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Baby Series Masterlist

This is the official masterlist for my Baby Series!

Pregnancy Series Masterlist


First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing

Bath Time

Bottlefeeding His P.O.V

You’re Insecure About Your Body After The Birth

Walks In The Park

Your Baby Laughs For The First Time

Doctor Visits

Baby’s First Word

Crawling For The First Time

The Boys Babysit Your Baby

Baby’s First Birthday


He is drowning

What Happened? (Part 2)

His P.O.V.


“Oh my god, Harry!” She lets out a laugh as she shoves me. “I have a better one, though. The best one I’ve ever heard!” We’re talking about dirty pick-up lines, and trying to one-up each other.

“Pfft! Try me.” I challenge her, a smirk on my face.

“Okay, okay.” She grins, probably internally laughing at her own joke. She stands up and sits on my lap, the starts playing with my shirt. “This is for the full effect.” She states, but I’m pretty sure it’s an excuse to sit on my lap. Don’t get me wrong, though, I don’t mind at all. “You know, this shirt looks very becoming on you. But of course, if I were on you, I’d be coming, too.

I throw my head back and let out a laugh. Ok, that was a good one. She’s about to get up off of my lap, but I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her back down and lets out her adorable giggle. “Where do you think you’re going?” I chuckle. Our faces are centimeters apart and all I can think about is kissing her. I notice her eyes are darting back and forth from my eyes, to my lips, she wants to kiss me, too. We lean in simultaneously, but our lips hardly brush against each other’s when Louis’ loud voice interrupts us, and we pull apart.

“Get a room!!” He shouts.

I roll my eyes in annoyance, while Y/N chuckles and hops off my lap. Dammit, Louis! I flip him the bird, and he laughs, knowing exactly why.


It was supposed to only be sex. So why do I feel something more? I didn’t realize how hard I had fallen for her until then. Now she and Louis are all over each other, consistently flirting, like her and I used to do. I’m not normally the jealous type, but there’s something about her that makes me drawn to her. Is it her mesmerizing eyes? You can get trapped in those eyes. Whatever it is, I’ve found myself falling for her and she doesn’t talk to me anymore, but that’s my fault. I don’t mean to be so passive aggressive with her but I can’t help it and I have no idea why. I’m never like this.

I’m walking to my dressing room, passing the lounge where Y/N and Louis are sitting. I look straight ahead, trying to act like I don’t even notice they’re there. As I’m passing, I see Y/N in my peripheral get up from the couch and fast walk over to me.

“Hey, I saw this funny pic-“ She starts once she’s caught up to me.

“Is this going to be quick? ‘Cause I’ve got shit to do.” I snap and I immediately regret it.

Her face falls, “Never mind. I’ll leave you alone.” She scoffs and walks away. I reach out to grab her arm but she walks away too fast, going down the hall to her dressing room and I know I pissed her off.


At the club, I go off on my own to find someone to fuck and hopefully get Y/N off my mind. It’s a stupid crush and I need to forget about it. I find an attractive girl alone at the bar and I approach her. Turns out, she’s single and her name is Maddie, so I buy her a drink.

Next thing I know, I’m completely wasted. Maddie and I are outside of the club waiting for our cab to pull up. Her lips are on my neck and her touching me everywhere, while I’m getting scraped by my zipper.

The cab pulls up and Maddie enters it first. I glance behind me for a moment and spot Y/N walking towards the hotel. I want to say something but Maddie whines so I get into the cab, then close the door.

Back at the hotel, Maddie’s all over me, but all I can think about is Y/N. I think about her laugh when I make a stupid joke. Her sarcastic comments on just about anything. God, she’s so pretty. And when she fucks… God damn, she’s incredible in so many ways. She’s any guy’s dream girl! As Maddie goes down on me, think about how Y/N’s lips tasted after they were wrapped around my cock ever-so perfectly. She knows what she’s doing, and she’s bloody good at it.

