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remember when ten year old edward elric bit his brother, ate two ants then had an existential crisis all within the same minute 

i loved the animation in this part, before he turns to look at max his eyes move around very slightly, you can almost tell exactly what he’s thinking and feeling in that moment just by looking at him, it’s a small detail but i feel like it says a lot, it’s nice to camp camp be animated at a slower pace in these scenes since it’s usually animated really fast and bouncy (especially with a character like david whose movements are constantly being exaggerated) also the head turn looks so smooth and natural it’s satisfying to watch


So a friend talked with me about a Music Camp he was in, and I immediately thought of Camp Camp.

I don`t know why, but I`d like to think that Max is a child that would like playing the violin? But his parents had to high standards for him to reach, so his self-estem kinda went down the drain, even though he`s actually really good and enjoys playing!

just a doodle page filled with pirate camp!!


Welcome to Kappa Kappa (originally Kappa Kappa Beta but that last part fell off), Lake Lilac University’s first and only co-ed fraternity!

I’m literal trash and also a community college student who still lives with their parents so I’LL TRY NOT TO MESS THIS UP:

Max-Everyone is sure he should have graduated by now, but he’s been in the dorm for so long and still has his major as “undeclared”. No one knows if he actually goes to LLU or not, he never attends class. He’s also somehow behind every out-of-control party or riot that happens on campus or in the dorm, or least DJing. Has been living in Kappa Kappa because it’s the cheapest but he hates everyone, especially the RAs. Nikki did his tattoo. 

Neil-STEM Major. Actually does his work and attends classes and was dead-set on not becoming a party kid, but is always the first one to get absolutely smashed at every party. Max’s roommate. 

Nikki-No one knows what her major is. Like Max, no one is entirely sure if she actually goes to LLU, but everyone seems to have a class with her. Often climbs in through peoples’ windows because she got “locked out again”, although no one actually knows which room is hers or if she actually lives in the dorm. Got kicked out of Gamma Lambda Sigma (AKA college Flower Scouts idk man) for being the wild child she is. Has been stopped by security/police multiple times because they all keep thinking she’s on drugs. Nah, it’s just Nikki. Good thing LLU has a rugby team (She’s really good but no one is sure if she actually plays for points or for the sake of beating people up).


David: I was too late *crying* *holding smol Nerris close to him* I’m so sorryyyy *sobbing loudly*

Nerris: t'was not your fault David! *bleeding a lot and growing “sleepy”* Although I…didn’t roll for acrobatics or dexterity…it was a glor….ious…..bat…….tle….

Preston: NOOOO! SHE KILLED IT *gross sobbing*

Nerris the cute has been sorely defeated in battle, and now deals with a (miraculously not broken) sprained arm. The sorceress now has cool battle scars 😎

Can we talk about Neil for a second?

I know the fandom is starting to warm up to him, and i think that’s great! But i still think he’s reaaaally unappreciated. So here’s a quick Neil appreciation post!! ^^

  • Yes, he’s obviously the “smart kid” stereotype, but one thing i like about him is that he’s not an obnoxious smartass. He takes pride in his interests and thinks highly of himself, but he doesn’t act like a pretentious asshat who wants to make others feel bad about themselves. He’s a nice kid!
  • Even though he’s clearly embarrassed by his dad, he still tries to respect him and knows that he cares about him a lot, which is the only reason why he tries so hard to connect with Neil.
  • He really considers Max and Nikki his friends, and is willing to help them out on their adventures, even if they’re not completely thought through.
  • There’s a big possibility than Neil has trouble making friends, both due to him being too smart for his own good, and maybe also because of his dad. He doesn’t really seem to connect well with any of the other campers. This is more of a headcanon, but it makes his relationship with Max and Nikki much more meaningful!
  • He seems quiet and awkward at first sight, but when he’s passionate about something he blows up!! Whether he’s arguing with someone or rambling about the things he love, he’s not afraid to speak up when he wants to. *cough* autisticneilconfirmed *cough*
  • He’s!!! Genuinely really smart!!!!! Especially for his age. He’s an extremely talented programmer, i feel like this is something we should give him more credit for!
  • Science is obviously his special interest c’mon people he’s 100% autistic
  • He’s canonically jewish, and it’s not just played off as a joke, which is really rare!

Bonus: Noodle arms

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  • Gwen: David, you can't just adopt EVERY child with a terrible home life.
  • David with Harrison tucked under one arm, Max tucked under another, Dolph on his shoulders and Nikki clinging to one leg: My children now.