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Image: Alexander Pushkin, circa 1830. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Alexander Pushkin was a Russian poet, novelist and playwright. He died on this day (Feb. 10) in 1837 due to injuries sustained during a duel. “A DUEL?!” you ask? “A DUEL,” I answer. YOU GUYS this is the best story so let’s do this:

Pushkin wrote during Czar Nicholas I’s reign, in the 1800s. Early in his career, his poems were considered anarchic by the Russian government. So now our guy is being watched pretty carefully by the government and has to abide by strict censorship rules. He also spent a long vacation (that’s my euphemism for exile) away from St. Petersburg.

Now the plot thickens. Alexander meets the hottest thing in Russia since sliced bread, which, for the record, was not a thing until about 100 years later in 1928. Natalya Goncharova was a beauty by all accounts and caught everyone’s attention as soon as she walked in the room. Pushkin proposed to the young Goncharova and she said yes (after checking with the czar that the poet was not, in fact, going to be exiled again).

So, like I said, Goncharova was very popular in the Russian court. A French refugee named Georges D'Anthès was especially interested in Goncharova and flirted with her, a married woman, constantly in public. The court was afire with rumors and an anonymous letter was published accusing Pushkin of not being able to hold onto his woman. Naturally, the poet was upset – his honor and manhood (heaven forbid) had been challenged. So he challenged D’Anthes to a duel to restore his image (well, technically he challenged D’Anthes’ adopted father, but Pushkin knew the dad was too old to duel, talk about shady). The poet managed to wound his opponent, but D’Anthes did one better: He shot Pushkin in the stomach.  

The poet died two days later. As for D’Anthes? He died an old man, claiming to his closest friends that he regretted never getting to be with his one true love, Natalya Goncharova.  

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Can I ask for a scenario drunken!Lithuania x reader? I really want to see how you will portray him in this state

the truth is…

Drunk!Lithuania x Reader

Y/N had been friends with Toris for years now, best friends, really. Y/N loved the Lithuanian, but due to his admiration of Natalya, Y/N had never said a word about their feelings. Y/N didn’t want to threaten their friendship, nor did Y/N want to pressure him even more. And just the day before, Toris had gotten the brush-off by Natalya – again – leaving Toris devastated. Y/N knew that arguing with him was pointless, there was no argument to convince him to let go of his dream that he and Natalya could get together. So Y/N called Feliks to take him out for a while so he’d forget his sadness for a while.

Seems like Y/N didn’t really think it through, though. After Toris had asked Y/N to come along, Y/N agreed. In their eyes, it would have been unfair to just force him to go and not to come along.
So now they were there, in a restaurant that also had a bar. Because Y/N had driven here by car, Y/N only drank water. “Come on, Toris, I’ll pay the next round, you look crestfallen” Feliks commented.
Toris muttered: “Alright…”
Y/N looked at the bottle: Some Polish vodka. Y/N watched Toris down the liqueur and started to cough.
“Easy there” Feliks said and laughed, “Don’t die, that would be dumb.”
“It doesn’t matter anyways” Toris replied and grabbed the bottle.
Y/N sighted: “Natalya only has eyes for Ivan, Toris. Don’t chase a dream.”
“Apparently, I only chase dreams” he replied and filled his glass. ‘As if it’s water’ Y/N thought to themselves. Feliks looked at Y/N and Y/N shrugged.

(Time skip to a bit later, Y/N returns to the bar after Y/N had quickly washed their hands in the restroom)

