hi my name is milo

aplague0fbitches replied to your photoset “Also my sister’s goddamned cats were up for adoption. �� guess they…”

i dont have context here but i HAAAAAAAAAATE IIIIIIIIIT

She got these cats last year. She just moved to Nashville, and I assumed all of her animals went with her. Then I was in Petco today, and as I always do went to say hi to the kitties for adoption. I saw the fluffy white and tabby one and thought, holy shit, that looks so much like Karla. Then I saw the little tag with her info and saw her name was, in fact, Karla. I thought that was really fuckin weird, then I noticed the little buff tabby in the cage below her and saw his name was Milo, and I just about lost my shit. There was a family looking at the cats and all I could do was look at them and say, “These are my sister’s cats!” I’m sure they thought I was a lunatic, but it was almost like seeing a family member that had been abandoned. I mean, I get it if she couldn’t take them with, but it was just such a shock and I felt so bad for those poor babies.

hi my names milo and jesse mccree is my boyfrined and i would really like to follow some other people who are into overwatch!!

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