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december prompts- warm fire

hux ended up back at ren‘s after the finalizer’s life day party so kylo shares his favorite traditions– getting drunk on blue milk eggnog and warming up by the fire of grandpa vader’s helmet …


RIP Agent Antoine Triplett (April 20, 1982 - December 9, 2014)

So there’s this scene near the end of Moana where Maui performs a haka.

And he’s standing on this rock, his hook is broken and Te Kā is aiming for Moana. There’s nothing Maui can do, so he get’s  Te Kā’s attention and performs a haka. It’s a moment with such high momentum— at that moment, he’s powerless. He could easily run away, but he can’t leave Moana. A haka, traditionally is a war cry, a battle cry, a challenge. I mean of course, it’s become more prominent in pop culture recently, but traditionally, it was a war cry. That haka was Maui’s last stand, it showed his resolution and how much he came to care for Moana, it showed resilience and strength, and a moment of true bravery and courage. And someone in my theater laughed. Because people have no idea what a haka is. The creators of this film imbued it with such rich culture, but no one knows that. The “Inner Workings” short was so cute, but I wish that there was a short lesson on the history and significance of the haka (and other cultural pieces) instead. And I just wanna say, I’m no expert on hakas (obviously), I mean first time I learned it was during the Hobbit vlogs. But at the very least, I was exposed to the significance of a haka, and was prompted to do at least a little research.

‘ Blue Dentition ‘    Maple leaves scanned and color altered by Bob Bauer. This is an older image.  But it is one that was my best ‘flower’ image of all time.  Which doesn’t say much.  hahaha I think I sold about 15.  I still think it is a great image.


*Paladins writing down New Years Resolutions*

Pidge: Hey Keith, whats your New Years Resolution going to be?

Keith: *Stares at Lance as he writes with his tongue sticking out, laughing at a joke Hunk said and running his tan fingers through his hair, his dimples showing, and Keith looks down at his paper that says, ‘Get Lance to fall for me’ scratched out and rewritten a couple times* Haha… Not sure, probably just try and train some more.


Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke getting a bit frisky with David Tennant at the Voyage of the Damned premiere event.

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the flip side of never

#2 - “Please don’t leave me.”

It’s dark and it’s late, and Bitty wakes up from a nightmare with the chills. He sits up in bed, shivers, and looks around him.

The apartment is its still, silent self. Blue curtains hang heavy at the fringes of the windows. Providence glitters through the panes. Next to him, Jack sleeps soundly, shoulders and chest rising and falling beneath the bedclothes. He has practice in the morning, and Bitty should really just leave him be. But the shiver is still vibrating in the base of Bitty’s spine. He closes his eyes, remembers the nightmare, and sighs resolutely.

Worming his way back down under the covers, he leans heavily against Jack’s side. “Hey,” he whispers.

Jack’s breathing stutters. He makes a soft, guttural noise.

Bitty tries again. “Hey, honey.”

Now Jack comes fully awake, turning on instinct to slide his arm around Bitty. “You okay, Bits?” When Bitty doesn’t answer, he presses further. “What is it?”

With a sigh, Bitty nestles into his embrace. “Nothing, really,” he says. “I just sort of wanted.. to hear your voice, I guess.”

“What happened?” Jack’s voice is less languid now, more alert and concerned.

“I just had a silly dream,” Bitty confesses.

Jack’s silent, waiting for him to go on. How he always knows – when to speak, when to say nothing – is beyond Bitty’s comprehension, but Bitty’s glad for it nonetheless.

“It was my parents,” he says. “They were mad at me for … for some stupid reason, I can’t even remember what it was. But then you came in and you saw they were mad, and you said–” Bitty swallows hard. “You said, ‘If they don’t approve of you, how can I?’ And you left.”

“What?” Jack’s voice rings out too-loud in the quiet room. “Bits, that’s horrible. I would never.”

“I know, I know,” Bitty assures him.

“It was a dream,” Jack insists. “I’d never.”

