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So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario 

Touken baby will NOT die because once it’s put in danger Hide will appear and be like “I will be The Godfather of that child, so nobody can harm it!” All this while Kaneki is SHOOK and Touka’s like *…sorry Tsukiyama maybe next child.*

BTS Reaction | You Hiding Your Pregnancy Because You’re Scared |

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He would be so sad.He thought you didn’t trust him enough,not enough for you to tell him you’re having his baby.

“Y/N,why did you not tell me?Why did I have to find out through the media?And not from you?“he asked with tears ready to spill.

"Jin,I’m sorry.I didn’t tell you because I was scared.I was scared of what you’ll tell me.Or worse of what your company will.I thought you’re still not ready to be a father."you said,sad.

"Y/N…I’m sorry you’re scared honey, because there’s no reason to.I would love to be a father,and don’t care what others tell you.It’s our baby.I will protect them."he smiled as he hugged you.

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Would be angry because of the media.The media had no right to invade your personal space.But as of you,he understood that you would tell him,sooner or later.

"Y/N,I saw the news.I can’t believe we’re having a baby!I promise I will make them feel and be safe."he said.

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As he found the pregnancy test in the trash bin,he would have mixed emotions.

"Y/N,why didn’t you tell me right away?You know I’ve would have been more than happy.Either way,I’m still happy right now, and I’m luck to have you!I bet our child is gonna look like you and have mine personality."he laughed and kissed your forehead.

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"Y/N?"he asked as he followed you through the bathroom door.

As he saw that you were uncontrollably throwing up,he gave you a glass of water and some pills.

He asked what was wrong,and you replied:

"Yoongi,I’m pregnant.I’m sorry I didn’t say it sooner,I was scared.”

“Y/N,no need to be scared.I love you and our baby,I’m going to protect you and them,always.Let’s go and rest a little,okay?”

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“Y/N?What happened?I’ve noticed that this week you’re not as energetic and happy.You can tell me everything."he said

"Tae,promise me you won’t be mad…I’m pregnant.Two weeks already.It’s okay if you’ll leave me for it."you said,with tears in your eyes.

"Y/N,are you crazy?I’ll never leave you.I can’t believe we’re having a baby!I’m going to be a father!"he spoke,as he attacked your face with kisses.

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As you looked at the pregnancy test in your hands,you let out tears.Tears of sadness or of happiness,you didn’t know.

Later that evening,you were eating dinner with your boyfriend.

"You can’t drink that."he exclaimed.

"What?"you asked confused.

"Y/N,I saw the test in the trash bin.Please don’t feel the need to not tell me about it,I’m always there for you.I love you and them.”

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As he scrolled through social media,he found an article about you.Curious,you clicked on it.“Miss Y/N/S is having a baby,spotted at pregnancy center.”he read.What?

“Y/N,are you here?"he spoke as he pecked in your room.

He saw you sitting in your bed,as he sat on it himself.

"Y/N,we’re having a baby?Why didn’t you tell me?"he asked.

"Kookie,I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.I was scared of how you’ll react."you answered.

"Y/N,don’t be scared,because I’m happy.I can’t wait till I’m going to be able to hold them,or how I’m going to see them grow.I promise I will be a good father.I’m going to be mature for them.”

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don’t want to be dramatic/negativistic. But was I the only one who thought this scene was about Juuzou finding Shinohara dead in his hospital bed? Yes, I’m too much. Yes,I exagerate with my imagination. I know duuh but still I am expecting…

boyfriend!seungcheol ♡


- here we are friends!!

- boyfriend headcanons of everyones baby boy

- so as we know he’s a Huge Softie

- so he’s gentle as heck with you because you’re his lil babie

- spoils you 25/8 !!

- buys you cute lil gifts that remind you of him

- texts you and calls you when hes away and makes sure you’ve eaten and you’ve been drinking enough water

- whatta sweetheart

- be Prepared for constant skin ship

- this little bub loves holding you, doesn’t matter if it your hand, your waist, anything you are comfortable with makes him a squishy baby

- forehead kisses !! giving and receiving !!