Then I went down on her, she shivered at my touch, the closer I was to her pussy, the faster her breathing was. She tasted so damn good and felt so damn good around me, so fucking tight.

After about ten minutes I open my eyes and see Maddie’s face and the illusion is gone and I am no longer into this at all and I cut it short. Understandably, Maddie is pissed off and stomps out of the room. I lay on the bed for maybe five minutes, thinking about Y/N, I remember that she was walking back here, so she’s probably in her room by now.

I exit the hotel room and walk down the hall until I’m at her room. I hear the television on and I know she’s there. I knock on the door and it takes her a moment before she opens the door. I’m taken aback for a moment when I realize that she’s wearing nothing except for an oversized black t-shirt that barely covers her perfect ass.

“Can I help you?” She snaps at me, and I’ve completely lost my train of thought at this point.

“I… Um…”

“Is this going to be quick? Because I have shit to do.” She’s using my words from earlier against me and I’m once again feeling the guilt I felt when the words came out of my mouth.

“Y/N,” I start. “Can we talk?”

She scoffs, “What makes you think I want to talk to you?”

I sigh, this is my fault. If could just get over my jealousy. “Look, I know I’ve been an ass but just… hear me out.”

“I don’t want to.” She says angrily. “Where’s that girl you brought back here to fuck? You get sick of her, too?”

Fuck. She saw us, this looks bad. “Y/N-”

“Fuck off, Styles.” She growls, then slams the door shut.

Part One

Request for Part Three here

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I think the reason why Jeff keeps hurting Stiles is Dylan's acting. He's talented and he makes us believe in Stiles' emotions. So yeah, that's probably one of the reasons why Stilinski has been kinda fucked up since season 3.

I 100% agree with this

If Dylan wasn’t so talented, he’d get to be funnier and happier. But, alas. He had to be freaking incredible at his job. 

Goddamn it, O’Brien. 

#183: Baby Series | Baby’s First Birthday


Here we have it, the last part of the baby series! It was quite amazing to bring back the stories from the pregnancy series and make this small mini series spin-off and I will forever and always be a sucker for father!5SOS. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it! I also decided to add the babies’ birthdays :-)

You can find like this and use it as a masterlist or you can like the post below for the original one! As per usual, happy reading! x


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing

Bath Time

Bottlefeeding His P.O.V

You’re Insecure About Your Body After The Birth

Walks In The Park

Your Baby Laughs For The First Time

Doctor Visits

Baby’s First Word

Crawling For The First Time

The Boys Babysit Your Baby

Luke (December 1st):

