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Nigel (right):

Age: 129 (yet he’s still feels young)

Sex: Male

Height: 5'8

Crush: (hasn’t experience love in a while)

Goal: At least to survive and protect his friend Bullet

INFO: Nigel is a dragon who is controlled by a psychopathic parasite in his brain which cause him to go insane most of the time. He has the ink illness, which he hates it but he gets used to it. Is covered in a lot of injuries. He makes and hides his weapons in a secret place. He loves to play his hand-crafted violin most of the time, especially when Bullet is around. Likes to make new friends, doesn’t really make friends that often. Has never met Bendy or Boris, but does know Cuphead, Mugman, and Felix. Is friendly but don’t make fun or annoy him, he gets pissed off really easily. Gets nightmares mostly.
Bullet (left):

Age: 75

Sex: Male

Height: 5'4

Crush: No one

Goal: Stay with Nigel at all times, and wants to become a doctor and a ballerina.

INFO: Bullet is another dragon, is Nigel’s best friend, who is not necessarily a fighter like Nigel, but can get aggressive is Nigel is hurt badly. Is a little shy around people but is more friendly than Nigel. Is a little uncoordinated but still pretty smart. The one thing he is scared of the most is Cuphead and Mugman (that’s why he has a hole in his wing). He can barley fly anymore, he still can but it’s very crooked and low. Treats Nigel more like a brother than a friend, yet they are not brothers, but Nigel doesn’t mind at all. Does not like it when Nigel cusses, threatens someone with a weapon, or gets really pissed off, always tries his best to keep him calm. He loves to listen to Nigel play his violin.
So that’s all the info about them sorry if it was too long….

BABQFTIM belongs to @thebbros

art by thedragonlair74

Why is it that musical mains always wear blue|?

I mean look at it

Veronica wears blue

Evan wears blue

Ham and Eliza wear blue

Elle wears a little bit of blue

Jerm wears  blue (Also hi Micheal you sweet angel.) 

Nick wear blue (Also hi Nigel the other angel bean of Broadway)

Also Jenna but that’s just her uniform…

Why do the main characters of popular musicals always wear blue??  

It started out as a fluffy idea, but-

I want to see this, after all the fuckery of the show, when the war is won, and the Paladins have each gone off to do their own thing. Maybe Pidge and Matt explore the universe after a restless month on Earth. Hunk brings alien dishes to Earth and is a key keeper of intergalactic peace. And so on.
I want to Coran to fly around the universe with Queen Allura, creating stability in thousands of species.
He’s tired. He sees some alien dish that looks like donburi at a dinner party, thinks of Hunk. They use a variation of Rover for everyday communications, and he sees Pidge. He meets Flerona and remembers how Lance was so excited about “mermaids being real, like, really real, Coran!”
He sees their ghosts rushing around the corner of the castle, hears them laugh in the hiss of a healing pod shutting down. Never did get them to self-clean.
“I’m taking a trip to Earth,” he tells Allura in the vast control room.
She nods and sends her love. The universe needs her in these fragile times.
Coran takes a ship back to the “Milky way”, as humans call it. Beams and cheers with Hunk when he hails in for landing. The Yellow Paladin looks… Older.
No sooner than he lands does Lance tackle him. When he pulls back to smile with tears, Coran has to tilt his head back; shot straight up, that one did, taller than the mountains.
It breaks Coran’s heart. Where did the time go?
And then, “I have someone you need to meet!” Lance drags the Altean out of the landing pad, standard issue since aliens became common to humans.
Coran sees Cuba for the first time.
They have dinner at Lance’s old home on a hill by the ocean. His mother crushes Coran in a hug and welcomes him with his own place at the table. He is attacked by shrieking nieces and nephews, tugging at his foreign coat. They ask him a thousand questions. An hour into dinner and the story of how to grab sculltrite from a Weblum, and they worhip him.
Coran is hugged, pulled around, and cuffed on the shoulder. It was not like Altea, the closeness, the contact.
It was not Altean, but it was enough to make him cry a little.
And when the whole family - mother, sons, daughters, and their little ones - gather on the porch, the doorbell rings. “I got it!” Lance rushes up. Coran settles in to the circle, eyeing a cup of “whiskey” with mild hesitation.
The Blue Paladin slides out with Keith behind him: Coran launches right out of the wicker chair, flings his arms wide.
He sees a bundle in the paladin’s arms. It wriggles, snuffling softly; Lance tucks close to Keith’s side, cooes at the baby with a gentle smile. Keith passes the babe over to Coran, gentle and smiling.
“Her name’s Ariel,” and Lance sounds so proud. Keith teases him about running off with a mermaid. Coran stares down at the tiny little hands, the chubby face, round ears, dark slanted eyes.
He kisses her on the brow. And together, Coran and Lance tell the story of the time the Castle of Lions was “haunted”, and Lance gesticulates enough for the two of them, and Keith argues about the accuracy of the gladiator kicking his ass, and Coran holds the baby the whole time.
Coran becomes the coolest great-uncle, who visits every year at least, spoils the family rotten, is loved by them all. Tells wild tales to the kids and steals cookies at midnight with them, even if he only grabs saltines for himself.
When Keith calls Ariel his granddaughter, Coran is floored.
When Lance says, “Eh, she’s more like your great-grand-niece,” he doesn’t see the hug coming.
I just want Coran to be the super-dorky-awesome great-uncle Coran.

