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The Hat

Hello lovely emus fellows! I actually am a newbie here and this is my first attempt to write a fanfic as well but I just wanna give myself a challenge.

I’m so dull at writing so I know this fic is far from perfect moreover English is not my mother language so bear with me please 😂

I just hope the readers can enjoy this fic and I would be definitely happy to receive any comments or if there’s anyone who wants to fill the gaps that this fic holds but please tagging me within your post because I also wanna know how far this fic can go 😁

I’m not confident enough to tag anyone else but @mmfdfanfic and @madfatty so enjoy!!!! xoxo

PS: this is an AU but I try to keep the mmfd atmosphere attached.

“Bye”, said Rae to her friend, Chloe.
“See ya soon, yeah”, Rae nodded and smile.

Outside Chloe’s flat, Rae immediately pointed to the nearest bus shelter due to she wanted to arrive at the Manchester Piccadilly railway station 30 minutes earlier before her schedule. She didn’t understand but her mood was so fine that day and she feeling pleasant on this.



“Rae, you have to see this. The fit and charming rising star from Manchester”, Chloe was scanning the article on the magazine, laid on her stomach. “He also has a good heart, he‘s done a number of charities and always try delivering such a deep message to the audiences behind every characters he’s nailed playing.”

No response, Rae focused on the music she was listening to and jotted down some points.
“God, Rae!!”, Chloe threw a fluffy cushion.
“Read this”, Chloe sat up and handed the magazine to Rae.


“Oh, it’s freezing”, Rae tightened her coat and made her hat into right position.

Rae walked down the street while looking around then stumbled upon a big TV screen playing an advertising of a brand new series program, showing Finn.

“Oh, there he is”, Rae smile’s interrupted by the screaming up ahead of her.

“What’s going on there”, she questioned inside her heart.

“Oh, he has ability of being teleported then”, when she reached the crowd. Rae shook her head from her own silliness.

“Excuse me, would you mind giving me a sign?”, Rae had waited until all of his fans already left. She smiled and showing nervous.

“No, of course not”, he decorated his face with sincere smile.
“Umm, here”, Rae gave her drawing notebook.

Finn signed her book and then, “For…?”

“Mmm, it is for my friend actually, her name is Chloe. She is very fond of you and I bet she will be overjoyed having this. There’s a chance she will be showing it off all around the city”, Rae chuckled.

Finn giggled, “And yours?”
“Your name?”
“Oh! My name is Rachel, Rae’s fine”, Rae offered her hand.
“Finn, it’s very nice to meet you Rae”, still with his bashful smile.
“Want to have a picture together?”, Finn asked.
Rae startled, “Oh sure, this one will make Chloe very jealous”, Rae happy with her imagination.
They got some wefies using Rae’s phone cam.

“They turn out excellent”, Finn saw the photos while Rae swiping the screen to the right, but her thumb not purposely got one more swipe. It was a photo which Rae stands in front of her Uni front gate.

“So, you are Leeds University student then?”
“Ah yeaaah. Still struggling to earn my master’s degree I am”, she shrugged.
“That’s awesome! What course do you take?”
“Applied Psychology of Music”
“It is…”, Rae dragged her eyes to side and she saw her bus was coming from afar.

“Well, I’ve to go. I’m so happy meeting you Finn, you are really a nice person. Wish u all good luck for your future projects”, Rae smiled so honest.

“Tagging me the photos on your Instagram, will you?”, Finn said quickly .
“Oh, sure. Bye, Finn!”
“Bye, Rae”, Finn smiled and feeling reluctant to see her turning away.


There was a hard wind blow. So hard, until it made Rae’s hat blown away.
“Ah! My hat!”, the hat still flying away from her and out of her reach.
“The one that got away. Naughty, naughty wind”, gave up on her hat.
Rae continued her walks, faster in order to keep pace with the bus.