Y/N frowned when they saw Toris’ head on Feliks’ shoulder – and Feliks looked a bit concerned. He waved at Y/N who hurried over.
“Y/N-” Feliks was interrupted by Toris: “N-noo, I can't… Y-Y/N?” Internally, Y/N facepalmed when Y/N realised that he was slurring.
“Yes, Toris?” Y/N asked.
He sat up and sloppily grabbed his glass. Y/N looked at Feliks: “How much did he have to drink??”
“Honestly not that much! I had more and I am fine!” he answered and lifted his hands: “I didn’t think he could handle so little…”
“I’m fine, I promise… It’s just… why don’t they love me?” he said, and honestly, Y/N was surprised how he could supress his slurring.
“Natalya? Toris, stop torturing yourself…” Y/N replied and sighted, “She loves Ivan.”
“Ah, yeah, about that, Y/N-” Feliks was yet again interrupted by Toris: “That’s not w-what I mean!”
Y/N frowned and looked at Feliks: “Care to explain?”
“Hey, I don’t know! He’s totally drunk, but I’m not sure if he was talking about Natalya” Feliks replied defensively.
Y/N waved it off: “Anyways, I think I should take him home. That won’t end well if he keeps drinking.”
“N-no, I’m fine!” Toris insisted.
“Yeah, yeah, you’re fine” Y/N replied and took his arm to put it around his shoulders: “Then you’ll help me by walking, right?”
When Toris stood up, even though Y/N held onto him, he tripped over his own feet. “Fine” Y/N huffed.
Y/N looked to Feliks and told him that they’d text him once Toris was at his place. It was a challenge to get Toris to their car and onto the passenger seat.
When Y/N sat on the driver’s seat, Y/N noticed that Toris was crying. “Toris, what’s wrong? Is it Natalya?” Y/N asked while Y/N started to drive. He shook his head and wiped his tears away. Y/N sighted: “God, Toris… look at you”
Y/N turned into the highway, starting to speed up a little.
“Ngh… Y-Y/N”
Y/N turned their head around to look at Toris who was pale as paper. Before even asking what was going on, Y/N speeded up even more because Toris’ house was pretty close and there was no way to pull over right now: “I’ll get you out in a second.”
Y/N parked the car within the blink of an eye, jumped out of the car and pulled Toris out of the car. He groaned and reeled over to the bush next to the stairs that led up to the door, doubled over and threw up. Y/N walked over and patted his back without saying anything and waited until he was finished.
Y/N took Toris’ keys and opened the door before helping him into the house. It wasn’t getting easier, as he was almost asleep now. “God, you’re heavier than you look” Y/N muttered.
“I- I’m sorry” he drawled.
“Sorry for doing this to yourself, I hope”, Y/N replied and made their way to the bathroom. On the way, Toris stopped walking. Y/N looked at him. His eyes fluttered and he had lost all colour yet again and let out a groan. “Dammit…” Y/N whispered and pulled him into the bathroom and placed him in front of the toilet. He gagged a few times before he started to throw up again. Y/N could see tears streaming down his cheeks.
“Don’t cry” Y/N whispered and stroked gently over his head. He rinsed his mouth and shook his head: “I… I love you, Y/N.”
Y/N shook their head: “You should sleep now, Toris. You’re totally out of it.”
He made a noise that was similar to a sob and a grunt, but he didn’t say anything. Y/N took him to his room and placed him on his bed.
“W-wait, Y/N, before you go-” He opened a shelf next to his bed and got a paper: “H-Here.”
Then, he rolled over in his bed and instantly blacked out. Y/N stared on the paper in their hands.
I know Y/N won’t believe me. But the truth is, I have always loved her. More than anything.
“Toris… you’re an idiot” Y/N whispered and looked softly at the man on the bed. But… maybe it really wasn’t just the alcohol talking…

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Natalya had walked you around to meet the rest of the locker room. You were still fairly new and had just come up from NXT but have yet to meet some of the guys and girls on the main roster.

You both had just finished talking to Sasha Banks when Natalya had spotted Cesaro, the best friend of her husband Tyson Kidd. 

“Hey, let me introduce you to Cesaro, I think you’d love him.” Natalya suggested.

You looked over to see Cesaro talking to Seth Rollins and lightly nodded in agreement. You had already met Seth a while back as he was always known to keep up with NXT.

“Cesaro. I want you to meet someone.” Natalya said as you both got closer to him.

“…so anyway, that’s how I managed to get him to go back and talk to her.” Cesaro finished saying to Seth before turning to you and Natalya. “Oh, hello.” He smiled at Natalya before his glance fell on you, unbeknownst to you and Natalya as he was wearing his sunglasses.

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A Punch to the Heart (Roman Reigns x Reader)


Word Count: 2,001 (oops?)

Warnings: Language (but like shit and crap so basically not a warning)

I opened the front door, full of excitement and full of energy. I decided to join the WWE Company because I spent 6 years in gymnastics and 3 years in the wrestling company back home. But I wanted to get out of that town and luckily WWE accepted me.

Stephanie McMahon greeted me warmly together with her husband Hunter. “Welcome to the WWE Melanie.” She smiled as she shook my hand. “Thank you.” She gave me a tour around the building and showed me where my locker room was and most importantly the catering area. “This is the men’s locker room. You won’t be coming in here.” She opened the door and didn’t realize that there were the Superstars present. My eyes landed in a tall, dark man; his long wet hair was put up in a bun, he was wearing a pair of grey sweat pants; revealing his V line that God knows where it ended and he had no shirt on, his rippling abs glistening from what it seemed like water. Enjoying myself so far. He sent a sweet smile. I felt my cheeks burning and I smiled back. I felt someone slightly shoving my shoulder as he got past me. “Sorry sweetheart.” He looked at me again. “Hello. I’m Dean Ambrose.” He winked at me and looked over his shoulder as the men in the locker room scoffed. “Back off Ambrose.” Stephanie said sourly. “Don’t mind him. So let’s move Melanie.”