Following on from my last themed ficrec post (Fantastical Fan Fic), I’ve decided to go with something close to my heart - fics featuring non-binary and genderqueer characters. As before this includes some of my own works, but also some that have really touched me personally and I need to share them with you all. Some of these have helped me come to terms with my own situation (see my sideblog if you are interested in all that - @amaybeboy ). They have helped me through bad days, even helped me cry when I’ve needed to. The power in words is incredible and can bring both joy and solace. 

I’m including incomplete series as completed as they are all series with complete installments that can stand alone, rather than technically incomplete series. Also some WIPs at the end of the post you can jump right into and follow along. 

Non-Binary Fic Recs

Cevze by klingonvalhalla  @its-thigh-noon
(Hannigram: Trans) A post season three finale short.
Words: 3,603 Chapters: 2/2
A post season 3 ficlet with a Silence of the Lambs twist. Hannibal discovers Will is ftm in the course of his post fall recovery. With lovely dialogue that feels real and substantial, this slides into canon effortlessly. The exploration of this revelation in the aftermath of their fight with the Great Red Dragon is beautifully done and slowly ramps up into electrically charged intimacy.

The Gift by TigerPrawn  @desperatelyseekingcannibals
(Hannigram AU: Trans) Will gets an unexpected gift from his boyfriend Hannibal.
Words: 432 Chapters: 1/1
@hannibalssketchbook drew this amazing ftm Will art and I had so many feels over it I just had to write a story for it. Concerned about Will’s binding methods, Hannibal gives his boyfriend a gift. Short, emotional fluff that I just had to write for the wonderful art.

It’s Not A Secret by TigerPrawn @desperatelyseekingcannibals
(Basic Chickens: Trans) FtM Londoner Adam keeps running into an infuriatingly rude Elias at different points during his transition. Elias is very confused by Adam, the easy friendship they develop and how attractive he starts to find the curious self made man.
Words: 35,831 Chapters: 10/10
This fic is really personal to me. I started with the idea of how someone like Elias would deal with a trans character. It is informed largely by my own experiences and thoughts, which definitely feed into Adam in the first chapters. I hope that readers get something out of it and find it enjoyable.

Let It Out (Chapter 8 of Tumblr Prompts) by klingonvalhalla  
(Spacedogs: Trans) A small series of vignettes: FtM Nigel/Pegging/Adam buys women’s underwear
Standalone Chapter.
A wonderful, and touching exploration of the sexual and emotional relationship between ftm Nigel and his pretty awesome (and sexually adventurous) boyfriend Adam. Just such a lovely, touching collection of snippets of their life together.

Never Have I Ever by shiphitsthefan @shiphitsthefan
(BearDogs A/B/O: Trans) After finishing an entire day’s worth of the rehabilitation required for violent alphas, Nigel hits the bar in hopes of finding a nice omega to take home with him to his cousin Hannibal’s safe house. Lee, another alpha, convinces Nigel to sleep with him, instead. Nigel’s never fucked an alpha before, and Lee is certainly easy on the eyes. Turns out there’s more to this encounter than just a simple fuck, and Nigel’s about to find himself in the right kind of trouble for a change.
Words: 7,592 Chapters: 4/4
What starts as a first time alpha/alpha pick up for Nigel and Lee becomes something more deep and meaningful on many levels as Lee explores his gender. This fic is as hot as it comes but with an unexpected depth. Honestly when I read this fic I never wanted to write social exploration A/B/O again because this is it done to it’s best and it’s just incredible and incomparable.