A huge pile of gift paper wrap was covering literally the entire floor in Liz and Andy’s living room, William’s head barely poking out from the huge mess. Chatter and laughter were filling the living room along with quite music playing in the background, and a silent yawn escaped past your lips. “Tired?” Luke hummed in conclusion and leaned his face down to yours, his arm resting casually on the cushion behind you. So many things had been going on today you could feel it in your legs. The second William woke up he was engulfed in presents and it hadn’t stopped since you visited Luke’s family for a small birthday. Luke had tried his best to make Liz not spoil William too much but telling a grandmother that statement was clear nonsense.  The second you were welcomed inside you noticed the huge stack of presents on the floor in the middle of everything. And with William already knowing what it was about he was hard to keep away from it, even during dinner and when a huge cake baked by Liz was being served in front of him. It wasn’t until the birthday song was over and he had ripped off the paper hat on his head in irritation that he wanted to get down from his chair and towards the presents. And now, by the help of grandma Liz he was covered up in paper to his chin and barely looking at his presents. It was totally the excitement of packing everything up that caught his interest. “William, do you want some raisins? You questioned slightly while rattling the small purple package in your hands to catch his interest. He looked up with a scrunched nose that told he wasn’t the slightest interested and you pursed your lips. He barely ate before and now he was starting to put the paper in his mouth. “I’d say raisins are better than that, Will.” Liz giggled lightly and took the wet paper out of his mouth. You nodded your head with a smile and rolled your eyes by his stubborn attitude, your hands caressing the cushion under you. You were sitting in the exact seat where your first contractions started. It was hard to believe it already had been a year and you could tell that Liz was thinking the same. “Brings back memories, huh?” You nodded your head with a warm smile and felt Luke poke you in the side. He nodded his head towards the door to the terrace when you furrowed your eyebrows confused but followed him the second he stood up from the couch. “What’s up?” You questioned when you closed the door behind you and he lifted a small envelope in the air. “This is for you.” “But it’s not my birthday.” You mumbled slightly confused but regardless accepted and opened it. You quivered an eyebrow confused when you noticed three plane tickets along with a picture of what you would call out as Hawaii. “I know it’s not your birthday,” He grinned slightly and looked down at his feet shy, “It’s my anniversary present for you.” Your jaw fell by his words and your eyes widened in realization. “I remember this moment exactly one year ago where I after such a long time finally admitted my feelings for you. And somehow, so amazingly, you were feeling the same. And this is why this day is so special. Not only is it the day of our son’s birth but also the day where I finally got my princess after so much waiting.” You were left stunned by his words, a huge deep shade of red embracing your warm cheeks. “It would be nice if you said something.” He giggled awkwardly when you hadn’t done anything for a whole minute but look at him somehow surprised. Giggling by his statement you hurried to place your hands on his cheeks and pulled him in for a brief but passionate kiss. You could feel him smile against the kiss and you pulled back to lean your forehead against his, standing on your toes to reach his height while he placed his hand on the lower part of your back. “Happy anniversary, Y/N. I love you to the moon and back.”

Calum (July 24th):

”Okay everyone so I’m gonna need you to become extremely quiet now. And no, we’re not going to play Amnesia if that’s what you’re thinking.” Calum said into the microphone with a smile, dropping his bass and letting it hang by his shoulders. “So some of you might have noticed from now after the at least thirty pictures posted on my fiancée’s Instagram that today is July 24th aka my son Alexander’s first birthday.” It was a mix of holler and shouts that appeared after Calum’s information, the girls on the front row jumping up and down with an Australian flag. “And I want this day to be really special for him, especially because I’ve dragged him and his mother on a five month plus length tour. Today is one of our last concerts actually.” He moved away to take give a short pause and looked towards the stairs to the dressing rooms. He could see shadows walk around and Ashton jumped out of his drum kit to help. “So to make this even more special than ever we’ve decided to drag him here in stage. Please welcome my son and Y/N.” Calum raised his arm in the air towards you walking up the stairs carefully, holding Alexander close to your chest. He was wearing huge children earmuffs to block out most of the noise from the crowd and his eyes widened the second bright lights were on him. The crowd went into a large holler despite Calum’s request but he couldn’t even get mad. This was pure amazing. “We even baked fucking cake!” Michael exclaimed in excitement when Ashton and Luke came up behind you with a trolley, a massive blue cake placed on top of it with pictures of Alexander. “So instead of screaming and all that we really want you guys to sing a birthday song along with us!” Calum loosened the mic on the stand and grabbed it in his hand easily. Heading towards you to meet half way he placed a soft kiss to your cheek before caressing Alexander’s. “Can you do that?” The crowd made a mix of hollers, simply girly screams and yelling yes repeatedly. An award winning smile appeared on Calum’s face and he fished out a lighter from his back pocket to light up the one candle placed in the middle of the cake. Alexander watched his father with a curious expression as both he and you kneeled down so he was level with the cake. “Come on everyone!” Michael yelled and started the birthday song already, the boys catching up along with you and the crowd. Literally every single person in the arena was singing at the top of their lungs, pulling out their phones and swinging the flashlights in the air like it was Outer Space played all over again. When the song was over everyone was clapping massively, Calum wearing the proudest smile on his face. “Come on Alex, you gotta blow the candle.” You giggled even though he most probably couldn’t hear it and you puckered your lips to make him puck his. Helping along to get the candle blown out you clapped your hands excited together with Alex who started to giggle, the whole crowd cheering along with the boys. The award-winning smile on Calum’s face couldn’t be described. The past year had been so fast and so amazing he almost couldn’t believe it. He was so insanely proud of you he felt so blessed. He had managed to drag you three along on a tour for so long and now it was nearly over. And to see his three favourite things mixed together at once was by far the best sight in his life so far. His fans, the band and his little family. He couldn’t wait for more moments to come and a wedding finally being launched. And most importantly, he felt like the luckiest man in the world. And to experience everything along with you and Alex made it ten times more exciting. Oh how he loved his life. ”Thank you, every single one of you.” He admitted into the microphone and smiled towards you and Alex, Thank you for the best life one could ever dream of.”