“Oh Melanie. Nice name, I had a cat name Melanie. She died a few years ago. Now I got a plant…called him Mitch.. But hey…the job for a kitty is still open.” Dean bit his lower lip and winked back at me. I laughed at Dean’s compliment. “Thank you?” A two toned man walked towards us. “I’m Seth Rollins, I am the Architect of The Shield.” Dean scoffed at his friend’s introduction. I looked at the tall man behind him who was laughing too. “Nice move Dean. But you need to up your game.” As the two of them were busy trying to out do each other, a tall, pale man approached us. His red hair was gelled up and his red beard. “I’m Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior.” Stephanie’s phone began ringing. “I need to get this Mel. I’ll come back in a minute.” She left. Behind Sheamus was another two men staring at me. “I’m King Barrett but you can call me Wade Barrett.” The other man pushed Wade back and introduced himself. “I’m Alberto del Rio. Eres hermosa como una rosa en la naturaleza.” I cocked my eyebrow as I did not understand a thing he said. “Rusev is not here yet.”

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“Can’t you see you’re confusing the girl?” The tall man split through the men. He looked at me as I pursed my lips. “I’m Roman Reigns.” Holy shit. “Welcome to the men’s locker room.”

“Thanks.” Steph returned from her phone call. “Well, in like 10 minutes be at the arena because I need to talk to you all.”

“Bye Mel.” The men said in unison.

We walked to the women’s locker room. “Girls this is our new Diva, Melanie.” A tall pale woman approached me together with a blonde woman. “I’m Paige.” She introduced herself. “This is Natalya.” She pointed at the blonde woman. “Nice to meet you Melanie.”

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“Nice to meet you too.” I smiled and we began talking. “I’ll leave you girls alone.” As she walked out of the door, she popped her head from the door frame. “Girls meet me at the arena.” She left. “I’m Becky Lynch.” The red head shook my hand and grinned. I got out my phone and looked at it. “I have to go and settle in my locker room. It was nice meeting you girls.” Natalya’s eyes widened. “What room are you?”

She asked all curious. “Umm…B13.”

“That’s next to mine! I have a new neighbor!” She began jumping up and down. “Calm down Natty.” Becky giggled.

Natalya and I walked down to my locker room. As we were about to enter my locker room, a tall blonde man wrapped his arms around Natalya. “Oh Mel, this is my husband Tyson Kidd.” He shook my hand with one arm still wrapped around Natalya’s waist. “Hey Mel!” I heard someone calling my name from behind me. I turned around and saw Dean waving at me. “Hey Dean.” Seth was with him. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“Well you see me next to my locker room.” I turned around and I was taken aback when I saw Roman smiling. He was wearing a shirt this time. But he was still sexy as Hell. I pursed my lips as I looked down to hide my burning red cheeks. I swallowed (which I think everybody heard) and looked at Natalya who was too busy with her husband mouth. “Hey umm…Nat. sorry to interrupt but umm…we need to go.”

“Right Melanie.” Someone gripped tightly on my hand and pulled me away from Roman. It was Paige. “Now you boys better behave yourselves and you’d better not mess with my girl.” My cheeks turned even brighter.

As we arrived in the huge arena, we saw that everything was settled for the show that was going to take place that night. I sat down between Paige and Becky. Paige looked across the room. A tall blonde woman was holding the WWE Diva’s Championship belt around her waist while on her left she had an old man with white hair that was thrown back. He had a wide smile that reached both ears. “That’s Charlotte.” said Becky. She climbed up the stairs proudly as the Divas and the Superstars cocked their eyebrows and shook their heads. As she walked past our row, she stopped in her tracks and looked back. Shit. “You must be Melanie aka Bane.” She chuckled.

The arena went quiet and all eyes landed on me. “Listen up Melanie.” She spitted. “You won’t last long in this business and you will never win this.” She raised the belt in the air. I got up and faced her. “At least I didn’t bring my grandpa to support me.” The people in the arena giggled from under their breaths. “This is my father! Ric Flair!” I gave her a confused look. “Doesn’t ring a bell.” The man’s face turned red. Stephanie and Hunter got in the ring. “Okay everyone settle down.” I sat back down; I saw Dean nodding at me. “So tonight we have a special match; it’s a mixed tag team match. We groups of Superstars are going to choose a Diva to fight with them. The team are The Shield and The Wyatt Family since there had always been a feud between you two. And also That’s all. Run along.”

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“That was the whole news?” Paige whispered. She sighed and got up. “So Mel, what are you going to dress for the match?” She asked. “You’ll see.”

Paige, Natalya and Becky followed me to my locker room. I opened my bag and got out a badass gear. “Oh my God! I love it!” She moved in front of a huge mirror and began posing with the outfit in front of her.