Quicksilver  and Quicksilver Timestamps by Weconqueratdawn  @weconqueratdawn
(Hannigram AU: Genderfluid) Something which started as a one shot and has evolved into a series of short romance stories starring a cannibal and a clever, young and genderfluid Will. 
Ongoing Series of one shots
Young Will Graham is a genderfluid psychology student who becomes interested in renowned psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter. The feeling is mutual and the most sensual, beautiful and romantic relationship unfolds. This series, and the amazing accompanying art by @theseavoices, touches me so deeply (art can be found under this tag but also in the ao3 fics). Taking the idea at the core of Hannibal - that we can be seen and accepted for who we are, and loved for it - and placing it in this AU is breathtakingly done.

Standalone Trans Fics by mresundance @mresundance
(Hannigram: Various) Standalone Hannibal fics which feature a trans character. (Trans is used pretty loosely, just so you know. They could be a transsexual person to genderqueer to n/onbinary, agender, etc.)
Ongoing Series of one shots
All pretty much fitting with canon, this series of standalone fics is not nearly long enough. Some feature trans characters, others are perhaps more genderqueer. My top picks from it are Guns in the Summertime where ftm Will and his boyfriend Hannibal get all hot and bothered when they come across Will’s old uniform. And Girl, Boy where mtf Hannibal tests out the rumours of ftm Will’s amazing cunnilingus skills. Although all the fics pack a real punch in the smut department, there is also an emotional beauty that runs through them which make them so satisfying to read. They give me hope. (Shout out also to Share Each Other Like an Island which is FtM Will x Alana - I don’t read much m/f fic and I really don’t ship this pair, but this is a really wonderful story with such delicate intimacy it’s pretty powerful!)

The Way That We Are by will (pointedperception)
(Hannigram: Trans) Alternate set of events during Fromage. Will is trans, which is why Alana rejects him. Hannibal is there for him to offer support, acceptance, and understanding. Angsty smut with some fluff sprinkled on top.
Words: 2,576 Chapters: 1/1
An excellent alternate take on Fromage. Hannibal already knowing Will is ftm, he is on hand to offer advice, comfort and more. This little fic is so beautiful. I love that it takes the idea of them being able to really see each other and applied it to this situation.And my god! sweet caring Hannibal on top of some sensual and emotional sex is just too much for my poor heart!


For those of you happy to jump into WIPs I hope you find these are worth checking out!

Overcoming by purefoysgirl  @jadegreenworks
(Hannigram Victorian AU A/B/O: Intersex) A Victorian A/B/O romance in which Hannibal Lecter is the future Duke of Westvale who has been away at war for the past ten years. His Grandfather has made good on a contract made shortly after Hannibal’s birth to procure him a wife. It was supposed to be easy. Naturally, with the Omega, Will, given in the place of his twin sister, it is anything but, because if there is one thing Hannibal Lecter despises, it’s Omegas.
All 55 chapters already written and posting every Thursday.
In this version of omegaverse, omegas like Will Graham are essentially intersex and don’t really fit as either female or male. This hasn’t made life easy for Will though perhaps that will change when he is married off to Hannibal Lecter in his sister’s stead - he can still bear an heir after all. I have been looking forward to this for so long and am excited now that it is finally finished and being posted! Even having read snippets I was not expecting the immediate emotional connection I had with Will and his situation. Being neither male nor female and equally both is so beautifully explored in the first chapters on both an emotional and social level that I can’t even fathom how much better this fic is going to get! It is complete and posting weekly so do subscribe and read along!

Prettier in Pink by shiphitsthefan  @shiphitsthefan
(Valhalla Enchanted bdsm: Genderqueer) Charlie, Charmont’s best friend and fellow Dom, knows they don’t take abused subs anymore; in fact, Charmont doesn’t take any subs, at all. For the quiet, mysterious man Charlie met at the club, however, Charmont might make an exception.
Ongoing Series. 
This is a lovely exploration of genderqueer Dom Char and his meet cute/meet HOT! with potential sub One Eye. I’m already hooked and can’t wait to see how their relationship unfolds. 