There was a sound from behind her. Rae turned around her body and saw an old lady with her stuff being spilled on the ground.
The bus was coming nearer yet Rae ran directly towards the old lady and helped her.
“Are you okay, mam?”
“Ya, i’m okay dear. I’m just feeling a bit dizzy, maybe because of the weather”
“Let me help you mam”, Rae started gathering the stuffs.
“Do you want me to get you something? A hot cup of tea maybe?”
“Oh, there’s no need love, I’m so thankful for your helping”
“Don’t mention it, mam”
After checking her okay all over again, Rae made her goodbye.
“OH MY GOD!”, “Sir, can you wait for a second!”, Rae was running hard to catch her bus which already stopped by the shelter.
“Thank you very much Sir! You are a hero!”, she gave him a salutation.
Rae proceeded to have a seat near the window. “My hat…”, she pouted.
And there was someone out there, holding her hat, smiling. “What a girl”.


Arrived in Leeds, Rae directly went to her flat. After having a moment to rest, she started cleaning up the room then got a hot shower.
“Chloe, you must be surprised with what I’m gonna tell you”
“What is it?”
“Can u guess?”
“You are being freed from your Thesis”
“Damn, Chloe. I pray so hard it will come true, yeah”
Chole giggled, “Then what is it?”
Rae sent Chloe the wefies also the photo of his sign addressed to Chloe.


Two days later

“Rae, doesn’t it look like your hat?”, Chloe sent her a chat with a photo showing a pic of her lost hat.
“Yeah I guess but I lost it two days ago. From where you got this pic, Chlo?”
“On his IG! Posted yesterday”
“Well, I’m not sure if it’s mine or nah”
“Sent him a DM or just giving a comment, Rae. I have a feeling that it is absolutely yours”
“Keeeey”, rolled her eyes


“F..I..N..N.. N..E..L, there it is!” Rae found his IG then directly pointed to the photo of a hat.
Rae trailed her eyes to read the caption, and there was only 😊 written. Rae proceeded to send him a DM. “Hello, good afternoon, excuse me. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you but i just wanna know if the hat on your feed is mine?”, Rae sighed because of the doubt whether that was right thing or not she had done.
“Stupid Rae, you didn’t even mention who you are!”, Rae cursed herself then back to her hand phone to send another message.
“Ahya, this is me who…”, Rae didn’t get to complete her message when her phone got
“Afternoon, if you are the girl whom I met 2 days ago, so yes it’s absolutely yours, and I can tell you are the girl. 😉”
Rae didn’t expect to get replied this soon also she hadn’t yet given him her identity.
“Yea it’s me”, Rae bit her lower lip.
“It flew to me, Rae. I can give it back to you.”
“Oh, that’s very kind of you, thanks. I’m not living in Manchester anyway, but I can ask my friend to get it from you, yeah?”
“The one that you asked for my sign on her behalf?”
“She is 😀”
“Well, she can meet me tomorrow at Hard Rock Cafe around 2 p.m.”
“Perfect, I need to tell her first yeah and I will give you the confirmation later”
“Ok, Rae 😉”
“Thank you, thank you so much and I’m so sorry I can’t take it by myself… Finn”
“Don’t mention it Rae, it’s okay. It’s my pleasure”
“Yeaah, it will be absolutely your pleasure since you will meet a pretty girl, Finn”,inside her mind.
“It’s my pleasure to give the beautiful hat back to its beautiful owner. Hope one day I can meet you again, Rae. 😃”
Rae dumbfounded, she couldn’t get herself back after this suddenly nice saying she got.


“Chlooooo, please???”
Chloe finally released her laughter after several minutes Rae had begged her favour to take her hat, “Calm Rae, of course I will, I just teased you”
“Best mate I’ve ever had, you Chloe”
“The feeling’s mutual Rae”
Rae giggled, “Right Chlo right, ta so much babe”
Chloe sent Rae a photo of her and Finn with Finn’s arm looped around her shoulder and she wore Rae’s hat. “I got it right, babe. How do I look like? 😜”
“Absolutely gorgeous there you both 😍”
“He is Rae!!! And he is definitely a nice person! You are so lucky, Rae!”
“What do you mean?”
“I think he is interested to you, he even asked me your number”
“No way! You didn’t give it to him, rit?”
“I’m sorry Rae, I did the whole opposite thing. I gave him also had a lil chat about you”
Rae once again dumbfounded.


