.
Is this a sign?
“Okay okay I totally understand thank you for not running away or anything like that.” You said as he grazed the tops of your hands with his thumbs.

Present day…

You sat at your desk, as you and the rest of the team go through files until you heard the door open and footsteps walking towards you.
“Here is your latte.” Scott, the new intern, said giving you the steaming up as he kept low key.
“Thanks.” You whispered.
He always came to ask if you needed anything.
It wasn’t really a part of his job, but when he wasn’t doing anything, he seeks out if you need assistance.
And if you do need anything, most of the time it is coffee.
Scott is very sweet, funny, and he’s even cute.
You have kind of started to grow on him and started to have the slightest crush on him with all of the attention he gives you.
But when Spencer said he needed time to process your feelings, it wasn’t a nicer way to say no.
He really needed to think about it, not just to let it go.
And he’s been thinking about you ever since that day, and he is starting to take a little more interest in you.
The way you twirl your hair between your fingers.
The way your brow creases when you concentrate.
The way certain clothes hug your body.
And the biggest symptom he has noticed about himself, is that he doesn’t like Scott.
Because he’s constantly with you.
Constantly making you happy.
Spencer can’t even deny himself that it’s jealousy.
He would watch as he brought you coffee and you smiling widely at him and Spencer would cringe.
He hated seeing him even near you.
He missed the little gestures you had toward him.
He wanted you to pay more attention to him like you used to, when Spencer was so oblivious to your love for him.
But the next day, when he was sitting at his desk with a book in his lap, he couldn’t help but over hear your’s and Scott’s conversation.
“So I was wondering if you had any plans tonight?”
“Ummm not that I can think of. What do you have in mind?” You asked twirling your hair again.
“I was wondering if you wanted to get some pizza and watch a few movies at my place tonight. You like marvel right?” He asked motioning towards your little Captain America pin on your bag.
You giggled and nodded. “Yeah that sounds great!” You said.
“Alright um I’ll text you a little later then.” He said with a toothy grin.
“Okay.” You said turning back to your work.
You turn your head to the right and saw Spencer’s face had gone pale.
“Spence are you okay?” You ask furrowing your brow.
“What um yeah I’m going to use the restroom.” He said quickly wiping a tear that fell down his cheek.
You were half tempted to follow him, the image of a saddened Spencer broke your heart, but you decided to stay.
As Spencer rushed to the bathroom, he couldn’t help but stop in his tracks at the familiar voice.
He peeked around the corner and saw the dumb intern he hated, Scott, on the phone.
“Yeah she’s a total babe… movies and pizza… I know right.” He said a few chuckles in between.
Spencer stayed where he was, eavesdropping on your date.
“Dude totally, I was probably going to bang her in the first place.”
Spencer gasped and immediately ran back inside the bullpen.
“Y/N can we talk like right now please?” He requested quickly approaching you, earning odd looks from a few of the team members.
“Yeah Spence are you okay?” You ask as he laced his fingers with yours and took you into one of the back rooms.
He shut the door and ran his fingers through his hair.
“Spencer are you okay?” You ask for the third time.
“Yeah… I mean kind of. I need to tell you something. Well two somethings. One your not going to like and I’m not sure about the other.” He rambled quickly pacing as he tugged at his hair.
You interrupted his path and took hold of his wrists.
“Spence calm down. Tell me what you need to say.” You said looking into his slightly red eyes.
“Um I was going to the restroom and I overheard something. Y/N you can’t go with that guy okay? Please don’t. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He pleaded.
“Spence he’s a nice guy he wouldn’t hurt me.” You say calmly.
“No no you don’t understand he said… he’s going to… he’s going to disrespect you… he just wants you in his bed. I heard him on the phone and he said he planned on…”
“Having sex with me?” You said finishing his sentence and saving him the pain of saying it himself.
“Yeah but he used a more vulgar term.” He quietly said.
“Screwing me?”
“Knocking me up?”
“Definitely not.”
“Does it start with an F?”
“No! He said he was going to bang you and I… I don’t want that happening to you.” He said as heat rose to his cheeks.
You felt a heat rise too, but it wasn’t blush.
The fact that Scott thought he could just use you for sex made you mad.
You pulled out your phone and texted him that the date was off and he was an asshole.
“There. I’ll give him a more professional confrontation tomorrow.” You say shoving your phone back into your back pocket.
You expected to look up at Spencer and see a small smile on his lips, but his eyes were glued to the floor and he was biting his bottom lip.
“Spencer what’s wrong? You said you had something else to tell me, is that it?” You asked easily getting under his gaze because of how tall he was.
He nodded blinking quickly as he wiped his eyes.
He’s crying.
“Spencer please tell me what’s wrong.” You said your stomach curling up at the sight of Spencer sad.
“Do… do you still like me?” He asked quietly.
“Of course I do Spencer. Your my best friend. You didn’t ruin the date you actually saved me from it, so good job.” You said nudging his arm.
You didn’t understand.
“I’ve been thinking, ever since I told you I needed to, about how you liked me in the non-friendship relationship way.” He said quietly.
That’s what was wrong.
“Spencer I’m so sorry. I didn't… do you like me back?” You asked stepping closer to him.
He looked up slightly, giving you the saddest puppy eyes you have ever seen, and he nodded.
“Spencer I still like you. I’m sorry I put you through that.” You said grazing your thumb across his cheek, making his face light up.
“You do?” He asked as you thought about all of the flirting you did in front of Spencer.
“Of course. I just… I didn’t think you liked me back so I decided it was time to try to move on but your a tough cookie to move on from.” You said bopping him lightly on the nose.
He smiled that adorable smile you fell in love with in the first place.
“Well it’s about quitting time so what do you say we get some pizza and watch some Marvel movies?” You asked lacing your fingers with his.
“Yeah I would love that.” He said smiling as he held your hands in his.
You hesitated, but then stood on your tiptoes and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek before walking out of the little room.
Spencer stood there breathless, his cheek tingling where you placed the kiss.
He smiled to himself before following you out.
You turned around and saw Spencer standing directly behind you.
You looked at him and smiled, this is the man you should have been going out with in the first place.