Will!!! On Ice by TigerPrawn @desperatelyseekingcannibals
(Hannigram/Yuri on Ice AU: Genderfluid) After coming last in the Finals, 23 year old Will Graham is on the verge of retiring from Figure Skating altogether. Everything changes when his idol, Hannibal Lecter, decides to become his coach.
Current chapter count - 9/12
The only thing holding ice skater Will Graham back from being a serious competitor is his lack of confidence. It’s only after his idol Hannibal Lecter turns up and offers to coach him that he begins to understand where his confidence lies. As Will explores his feminine side on and off the ice and comes to terms with being genderfluid his life and career will change forever.

Hope you all enjoy these, do kudos and comment on them if you do! 

(apologies to anyone I didn’t tag on tumblr listed here - I don’t know your handle, so please feel free to let me know!)

In Finding Nemo, Nigel is a kind, friendly pelican voiced by … holy shit, Geoffrey Rush?! Captain Barbossa?! How? 

Anyway, Nigel is good friends with some fish who live in the dentist’s office where Nemo ends up trapped. When he runs into Nemo’s dad (Marlin), Nigel agrees to help him bust Nemo out of the dentist jail instead of, you know, ripping him from fin to fin and eating him alive, like any other pelican would.

However, unbeknownst to Nigel and Marlin, Nemo was already planning an escape of his own. When Nigel and Marlin arrive, they see Nemo floating upside down and looking to all the world like a dead-ass fish. Of course, Nemo’s only faking it so he’ll get flushed down the toilet and into sweet, stinky freedom … but Nigel doesn’t know that.

And while Marlin eventually reunites with Nemo, Nigel never learns the truth. Discounting a short cameo in the credits (which is probably not in continuity, since birds can’t breathe underwater), the last time we see Nigel he’s telling Marlin, “I’m so sorry.” It’s pretty clear that Nigel blames himself for the botched rescue attempt. He didn’t get there in time, and now a child is dead (remember – in this world, everything is a person). And it gets worse – as seen in the final scene of the movie, the rest of the fish at the dentist’s office also manage to escape. The next time Nigel returns to say hey to his friends, they’ll all be gone. As far as he knows, that satanic girl with the braces murdered every single one of them.

6 Disney Scenes That Are Way More Tragic Than You Realized


Lorien Legacies Text Posts[3/?]

Number Nine, Number Five, Bertrand, Nigel, Ran, The Entire Series 

anonymous asked:

so uh...you doing prompts? #6 the handcuffed in a cabin one or forced proximity? yeah, yeah, all that. I am not a trash possum...lol

So this is nothing at all like the prompt but I asked the trash possum that did not send me this if it was ok they said yes lol.


The infuriating scent of one particular omega was following Nigel around.

He smelled it every damn morning in the gas station where he bought his cigarettes, even sometimes late at night when no one in their right fucking mind should be coming out especially an unmated omega.

Also in the park where he watched the stars nearly every evening after getting off from the bar, forcing himself not to wander the entire park for the fourth time trying to find the source.

The worst of it was that he was almost certain the smell was coming from someone who lived in his building, but he’d never smelled this omega before and when he asked got cagey looks from most of the other tenants.

“Fuck, it’s not like I’m going to maul him. Just please tell me who…”

Mrs. Gronch poked him in the chest for the fourth time that week, stepping up into his space, “You leave him alone! He’s a good boy!”

So Nigel was resigned to smelling his elusive omega and jerking off to memories of the scent more often than he even went out to fuck a real omega. His hormones were in a fucking frenzy, he once found the scent particularly strong at the supermarket aisle near the macaroni and cheese, grabbing boxes and sniffing them like an animal till the manager told him to leave.

He ate macaroni for a fucking week straight till his senses were right again.

This went on for nearly fourteen weeks before the omega made his appearance, but before that he stopped being anywhere at all.

Nigel went through a withdrawal the likes of which he’d never known, scouring a fourteen block radius and going to the omega’s favorite places ripping apart bushes in the park after he found an old bottle that still smelled fairly of his omega and taking it home to sleep beside.

Oh he was fairly certain now that the omega was his.

The research he’d done about this proved that, natural scent and true mates. Nigel was the proud half of a true mated pair, which was cause for celebration according to Darko who ignored the gaunt look of his cheeks and the shaking.

He went a week without his omega’s scent until one morning he woke to a shirt hanging off the back of his doorknob.