Michael (April 13th):

”Oh my god.” You giggled the second Michael arrived out of the kitchen with a massive cake – not to mention all made by himself – in a tight grip in his hands. Karen, his mother, widened her eyes too by the sight as he proudly placed it in front of Celeste with wide eyes, the girl looking up at her father with the matching emerald orbs. ”Wait she gets that one by herself?” Calum questioned almost confused and readjusted the pink hat on his head, taking a look around the table. It was filled with at least three different cakes, muffins and Danish pastry but Michael didn’t have any limit when it came to this day. He had been pacing around all morning excited, he was even more into the decorations than you were. Everything was decorated in lilac, pink and red colors in your living room. Everyone from your families were wearing hats, including yourself and the boys. Michael had even tried to put one on Celeste but she wouldn’t have it at all which only made you giggle. ”Michael insisted that she needed a cake herself to dig in.” You chuckled while moving a bib to avoid her spilling on her beautiful dress that you had given her in birthday present. ”Because she deserves it.” He said proudly and took a seat on the other side of her and leaned his arm on the rack of her baby chair while moving the plate of cake closer to her. And that was when the boys exploded out in a sing, trying to not laugh as they all sang different tones of happy birthday. Your families tagged along with the song while you looked down at Celeste proudly, her interest being more focused on the cake in front of her rather than the singing around her. ”Come on, cupcake. Just dig in.” Michael encouraged into her ear while singing and grabbed her hand to put it into the cake. She looked up at him almost to confirm and when he nodded his head encouraging she smacked her hand against the cake excitedly and moved it up to her mouth. ”Yes, that is my princess!” He cheered excitedly and clapped along until the song came to its finish, everyone awing at her by her cuteness. Ten minutes later when people seemed to quiet down with chit chatting and eating Michael cleared his throat and sat beside you. ”Everyone, we actually have an announcement to make.” He admitted, earning silence and all eyes on you now. ”We have one extra present for Celeste we’d like to share with you.” You informed and Michael grabbed a bag he had been hiding under your table, pulling up a light pink onesie. Everyone was looking at you in curiosity as Michael folded it out and showed what was written in front. ”I’m gonna be a big sister.” Luke read out for everyone and his eyes widened, ”Oh my god, Y/N you’re pregnant again?” All eyes widened in excitement by Luke’s question, making everyone’s jaw fall. ”Wait is it true?” Karen questioned but with such happiness she almost cracked a tear. ”Yep we took a test. Three actually to be sure. We will be expecting in the start of January next year.” Michael admitted making everyone rise up from their chairs in unison to graduate you guys, giving you hugs while Michael received high fives. ”Well we gotta give a big cheer to the new upcoming parents, once again.” Calum admitted and rose his bottle of red soda in the air, ”To Michael, Y/N, Celeste and the little one.” ”Or two’s.” Ashton added with a smile and raised his glass too, everyone cheering together along with you guys. ”Let’s hope the new one or ones will be more like Y/N.” Luke commented and nodded his head towards Celeste who was too occupied with the cake in front of her, frosting and chocolate covering the skin around her cheeks, mouth and nose. You wore the biggest smile on your face as you looked down at Celeste proudly, feeling Michaels hand come down to your stomach caressing over the soon to be growing skin.