- so obviously you’re gonna be the other guardian of seventeen, and lemme just say they ship you guys so hard

- i can see the members trying to embarrass him and him getting all asdfhgjk

- this boy boutta fight his own members smh

- listen i know literally everyone and their moms believe cheol is gonna be the dominant one in the relationship, which is mostly true,

- bUt,, this baby loves to be the little spoon !!

- being a leader and all hes gotta act mature (barely) and he loves the idea of coming home to you and your open arms and bein Soft

- hug him tight and never lose him ya hear me >:(

- probably has like 6743 different nicknames for you

- loves to call you baby girl/baby boy the most tho

- youre probably best friends with the other 95 liners too

- they gotta make sure their baby is Safe <33

- but once they get to know you they love you sosos much

- “y/n are you dating me or jeonghan here :((”

- you can often catch him staring at you

- and you’re just like

- “baby are you ok???”

- n hes all like “wh- oh yeah lol sorry youre just really cute :’)”

- fnfkskj cutie

- all jokes aside seungcheol would be the Sweetest boyfriend ever and would treat you like a whole princess/prince

- but treat him like a prince too !!

- baby deserves it !!

“WAIT!” Gordon practically hollered into John’s ear while draping himself over John’s lap, “Where are the pictures?!”

“The picture’s on the cover Gordon,” John said as he held the book aloft his head from shock. “I told you this already.”

“I thought you were joking with me.” Gordon bemoaned as he forlornly looked at the black print on the page, “How am I supposed to enjoy a story without no pictures in it!”

It was not the first time today that John didn’t ask himself how Scott did the big brother thing so effortlessly. He looked down at his younger brother in confusion as to what he was referring to. Then as a soft breeze blew in, it hit him; Gordon is four.  He’s only ever seen books with pictures. It’s all he knows.

“The pictures are in your head,” John said gently as he re-positioned his book above Allan’s reach. “Chapter one-”

“I don’t know how to do that~!” Gordon huffed and kicked his feet in agitation, “Can you read me Torchy instead?? THAT ONE HAS PICTURES.”

Breathe John, he thought to himself as he purposely looked at the words in the book, be patient…he’s only four. Convince him and you won’t have to read Torchy fifty times before he gets tired and passes out.

“Weren’t you the one that insisted that I read out loud the story I was reading?” he retorted while giving his younger brother one of his knowing looks, “Allan doesn’t seem to mind. Why not take his example?”

“Alan is a baby and doesn’t know better,” Gordon responded while flopping his feet to the ground and watched as his baby brother casually grabbed his starfish plushie. “I’m watching out for him just as much as I am watching out for me.  Besides, I didn’t know the book was broken and had no pictures. That’s not fair Johnny, you should have told me!”

“The book is not broken,” John frowned, doing his best at not getting annoyed with the nickname Gordon keeps using to irritate him. He brought the cover close to Gordon’s face, “Take a good look. That’s Jim Hawkins, that’s what the artist thought he should look like. Remember it and…take a mind picture.”

Gordon glared at the book cover, every once in a while giving his older brother incredulous looks.  John let his younger brother hold the book in his hands while he gently re-positioned his baby brother into a more comfortable position. Allan gurgled a few sounds, playfully held up the starfish and noisily  sucked on his binkie.

“So, no Torchy?” Gordon asked as John retrieved his book from his small hands.

“It’s either Treasure Island or nap time,” John said as he re opened the book and glanced down at Gordon’s face. “What’s it going to be?”

“Broken book it is,” Gordon sighed as he realized it was the only way to escape the dreaded nap time.

“Good. Chapte-”


John held perfectly still as Gordon grabbed his hand and glared at the cover once more.

“Ok, now.”



“Chapter one…”



“What is it Gordon?” John’s image responded with a look of annoyance, “And don’t call me Johnny.”

“Fine, read me a story and I’ll stop calling you that.”

“Gordon, you are nineteen.  You can read on your own now.”

“But you do it better.” Gordon smiled as he leaned back on the couch and positioned himself to see his older brother better.

“…You shouldn’t be lazy about reading Gordon-”

“OH, is John going to read us a story?!” Allan exclaimed as he rushed to sit adjacent to John’s image, “What are you going to read? Which one?”