Nigel whimpered and held the shirt to his face all damn day, tearing up at the scent and moaning as he clutched.

He didn’t realize there was something in the shirt pocket until it fell on the floor a little after midnight, a piece of a paper with a phone number.

Nigel grabbed his cell off the bedside table quickly, his hands shaking as he dialed and waited for an answer.

“It’s very late.”

He inhaled, closing his eyes before letting out a breath. “Darling, I don’t give a fuck what time it is.”

A pause.

“Mrs. Gronch says you’re upsetting to look at and she thinks you’re a bad alpha.”

Nigel sneers, “That fucking…”

“You swear a lot.”

He bites his tongue, the idea that some goddamn old woman would even be able to ruin this for him making him tense.

“My father doesn’t want me to meet you, but I told him that we’re true mates so he’s kind of impressed that you’ve held out for so long.”

Nigel relaxes, chuckling. “Is he? Your alpha.”

“My father isn’t an alpha, he’s a beta. I work from home, so I’ve never met many alphas who weren’t strangers, but I’ve seen you.”

Nigel can feel his body relaxing at the sound of his omega’s voice, the approval mixed in with a natural soothing tone making him sleepy. “Darling, I’m fading.”

The omega pauses. “Soothing?”


Another pause. “I’d like to see that. What does it feel like?”

Nigel can barely keep his eyes open as he mumbles, “Falling into a warm bath, listening to my favorite song in all the goddamn world.”

“My name is Adam,” the omega sighs, “Adam Raki.”

“Nigel,” he can barely get out before he falls.

When Nigel wakes up he feels better than he has in weeks, hurrying to the door and down the stairs to stare at the names beside the buzzers.

Raki is written in neat block letters for 312, and he rushes up two extra flights from his own place to knock on his omega’s door. The minute it’s opened and he sees Adam Raki for the first time, smells him close, and hears, “Nigel,” he does the strangest damn thing.

He faints, falls right over into a heap, and minutes later he’s woken by Adam scenting his neck. They’re in a bed, Adam’s bed, and he can feel his cock full and rock hard as Adam writhes against him.


Adam lifts his head, his pupils blown, mouth wet, and Nigel groans when he smells slick in the air.


Old man Raki comes home three hours later to his son pink cheeked and fully sated, Nigel grinding against his bare ass to spill and forcing himself not to give the mating bite to someone he’s only just met.

He’s barely able to stop himself from biting before he comes, howling as Adam pulls him into a kiss and the door closes with a slam just as Nigel shakes as he spills against Adam’s hole.

For almost a year Michael Raki won’t even let him back into their apartment, but who the fuck cares?

Adam prefers his place before long anyway.

Adam Raki and the Accidental Nurse

Today is my darling @hotsauce418‘s birthday and the trash possum extraordinaire requested some Spacedogs sickfic. So happy birthday hotty, I hope you enjoy <3<3<3

Also on AO3.

“Fucking cocksucking asshole cab drivers!”

If he looked at it objectively, Nigel would probably allow that there was a reason cab drivers tended not to stop for him. Six foot of glowering, tattooed Romanian was probably enough to make even your most toughened Californian cabbie lock all his doors, let alone the pussies who drove in this hoity-fucking-toity neck of the woods. Objectivity was not, however, one of Nigel’s strong points, so instead he elected to continue growling obscenities at the entire cab-driving profession as he moved down towards the back of the bus he’d been forced to mount in lieu of any other transport options.

“Motherfucking dick hole son of a fucking whore!”

“Could you please refrain from swearing until you have left the bus, please?”

Nigel swung to find the source of the soft but direct complaint, fully anticipating a welcome chance to knock some cheeky fucker’s face in. What he found, instead, was a face he wouldn’t wish to see damaged by his or any other fists for all the money in the world. Bright blue eyes, wide and innocent looking, were set in a pale, smooth-skinned face, and set off by waves of brown hair, just coming loose from the neat, careful shape they had been tamed into. Nigel took in the young man sitting opposite him, the old man clothes and stiff demeanour not remotely dimming his beauty, and immediately decided to switch from offensive to charm offensive.

He grabbed the rail above the kid’s seat and hung off it, leaning down with a smile to say, “My apologies, gorgeous, I didn’t realise I was being so uncouth. I’d hate to think I made you uncomfortable.”