A day later

“Hi Rae, it’s me Finn. Got your number from Chloe, hope u don’t mind”. Rae got a message from a number she didn’t recognise.
“Oh, hiya Finn. No, of course not. So, is there anything I can help you?”
“Are you busy, Rae?”
“Nah, just got home from campus. Why?”
Then just in a matter of seconds, her phone rang.
“Hello, Rae umm, umm it’s me Finn. Afternoon…”, Rae thought she heard a sound like a heavy breath had been released at the other end.
“Afternoon, Finn. So….?”, she held her words due to her confusion.
“I just, I… just, just wanna hear your voice… Rae”, he sounded apprehensive.
“Hahaha my voice is not really that good, Finn”, Rae found it was very cute, she never knew that a bloke who looks so fine could be this nervous just to talk to her and wanting to hear her voice.
Rae attempted to melt the situation by asking him how he was doing then it eventually reached to friendly little chats.


Rae and Finn had managed their communication through several weeks. She had opened up to him about her activities and how she does her daily routines. Not entirely yet this is the furthest range she can put her trust on someone else besides her family and Chloe. On the other side, Finn often tells Rae about his projects and how sometimes he feels frustrated with his overcrowded schedule. There were a lot of books, songs, movies, inspiring people that they had been discussing. Music is definitely their favourite thing to ramble about, always ended with the conclusion that OASIS still at the top number of their own chart.
“I finally get days off Rae, thank God!”, exclaimed Finn at the other wire.
“I’m so jell!!!! But you really deserve it Finn!”
“Yeaaaaah, I’m so grateful. After almost a year I didn’t really have a real holiday”
“You are so dedicated Finn”, Rae said sincerely.
“Thanks Rae. For always being there patiently hearing me complaining and stressing this out. Thank you for all your hearten words that given me energy to bounce myself back”
“I’m nearly shed my tears Finn hahaha. I just try to be a nice person Finn. You, you are the one and only person who made it. So, what are you gonna do with this precious holiday?”
“There are several places I have a long waited to visit, actually. Yeah, beach, forest, and another calm ones to refresh my body and soul”, Finn paused, “How about your thesis Rae?”
“Oh, it’s nearly done Finn. I just need to make it more comprehensive by adding some number of research sources before meeting the professor to get his final revision. I hope I can make it on time and submit my thesis this term, Finn. Wish me luck yeah”
“God speed Rae. I’m so proud of you”
“The words back to you, Finn”
They both smiled with warm feeling filling up their hearts.


Three weeks later

“So, how’s the holiday going?”
“Splendid, loved it. I still have a week by the way and I plan to go to Leeds…”
“I really am happy that you’re gonna be here, but I’m afraid I can’t keep you company because I need to deal with my thesis for next three days. The deadline will come within five days Finn”
“Who said I go to Leeds to meeting you”, Finn teased her.
“Oh, I guess…”
“Hahaha I’m kidding Rae, well there are another person I wanna meet actually. Archie, Chop, Izzy, they are my best mates and my uncle. But at the top of that, it is 100% you are the person I want to meet so badly”
“I’m afraid I will let you down from the first second you seeing me because I’m not in the best condition, you know, I look more miserable during this stressful week”
“You won’t Rae”
“So when will you get to here?”
“I don’t know, haven’t decided yet”
“Just keep me informed yeah, I will do my best to welcome you besides it’s really an honour for me to greet a famous actor”
“Don’t start, Rae hahaha”
And Finn took off to Leeds the next day. Without Rae’s knowing.


Finn arrived in Leeds with his uncle picking him up. He thought it would have to be much fun if there’s also Rae greeting him, but he had another plan.
Finn had met Archie, Chop and Izzy the day he arrived. His three best mates had moved to Leeds and built their career there after graduating from college. They shared each other story in how dealing with life and stuffs and Finn told them about the incidental “hat” event and the girl who had captured his heart by then, Rae.

The next day, Finn just had strolling around the town accompanied by Archie and having quality time with his uncle and aunt for the rest of the day.

