hi red center


October 10th, an important day in the TF2 community. 

The same day in 1964, a performance group called “Hi Red Center” performed their “Dropping Event” in Tokyo, Japan. They dropped clothing on unsuspecting pedestrians below from the top of a building, picked up the clothes, put them in suitcases, shoved them in a random public locker, and then mailed the key to that locker to a random person in the phone book. Their goal in their performances was “modern society is absurd, so we’ll be just as absurd” much like Dada. I felt absurdity was within the vein of TF2 so, eh, why not?

Happy 10th anniversary, my dudes.

Got some friends over the weekend!

It’s good to finally see the gang back together

@specialagxntstarling liked for a Halloween starter!

Music crescendo’ed in the room, momentarily blocking out the conversation. It was early yet in regards to the party, but most of the guests had arrived already–eager to show off their masquerade masks and costumes. Hannibal had arrived with the third wave of guests. Immediately, he begun to pick apart those who had placed effort into their masks and costumes and those who had not. One could tell a great many things about an individual based on their selection of mask. 

Whether they were vain, promiscuous, slovenly, or uneducated. His own mask–a large, oil-black goat’s fashioned after the infamous Beelzebub–was already in place–obscuring his features such as they were. The rest of his outfit was military in design–something Gothic and 1800s. With colors of black and silver, it matched the mask. Perhaps a bit telling overall, but Hannibal always delighted in dangling the truth right before everyone’s noses. 

Complete with sword at his side, Hannibal strode from the hallway where drinks and finger foods were located to the main event. Here the dancers twirled and spun around their partners. Artists were collected along the sides of the main hall, either painting patrons, practicing their own craft, or displaying feats of acrobatism. 

Nursing a fine red, his gaze centered on one of those acrobats. A woman of slender form and flexibility wove herself through a series of curtains, allowing herself to drop a few times before expertly entangling herself and stopping her fall. Hannibal wondered how many times she had hit the floor before she had perfected the art. 

The show he continued to admire until a familiar scent beckoned his attention. Head turning, he scanned those around him. With the added doses of perfume and cologne, it was near enough to choke his senses, but like a determined bloodhound, he soon isolated the one he desired … and followed. 

A minute later, and he observed one Clarice Starling amid the masked members. She, too, wore a mask, but he could find her anywhere. Hannibal was content to observe for a few moments–delight in her slight awkwardness among those who indulged and indulged expensively. Then he approached. Agent Starling. I’m pleasantly surprised to find you here.”