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“Y’all know this prom’s gonna suck, right?”

“Shut up and smile for the picture, Juno.”

I figured since these goobs are coming back from hiatus that I could give u all the last post I made for them on prom day aka the last time any of them were happy innocent teenagers (its been sitting in my drafts for god knows how long)

whoever becomes the heir will have a few flashback posts or times where the blanks are filled in about what happened during the missing time between prom and wherever they are in life now, but if it helps i can confirm that yumi is in junos life but not rubys, a fully transitioned saya is still bennetts best bud, and charlee is still 100% done with tobias’ shit (bennett is too, but hes bennett, so its more like a solid 50%). they’ll all make appearances in their respective triplets storylines.

(also lmao at my original tags i was so hyped before their save broke) 


Genre ~ Fluff
Word Count ~ 1738
Baekhyun/ Reader

Today is both great and also sad for you. Today’s the day you’re shooting the last scene for the last episode of this drama you’ve been apart of as one of the lead roles. You’re co-star, Byun Baekhyun. Being able to work with someone like him has been amazing from start to now, but it hasn’t gone exactly as you planned it to.

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It’s hard not to love him


Introducing Kimura Conductor… Srsly, this man can do anything, and even when he had only a week to practise for smth which he had never tried before in his life  (to conduct for a real orchestra in front of a real audience of 2000), he did it so wonderfully well and with so much passion. Additionally, I laughed so hard (esp. at Nakai & Tsuyopon) yet worried so much for all of them during this episode lol~ The SxS production team always came up with such crazy ideas to challenge them!!