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Hi my name's Hannah. I'd like to be shipped with Star Wars, male character. I have brown hair, green eyes. Im an introvert, but once I get to know people I'm able to get comfortable. I enjoy cuddling and long walks on the beach lol. I also like guys that are taller than me bc I feel awkward if they're shorter. I like books and art, and I like to help people when they're sad or feeling down. I also like writing

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Ben Solo

You’d be very quiet around each other, but due seeing each other everyday, you’d grow close silently. Sometimes you’d even chime in a small compliment, or ask how his day was. These little sentiments would instantly brighten his day, and he’d find your shy nature really adorable. One day, he’d ask for your advice on something. It’d be the obvious “so my friend has a crush on this girl” story, but you would never catch on that he meant himself. You’d always give him tips with this girl, while growing a little jealous that his affections were being given elsewhere. You had, after all, grown close to the charming boy. Finally, he’d ask you how he should make the first move. You’d tell him to start a casual conversation, maybe about books, because that could reveal a lot about a person. The next day, you’d be asked by him what your favourite book is. Your answer would impress him, although he already knew you were intelligent. That’s when you’d ask him if he asked his crush that question, and he’d reply, with a smug grin: “I just did.”

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Hi there!

So, my name’s Hannah and I’m fifteen. I’ve been active on tumblr under another username for a while but I’ve noticed that Slytherins keep being portrayed as the bad, “evil” house and as a proud pottermore-sorted serpent I just reached a point where I couldn’t stand it anymore, I suppose.

This blog/website/whatever it is will mainly consist of small text posts illustrating the actual, real way Slytherins live (or at least how I imagine it to be) –hence the title–, mainly to exterminate stupid and childish prejudices from other houses *Gryffindor cough cough*, but also to strengthen our inter-house unity and get to know each other better. I’ll also respond to asks and submits right away, so you’ll be seeing some of those, too.

I’d love it if you considered following this blog ^–^



Hi, my name’s Hannah and I run this blog! I made meetlgbtkids four or so years ago, after being disappointed there really wasn’t a blog like this for younger queer kids. And it has been quite a success, if I say so myself! I am so proud of all of you for putting yourselves out there, even though being vulnerable can be scary sometimes. I hope some great friendships/maybe relationships have grown from this blog. Reach out with your success story if you have one!

A little about me: I’m 21 now, 22 in three weeks (so not really a kid anymore, more of an advisor/mentor). I’m a queer senior in college in Vermont where I study Chinese language and linguistics. I’m a polyglot, so I can speak a few languages. I also like to be outside - come early Monday morning, I’m headed out into the woods to tap our school’s maple trees!

If you have any questions about anything - life, love, the pursuit of happiness - please reach out to me. I have been through mud and muck and come out strong on the other side, and I know how hard it is being a teen. I love you all, come check out my personal blog if you want!


hi my name is hannah and i dont give a fuck how insecure you are because you are all beautiful and i literally dont give a fuck if youre black, white, asian, hispanic, or any other race bc youre all beautiful okay omfg

you dont have to be skinny to be beautiful and you dont have to be thick to be beautiful okay omfg 

you can do the duckface and cover your mouth with one hand in your pictures or wear as much makeup as you want to feel secure about yourself and you dont have to wear makeup to be beautiful oK

it doesnt fucking matter if you play sports or youre a writer or if you dont like anything or if you dont fit in or have an strong dedication to a celebrity or a tv series or a book and it doesnt matter if youre depressed or have anorexia or bulimia or anything and it doesnt fucking matter if you have any kind of disability omfg okay yOU CAN BE WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT AND sTILL BE MOTHERFUCKING PERFECT

ily all omfg reblog pls xx

Hi Taylor, you don’t know me but that’s okay!

My name is Hannah, I was born in 1989, I’m from Brisbane and I’ve been a Swiftie since 2007. I feel like I’ve grown with you and your music over the last 8 years in so many ways.

Over this time, you’ve given your fans so much and for that I’ll always be grateful. It’s more than falling in love with your music, you’ve been the biggest inspiration to me and so many other Swifties with your kindness, encouragement and wisdom.

You’ve inspired me to follow my dreams, taught me acceptance, positivity and above all, kindness. You’re the reason I’ve made the most amazing friends, especially since the release of the 1989 album. I had the most amazing time at your Brisbane show and was fortunate enough to go to the last show of the tour in Melbourne.

You must get so many of these posts and letters but I think it’s important for you to know that all of your fans LOVE you and APPRECIATE you! You’ve been the greatest role model I could ask for and I’ll never stop loving you or the music you give us.

You deserve all the happiness life has to offer so please enjoy your break and embrace all the little moments whilst you aren’t touring.

Thanks again for everything and know we all love you!



taylorswift okay so people on twitter told me this selfie was kinda alright so! i’m posting it! wee!

So just a few quick things:
-Hi my name is Hannah but a lot of people call me Hannah Belle? I don’t know why? Like, my middle name is Marie? But? Whatever?

-I love cats and you more than I love coffee, and I’ve declared coffee as the love of my life. So. You know.

-I’m lame.

welp that’s it I suck at talking about myself! lol! okay gotta jet love you bye

Hi there,

my name is Hannah, and five years ago there’s an awkward little girl sitting in a caravan hundreds of kilometres away from home, who was very unhappy with her height and who she was. She was too shy to share her personality with others, and to be frank, ashamed and disgusted to go outside and see other people because of how tall she was. That was, until she went on the internet and discovered two other awkward, tall nerds, and she thought “Well if they can be that happy with who they are, then so can I”

The amounts of lives you have touched is so inspiring, and even though you may never read this, I just want to thank you for telling me it was okay to be tall, even in person. You inspired me to be myself when no one else did, I’m not sure how many words or pictures I need to fathom to explain that to you.

Instead of taking every video, laugh, moment, meme, quote, and the people I’ve met through you in the past five years, here is this picture, of two people that inspired someone to be themselves, and a girl who these days can look herself in the eye and genuinely be proud of who she is because of the two people by her side.

So here’s to you.

Thank You Dan and Phil. 

@danisnotonfire  @amazingphil

#TATINOF (not a spoiler)

So, I was in the VIP room with my friend and I saw the member of staff walking around with the mic asking if anyone had any internet support group questions. I immediately thought haha I’ve got a good one! Me and my friend then met two others girls and I told them my isg idea. We went to the room next to the VIP room and asked the question into the microphone. “Hi my names ellie, Sophie, I’m Hannah and I’m Louise” “Dan, Phil’s face is so beautiful, how do you cope?” The man who recorded it laughed and told is it was good then he said that I couldn’t promise it would be in the show. Us four left back into the VIP room happy with our question. Before the show started I turned to Ellie and I said, I really hope that our question is chosen. When it got to the internet support group Dan read out a few and I got less hopeful that my question would be read. Then I hear our recording “Hi Dan my names ELLIE..” I head and I scream “YES!!!” Dan then looks in my direction and says how are you talking to me, we are on the phone! Then the question sounded “Dan, Phil’s face is so beautiful, how do you cope?” The audience squealed and Dan put his head in his hand then laughed and said (something along the lines.. I was too excited) “Phil is a literal ball of sunshine so to cope I think we all just have to wear sunglasses.. I have to wear them indoors” those weren’t the exact words but i was so overwhelmed and can’t put the pieces together in my mind. Tatinof was so amazing. One of the best nights of my life.