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Accidental Matrimony

@kevin-tran-advanced-placement-me requested two prompts, but I couldn’t figure out a way to make them fit together in one fic. I split them into two separate ones, and this is the first, based on prompt 7, “Don’t panic, but I think we might have accidentally gotten married” with Spencer Reid. 

I stirred as sunlight filtered through the blinds and landed on my face. My head was pounding, and I felt strange, as if something big had happened. 

I rolled over to my left, and smiled slightly to myself.

Spencer Reid was lying next to me, his caramel curls tousled and spread out against the white hotel pillowcase. His eyes were closed and his breathing was even; in sleep, he somehow looked even more adorable than usual. 

I settled my head against the pillow and watched him for a moment, marveling at how much I loved him. 

Then, I was pulled out of my reverie by something sparkly in my peripheral vision. I glanced down at where Spencer’s hand was lying casually on the blankets that barely covered his hip. I froze as my eyes landed on the object that had caught my attention. 

It was a gold band wrapped around his left ring finger; unmistakably, a wedding band. 

I looked down at my own hand and found two rings; a stunning, sparkling engagement ring and a wedding band that matched Spencer’s. 

I struggled, racking my brains for memories from the night before, but I came up empty. 

“Spencer,” I hissed, reaching out to shake him awake. He turned his head into the pillow with a sleepy mumble, and I pushed aside the affection that rose up within me at the sight. 

“Spencer,” I repeated. “Honey, you have to wake up.” Something in my tone must have alerted him, because he pushed himself up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, looking at me in adorable sleepy confusion. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked. 

“Okay,” I began, “Don’t panic, but I think we may have accidentally gotten married.” 

Spencer stared at me, suddenly looking much more awake. I watched as his eyes darted to his hand and then to mine, widening as he realized what had happened. 

“Oh my god,” he breathed. “Oh my god, I can’t believe this. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.” 

“What?” I asked, confused. Spencer swung his legs over the side of the bed and rested his head in his hands, threading his fingers through his hair in distress. I moved so that I was sitting next to him, and rested a hand on his back. 

“Spence, calm down,” I murmured. “It’s going to be okay.” He looked up at me, and I was surprised to see tears in his eyes. 

“This is why I don’t drink, because obviously I ruined everything and I had it all planned out, and now it’s all ruined.” 

“Spencer, you’re not making a whole lot of sense,” I said slowly. “You had what planned out?” 

He shook his head. 

“We got married, and neither of us remember it,” he sighed. “Plus, I finally gave you the ring my mom gave me to give to you, and I don’t remember that either!” 

Despite his obvious distress, I couldn’t help but be touched by his words. I glanced down at the ring on my hand, and saw it in a whole new light. It was no longer a spur of the moment mistake, but instead a beautiful gesture that had come from the most important man in my life, and the woman who had raised him so that he could be the man he is now. 

“Spencer,” I breathed. He looked at me and I smiled slightly. “Were you planning on proposing to me this weekend?” 

He nodded his head. 

“Yes, I had it all planned out,” he said, and I could sense he was about to launch into another rant. I reached out and cradled his cheek in my palm. He looked at me inquisitively. 

“This was your mom’s ring?” I asked. He nodded his head silently, and I smiled tenderly at him. 

“Spencer, it doesn’t matter that we got married last night. It doesn’t matter how we did it. We’ll go home, and we’ll tell everyone we got married, and they’re going to be so happy for us. And soon, we’ll have a wedding celebration with everyone that’s important to us. It’ll be great.” 

“It really doesn’t bother you that it happened this way?” he asked. I shook my head. 

“No,” I said honestly. “You know why?”


“Because,” I began, “I have you. You’re everything that I ever needed or wanted, Spence. You gave me this ring, your mom’s ring, and that means the world to me. It doesn’t matter how we got here. It matters that we did, and where we go from here. It matters that we’re together. I love you, and I don’t care where or when or how we got married.” 