John let out an exasperated sigh, “I wasn’t going to-”

“Story, story, story, story~!” Gordon chanted as Allan joined in to John’s dismay.

“Fine. I’m sure I can find something.”


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILIP,” Lukas says, hearing cheering on Philip’s side. He touches the screen, touches Philip’s smile. “I’ll tell you again in an hour when it’s your birthday here too.”

“Thank you,” Philip says, leaning forward and gazing at him. “Ugh, Lukas.”

“Philip,” Lukas repeats, eyes tracing over his face. “Baby, we’re gonna be together this year. This is the damn year. How’s it look?”

“Amazing,” Philip says, grinning and looking around.

Lukas gears up. “Philip,” he says again. “You hear me?”

“Yes,” Philip says. “Your voice is like…hummingbirds.”

Lukas snorts. “Baby, I wanna say something.”

Sorry I’m Late (chapter eight) by andromedagalaxy

SAW Day 6: First I Love You

The sun was beginning to rise over his city when the car stopped in front of the flat, bathing the windows in hues of reds, oranges and yellows.  He climbed from the car, buttoning his suit jacket as he looked up tentatively at one window in particular. 

Yesterday he did something unforgivable.  But he did it to save her life, or so he thought at the time.  His mind was exhausted; between the hours of never ending puzzles with horrific consequences should he fail, the emotional vivisection, the attempted suicide, the discovery of the death of his first best friend and the decades old unsolvable puzzle he had to solve in order to save John Watson’s life. Add to that the realization that his newly re-found baby sister was never going to be able to be released into society. She was mad.  She was criminally insane.  Despite all of that, she was his baby sister.  His recovered memories of her told him they’d been close once, or as close as she would allow anyone to be.  He was her favorite. 

Besides, they’d spent an entire evening together walking London and eating chips.  He loved her.  How could he not?

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sometimes, i wonder if you can see the stars in my eyes when i look at you.

BTS: Turn Ons


  • Loves calling you baby
  • Wants to be called sir
  • Love bites
  • Praising you, being praised by you
  • Mutual masturbation
  • Lingerie


  • Domination
  • Calling you his slut
  • Goes by master, sir, or daddy
  • Tying you up
  • Choking
  • Always up for anything rough


  • Multiple orgasms
  • Calls you prince(ss), baby, or angel
  • Sometimes likes to be called daddy 
  • Spanking
  • Dirty talk all the time
  • Thigh riding


  • You’re his baby girl/boy, slut, or whore
  • Orgasm denial
  • Begging
  • Always rough
  • Scratching and biting (receiving)


  • Praise kink
  • Likes being told what to do
  • Loves going down on you
  • Over-stimulation 
  • Likes being spanked
  • Watching yourselves in a mirror (aka in the studio after practice)


  • Loves making you cum until you pass out
  • Handcuffs (sometimes for you sometimes for him)
  • Cock rings
  • Face sitting
  • Public teasing and fucking
  • Watching you masturbate


  • Touching your ass/spanking
  • Dry humping 
  • Toys
  • Giving you hickies
  • Trying every position
  • Loud moaning from you

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  1. er*tic to super precious and even more beautiful within two pics im:(
  2. anyway forget what i said in my last post i just….. want to be the air anterior of him
  3. who gave him the fuckening right oh m ygod
  4. please Cease my Pain i love even his little quirks like this god i love everything about him everything that he does
  5. oh? :)
  6. omg im ??? in love w the most perfect dimpled babie??
  8. i love him
  9. appropriate headwear
  10. explain why he is the most beautiful man ive ever seen
  11. his sweet cheeks omgggg i want to k*ss them and squish:(
  12. god this all black outfit has me a mess n the choker im sweating..
  13. he looks so good omg
  14. no words of any language could express how much u mean to me
  15. i want to run my fingers thru his hair n then ** *** d***

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sooooo....*twiddles fingers until I can't take it anymore* is anyone gonna talk about the absolute fact that once you're Tivan's girl, he's gonna adorn you with pretty, fluffy, white furs and feathers with black accents just like him? kinda like a couples' aesthetic.