I got dressed up and went to meet Nat who was next door but someone called my name. “You must be Melanie.” Two twin sisters said. “Hi I’m, Brie. This is my sister Nikki.” They greeted. “You’re waiting for Natalya? I saw her in the catering area.”

“Thank you.” I smiled and left. As I entered the catering area someone pulled me away from the door. “Goddamn!” I saw The Shield smiling. “Hey Mel.” said Seth grinning. “What was that for?”

“Oh yeah. Sorry about that but we want you to be the Diva to join our team.” My eyes widened. I immediately looked down and but my lower lip. This was Karma doing its job right. I didn’t give it much time to think about it. “Yeah…sure. But next time don’t pull me like you’re going to hustle me.” They chuckled and I went back in the catering area. Nat began waving from the other side of the room. “I saved a chair for you.”

“Thank you Nat.” As I was about to sit, a crew member said “The Shield, Wyatt’s and the two Divas chosen please come with us.” I sighed and got up. “Good luck Mel.” Nat hugged me and I left with the crew member. “Okay so Melanie you go out with The Shield. Charlotte you go out with the Wyatt’s.” Charlotte? I had to fight that bitch? Her father, Ric Flair threw a death stare at me. “Got something in your eyes Flair?” Sheamus came up from behind me, which made me jump. “Did I scare you?” He asked.

“Yes.” He smiled. “I’m here to tell you good luck against Charlotte. You can beat her.”

“Thanks Sheamus.” The Shield arrived made their pep talk and we walked down the ring. The crowd’s screams almost made me deaf. I saw posters all over the arena like Sheamus in a mayonnaise jar, ‘Yes’ signs, even a ‘Kiss me Roman’ poster. I pursed my lips to hold in the laughter as I saw the poster. We got in the ring and the lights went out. The crowd had their phones in their hand. The lights went back on. Two men were wearing a black and white sheep mask respectively. The other two members had their face uncovered. They circled the ring but where was Charlotte? She walked down the ring with her father by her side and the Championship Belt on her shoulder. The referee came and we took our places. Dean went out first against Luke Harper.

Charlotte’s stare was about to grip on my throat and shove me down the ring. Luke was thrown out of the ring and he hit the barricade, Erick went after Dean who were both thrown out of the ring. Bray looked scared so he got out the big guns…Braun Strowman. As Roman went for a punch, Braun grabbed Roman’s neck and choke slammed him. Seth got on the top rope and jumped on Braun. I looked down at Roman who reached for the bottom rope. He looked up at me “Are you ready?” As I reached my hand out, someone pulled me off the apron. The referee managed to put everything in order. I got in the ring and Charlotte threw her leg at my face but I caught it and twisted it. She let out a scream. I let go of her leg and slapped her. With a Suplex I put her in submission. She began tapping on the mat.  Her father pulled her out and placed the Heavyweight Championship over her shoulder again. The Shield’s theme song came on. “Good job.” Roman suddenly hugged me tightly making me weak to the knees. He gently released and giggled.

We went backstage. I heard scream. Paige and Natalya came screaming at me and hugged me. “You did it! Holy crap!” They released me from under their grip. “Well Melanie we shall leave you and your girlfriends here to fangirl. Good job Melanie!” Dean hugged me and they left. I watched them leave. A shirtless man walked past them. “Shield.” He said.

“Randy.” They kept walking away until they got out of sight. He walked towards me. “Hi, I’m Randy Orton.” He was covered in baby oil and he was hot. His blue eyes made me blush. I looked down at my shoes and smiled. “I’m Melanie.”

“I know who you are. I saw you fighting. You’re really good.” His tattooed arms crossed each other and he smirked. Nat and Paige cleared their throats. Randy was snapped back to reality. “I have to go Mel. Here’s my number.”

He wrote it on a piece of napkin and gave it to me. “Call me.” He winked and left. As he got out of my sight, Roman who was in the background, saw everything. Shit. “Mel, I think we should go.” Nat put her hand over my shoulder and we left. I felt bad for Roman. All night my mind was constantly running through the expression on his face. The corners of his lips fell and his eyes frowned. I closed my eyes but his Roman’s face kept flashing in front of me. His beautiful face, his cute smile and his muscles and cologne…don’t get me started. After what seemed like an hour, I managed to sleep.

