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some glasses!Grantaire headcanons for all your glasses!Grantaire needs

• literally blind as shit legit cannot see any further than one (1) foot in front of his face.
• /constantly/ breaking/losing his glasses and has like 4 cheap af pairs.
• knows deeply the struggle of scraping acrylic paint off glasses with bitten nails.
• when hes drawing, he sticks his glasses on top of his head (very useful: keeps unruly hair back, keeps you from misplacing glasses) and leans reallllly close to the page or sketchbook or canvas or whatever he happens to be doodling on.
• the first meeting he went to at the musain, he had contacts in and took them out halfway through bc those things get irritating after a while only the poor child forgot his specs, so R spent the meeting squinting intently at Enjolras.
• Enjolras notices this and mistakes R’s squinting for glaring and approached him at the end of the meeting and long story short thats how the long tradition of arguments began.
• Grantaire is both too broke and too scared to get laser eye surgery (bc shit man they put LASERS /NEAR YOUR EYES/. yikes)
• Jehan once put on R’s glasses for three minutes to ‘see things from your perspective’ and then got a migraine and had to go lie down.
• Combferre and R bitch abt how difficult it is to do things with glasses.
• Enj thinks theyre rly cute
• Marius and Bossuet have both broken Ferre and R’s respective glasses more times than they can count. there are tallies. and bets.


John Lennon’s Hur Coat. 

“In the spring, March, the time of beginning, they were married. On the Rock of Gibraltar, one of the world’s more significant monuments. “It’s quiet, British and friendly,” John said when asked why an hour later in Paris. They were married in a white stone house, both wearing white tennis shoes and John carrying a coat of human hair.”

[Rolling Stone Magazine]

I’m always surprised that a lot of Beatle fans haven’t heard about John’s ‘Hur’ Coat. I always through it was a John ‘thing’, like his round granny specs or Beatle boots in the early days. 

John’s ‘hur’ coat - a play on the Scouse pronunciation of ‘hair’ and, obviously, ‘fur’ was big, black, shaggy and… eww. Despite what the article above makes out, I don’t think he chose to wear the coat for very long as very few pictures or references to it exist. However, he did have it with him on one auspicious occasion - his marriage to Yoko on the 20th March, 1969. Although he didn’t wear it for the actual ceremony and Gibraltar wedding photographs, he wore it for the journey they made afterwards to Paris and the Plaza Athénée hotel for phase one of their honeymoon - as seen in the photos above. 

Needless to say, I don’t think the ‘hur’ coat is one sixties fashion trend that took off!

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Kara doesn't know when her birthday is. After taking a pod to Earth, spending a while in the Phantom Zone, and the varying lengths of days/years between Earth and Krypton, there was no way to keep track. The Danvers usually celebrate the day she arrived. Meanwhile, Lena hears that, and spends days calculating the trajectory of Kara's pod, lets slip to Clark that she knows he's Superman to get the specs for his pod, finds out what she can about Krypton... to give Kara a surprise, real birthday.

That’s the sweetest thing ever <3 Lena’s seriously the best girlfriend anyone can wish for.. and the hottest

Refined version of something I doodled while in class the other day ✌

mech bros

Metal fabricator!Kidd and Construction-bro!Franky. Even if Kidd’s metal-rock and Franky, edm-jazz, they get along supahhh~

I bet Kidd would have a metal-rock!band and they’d be killer.


I love Santa

Safe (1/1)

So I should be sleeping.  Or editing the last of chapter 10 of The Darling Affair.  But I can’t get this little plot bunny out of my head, so it’s getting written.  It’s not beta’ed or even read through, but it’s out of my head now.  SPOILERS for the latest episode, so don’t read until you’ve watched.

~1000 words, spoiler heavy, Captain Swan, will probably posted on AO3 and FFN tomorrow when I’m updating The Darling Affair.

Summary: He knows what he promised her.  And he still has every intention of following through.  But the details on that plan may have gotten improved upon  a little bit.  Canon compliant missing scene.  SPOILERS for 6x05

tagging: @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable (don’t read it until you’ve watched the episode!), @bleebug, @lenfaz (because it mentions Liam BUT IT IS CANON COMPLIANT), @woofiefangirl, @xhookswenchx, @killian-whump (emotional whump, but it’s more than we’ve gotten in canon lately), @kiwistreetswan, @midnightswans


He sits in the bowels of the Jolly Roger, atop a barrel of rum that has aged almost as much as he has.  There is naught but a single candle to light the hold, and even its happy little flickers are almost enough to make him pinch out the flame.


He can’t stand the darkness.  Not the physical manifestation that comes with being below the water line, nor with the emotional and metaphorical darkness that has lurked in the very being of his heart for so long.

When Emma made that choice for him, it nearly broke him - being consumed by the Darkness he had fought against for so long was almost enough to make him cave.

But her light - even when she was under the same curse as he was - it saved him.

It is the only thing that can save him from himself.

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I personally ship Iggy x glasses wipe, I swear his poor specs are fully of scratches from using his gloves to clean them all the damn time

Ugh yes. He should know better than to try and clean them like that. I don’t care if the pads of his gloves are microfibre. No, bby, no. I wear glasses and NO.