Ashton (September 9th):

“Are you sure they are even allowed to have ice cream yet? It does contain diary products.” Ann commented in fits of giggles while watching the ice creams being served in front of the twins, Cloe’s eyes widening in excitement while Zack was more into the toy he had been given on top of his baby chair table. Ashton rolled his eyes by his mum’s question and shook his head lightly while reaching forward to grab a spoon. “This is their first birthday of course they’re gonna get ice-cream.” He grinned and ruffled Zack’s mini curls that were growing on his head, definitely matching his father’s. “Besides, I’ve made my research. These are only sweetened with fruit so I’ve ordered one with banana for Zack and one with strawberry for Cloe. And since they are officially one year old from today it means they can eat it. Don’t think I’ve thought this through, mum.” He grinned and smiled excitedly when the waiter used a lighter to turn on the small sparklers on top of the ice. Ann smiled softly at Ashton while nodding her head understanding, happily that he could do everything without his help. You grinned by the excitement Ashton was showing just by the ice creams in front of your children. He had been like this all day making Zack fussy when he decided to wake them up with almost too loudly singing of happy birthday. But that didn’t stop Ashton from being exaggerated all day. He had been smiling all over his face, engulfing them with kisses and every third second peppered your cheek with kisses. And now he had invited the whole family for dinner at a fancy restaurant down by the beach. He had even managed to buy fresh new clothes for all of you including himself. It really was something huge to him and so was it for you. You literally remembered all the pain you had gone through just a year ago at the hospital. And to see two healthy pair of twins in front of you with so many similarities from you and Ashton it both looked and felt amazing. A small sound came from Zack’s tired state and you could feel awe’s appear from people’s mouths in reaction. “It’s all Ashton’s fault.” You giggled slightly while lifting Zack up from the baby chair and placed him in your lap instead. Grabbing a spoon you took a smaller piece of the ice cream in hope of him to stop the whines, a satisfied smile embracing your face when his expression changed completely. “What, Cloe thought waking up to a birthday song was exciting!” He grinned while watching Lauren feed her with the ice-cream, her face seemed to enjoy the exploring feeling of something cold and new. “Well Zack thought the opposite.” You remarked while enjoying and felt Ashton’s arm brush yours as he rested his on top of your chair. It made you lean further against his touch while scooping up more ice-cream, feeling Zack lean forward to get his mouth filled. “He’s happy now, isn’t he?” He grinned down at you with a smirk and you rolled your eyes in reply but still remained the happy smile on your face. Ashton took a look around the table with a huge smile on his face. Everyone was having a good time, you were a smiling mess and the twins were eating happily. This was such a perfect moment for him. “Waiter?” He questioned the second one passed by and he stopped in track by the request. “Could you be my man for a short moment and take a picture of my family and I?” He reached his hand out for the waiter and he nodded his head politely. “Of course, sir.” He replied and took a step back to get everyone into the frame. “Smile everyone. This is going on my Instagram.” He grinned towards everyone before leaning his head against yours, smiling all over his face. This picture would be his new favourite thing. The picture that showed he had finally made it. His whole life in just one frame. Oh how he loved his life, you and the twins. It couldn’t compare to anything else. He was ever so happily.


replied to your post

“I can’t imagine Solas would lie to his followers about his plans to…”

lol “but a kind of dick i would sit on”

I mean, I’d have to be facing away from him to sit on that but yeah, the sentiment is definitely there for me too.