The kid crossed his arms in front of himself, not meeting Nigel’s gaze, and said, “I don’t like loud noises or swearing, they make me uncomfortable. In addition, I have a very bad headache and am not feeling very well, so I would appreciate it if you could wait until you are further away before continuing your tirade. And my name is Adam,” he added. “Please don’t call me gorgeous, it is demonstrably untrue and therefore either you are mocking me, or attempting to use an endearment inappropriate for someone you have just met.”

Nigel blinked, and then gave Adam a slow look up and down. “Darling, I’m not sure what you see when you look in the mirror, but from here you are very evidently the most gorgeous thing in this whole damn state.”

At this, Adam flicked his eyes up to Nigel’s for a fraction of a second before he looked away again. He sighed and said, “I can’t tell if you mean what you say. Normally I would attempt to understand, but I’m really not feeling well enough to do so today. My stop is not far away, would you mind if we don’t talk anymore?”

“I don’t mind darling,” Nigel grinned. He was suddenly very glad to have taken the fucking bus this once, if it meant getting to sit next to this strange, pretty kid for a little while. “But in return, might I sit with you, seems like all the other seats are taken. Promise to keep my trap shut,” he added, holding his hands up as Adam narrowed his eyes. The kid peered at him – or at least, near to him – for another moment, then gave a curt nod of his head, and moved a little to the side to make space for Nigel.

True to his word, Nigel didn’t utter another syllable. He did, however, take advantage of Adam’s resolutely front-facing gaze to look his fill. At first, he simply admired the kid’s trim figure, his long legs and the way his surprisingly broad shoulders tapered into a slim waist. Eventually, though, he lifted his gaze above the kid’s neck and began to get concerned. There was sweat on Adam’s brow, and high colour in his cheeks. He hadn’t been lying when he said he was sick.

“Adam, I know I said I would be quiet, but you don’t look good, darling. Are you going to be ok?” The question drew no response, and Nigel began to get truly worried at the glassy look in Adam’s eyes. He was about to try again when the bus started to slow, and Adam stood jerkily, swaying a little as he gathered his things. Apparently this was his stop. Reluctantly, Nigel stood to let him past, already wondering if he should offer to see the kid home, if that would be unwelcome to this closed off young man. His mind was made up for him, though, when Adam fainted clean into his arms.

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“You dumbass.
“Hey! I didn’t screw up that much!”
“The FBI is hunting you down, you did screw up that much!”

“Hanni, please control your precious hubby before I lose my patience with him entirely.”

“Hannibal, tell your dearest brother to get the fuck out of our house before Jack kicks our door down!”

Hannibal looked up from his book to blink at them. In the lazy, impassive manner cats did when looking at prey they weren’t quite in the mood to hunt.

“My brother’s place is my place. We’re practically the same fucking person.”

A sigh from Hannibal. “Again, Nigel, that is not how twins work.”

“Who gives a shit.”

Will rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, which to Hannibal was basically a signal of how much he was digging his heels in.

“Yakisugi, Hannibal! From Yakushima! The real stuff! Tell him to leave! Or I’ll let my shotgun start doing the talking.”

Nigel’s shoulders tensed, his eyes narrowing.

“I’d like to see you try, cocksucker.”

“A damn good one, might I add.”

Another sigh. “Will. Don’t you have a half-brother in California?”

A pause. “No.”


“I said no, Hannibal! I’m not getting Adam involved in our mess!” Cue a dirty look thrown at Nigel. “Especially that mess.”

“Now listen here you dog-fucker-”



“Would you be amenable to living in the Northern Californian countryside?”

Another pause as Nigel lit a cigarette, inhaled a mouthful of smoke to calm his nerves, ignored the looks of irritation from both Will and his brother.

“I don’t give a fuck as long as it’s not completely shitty. Which means beer better be included. Good beer too, not the piss water you Americans like to call beer.”

Hannibal smiled thinly. “It’s settled then. We have the makings of a plan.” He closed his book and went to start dinner.

“Excuse me, did I not just explicitly tell you no?” Will followed him into the kitchen, though not without throwing Nigel another dirty look.

Nigel rolled his eyes and went outside to finish his fag. They were probably going to fuck in the kitchen and he wasn’t in the mood to see how his brother’s technique had improved over the years. 

It was fine. He wasn’t interested in intruding upon their honeymoon anyway. And god knows he and Hannibal would have come to blows within the first week. He sighed to himself, hoping Will’s brother wasn’t as difficult as he was.