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I just love when Fersali are doing Starz job by revealing new cast members lol So we had Charlie (don't remember his name) and now Nigel Betts and someone called Keith Fleming (scottish actor apparently). Hmmm i wonder what roles they'll play. It's exciting to guess. Thank you Lauren and Cesar. They should get pay more for the PR work.

Thank you so much Fersali 

Charlie Heitt (white T) plays Captain of the plagued ship Thomas Leonard. 

Keith Fleming and Nigel Betts as Dr Stern and Captain of Artemis?

“John Watson would be so insulted to be portrayed by an Asian woman!”

Well, maybe, but he was a reasonably open-minded character and Lucy Liu’s Watson is competent and intelligent. I’d be much more concerned about his reaction to Nigel Bruce’s gibbering and guileless depiction in the 1940’s classics.


Previously unseen photos of Paul and Linda at Mike McCartney’s wedding to Rowena Horne, at St Barnabas Church, Penny Lane, Liverpool in 1981.

These pictures are from Debbie Greenberg, whose family owned the Cavern Club in the late 60s. Debbie and her husband, Nigel Greenberg are pictured in the last photo with Paul and Linda. The photos are from Debbie’s new book, The Cavern Club: The Inside Story. 

“My husband Nigel bumped into Mike McCartney on the train and he asked if he knew anyone who could take a video at his wedding and Nigel offered.”
[Debbie Greenberg, Daily Mail, 23rd Nov 2016]

Pics: Debbie Greenberg / Tracks Ltd / BAV media. 

Nigel: *is given the most simple compliment*

Nigel, for at least 15 minutes afterwards:

To Date an Escort (Part One)

Summary: Adam decides it’s time for him to experience sex so he does the practical thing and hires an escort: Nigel.

The alarm on Adam’s phone went off, telling him he had twenty minutes before the escort would arrive. Adam showered and dressed in his favorite sweater and the pair of comfortable pants he had laid out on his bed. He dried and combed his hair, unsure of how presentable he should be. Quickly, he shaved, managing to not knick himself. 

He had spent two months preparing–first deliberating if this was what he wanted to do and when he decided that yes this was practical and could potentially be an enjoyable interaction with another human being and afterwards might instill within him some confidence in himself, he then moved onto the second step: finding the right escort service.

This step took the longest, two weeks of doing research after work and after dinner, but before his nightly movie. There had been no rush, he was already twenty eight and a few more days or weeks weren’t going to make him more inexperienced with sex.

Two months of careful planning and deliberation and quite a sizable depletion of his funds from his saving account, committing himself to his plan, and he was still nervous. 

Adam sat on the edge of his bed, phone tucked in his hands and watched the numbers tick by from two minutes to one to the time when he should have heard a knock on his door. 

He held his breath. Nothing. He went and looked through the peephole. No one was outside. His pulse rose and panic began to set it.

What if the escort didn’t come or if had chosen the wrong agency. If even after paying, he would be stood up. What if no one, not even a professional, wanted him?

Adam sat, staring at the door and the clock on his phone, deflating as the minutes passed.

It was four minutes past the hour. There were three rapid knocks. Adam straightened and rushed to answer the door.

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Happy Fucking Birthday, You Asshole

So @apoptoses is having a birthday today and requested a Spacedogs fic. This bit of lunacy takes place sometime between Funny Business and 504 Hours. I hope you enjoy Apoptoses and have a happy birthday!

Happy Fucking Birthday, You Asshole

         Nigel stomped up the steps to his apartment, mentally inflating as many red balloons as he could. The fucking barber had cut his hair too short and now he looked as old as he fucking was. And because he was in love with a goddamn angel, Nigel wasn’t allowed to punch people anymore.

         He stood at the door fussing with the cropped fringe. Adam would no doubt be inside, bubbly and warm and wanting to celebrate. Nigel just wanted to get blackout drunk and forget that 50 was a number. Still, He had to make an effort to be cheerful for his Cosmo.

         Nigel opened the apartment door and froze. There, in the middle of his living room, was a giant blue cake with white trim. The fucking thing must have been seven feet tall. How the hell did Cosmo even get it in the apartment?


         Adam popped out of the kitchen with a bright smile. “Happy birthday, do you like your present?”