I bet this is his O face:

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How would the Matsus react when their S/O is trying to ask them if they can have sex but the S/O just ends up stuttering over their and turn into a complete blushing mess? (basically they're too nervous to bring up that topic until now)

Osomatsu: would be a bit confused but he would soon catch on to what his s/o is asking, smirking he would get up and pin his s/o to the wall with one hand and gently gripped their chin as he lifts their face up, “ne~ are you asking me something perverted?” his s/o would pout a bit. “no i am asking for you to go and get me oden YES I AM ASKING IF WE CAN HAVE SEX!” his s/o would say, but realizing on what they just said they would cover their mouth, osomatsu would laugh and then pulling their hands away would kiss them on the lips

Karamatsu: he would blush when he figures out what his s/o wanted, he would go over to them with tears in his eyes as he holds their shoulders. “y-yes! w-we can my flower!” he would say while his s/o laughed at karamatsu’s line and poked him the shoulder, “i wont be a flower anymore once we are done” his s/o would say, making karamatsu fell to his knees at his s/o’s painful remark and quickly scooping his s/o up he would run to the bedroom with them.

Choromatsu: he would blush when he figured out the signals his s/o was giving off, the fidgeting the blushing and shy look when ever they look at him. he would open his arms for his s/o and held them when they go into his arms, he would kiss their cheek and shoulder. “yes we can and i’ll be gentle with you my love.” he would whisper into their ear making them giggle. “did you read that from one of my romace novels?” jumping a bit he would throw the book he was reading away. “N-no!”

Ichimatsu: he would look at his s/o and smirk a bit. “you want to have sex don’t you?” he said making his s/o jump and blush more than they already are, ichimatsu would pull his s/o into his arms and grab their chin, “you already let this piece of trash defile your lips everyday now you are going to let it defile your body?” he said as he kisses his s/o hotly, after he pulls away his s/o would be panting a bit as they hugged him around the neck. “would i let you if i didn’t love the trash you are?” his s/o would say, making ichimatsu smile and kiss them again.

Jyushimatsu: he would pick up his s/o and kiss them as he takes them to the bed room, laying his s/o on the bed he would grin more. “nene? you think you can take me?” he asks as he holds his s/o’s hand. “you know i train a lot.” he said some worry in his voice. his s/o would smile and hold his hand tightly. “lets make a home run together” at that jyushimatsu’s heart would leap into his throat and his eyes turning into hearts as well.

Todomatsu: he would make his s/o tell him what they wanted. “t-todomatsu… i-i want to go all they way with you!” his so would hide their face in their hands and todomatsu would walk to them taking their hands away from their face and leading them to the wall and pin their hands to it. “so you want to go all the way? hmm…you sure?” he teased his s/o and when his s/o nods yes he would lead them to the bedroom by hand.

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Oh man this blog is just amazing!❤️ If it's not too much can I get some established relationship headcanons for Hanzo and McCree, y'know like they've been together for a while? Keep up the great content btw! Seriously, love this stuff 💗💞

thank you!  ❤️ ❤️


  • a lot more affectionate further on in the relationship
  • more open with kisses and hugs, PDA is much more common
  • generally still reserved but he’s more open with his s/o about how he feels and what he’s thinking
  • often falls asleep on them
  • it’s very common for him to rest his head on his s/o’s lap as he gets more and more comfortable with them, it shows a level of trust for him
  • especially if his s/o plays with his hair and braids it gently 
  • he’ll ask his s/o for them to get a cat if they don’t have one already
  • he likes cats a lot
  • if possible, he may snatch his s/o’s shirts and/or hoodies ‘n sweaters
  • his s/o is welcome to his closet, though if they try to wear any kimonos he’ll laugh (more of a scoff and he looks at his feet) and assist them with it


  • more relaxed as time goes on
  • nuzzley and sweet as sugar as always
  • the nicknames n e v e r stop
    -they get more elaborate and numerous tbh
  • pda pda p d a he’s so gross about pda
    -hugs, kisses, piggyback rides, you name it he does it all all the time
  • his s/o is the only person who can freely snatch his hat and wear it at any time
  • same with his serape
  • Jesse also snatches his s/o’s clothes ‘n they don’t fit half the time but if u think he cares u are w r o n g
    -he’s careful not to rip anything tho
    -if he does he sews it
  • s/o wears Jesse’s clothes 90% of the time tbh

anonymous asked:

Could you do how the Axis + Romano and Prussia would react to their s/o greeting them every time they came home with "*their name* You came back!" Followed by the s/o hugging them, and not letting go for a while? Sorry if it's too specific.


Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Italy would most likely tackle his s/o first before they could. He loves the affection that they pour on him and he wants to drown them in as much, or more love. If left alone, the two would probably just stay there hugging until someone (like Romano) yelled at them.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Germany would be like a rock. An awkward, blushing rock. He may attempt to hug back, if his brain starts working again before his s/o lets go, but the poor man has probably already exploded on the inside.

Japan/Honda Kiku: With a high-pitched scream, Japan would fall backwards, and may even fall to the ground if his s/o hugged him with enough force. Even though it’s a daily thing, he’d still take a million years to get used to it. Please let go of him before he explodes like Germany.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: Romano would react the exact same way as Italy, at least for a few seconds. Then, realising what exactly just happened, he’d recoil slightly, a blushing mess. Although he may yell a few harsh words, he’d still hold onto his s/o.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Prussia would hug back with an equal, or larger, amount of strength. Going on and on about how cute his s/o was, Prussia’s s/o may find themselves squeezed to death soon. Naturally, he’d have his usual grin on his face, perhaps a little bit wider.

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I know you said you don't think he'd be very supportive emotionally, but can you please write a fic of some kind where Peter Hale is *attempting* to be there for his human S/O when his S/O is feeling sad?

Originally posted by showandwrite

He really wasn’t at all sure what he was supposed to do. Was he meant to hug you? Meant to tell you he was there? Meant to leave you to it? Peter Hale had absolutely no idea what he was meant to do. You were crying - sobbing actually - and he was just standing there looking lost.

Deciding that it was best if he tried to comfort you, he walked closer. You were on the couch, curled into a ball, and awkwardly, he sat down beside you. Almost immediately, you had curled into him, crying onto him. Peter, entirely out of his comfort zone, placed a hand on your back, giving a small - what he thought was a comforting - pat.

You two spent a long time like that, you crying onto his shoulder and Peter feeling the most uncomfortable he’d ever felt. He wanted to help you, wanted to be there for you but he just didn’t know how to go about doing that. His awkward patting on your back had transpired and turned into a comforting rub so at least he was doing something that helped.

“Can you just-” your voice shocked him, he hadn’t expected you to talk yet- “tell me that it’s going to be okay?”

And so, that was it. You’d told him how to help you and now he knew. Quietly, he began to whisper in your ear about how things would be okay, about how it would all work out and he’d be with you every step of the way. He told you that he would support, help and protect you and that it would all be okay in the end. He didn’t know if the words he said were right or not but the fact that you stopped crying and just started listening was enough to make him think he was going in the right direction.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could I request McCree, 76, and Hanzo reacting to meeting their s/o's parents for the first time and they accidentally do that whole "s/o asks daddy to pass something and both the actual father and the boys reach for it at the same time" thing?


- He would look up at the dad with the most blunt “oh shit” expression on his face as it turns red from embarrassment

- he would stammer and explain “s-sorry sir I was just figurin I was closer so I would hand it over, sorry for gettin in the way” doesn’t matter if it is in fact closer to him or not this is his excuse

- his face would be red for like the next 5 minutes as he calms down

Soldier 76

- would probably just look at the father and cough before just handing whatever it is his s/o wanted and saying “excuse me”

- he thinks if he just acts like there is nothing wrong with what just happened then everyone will forget about it but really he is just swearing at himself on the inside asking him self “what the hell was that you dumb ass”

- he would probably accidentally do it again and at that point he would be ready to drop kick his own ass