“I know. Just a dream.” But the memory of the dream feels so real now, the cold faces of his parents and the drop of his frozen heart into his boots when Jack turned his back…

He stiffens in Jack’s arms, and Jack sighs and folds him tighter into an embrace. “Come here,” he murmurs. Bitty allows himself to be gathered up, and he presses his face into Jack’s chest and listens to his heartbeat. Above him, Jack whispers a litany of soft, steady comfort. “I’m here,” Jack tells him. “I love you. I’m here. I’m with you no matter what.”

“Thank you,” Bitty whispers into Jack’s chest. “Thank you, honey.”

“Of course.” Jack kisses Bitty’s forehead, a long press of lips that finally fades away. Bitty feels it like a lantern in the dark, spreading warmth through his body. Jack’s kiss blesses him, and the weight of the dream lifts from his shoulders.

When Bitty’s ready – and it takes him more long, long moments before he’s ready – he pushes back onto his side of the bed and lies on his back, looking up at the ceiling. “I should get back to sleep,” he says.

Jack layers his hand over Bitty’s, under the covers. “Dream of good things.”

He says it like an order. Bitty’s lips twitch. “Yes, sir, captain.”

Jack chuckles. “Good night, Bits.” He squeezes Bitty’s hand and closes his eyes again.

The sudden sink of his heart surprises Bitty. He didn’t expect this feeling, like the moment Jack’s eyes closed, he’d been left alone again. But here it is, and he’s all at once full of sorrow. He peers through the darkness at Jack, wishing for something he doesn’t have the name for. Maybe for Jack to wake up, hold him again, hold him all night if need be. Silly. He needs to sleep. And if you do need him, wake him up again. But really, go back to sleep, Eric Bittle. Honestly.

But he doesn’t. He stares at Jack, then up at the ceiling, and feels like a puzzle with a missing piece. He inhales. Exhales. Tries to figure out what remains unsaid. He doesn’t know, but he knows it needs saying.

“Jack?” he finally whispers.


Thank goodness, he’s not asleep yet. Bitty clenches a fist and listens to his own words as they tumble out. “If things don’t work out. With my parents. I mean, if when I finally tell them they don’t– if it doesn’t go the way I–” He heaves a sigh. “Just… please don’t leave me.”

Jack turns onto his side. He lifts his hand to cup Bitty’s cheek. His eyes shine bright in the darkness. “Bitty,” he says. “Never. I’m never going to leave you.”

It’s a promise neither of them knows if he’ll keep. The future is a dimly lit, faraway door that Bitty’s scared to walk through. Never is a silly word, in the face of so many uncertainties and what-ifs, because the flip side of never is forever and forever can’t be promised.

But looking at Jack right now, Bitty can believe that Jack believes in it. And maybe that’s all forever needs – two people who believe in it and refuse to stop.

Certainly, it’s all Bitty needs right now.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” he says, and closes his eyes.


War Council + Mitsutada’s Snacks Part 1

This is a partial translation of an interview KENN gave for the magazine ‘TV Guide Person’ which was released two weeks ago! I only translated about a third? of the questions, since it mainly focused on the Magic-kyun! Renaissance anime, and if you’ve been following all the seiyuu events for Magic-kyun KENN doesn’t really say anything new about the series/Aoi that he hasn’t already said before. So I just translated the questions/answers that I thought were most interesting and revealing about KENN… enjoy!! ^^ (photo)


[In this interview] we hear about KENN’s role in the currently airing ‘Magic-kyun! Renaissance’, about his works, and about being a voice actor. With his gentle smile that brightens up the room, you can feel his charms in this interview.

I wanted to expand my expressiveness in songs, and I jumped straight into this world.

Q. Suminomiya-kun is the type to get immersed in something, KENN-san, has there been anything that you’ve been immersed in lately?  

A. Hmm… It’d have to be cars! I received my driver’s license around two years ago, but I only just bought a car a year ago. At first although I worked really hard to [learn to] drive I didn’t really understand what was so fun about it. For instance, in the city areas and on the roads it’s complicated and there are a lot of cars around as well so you have to work really hard. However, recently I’ve gotten more used to it and now I find driving enjoyable. I still don’t have any experience taking long trips out, but there are a lot of different places that I think it would be nice to go to.

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