Finn went to Leeds University at the third day. He immediately proceeded to Rae’s faculty. He meant to give her a surprise. Not long enough time of waiting he saw a figure from afar. He only met her once barely 3 months ago, but it feels like he doesn’t have a problem to recognise her and he misses her so much.
He still watched her from the distance, enjoying the scene played before his eyes. Her graceful walks and beautiful aura mesmerised him.
“Where are you?”, Finn finally got himself together and directly making a call.
“Speak of the devil, Finn! I’m about to call you. I have submitted my thesis earlier so I guess I can give you a welcome greeting”, she still didn’t have a clue that Finn had arrived.
“Well, I want you… To give me your warm greeting right now”
“What do you mean?”
“Just look to the left Rae”
Rae hesitantly turned her whole body to the left and she couldn’t hold herself from excitement.
“No way!!!”, she exaggerated then she took long strides and without her realisation she had hugged him. Finn was taken aback for awhile by her action but immediately not throwing the chance away to reciprocate and wrote two letters “H-I” on her back.
The seconds she realised about what she’d done, she shortly released her arms and muttered apologise to him. “Oh hi, hi Finn! I’m, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I just, I just…”, her voice dropped, she couldn’t find words account for her former action.
“No, it’s okay Rae, really”, he grinned ear to ear, couldn’t help his overflowing happiness. “So, how is it going?”
“It’s ups and downs, you know”, she shrugged. “But I succeeded submitting my thesis before the deadline, Finn!”, she shook her head and grinned widely.
“I know you will make it, Rae. I’m happy for you”, Finn wasted no time to give her a kiss on the cheek. Her cheeks forming the blush, she felt the warmness around her face.
“What’s your plan for today?”, he asked.
“I have several things to get done, you know, administration stuff and I need to return the books
I’ve borrowed from the library”
“Okay, I will wait for you around here yeah, and… are you fancy having a lunch with me girl?”,he slightly turned his head down and scratched his left ear.
“No, I mean, yes! But I’m afraid this campus thing will take up a lot of time and I can’t make it before the lunch also… I gotta go to somewhere after that, so how about tomorrow?”
“Perfect! Speaking about that, to where are you gonna go after Rae?”
“Oh, this is kinda voluntary activity, Finn”, she hesitantly continued her words, “I’ll go to the old and orphaned house. I have been missing it for awhile during my work on thesis”
“Can I come with you Rae?”
She blinked her eyes fast, feeling doubt about what she had heard. “Are you really?”
“It’s lovely Finn”, she couldn’t count exactly how many times her heart was awed by this kind-hearted man.


They barely had their proper lunch, just bought to-go burrito then proceeded to the place she had mentioned. Rae and Finn arrived at the front door of the shelter. She knew that Finn feeling nervous. “Ready?”, she asked and grabbed his hand. Finn just turned his head to the right, filling the each gaps on her hand by his fingers and smiled.
There was one room filled with the children and old people accompanied by a number of shelter officials. The moment Rae opened the door, there was one loudly shout came from a child’s mouth, “RAE’S BACK!!”, followed with the cheers from the others. Finn turned his eyes to Rae’s face. She expressed contentment and her eyes covered with little tears.
She walked through the room, the children started running towards her and forming a big group hug. “We’ve missed you, Rae!”
“I’ve missed you too my dear lil sweethearts!”, she kneeled to their eye level.
After done with the hugging she was back to Finn and introduced him. Rae continued forming a circle with the children, she’d already grabbed a story book and about doing the story telling, it was ended by them eddying within a cheerful dance. Finn himself didn’t need a long time to get along with the children. He even had several chit-chats with the old. Rae knows he has a pure heart and this thing accentuates his charm.

They spent around two hours there and it came the time for them to say goodbye. Finn and Rae gave each of them hug, till they reached to one little girl, “I love you Rae!”. Those words affected Finn’s heart, it put him into a struck dumb.
“Earth to Finn, earth to Finn!”, Rae waved her hand in front of his face. “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m okay”
Rae smiled, she turned her body back to the child, “I love you more darling, and I promise I will come again on the next chance yeah”.

That day, Rae was knackered yet felt so content.


