hi red center


Sleep Well?

I know I sleep better when I have a certain cowboy in mind!

“Up already?”
”I’ll grab us some coffee.”
“Do you plan on going downstairs like that?”
Wait! Is he going downstairs like that?

Arthur sighed heavily, stretching his back
“Hand me my boots will ya!”


October 10th, an important day in the TF2 community. 

The same day in 1964, a performance group called “Hi Red Center” performed their “Dropping Event” in Tokyo, Japan. They dropped clothing on unsuspecting pedestrians below from the top of a building, picked up the clothes, put them in suitcases, shoved them in a random public locker, and then mailed the key to that locker to a random person in the phone book. Their goal in their performances was “modern society is absurd, so we’ll be just as absurd” much like Dada. I felt absurdity was within the vein of TF2 so, eh, why not?

Happy 10th anniversary, my dudes.

anonymous asked:

Yeeees... so soft omg ... And imagine clinging onto him when he’s Joker. Putting your arms around him under his red blazer and squeezing him hard. Cuddling underneath his blazer like you want to hide from the world.

This is my dream omg oofff :( All I could ever want is to hug him by putting my arms under his clothes so he can warm me up with his heat and surround both of us with his blazer, hug each other inside his clothes and dihgsidvhc elp 

Word count: 615

You put your arms under the fabric of his red blazer reaching the center of his back and instantly they absorb the heat of his body and are warmed up between his back and the fabric of the blazer. You grab into him as if he were the only thing that keeps you anchored to the ground, to this life, the only thing that keeps you from dropping to your knees when you think you can’t hold anything anymore. 

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