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uh hi I’m natalya I’m gonna be 16 in august
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Music is my passion my life my love.
I’m bisexual
Looking for friends i guess?
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I….I did it. I made a Spring Awakening Hetalia AU. Ameripan and Lietbel. Let me lay out the story for those of you who don’t know. This is long and yes it may be PG-13 AND YES VERY FUCKING SAD AND DARK:

It is Sakura Honda’s fourteenth birthday, and her mother has given her a new dress that is much longer than her old one. Sakura convinces her mother to let her wear her old dress a bit longer, and her mother seems glad that Sakura does not want to grow up too fast. Sakura both reassures and worries her mother when she teases her, saying that if she had to wear such a long dress she would wear no underclothes underneath.

In the next scene, Alfred and Toris are playing with several of their friends. The group breaks up once Alfred decides to take a walk and invites only Toris to go with him. On their walk Toris complains about school, and talks about his fear that he will fail. The boys speak philosophically about topics ranging from superstition to how children should be raised, until the boys begin discussing how children inevitably start to desire each other. This leads to a frank discussion of the recent changes they have experienced. Both boys have begun feeling “the stirrings of manhood” (i.e. erections), which have usually been brought on by strange dreams. During their discussion Alfred realizes that Toris does not know the mechanics of reproduction. He offers to explain, but Toris suggests that he write it down instead so that he can read it later - in private.

Elizaveta, Sakura, and Lilli are walking together, probably coming home from school, when Sakura suggests they go look at the flooded river. For a few moments they discuss the rumor that Alfred almost drowned in it the night before. Lilli complains about how her parents insist that she wear her hair in braids. This grows into a larger discussion about the fact that Lilli’s parents beat her and punish her in other dreadful ways. Elizaveta and Lilli talk about how they will treat their children differently, but Sakura seems surprised that they assume that they will have children at all. The girls agree that they only want to have boy children, but Sakura insists that while she wants to have boys, she would rather be a girl, because she would rather be loved by a man. This mild argument is interrupted when Alfred and Toris walk by.

A while later, Alfred is playing with some of his friends when he expresses the desire to know where Toris is. He learns that Toris was spotted sneaking into the faculty lounge, and everyone is sure that he will be caught and punished severely. However, Toris soon appears, and they learn that not only was he not caught, but that he has discovered that he has been promoted to the next grade. Eventually either he or Ludwig Beilschmidt will have to give up their place, but Toris has earned a temporary reprieve. The other boys act as if his relief is foolish, but Alfred clearly supports Toris, and the two friends leave together.

Alfred is wandering in the woods one day when he meets Sakura. Sakura has been gathering Woodruff so that her mother can make wine. Sakura is relieved that it is not very late, and she agrees to lie under a tree with Alfred for a bit, after which he will escort her home. He asks her about her visits with the poor, wanting to know why she goes and whether she enjoys it. She tells him that she goes because her mother sends her, but that she also gets a lot of pleasure from it. Alfred is frustrated by the idea that one can get pleasure from something that is supposed to be a sacrifice, but Sakura tries to convince him that fighting with religious authorities will only bring him pain. Sakura tells Alfred that she has been imagining what it would be like to be poor and hungry and to be beaten by her father when she doesn’t bring home enough money from begging. She asks Alfred whether he would like to beat her, and when he refuses, she taunts him until he pummels her with his fists, then flees.

At the beginning of the second act, Toris is attempting to study with Alfred. He is tired and overworked, and though he has failed one less time than Ludwig, he is terribly afraid that he is going to be thrown out. He rambles a bit about the story of a headless queen that he cannot get out of his head, but is interrupted by Alfred’s mother, who is bringing in the tea. She tells Toris that his health is more important than doing well in school, and Alfred tells his mother about the school’s callous response to the recent death of a student. Alfred’s mother notices that Alfred is reading Faust (inapropro), and counsels him to consider whether or not he is old enough to read such things. She leaves, and Toris suggests that Alfred’s mother Alice Kirkland was worried about the sexual part of the book. Alfred argues that not everything is about sex, but Toris says that since he read what Alfred wrote for him, he feels like everything is about sex. He talks about how he feels that girls get more pleasure out of sex, because they merely have to surrender to it, but Alfred doesn’t want to talk about the matter.

Sakura’s mother (who is Fem!China) comes home one morning to tell her that the stork has brought her sister a little boy. After hedging around the question for a few minutes, Sakura asks her mother to explain where babies really come from. Her mother tries to avoid telling her anything, but finally says that a husband and wife must love each other like they’ve never loved anyone in order to have a baby.

Now in the home of Feliciano Vargas, we see Feliciano slip into his bathroom carrying a picture of a nude woman: a reproduction of Vecchio’s Venus. He bids goodbye to the figure, talking about how difficult it is to let her go, but how he must. He tells her of the other paintings that have gone this way, and wonders whom he will get to replace her. After a final kiss and a caress, he drops her in, and shuts the lid.