- family gatherings just aren’t his thing and this experience really isn’t helping


- he would just freeze and immediately jerk his hand away before apologizing, cheeks turning pink and mentally slapping himself

- would glance over at his s/o and just groan resting his elbow on the table and covering his eyes with his hand unable to believe he just did that

- would be very worried about what the father thinks of him now and would probably go over in his head “he is old he probably doesn’t even know what that means and if he does then what is his damage?! I’m not the one with the problem then he is” and try and rationalize the situation to make it better

anonymous asked:

Hanzo's reaction to his s/o sneaking into the shower with him :3 Also Reaper, McCree, and Tracer's reactions to the same thing?


  • Would be rather embarrassed by this sudden action
  • But once his s/o starts messaging the shampoo into his scalp and hair, he is in total bliss.
  • He would hold them close and keep kissing them, murmuring how beautiful they are.


  • Would have a huge smirk plastered on his face
  • Be super happy to have his s/o in the shower with them
  • Will tease them constantly and try to initiation some heated action to only have his s/o be like, “Jesse no”. “Jesse yes” he replies with his puppy eyes (it doesn’t work).


  • Would question why his s/o is in the shower with him.
  • He would probably ignore them for a bit just to irritate them
  • Afterwards he would make a comment that they couldn’t resist him 
  • Would help them shower, wash their hair and rambling on how gorgeous they are in his native tongue. His s/o will ask him what he said and he will bullshit it completely.


  • Would be all giddy and happy that her s/o decided to join her in the shower.
  • Will often peck them on the cheek or hug them while rambling on her shower routine or ask them what they do first
  • Start a water fight in the shower
  • Probably would be the least embarrassed of her s/o surprising her by joining the shower.

~Mod Rose

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ok so alex leaves little handprints around his s/o when he chokes them but imagine the squad, hank and charles being in the same room and kurt is like "iS ALEX HURTING YOU WHY DO YOU HAVE A HANDPRINT AROUND YOU" so everyone is like !!!!. Everyone but Kurt realizes that it was during u know what so they're just like Kurt...... come here.... and they tell Kurt and kurt is just blushing and apologizes

then he’ll just ponder stuff like “y do americans like that while doing that?! jesus pls save my friends”

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I don't get how people get off by all that abuse and rape from Underfell fontcest. It really disgusts me and makes me sick to my stomach when I see it, but people seem to like that shit????? I also really HATE how Sans is all obedient and a literal puppy for his bro and how Paps doesn't seem to give a shit about Sans except for using him as his lil plaything. N O, stop that shit right there, fandom. Abuse/rape is NOT OK, not in RL and not in fiction.

I agree completely. Abuse, rape, incest, and more are not some “kink” you can exploit so you can get a hard-on.

It’s a disgusting, violent, toxic crime that has affected sadly TONS of people in the past and still to this day. You need to stop glorifying it and make sure to tag it properly so you don’t send somebody into shock over your gross skeleton porn - or god forbid a child comes across that mess (some already have), imagine explaining what exactly they’re favorite characters are doing in a picture to them.

Stop, your ships are not cute or sexy they’re dangerous and you need to get them under control.

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What do the Paladins do when they wake up the day after they did the do with their s/o? (Wow so many 'do's) Sorry, I've been Keith and Shiro trash lately. WE MUST ALL JOIN TOGETHER TO SAVE SPACE DAD

Shiro: Shiro gets all flustered because his s/o is just lying there in the light going across their face and there’s some light bruises on their neck from last night and he just kind of dies on the inside.

Keith: Keith talks to them for as long as possible before either of them has to go. He helps them to the shower if they need a shower.

Lance: Lance makes a bunch of jokes about it and his partner has to slap his arm to make him stop.

Pidge: Pidge gets all giggly and starts tickling her partner when they start talking about last night.

Hunk: Hunk cuddles them in his arms and gives them a bunch of little kisses.