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This ItaJUMP episode is about Yamachan had a mission to face his weakness (frog, natto & haunted house) in order to get a child session (like what he wished before) for the next ItaJUMP special 1 hour broadcast LOL he really worked hard to eat that natto

And in this episode i found so much Yamachii moments~
1. Chii tease Yama and then here goes the ‘Baby Yama’ 😊😊
2. That PPAP trademark move which Chii always sing like everytime? 😁
3. Again Chii tease Yamada 😃😃
4. Chii lends his shoulder to her beloved baby
5. 5cm distance? eh? what’s is this? 😌😌 ♥♥
6. lol the frog legs spread! ctrl+v
7. Always stick to Chinen~ Well,, Chinen is such a guardian angel for Yamada 😂😇
8. Bonus ending lol i love that one~ Yama screamed too hard till like his throat was going to cracked up 😂😂

ps. sorry for my engrish ( ;3;) YAMACHII ♥♥♥ They are so cuteee~~

So Many Stars (Ch. 13)

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Chaptered, English teachers in Japan AU
Word Count: 7,045 words
Warnings: Alcohol, drunkenness, graphic descriptions of natto
Description: Things get Halloween-y!

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A/N: this chapter and i had several disagreements, and i’m not sure who has won yet. stay tuned to find out! ch. 14 on wednesday (feb. 25)!


The next Thursday was their first time working at primary school on the same day. They were deep into Halloween lesson time at both primary schools, so Dan supposed it was almost inevitable that they would end up scheduled together at least one day this month. Last week, he’d been almost giddy with excitement about it, losing himself in ridiculous daydreams about him and Phil playing tag together with all the kids during the midday break. Now the only thing he was looking forward to was the fact that, with a full day of classes each, they would hardly see each other.

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Once You Play
(Don’t own anything but the idea. This came to me and I just had to write it. Maybe someday I’ll go into better detail, but this is it for now.) It is amazing, how one thing can change a life and, in turn, all the lives around it. Even all the holders of the Sky Mare Ring, with their abilities to see and expect, can’t fully comprehend every single possibility of every single world. As the saying goes, the possibilities are endless. So when one Sawada Nana takes in her home, which seems much lonelier then it should, and her seven year-old son, who loses the shining happiness in his eyes day by day, she comes to a decision. It’s time for the holidays; and it’s summer anyway, so why not go to the beach? The way her Tsu-kun lights up at the words just cement her choices.

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Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Saito Soma talks about how Ishikawa Kaito wanted to eat his natto (fermented soybeans) from his treat at the Zankyou no Terror themed Noitamina’s cafe.

Saito Soma: He really likes it a lot. So I gave him mines.

Announcer: The natto?

Saito Soma: Nn.

Ishikawa Kaito: I told him. “Give me the natto! Give me!”. And i got it, yes.

Announcer: “Give me the natto!”

Ishikawa Kaito: Thank you.

Saito Soma: It’s alright.

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Kise leaving his Social media open (let's say Twitter) and she just starts posting all these embarrassing stories and Kise doesn't realise for the whole day :,)

AHA okay!!! I tweaked it a little, I hope you don’t mind!

Kise Drabble

In which Kise is exposed to his fans, but not by paparazzi. 

On an off day, where Kise had told you that everything that could go wrong, was going wrong, Kise had managed to lose his phone. 

He had found it some two days after, of course, buried beneath the cushions of the couch. He was relieved, and relinquished your phone back to you. But in those two days between not having a phone, his manager was getting on Kise’s case about “communicating with his fans, to create a larger following”. 

That in itself wasn’t usually a very big problem for Kise, as he was constantly taking pictures and sending out a new tweet whenever the situation allowed him to (and sometimes even when the situation didn’t allow him to). Of course, losing his phone would mean that a lull in his tweeting habits would be significant and would definitely be noticed, which would mean that his manager would get on his case again. 

So, he pleaded with you to let him use Twitter on your phone. The two of you were almost always together, anyway, so you wouldn’t be too far from your phone either. He swore that it was just until he found his phone, or got a new one. 

Being the amazing partner you were, you allowed him to. 

Of course, now you had your phone back, and were going through all the pictures he had taken while he was using your phone. Mostly selfies of himself and of your back or hands (Kise was adamant about keeping your face dissociated with his, because he didn’t want you to suffer from crazy fans). It was sweet, and it made you feel all warm inside knowing that your boyfriend adored you so much. 