Rae and Finn had arranged for having a lunch around twelve o’clock. He promised to collect her at her flat. She wore a long sleeve blouse in turquoise pastel colour, perfected with dark wash blue jeans and her high-cut blue canvas Chuck Taylors. The turquoise colour let her light skin shine brighter. “You are so beautiful today, Rae”, said Finn out of the blue while walking towards the restaurant they agreed to go. “You also look handsome Finn, everyday”, Rae smiled and chuckled.

The lunch ran smoothly, they had chats about everything they had missed. Finn also said thanks for having him at the volunteer activity yesterday. He had a good time and he told her about missing his Nan. It was an excruciating lost for him. Reminiscing the times how she treated him with her tender heart, she had long gone but not forgotten. It ended with Rae trying to comfort him.
They continued to spend the day together. They visited some music and book stores also went to the cinema. The night had come down with they had no notice and Finn walked Rae home.

“Thanks for today Finn”, “Thanks for today Rae”, they said coincidentally. They both chuckled and let their head down shyly.
“Thanks for accompanying me yeah, I was having great times”
“It’s been my pleasure Finn, really. So, when will your train depart tomorrow?”
“It’s scheduled at 3 p.m., my uncle will get me to the station”
“I will miss you so much, Finn…”, her voice slowly turned into a whisper as her eyes trailed down starring into the floor.
Finn couldn’t contain his feelings any more. He embraced Rae into a hug. Rae’s body was stiff for awhile until she finally melted in Finn’s arms and Finn tightened his grip. After a moment passed, Finn reluctantly broke the hug. He accumulated the energy to be courage and shook off the nervous feeling. He started to move his hand to her face, caressing her left cheek with his palm. Her face became reddened so she ducked her head far down. Finn trailed his fingers down her jaw line and with his thumb and forefinger he slowly brought up her face and glued his eyes at hers, searching for the bravery.
The night was so calm and quiet. He bet she could hear his rock rhythm heartbeat. “Rae”, he spoke with huskier tone. “Yeah”, there was a sigh along her answer. The tension became thicker. “Ummm, umm..maybe it is too soon but…”. “But?”, she tilted her head slightly. As much as he was inclined to lunge his body so he could capture her plump lips, he tried to hold his eagerness. “I find this is so comforting to be around you and I enjoy it so much. I, I, can’t stop thinking about you, Rae. You are a very kind person, you are pretty and so beautiful, your soul, your attitude, your every little thing. You are so lovable, Rae. I like you, so much it hurts”, he was struggling with the words trying to utter his feeling. He hoped she would understand and believe him.

Rae just stood still but her eyes showed a warm reflection. Done with his ramble, “I’m sorry I’m no good at words Rae”. She just shook her head and smiled, so, so, tenderly. “Can I kiss you Rae?”. She nodded slowly. Finn swallowed his saliva as well as his nervous, started leaning his body and locked his sight to her lips. When the gap between their faces became narrower, he paused and raised his eyebrows, once again he looked up at her behind his fringe and she bit her bottom lip. At the millimetre from her face, he felt warm breath began brushing his face. There, with one slowly little movement he finally put his lips at hers and their eyes closed.
Her lips were far more delicious than he had imagined. He first kissed her lips very mildly, until she was relaxed and he dared to cup her left cheek. His thumb was stroking her cheek as well as his forefinger trailing up and down along the auricle of her ear. He could feel her hand crawling slowly into his chest and tugged his shirt material. His other hand trailed down to her lower back then he looped her waist, pushed her body much closer to his. Rae brought her still free hand to the back of his neck and she initiated the kiss to be reciprocal. It became heated as Finn dragged his tongue along her lower lip. She felt butterflies lurched inside her stomach, made her moaning into the kiss and opened up her mouth. Finn took this opportunity to lunge his tongue inside her mouth and played with hers. Their tongues danced in melodious movement. After several minutes they finally broke the kiss caused of lack of oxygen they suffered. Finn opened up his eyes first and had a chance to see Rae still closed her eyes adorned with her struggling to catch her breath. Satisfied with what he had done affected her this much, he captured her head with his both hands and gave her some more passionate kisses. Rae slowly opened up her eyes, this was a very brand new feeling she ever experienced. “Hi girl”, Finn smiled, “So what now?”. Rae returned his smile and shyly nodded.


