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Hmmm, could it be that Chuua accidentally falls for someone else, and Dazai decides to wait 'till it ends (if it does, hoho (>♥w♥)>


His breathe hitched in his throat as bright jewels glanced in this direction. Long hair flowed around the face, blocking most of it from sight, but those eyes; sparkling like gems and glittering like lovely stars. They put the moon’s brilliance to shame. He burned the image into his mind.

“You’re beautiful.”

White ears perked up at the approaching sound of pattering footsteps. Dazai poked his head out from the swirl of orange.

“Did you spend the whole day searching for that girl again, chibi?”

Jumping down from a tree branch, the kitsune sent a shower of leaves down onto Chuuya much to his companion’s dismay. An irritated look crossed his face as he swatted the foliage away.

“Yah, what of it Dazai. I told you. I’m going to find her even if it takes my whole lifetime.”

He discreetly rolled his eyes at such blind devotion. From the sounds of it, Chuuya wasn’t even sure the person he’d seen that night was real or simply a hallucination under the bright moon. The redhead was wasting his time. Sighing, Dazai leaned against the tree trunk.

“And if you find her, what are you going to do, Chuuya? Sweep her off her feet and propose right then and there? This isn’t some kind of fairytale you know.”

Sapphire irises sparkled in silver light, and vast blue eyes irresistably drew him in.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do,” the redhead whispered more to himself than the kitsune beside him. “I’m going to ask her to marry me.”

Taken off guard by the declarion, Dazai looked away as Chuuya started his daily ramble over just how gorgeous this lady he had seen briefly the night of the full moon.

“—the way the wind blew in her hair. Wow Dazai I wish you’d seen her standing so regally under the sakura tree over by the grove. It was a breathtaking sight. Pink petals falling onto her light brown hair.” Looking towards the night sky, Chuuya smiled as he recalled the wondrous sight.

“If only you’d seen her eyes, Dazai. They were absolutely gorgeous—“ Glancing over, brilliant mahogany eyes met his own, and an odd wave of déjà vu washed over him.

Bright like stars and rivaling them in luster. Chuuya’s voice died in his throat. 

Have we met before this?

The kitsune pulled him out of his thoughts before he could process the info any further.

“I hope you’re aware that I’m able to change form at will, whether it be this one, an actual fox, a child, you name it, and I can transform into it.” Dazai worded without a trace of emotion. “Of course, this goes without saying, but that also includes a woman.”

Chuuya rolled his eyes. “Yah, you never let me hear the end of it. Always going into the village and fooling some poor soul with your disguises. Honestly Dazai, find something better to do with the thousand plus years you have to live.”

Ears flicked with amusement, but the kitsune maintained a serious face.

“This is all just hypothetical. I’m not the least interested in this girl you’re trying to find, but…” A curious expression washed over Dazai’s voice.

“What if I told you, you’ve already met her before?”

“Hah?!” The redhead whipped around at the ridiculous statement. “That’s not possible, stupid. If that was the case, I’d definitely remember.”

Leave rustled in the night breeze, and the full moon lit Dazai’s hair and tails.

“Well chibi, as it turns out.“

Cherry blossoms swirled around them and disappeared as suddenly as they had come. Before him stood a female fox; brown hair fell down in cascading waves to her ankles, and light brown eyes glittered like amber jewels under soft, radiant light. Stray strands of hair covered Dazai’s face, the same way it had done the first time he’d laid eyes on such a sight. Chuuya stared in mixed wonder and shock over the elegant portrayal of beauty before him.

“That lovely lady you met that night,”

A soft sound resembling bells resounded in the air, and Dazai gracefully smiled.

“Was me.”


tony being a confused puppy after peter refuses his offer to join the team

William Bouguereau, 1825-1905, Naissance de Venus, Translated: Birth of Venus 1879

Oil on canvas, 300 x 218 cm, Musee d'Orsay (Paris, France)


This painting standa just over 9’ 10" high, and just under 7'2" wide. Bouguereau’s Birth of Venus strongly resemblances Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, which also depicts Venus with long flowing hair standing on a similar shell.

About this chapter

So, this entire chapter was really important because it showed a lot of Touka’s feelings and perspective + Haise’s feelings and Kaneki’s reaction to those feelings.

But here

This scene is so important. So freaking important.

In Tokyo ghoul, as Touka said in this chapter, Kaneki would always leave her behind, but taking with him Tsukiyama, Nishiki and the others. Although Kaneki explains that his reason is because he was afraid she might have just died without him knowing where she would be.

But then Touka says the keywords

That’s how she felt. After he left her, she would be always lost in thoughts, thinking about him, how he would be doing, if he was fine, if he was still alive. In other words, just like him, she was living in agony. Agony that he would just disappear from the world without her knowledge

Now, going back to the first panel in the beginning of the post. Touka were always there for him. Of course, just like the others, she never gave up on him, and even if he kept avoiding her, she never once stopped wanting to go and meet him. Even though he might have just gave up on himself, she would never do it. Because, in all honesty, a good part of Touka’s happiness lies on Kaneki. He was, is, and will always be an important and special presence in her life

But Kaneki was a bit different. Even though he wanted to meet her, even though he missed her, his plan were: to let Touka-chan live the life she deserved, to keep her away from the danger she would always threw herself in.

However, this time, it’s different

Kaneki and Touka finally had their conversation… well… even though it was interrupted.. The brief amount of time they spent together brought slight changes to their relationship: Kaneki decided to stay with her

When before he would leave Touka to protect her, now he is willing to stay with her.

Kaneki and Touka came as a set, they are also the yin&yang of each other. One can’t be away from the other, they can only find balance by staying together. Kaneki and Touka need to stay together (and excuse me, I’m not ship-talking here)

Right now, it isn’t exactly confirmed they will stay together -because, i mean, oh well-, but if they manage to escape safely from Mutsuki, then there is a high possibility that we will receive some really big change in not only Kaneki’s character but Touka’s too.

The werewolf stared at the soft furs that covered the cabin floor. Inside, the fire crackled and filled the room with warmth, stew bubbling on the stove, Outside, the snow howled through the forest. Thick, frozen and impossible to navigate. His heart skittered. 

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” His host, his rescuer, his hunter, asked. He stepped closer to the werewolf, eyes fixed on him. 

“Yes.” It was true. Beautiful, terrible, lifeless. “You have quite the collection.”

“Come, sit.” The hunter flashed a smile. “You’re trembling with cold. Have you ever felt fur against your skin?”


twenty one pilots phone wallpapers

(source, no photos mine, I only cropped and edited them)


Described by the losers

Bev: Richie is hilarious and he’s a great smoking buddy but once he tried to smoke a cigarette with no hands and I swear I’ve never seen anyone act stupider.

Ben: Richie is hilarious he’s the best! I love all my friends!and He always gives me the latest comic updates

Stan: Richie is ok I mean he’s my bestfriend but sometimes I get the sudden urge to murder him with a bird call

Bill: rrr-richie is the bes-st.

But I thhh-ink he has-ss a crow-wn stu-ck up his-s nose from this on-ne Tim-me in kinde-ergart-en

Mike: Richie is very funny and has one heck of a trashmouth, Like once I found him cussing out my chicken Dottie….she hasn’t been the same since

Eddie: Richie is amazing ,he is the cutest especially when his curls are wild. And his eyes they’re beautiful god, he’s beautiful…

I-iii mean umm he’s terrible that stupid trashmouth is annoying and I hate him!