One day, Sakura searches out Alfred in a hayloft. She tries to get him to rejoin the others, but he refuses. Suddenly, Alfred starts making provocative statements to Sakura, but she tells him not to kiss her, for they don’t love each other. Sakura continues to protest, but Alfred grabs and has sex with her.

The next scene consists of a letter from Alice Kirkland to Toris. She tells him that she cannot give him money to flee to America; however, she will be happy to help him deal with his parents. She asserts that suicide will not help anything, and declares that his allusion to suicide seems a bit like blackmail. She assures him that no matter what, he will always be welcome in her house.

A few days later, Sakura comes into the garden early because she does not want her mother to see how happy she is. She wishes there were someone she could unburden herself to, someone who would be happy for her. Either later that day or a few days later (the timeline is unclear), Toris wanders through the woods. He debates with himself whether life has any intrinsic worth. He thinks about the past, and the thing that seems to upset him most is that he will die without ever having experienced sex. He decides he will lie to whoever asks and tell them that he has experienced intercourse. He is imagining his funeral, attended by the people he cares about, when Natalya, an old friend and now an artist’s model, suddenly appears out of the fog.

Natalya tells Toris about her most recent exploits, and then describes in greater detail her recent love affair with a young man named Ivan. She tells Toris about how Ivan used to make her dress up and parade in front of him, and confides that he was always threatening to kill her. Finally, she tells him how she escaped and went back to the artists who paint her. She teases Toris, recalling when they used to play together with Alfred and Sakura. She tries to get Toris to come inside, but he insists that he must go. As he leaves he realizes that he could have slept with Natalya, but decides that the timing was not right. He works himself into a rage thinking about Natalya, but as he calms down he decides that he will not return home from this walk.(bang bang)

At the beginning of the third act the teachers, meet to discuss the possible expulsion of a student. After Toris’ suicide, Toris’ mother discovered the treatise on copulation and turned it in to the school, where a handwriting comparison determined that the document had been written by Alfred. The head of the school believes that the tract may have had something to do with Toris’ suicide. Alfred tries to stand up for his work, and one teacher even defends him, but the others are clearly against him, and send him away.

At Toris’ funeral, Pastor Bonnefoy delivers a sermon on Toris’ sin and depravity. As Toris’ father and relatives and teachers pass by the grave, each dropping a shovelful of dirt, they continue to malign his memory, calling him depraved and corrupt. Once they depart, Ludwig bids a sad farewell to Toris, and Natalya and Lilli fill his grave with flowers. Natalya tells Lilli how she heard about Toris’ suicide and took the gun so that no one else would find it.

At home, Mr. and Mrs. Kirkland discuss what to do with Alfred now that he has been expelled from school. Mr. Kirkland argues that they must send him to a reformatory if they want to save him from himself, but Mrs. Kirkland insists that he has done nothing wrong and declares that she will stand up for him if no one else will. After fighting for several minutes, Mr. Kirkland tells Mrs. Kirkland that just that morning a woman brought him a letter, purportedly written by Alfred, which revealed that he had taken advantage of a young woman. Mr. Kirkland believes that Alfred did not write the letter, but he also believes that it describes true events. Horrorstruck, Mrs. Kirkland agrees that ALfred must go to a reformatory, especially once Mr. Kirkland admits that he has already confirmed the story.

In the reformatory, Alfred tries not to become involved with the other boys, who masturbate competitively, gamble, and seem utterly corrupt. He is planning his escape, but he fears that he will fail, and that he will die of loneliness. He thinks confusedly about Sakura and Toris, and wonders whether Sakura hates him. Just after he leaves the room, the owner of the reformatory walks by with a locksmith, revealing that they are going to put bars on the window that Alfred was going to use to escape.

Sakura’s mother has called a doctor to examine Sakura, who has been feeling very ill. He assures her that she will be fine, and gives her some pills to take.  Yong Soo comforts his sister, and then departs. Sakura is convinced that she is dying, and finally forces her mother to confess that Sakura is pregnant. As her mother berates her, it becomes clear that Sakura does not understand how she could be pregnant, but she finally tells her mother about what happened in the hayloft. Mother (random person) arrives at the door, and Mrs. Wang (sakura’s mom) shows her in.

In this interlude, Ludwig and Feliciano sit at the edge of a vineyard, eating grapes. They have just masturbated, and begin again during the course of the scene. They discuss how they want to be when they are adults, and Ludwig convinces Feliciano that he should not fall for adult lies - he does not want to grow up to be a provincial, ordinary man, but rather one who manages to get a lot of pleasure out of life. Eventually, the boys kiss, and Feliciano is relieved and happy, for he was worried that such a thing would not happen. They decide that virtue is overrated, and express their certainty that they will look back on these events happily in the future.