         “You got me a giant fucking cake?” Adam hated shit like this. It didn’t even look like real food.

         “It’s not just a cake, it’s a stripper cake.” Adam corrected, moving to the side of the blue monstrosity. Nigel followed, mouth curling at the sides.

         "I think you’re supposed to be inside there, gorgeous.“ Nigel wrapped an arm around his darling, nuzzling into his sweet smelling hair.

         "Oh, I tried that,” said Adam, pursing his lips in displeasure. “I didn’t like it in there, it smelled awful. I couldn’t stay.”

         "That’s alright darling, fuck the cake, you can strip for me now.“ Nigel slipped his hands under Adam’s shirt. The day was finally looking up.

         "Wait! Stop that!” Adam slapped at his hands and Nigel heaved a mighty sigh. “There is a surprise.”

         Adam freed himself from Nigel’s still-wandering fingers and moved next to the cake. He positioned himself next to the cake and raised his arms like a game show presenter. Nigel held back a laugh, Cosmo had clearly been practicing his Vanna White moves.

         “Ta-da!” Adam exclaimed.


         Adam frowned at the cake like it betrayed him. He knocked on the side of it, and Nigel realized the confectionery nightmare was made of some type of wood.

         "I said Ta-da,“ Adam hissed at the cake.

         There was a shifting sound from the cake, and Nigel scrunched his brows together.

         Had Cosmo gotten him a stripper?

         “I don’t want to do this,” the cake said.

         Adam smacked the side of the cake again. “YOU PROMISED.”

         Nigel could swear he heard the cake sigh.

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Pirate Nigel and Mermaid Adam <3

Before Nigel was betrayed by Darko, had a swift mutiny by his men, and then tossed off his own goddamn ship with a bullet in his chest and shackles binding his legs and arms, Nigel would have looked at Adam with less than a passing fondness for his beauty and exoticness and saw only the price he would have fetched.

It would have been a high price, too. He and his entire crew would have been able to retire for good. Nigel would have bought himself an island, found a wife, and never want for food or a roof again. He would have lived whatever years he had left in luxury.

But that was another Nigel, one who died at sea. This Nigel, sitting on the sea cave’s floor with his clothes in tatters, had been rescued by a kind merman who had healed him with a touch of his webbed hand.

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‘Can I see your ID please?’     

Nigel feels annoyance, quickly spiking into anger, hot and thick in his veins, but he also knows that Adam hates it when he makes a scene. He doesn’t like a lot of attention being thrown his way. He doesn’t like it when he feels like he’s done something wrong that he can’t fix.  

Though his facial expression reads murder clear as day he starts to reach for his wallet to take out his ID. He doesn’t even know what fucking movie they’re seeing, but if all it takes to make Adam happy is for them to get the fuck on with it he’ll show the fucking guy his–  

‘Not you, sir.’  

Nigel looks at the pimply teenaged boy behind the glass, blatantly unimpressed and barely suppressing the urge to sock him in the jaw.    

‘This is an R-rated film. I need to see his ID.’

He looks at Adam, blatantly uncomfortable, eyes strategically avoiding Nigel’s arm, protectively wrapped around him.    

‘Baby,’ Nigel begins, just testing the waters, and the boy behind the counter swallows uncomfortably. He takes his time raking his hand up Adam’s side, his fingers dipping beneath the collar of his shirt. ‘This kid wants to see your ID.’   

‘But I’m 32.’ Adam says, deadpan in his usual manner, even as he preens like a cat under Nigel’s tender ministrations. The kid looks incredibly unconvinced. Nigel reaches into Adam’s back pocket, gives his ass a squeeze. Nigel takes in Adam’s pinked cheeks and gentle admonishment, and the clerk’s discomfort in with a similar feeling of pleasure. He rifles through Adam’s wallet and presents the ID with a little flourish.     

‘There, I’m not a fucking pedophile. You satisfied, kid?’        

The clerk stammers, red-faced and blatantly embarrassed, as he accepts their payment and prints their tickets.      

‘Enjoy the movie.’ He says, and it’s quiet and blatantly embarrassed.      

‘Fuck you too, kid.’ Says Nigel, and its almost fond. Adam shakes his head as the man leads him away.