Finn had taken his train back to Manchester. That night, they successfully had made a pact to maintain their communication regardless the distance and situations they need to cope.


Three months later

“So, my graduation day will be held on Friday next week. As keen as I want your presence Finn, I understand your bustling schedule”, Finn still caught a hint of disappointment in her voice.
“I am so sorry Rae, I’ll try as best as I can yeah. Listen, if there’s anything I can do, you need to trust me, I will Rae”. She put an angelic smile on her face and blew a kiss bye through her front phone cam.
Finn promised to himself that as long as he breathes, he will make her keeping that smile.


Graduation day

“Congraduations Rae!!! I’m a proud best mate!”, Chloe hugged her and gave her a hard kiss on the cheek. She had been waiting for Rae at the garden outside the hall.
“Thanks Chlo! Thank you for always being with me through good and bad times, babe. Thank you for not giving up on me, yeah”, her eyes got little teary. “Ah, this is the precious signature I have promised you!”, Rae handed Chloe her drawing notebook.
“Thanks babe! It’s a pity he is unable to attend your valuable moment Rae”
“Yeah, honestly I kinda feel a bit disappointed but I understand really. It’s no big deal. By the way where’s my hat?”, she stretch out her hand to Chloe.
“Ah! That legendary hat! About that…. There! There is your hat!”, Chloe exclaimed excitedly. She pointed over Rae’s shoulder.
Rae turned around her whole body and shocked by what she saw. There were Finn coming along with Archie, Chop, Izzy also Linda, Karim and her little sister.
“So, it’s a surprise then! Chlo!”, Rae turned her head to Chloe on the back. Chloe just shrugged and rolled her eyes.
Rae walked towards her mum, Karim, and her little sissy. She uttered her thankyous and grateful then gave each of them big hugs. Archie, Chop and Izzy approached Rae to introduce about themselves and congratulated her.
“It’s about time! Finn had talked much about you guys and I’m so glad to finally meeting you all in person. Thank you very much for your times I mean it, but, did Finn threaten you guys to come?”, Rae stern her voice. Their expressions became tightened. “I’m joking!”, Rae laughed heartily. They four dissolved into laughter.
It was Finn’s turn to face Rae. He seemed a bit unnerving but remained steady nonetheless. “What? What a dickhead you are!”, teased Rae impatiently. “So this is what I get from my girlfriend after a long tiring trip to here?”. Rae shook her head and put her lips at his briefly, they both smiled into the kiss.
There were her hat, a drawing notebook along with the marker, and a hand bouquet flower in Finn’s hands. “Congratulations, m’dear”, he said as he handed her the stuff.
“Thanks Fi-“, Rae hadn’t yet finished her words as Finn suddenly knelt down.
“What the hell are you doing?”, she said in whisper tone yet sternly. “Get yourself up Finn”. She was confused and felt a bit anxious since there were a lot of people surrounded. But Finn kept his posture. His hand proceeded into his trousers pocket. In no time, there was a jewellery box with a shiny ring embedded in its black velvet cushion.
“Rae, I might be a dickhead you reckon, but, this particular dickhead can’t think how his life’s gonna be without you”, he paused to take a gulp, “Here, I’m Finn Nelson kneeling before Rachel Earl, propose you to be my company for the rest of my life. If you accept my proposal, please write yes and wear your hat, and simply write no if you don’t”.

Rae took time to process what just happened, she walked back a few steps then she turned around her body. After a moment, she turned back her body, facing Finn again. “Get up Finn”, she begged him. Finn followed her instruction.
She started opening the notebook and showing Finn the first page. It’d been written ‘I can’t’. She paused to absorb his reaction. His shoulders slumped and his eyes reflected the sadness.

But Rae wasn’t finished yet.

She turned another page.
‘I can’t say no’
And another page,
‘So, it’s a YES’
And the last page,
‘Thousand times YESES’

Finn’s gloomy demeanour sharply diminished. His beam elevated as Rae turned the pages and it reached its peak when Rae wore her hat.

They both walked approaching each other and meeting at the half way. Rae took him to her embrace and dipped her face into his shoulder. Holding her tears, she said, “Let’s be dickheads together”.

-The end-