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Ashlon: Dare, can I call you Dare? I feel as if my hosting skills are below my usual standards so to make up for having you wait outside, I want to take you to a nice spot in the city.  But first I need to shower and get changed.

Adair: I thought we-

Ashlon: Don’t worry Dare, we’ll have plenty of time to discuss the machine while we’re out. (Ashlon says as he walks away).

Adair sighs. F&*#*ng shit sticks. He’d driven straight from Hylewood. Hadn’t even gone to the house he was supposed to stay at. He was tired and just wanted to discuss the job and get started so he could get back home to Sabi and Tyler. He’d tried to convince Sabeena to let him bring Tyler but she was having none of it. As far as he was concerned it’s never too early to start one on one male bonding time with his son. As he sips his martini he looks around the room.

When Ashlon returns he’s dressed to go out. Adair feels under-dressed and tells him so but is assured he’s dressed just fine for where they’re going. They both finish their drinks before heading out.


Speaking of having friends, Aria decided to invite Sam over after school. They were friends as kids and they’re working on a project together now

Yuki’s like “mmm yes, you dressed up for a ‘project’”

dan is a good and lovely person pass it on

Dorm mates, from left to right: Percy, Drako, Gianni, Santi, Adonis & Bao


comet’s apartment part 1 (apartment created by @jools-simming, decorated by moi) + my new editing style inspired by @sims3melancholic (thank you @gabreux for the reshade/psd!)

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Here is a very old edit of lil Sash