Late one night in November, Alfred climbs into the graveyard. He has escaped from the reformatory. He finds Sakura’s grave, and berates himself for having destroyed her. Suddenly Toris appears, carrying his head under his arm. He tries to convince Alfred to take his hand and join the dead, insisting that their existence is far superior to that of the living. When he promises Alfred that he could forget his wrongdoings if he were dead, it almost seems like he will succeed. Suddenly, a man in a mask appears and intercedes. Alfred wants to know who he is, but although the masked man will not tell him, he forces Toris to reveal that he is making empty boasts. Toris wants Alfred to join him because he is lonely and envious. Alfred decides to trust the masked man, and says goodbye to Toris. Telling Toris that he will never forget him, he allows the masked man to lead him away. Toris, regretful but perhaps at peace, returns to his grave.


View the TED-Ed Lesson Music and math: The genius of Beethoven

How is it that Beethoven, who is celebrated as one of the most significant composers of all time, wrote many of his most beloved songs while going deaf? The answer lies in the math behind his music. Natalya St. Clair employs the “Moonlight Sonata” to illustrate the way Beethoven was able to convey emotion and creativity using the certainty of mathematics.

You’re An Idiot, Fred Weasley: A Fic Inspired by A Music Video (Part 1: Get a move on)

I’m not a particularly big fan of the band, but the music video was extremely cute and I couldn’t resist. 

I accept requests! :)

The first time Fred Weasley asks you out, he receives a peck on the cheek.

“Hey, Y/N!” You hear a very familiar voice call out. You turn around, only to find a tall redhead waving at you. 

“Fred!” You call, and he jogs to get to you. Your best friend nudges you, making faces and catcalling. “Shut up,” you whisper, but it does nothing to lessen her reaction. You had to admit, you did have a small crush on the Weasley. Just a very, very tiny bit. 

Just kidding. 

You liked Fred Weasley so much, you caught yourself writing down his last name with your first, seeing if it would fit. It did.

“He’s going to confess his undying love for you,” your best friend, Natalya, an Italian pure-blood, whispered. 

“I’m going to murder you,” you reply in return. 

“Y/N, hey,” Fred smiled at you. 

“I’m going to leave you lovebirds alone,” Natalya winked. She left before you could throw a book at her. 

Blushing furiously, you look at Fred Weasley whose, funnily, face is darker than yours. 

“Fred, are you sick?” You ask him, putting your hand on his forehead. “You seemed fine just a moment ago. You look hot.” 

With that, Fred blushed even darker, if possible, and someone whose  voice is very much similar to Natalya shouts, “Damn, girl, you move fast.” 

Realizing what she meant, you begin to apologize, “I didn’t mean it in that way. I mean, uh, of course you look attractive. I mean, er, um, ah, I meant that you, ah, looked like you were, ah, um, how should I say this, hot in a temperature kind of way. But, um, you look nice, of course.” 

You and Fred probably look like tomatoes. Merlin, how smooth you are.

“Get a move on, Gred! We don’t have all day,” you hear George shout from the end of the hall, holding some sweets. Natalya laughs. 

“Agreed, George!” Natalya shouts. 

“They’re so annoying,” you tell Fred and he laughs. “Is there something you need?” You ask politely. 

“Why? Are you, uh, busy?”

“No, of course not,” you smile. “I was just wondering.” 

“I just wanted to ask if, uh, you could, um,” Fred mutters and you smile at how cute he is when he’s nervous. You wonder what’s bothering him so much. 

“Merlin’s beard, Gred! Natalya, shall we put the situation into our own hands?” George shouts. 

“Thought you’d never ask, Georgie!” Natalya calls him. She has never called him that before, though the four of you were close. 



Within a few minutes, Natalya and George were positioned next to you and Fred.

“Why, hello, Y/N!” Natalya tells George, holding out her hand. George takes it. 

“Hello there, Fred, the much less handsome twin,” replies George in a failed attempt at a girly voice. Fred rolls his eyes. Natalya kisses his hand and George laughs a terrible girl laugh. 

“Every time I look at you, I want to snog you and possibly father your children. Due to my own fault, I haven’t done anything to progress our relationship. Now I shall. Will you go on a date with me?” Natalya says and George grins. 

“Oh, Freddie, I thought you’d never ask. I mean, it’s not like my gestures and undying love for you is obvious or anything. I’d love to go.” George says and winks at you. You laugh, but vow to kill him. 

“You like me?” Fred asks you. 

“You like me?” You ask him, at the exact same time. George and Natalya let out a groan. 

“Both of you are as oblivious as tree bark,” Natalya says. 

“Shall we leave their obliviousness and go eat?” George asks her and she nods her head. They leave together. You and Fred are alone. 

“So, about that date…” Fred says and you smile. 

