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Hi anon! I totally get where your coming from- Pol has very feminine features and it took me a while to kinda figure him out- Basically what I got down for his eyes / eyebrows was to do this “Z/5” shape- You can make it more masculine by brining the brow lower to the eyes and more angular.

I know Paul has big dropping doe eyes- and you can still draw him with eyes like that. The more angular and low you are with your brows the more masculine it will look, even with such feminine eyes!

Hope this helps 😅 I promise I’ll get better at explaining things someday

Touch and Go - Part 2

Word Count – 672

Characters – Tc x Reader

TC sat outside, his hands in his hair. He heard everyone walking, minding their own business. He wanted to scream at them, Y/N was in surgery. She was in surgery. He felt a presence beside him and he looked up. When he saw Drew crouching down beside him, he let out a shaky breath.
‘How’s she doing?’ He asked. TC at him and shrugged his shoulders.
‘Don’t know. I haven’t heard anything.’ He said as he quickly wiped away the tears that were threating to escape.
‘Don’t worry man, she’ll be okay.’ Drew said as he placed a hand in his shoulders.

Paul kept pressing, pushing harder and harder. His breath increasing every time he pressed down. The room was silent. The long line.
‘Paul!’ Scott said. Paul didn’t look up.
‘Paul!’ He said again. Paul looked up, not stopping the CPR. Paul looked as Scott shook his head.
‘We can’t stop.’ Paul said.
‘Paul.’ Scott started but he was cut off.
‘TC is sitting out there waiting to hear something and I’ll be damned if I have to tell him she’s passed.’ Paul said angrily. Scott took his hands away.
‘Paul, just shut up and look.’ Scott said, Paul looked to the monitor. You had a heartbeat, it was weak, but it was definitely there.
‘She’s alive, she alright.’ Paul murmured. The nurses all let out a breath of air, you were okay. Scott and Paul worked for another hour before closing you up and sending you of to ICU. As Paul and Scott were washing up, TC walked in.
‘Where is she?’ He said.
‘She’s away to ICU.’ Scott said as he was drying his hands. Tc turned around and started heading out the room before Scott caught his attention.
‘She’s not good.’ He said and TC turned around fast.
‘What?’ He asked.
‘She died, TC. She came back but she’s weak, really weak.’ Scott said walking over and standing in front of TC.
‘Why didn’t you come and get me?’ TC asked angrily.
‘You wanted me to stop working, to what, come and get you?’ Scott asked standing up to him.
‘Yes.’ Tc said.
‘TC, stop please. She’s in ICU. She needs you.’ Paul said as he exited the side room. Tc didn’t move.
‘Please go and be with her, you love, go to her, be by her side.’ Paul said and Tc let out a defeated sigh. He turned and left before walking down the corridor in a trance.

As TC made it to your room, the nurses were just tucking the covers around your body. They walked past TC and nodded their head at him. Once the nurses were out of sight, TC let out a strangle sob. He had never seen you look so weak, with the tubes everywhere. The cables connecting you to the multiple machines, he took in the room. As he took a seat next to you on the hard-plastic chair, he took your cold hand and enclosed in his warm ones. He brung it up to his lips and kissed it gently.
‘I’m sorry.’ He said, tears slowing falling down his cheeks.
Tc woke up, his head against the railing of the bed. He rubbed the hand he was still holding, it was warm not cold. He rubbed it again and when it squeezed back he sat up straight. He looked up and saw you smiling sleepily.
‘Hey there, sleeping beauty.’ You said to him and he smiled wide before standing up and placing a hard kiss on your lips. You hissed when he hit your lips since they were busted.
‘Sorry.’ He said as he pulled back quick.
‘It’s okay.’ You said to him as he placed his hand on your head, running his fingers through your hair.
‘You okay?’ he asked you.
‘I’m a little sore but all fine.’ You said to him with a smile. He looked down at you, placing a kiss on your forehead.
‘Well that’s good.’ TC said and you placed a kiss on his chin.

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I will forget all the promises I’ve heard from Jim
When he told me he would take me back to Los Angeles
Forget how he said I was his reason to be
Or how he said my lips tasted like honey

I will also forget how Tom used to caress me
Barely able to contain himself, I will always regret not being able to be his
Completely, how could I not notice that he was this kinda man?

Now, thinking about Peter fills me with dread
How his big blue eyes and awkward self intimated me
From day one
Do you remember how I was so embarrassed to even say hi?

Paul, I shall command you for your honesty
It was physical all along
And it may be a little bit out of place to mention you
When it was never even love
But I’ve found myself craving for your touch
For what seems like an eternity

Now, the thing that all of you have in common, is that none of you respected me
None of you ever acknowledged my worth
You complimented things like my kiss, my chest or the way that I look
None of you ever acknowledged my soul

Now, you, mystery man, I’ve got high expectations for
I want you to hold me tight in your big arms and tell me that it’s all gone
That fate won’t ever fail me, and that you have always been the one

I just hope that you will be able to kiss like Tom
That you fill me up completely just like Paul
And that you have that hidden sweetness that Peter once showed
But please, don’t you ever be like Jim

Jim, I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive you
How could you leave me alone for such petty reasons
I thought that our love was written in the stars
But you wouldn’t even say a word

I think you were a cheater, because you were cheating yourself all along
Never allowing yourself to heal, to feel, to love

Mystery man, lead me to the end of the road
I want to see the rainbow, I think that I deserve hope
I want to make peace with my decisions
I need to know this is where I belong

I am tired of giving myself to men like Peter, Paul, Jim and Tom.

professorinkwell  asked:

Hmm, Don Paolo?

  • First impression

Who In The Fuck (my first game was, Pandoras Box so they were all like GASP ITS YOU and i was all…….. Whom)

  • Impression now

Kind of a creep, dont really like him

  • Favorite moment

In Lost Future where he was like. Being an Okay Guy and protecting Flora

  • Idea for a story

@ Level5 give me the early years of Don Paolo. and i dont mean as a child i mean how he planned how to get his shitty revenge i want Paul in his 20-somethings being a nerd and building robots in a shed at the bottom of his parents garden. 

  • Unpopular opinion


  • Favorite relationship

Probably with Layton? I mean Layton is still nice to him after all that SHIT he did so probably that!

  • Favorite headcanon

The clothes he wears are ones he found in the attic. Little does he know that its his grandmas old nightgown

anonymous asked:

Laf gets the letters and tries to send a letter to ham warning him, jeff find the letter first and burns it

You all need to calm.

Just a few of you get Laf’s reaction-

The ‘I deserved better’ squad