hi noelle c: !!!!!!

I lack the ability

to manifest the words

that will convey the way

my heart exists after

she told me that day

that my mind is beautiful.

And she recalled the first time

when her hand was in mine

and how she never wanted

to let me go.

I realized then

that time is our biggest foe.

We can fight all,

but the invisible and inevitable

factors of the universe.

But it is the same universe

and power,

that brought us to each other,

and molded our destinies

to match ever so


August 12th, 2014.

my roommate and her boyfriend broke up so she’s always here now and she always plays mac miller and kid cudi really loud but only bad songs because she kind of has no taste 

me and noelle are just sittin on the floor talking about tumblr and my roommate is awkwardly on the futon probably texting her mom about how weird she thinks we are b/c when noelle walked in the first thing she did was take off her shoes and lay on the ground and my roommate has no idea who she is