“I’d love to,” you say and lean forward to kiss his cheek. 

“BUT WAIT!” George and Natalya come running back. George gives Fred a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek before you could. 

“Thanks for finally asking me, Freddie,” George says sweetly and Fred is trying hard to remove his saliva. 

“We shall go and snog now, my love!” Natalya shouts and drags you away from Fred, who’s being dragged by his twin brother. He gives you one final wave before you go. 

You hear a muttered, “you’re an idiot, Fred.” 

Fred Weasley received a kiss, alright, but it wasn’t from you. 

I accept requests!

anonymous asked:

do you have headcanons for pre-wammy's L, or younger L in general?

*cracks knuckles* Do I? You bet that I do.

Just before I start on this rambling mess, I’d just like to quickly recommend taking a look at @jurassiclawliet and @polyphenols‘ headcanons because they are very lovely.


  • I headcanon that L’s mother was French-Russian ballerina and that his father was an English-Japanese businessman on a visit to Moscow.
  • L’s father left his mother and L never learned who the man was until much later in his life, when, after some digging, he discovered that a man around the age his father would have been (about thirty) with matching nationality and vague description, died in passage from Moscow to England in the year that L was born. L digs around a little more and finds a photo of him wearing a pair of glasses which look extremely like a pair that he found, apparently left behind, in his mother’s room when he was a small child. L sometimes wears these glasses when he’s in certain personas because he discovers that wearing them makes his face look quite different - a lot more like his father’s.
  • Little L was born only after his father was gone, and thus has literally no memory or experience of him, other than seeing a sad look flit across his mother’s face when he brings the topic up. Because of this he only feels a sort of second-hand sadness, and more curiosity than resentment.
  • I think L was a very curious child. I can just imagine him, crouching for hours, staring at things with those large grey eyes - eyes that he got from his mother. he looks a lot like his mother, with her large, grey, melancholy eyes; she has a slender, oval-shaped, pale face and a sort of air of tragedy about her which is greatly enhanced when she dances - it is beautiful to watch. 
  • However, L’s black hair is from his father. I headcanon that his hair is actually sort of wavy and glossy, and that he has to straighten it and put lots of product in it to create the sort of dry, crow-feather look that he adopts for his Ryuuzaki persona.
  • I think that L actually  does have a slight hunch which he exaggerates massively for the Ryuuzaki persona. This was acquired because as a child he would always bend over or crouch down to look at things.
  • I think that L was a really thoughtful child. The way he’d phrase things when asked them would be simple and childish, but the complex thinking behind his statements would constantly startle adults.
  • L always struggled with his handwriting, even as a child. Even when there were lines on the page, the writing would slip off them, straggling downwards. The complex Russian characters didn’t help.
  • L totally had one of those little pocket magnifying glasses as a kid. He used to annoy adults and other children by shoving it under their noses with like a ladybird in his hand and he was always really excited and wanted to share his discovery, but everyone constantly told him to put it away.
  • L was very good at remembering patterns and sequences, and replicating them. All of his colouring books were really beautiful and intricate, far beyond the abilities of other children his age.
  • I headcanon that L’s mother took her to visit his grandparents when there was a massacre in the village on the outskirts of Moscow - mafia territory dispute -  and L’s grandmother shoved him into the cupboard under the kitchen sink to protect him.
  • L remained very quiet. He was only found two days afterwards, when the police were doing a final cursory sweep of the area. Quillsh Wammy was in Moscow to pick up another child and for research purposes, and had decided to visit the village in light of the massacre, in case of surviving children, who he could arrange alternative arrangements for if they would not fit in at Wammy’s (I like to believe that Wammy was a lot more compassionate than Roger Ruvie). When they found L, he was stacking dishwasher tablets in the Fibonacci number sequence. He was only six years old at the time.
  • L has always had an extreme talent for Connect Four and Noughts and Crosses. Other kids stopped playing against him once his strategy proved flawless.
  • L’s fondest memory of his mother is her running her fingers through his hair and kissing his forehead, but it is a very faint memory.
  • I like to think that L had a little blue duffle coat with wooden toggles, and a scarf that was too long for him. He tripped over it a lot.
  • He vaguely remembers his mother tying her ballet shoes and doing stretches in front of a mirror.
  • He remembers trying to copy her, and her laughing and kissing his head.
  • I want to name his mother Natalya Lawliet but I’m sure there’s a more solid name for her??
  • L’s mother totally called him little Russian pet names and switched between French, Russian and English. L was fluent in all three growing up, but his Russian and French were best. As he grew older, he cemented his knowledge of English (especially after moving to Wammy’s) and picked up many, many other languages, one of which was obviously Japanese.

I’ll probably think of more but this is it for now. Thank you for the ask, anon.