Seeing the pictures reminded you to log back into your own Twitter account. So you pressed on the Twitter icon, and were surprised to see a timeline that was not yours. Kise hadn’t logged out of his account. 

A mischievous smile overtook your face. 

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For the alphabet thing: D and F for sick Victor/victuuri? xx

Walking off the ice in his skates, Victor trips over his own feet. Yuuri, who has walked off ahead of him, lunges forward to catch him. Victor’s arms end up knotted around Yuuri’s neck. Yuuri tries to get him upright, but Victor isn’t cooperating. He just stares up at Yuuri, leaning closer and closer to the ground until he’s practically on his knees. Yuuri guides him so that he doesn’t fall or end up sitting on the ice. 

“Victor, what is going on?” Yuuri asks, crouching over him, leaning forward on his skates. “Are you okay?” 

“Mmm…y-yeah. I’m good,” slurs Victor, looking up at Yuuri with half-lidded, fever-bright eyes. “Just dizzy…hey, is it just me or is it really hot out today? This place isn’t temperature controlled…what if it..melts…”

Yuuri claps a hand to VIctor’s forehead, wincing at the sweat that’s collected there. “Vitya, you’re burning up,” he says. “Put your arm around my shoulder, okay? I’m going to help you into bed.”

“Ohhh, y-you’re…you’re a naughty boy, lapochka,” says Victor, throwing his head back and laughing, his eyes completely closed. 

Rajigaze 23.9

Re: we did Kishidan Banpaku lately right?
U: yeah
Re: how was it?
Re: my whole body is hurting, even now!

Reita is stumbling over the UruhaUruhaUruha thingy.

The girl who asked the question makes a bento every morning for her parents.
Uruha likes the not that sweet Tamago-yaki better
Re: isn’t that great? I want something like that too!
U: yeah me too…
the parents both likes different tastes so she’s doing two different kind of Tamago-yaki
Re: aren’t the parents too selfish? She’s doing her best making it for them, so it doesn’t matter which one right?
reita puts ketchup on his Tamago-yaki

Fan: Next month is Kai-sans birthday isn’t it? Re: ah… there is such a day right…
question: which kind of cakes is disliked and which is liked by the members?
U: we talked about birthdays right? and that we should quit presents
Re: ah yeah we did… bc it’s a pressure to pick them right?
U: yeah if you’re in a band fr so long…there are bands who still exchange presents after many years right?
Re: there probably are some
U:I think that is really awesome…it must be difficult,4times a year for 4members,to think what they’d like- if you can do it- awesome!
Re: if it’s just for 2 people (in a band) I kind of understand- but for (bands with) 5 people…
U: that’s too much
Re: also for you… you’re always buying the things you want immediately!
Uruha likes short cake, cheese cake and doesn’t like Mont Blanc (which Reita liked) Uruha doesn’t like lilac cream or smth like that
Reita: likes cheesecake and Mont Blanc and doesn’t like Short Cake - too much cream you have to eat at once
U: but don’t you like the pan that is filled with cream?
Re: well that’s ok. but you’ll drink coffee together with cake right? I drink it black so the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the cakes it makes me sick
U: why are you drinking your coffee black then?
Re: because it’s cool! lol

they both accusing the other to have strange eating habbits lol
Uruha puts Natto in his Miso soup……
Re (about Uruhas miso soup with natto): you’re really strange…!

the talk is about weather there were times where they ate a big amount of smth
U:there is this legend… that’s saying that Ruki just entered a shop and the order was already placed right?
Re: yeah it was like the workers said: welcome 3 people? and Ruki was: yes! also 3 big servings of xxxpasta and xca! lol

U: wasn’t there a time someone ordered like 2 big servings and one normal one after that?
Re: probably there was a time like that
Re: at that time we could eat as much as we wanted without gaining weight right? now we instantly gain weight…..
Seems like Uruha Reita and Ruki went for Gyuudon once, but at that time Uruha and Reita still had no parttime so they had no money at all- Ruki saved their asses bc he paid

a fan asked if they tried Vietnamese food and what they like but they just don’t know what food is vietnamese

the talk is about that smth young girls hide their music preferences bc they’re scared to be told that it’s disgusting or smth
Re: but you don’t say things like that right???? tastes are different, if you say you like Natto and I say you’re disgusting….
U: But you did say that????
Re: huh?
U: earlier you did say that I was strange for liking food like that… lol

Fan: likes Uncertain Sense and hopes it will be played live
Re:we’re really don’t do it lately…
U: it’s pretty difficult isn’t it???
Re: it is
U: that’s why we stopped playing it right? lol