hi my name is clint and i am a mess

Anonymous said:

Hi Guys~! First of all: Congrats to Stony couple!! XD.. This question is for Tony and Clint though. Guys, I feel sorry for Tony for having all his ideas for the wedding shot down. So~ I was wondering what are the possibilities that my two fav naughty mischief makers (that’s you two btw) will try to.. ‘add’ something to the wedding plan to make it more… ohmygodtony/clintNO! rather than the elegant but too normal wedding Nat/Steve is planning~? C'mon guys.. outwit your partners! ^^

“Wait a sec, why would I do that? I mean team up with Clint? I don’t want him near the wedding plans! It is my and Steve’s day, Clint should know better than to try and come up with some stunt. It is an important day for us. And don’t worry, Natasha and Steve think that they are so smart, but I am one step ahead of them.”

“Yeah, why should Tony try to fuck up his own wedding? And why should I do that?? I like the name mischiefmaker, but I would never you know, actually hurt someone. I would never try to mess up a wedding! Especially not the one of my best friends, I mean what the hell? I love these guys and I want them to have a great day! Also doing a stunt would most likely lead to me being slaughtered by Natasha! They will celebrate the most amazing wedding of the year, of the century, of the GALAXY!!! I do what I can to make that happen … which mostly consists of doing nothing, because I don’t want to drive everyone up the wall with you know … breaking things!”

“We want to have a nice, normal wedding. Okay, mostly Steve wants it, and because I love him, I’m gonna agree to that. But you know, before the wedding comes the bachelor party. I have to make the most of my remaining single days, before I get my ball and chain and won’t be allowed to do anything fun. Therefore, I hereby nominate Clinton Francis Barton to be in charge of organizing my stag night.”

“ … Wait a second, are you serious about this?? You want me as your stag night organizer??? HOLD YOUR HORSES!!!! I, CLINTON FRANCIS BARTON AM IN CHARGE OF TONY’S LAST NIGHT AS A BACHELOR!! NEW YORK, I’M COMIN’ FOR YOU!!! I get to organize something, ohmygod!! I’m not much of an organizer, but I will organize the hell out of this!! Best organizer of the year?! HAWKEYE!!! STAG NIGHT STAG NIGH STAG NIGHT!!!”

“I’m always serious. Let’s just keep it a secret for now. Neither Steve or Nat need to know. Yet.”

“ … Not Steve and not Natasha? … What if they ask?? I can’t lie to either of them!!”

“Ask about what?”

“Abouuut.. what kind of cake we should have for the reception. Right, Clint?”

“Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!!! Cake! Receptions!! And cake and receptions and cakes … IT’S A SECRET I’M NOT TELLING!!!”

“And I thought that Steve was a bad liar..”