For the first time, Spencer smiled at me. 

“We got married,” he marveled. I laughed and leaned in to kiss him. 

“We got married,” I echoed. 

Business and Pleasure (Spencer Reid Fluff)

Summary ~ Faking a relationship, turned into something you hadn’t expected

Words ~ 1020

Request ~ No

I sat on my couch waiting for my roommate/best friend to get home from work.  I heard the door open and I looked over to see Spencer. He slammed the door dropping his coat and bag on the floor before walking straight into his room and shutting the door hard. I was shocked I looked between his door and the front door, trying to figure out what just happened. I got off the couch walking over to his coat I hung it up and walked over to his door.
“Spence” I said opening the door I saw his laying face first on his bed. I sat down on the bed rubbing his back asking him what was wrong.
“Work” He said rolling over.
“What happened?” I asked.
“The guys don’t take me seriously. They think I am just a brain, Morgan doesn’t talk to me about normal guy things, and when I try and join in with the conversation they just laugh and say ‘You wouldn’t understand kid’ The girls treat me like an innocent teen that knows nothing. I am just sick of it, I know just as much about girls as the other guys do” He rubbed his hands over his face annoyed.
“Aw sweetie, did you say anything to them?”
“That would make me look like a dork” He sighed, I pulled him into a hug rocking him side to side.  We pulled away and I gave him a sympathy smile. He looked at me shocked and then looked me up and down.
“Wait you are a girl” He said.
“Are you only realizing this now?” I laughed.
“Help me” He groaned.
“What do you want me to do?”
“Okay this is going to sound crazy but what if you came to work tomorrow and 'surprised’ me and pretended to be my girlfriend, then the guys would see that I know about girls” he said hopefully.
“I dunno Spence that sounds kind of risky, what if they realise I am just a friend?”
“But they won’t, you will show up with lunch for both of us, I will hug you kiss you on the cheek, we will talk like normal because we practically talk like a married couple already. Then you will say goodbye” I looked at the hope in his eyes.
“What do you want for lunch?” I smiled
The next day I got up and spent extra long making sure I looked good. I wanted to really impress Spencer’s friends. I was kind of excited about pretending to be Spencer’s girlfriend. I like the idea of him calling me his. I put on my outfit checking myself in the mirror. I went to the office asking at reception what floor Spencer Reid was on. I got a lot of looks as I walked down the halls looking for the right place. I saw him standing beside a tall guy and a skinny blonde girl.
“Babe” I said walking up to him. He turned around smiling and brought me in for a hug.
“I didn’t know you were coming today” He smiled.
“Surprise. I brought lunch” I said holding up a bag.
“Thanks hun” He said intertwining our fingers. “You look gorgeous as always”
“Well I have to compete with you”
“There is no competition, do you want to eat at my desk?” He asked.
“Sounds fun” I smiled.
“Hold on Reid, are you not going to introduce us?” The guy asked.
“Hey, I’m Y/N”
“Nice to meet you I’m Morgan this is JJ”
“Lovely to meet you”
“So how come Reid has never told us about you?”
“We don’t like to mix business and pleasure” I said winking at Spencer.
“Oh my God” He laughed.
“And there is a lot of pleasure?” Morgan said sarcastically.
“Well lets just say that the case isn’t the only thing that keeps him up at night” I laughed.
“Okay that is enough, lets go eat” Spence said pushing me away chuckling.
“Nice talking to you” I said over my shoulder. We sat down at his desk and laughed slightly.
“Wow you are really good at this” Spencer said.
“Yeah, well you weren’t so bad yourself. We ate our lunch and chatted like we normally do, then we said goodbye.
“I’ll see you tonight babe” I said wrapping my arm around him.
“Yes you will” He said before pulling out of the hug. He looked behind me briefly and then back at me. Suddenly his lips were on mine and his hand was on my cheek. I loved the kiss, I had imagined it before but it was nothing like this. I savoured the feeling and the taste until be pulled away.
“Bye babe” He said smiling. I smiled back turning around and walking out. I walked home in a daze of happiness, confusion and sadness. Why did he kiss me? Was it just the act? Does he like me?
I sat at home once again waiting for him to get home, I wanted to play it casual and act like nothing had happened but I knew that I would burst if I didn’t ask him. He walked in the door hanging up his coat and looking over at me.
“Hey” He smiled.
“Hi” He kicked off his shoes and sitting down beside me. He took the remote searching through the channels and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.
“You are staring” He said his eyes never leaving the TV.
“Why did you kiss me?” I blurted out.
“I thought it would help with the act” He said looking at me.
“Oh so it was just for the act?” I questioned. There was a long silence as he stared at me, I could see the debating in his eyes before he broke the silence.
“No” He leaned closer and pressed his lips to mine. “I like you” He said between kisses.
“I like you too” I smiled into the kiss. He broke the kiss abruptly.
“Really?” He said shocked.
“Of coarse, even when you had weird long hair” I laughed.
“Shut up” He groaned leaning back down.


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