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There was absolutely nothing wrong with how Trini’s sexuality was portrayed in the Power Rangers movie and I’m pissed that people are telling people not to go see a movie with a diverse cast, a canonically, explicitly confirmed autistic character, and a queer WOC just because they want to bitch about a perfectly acceptable form of representation.

Hi! I love your art style…it’s given me the courage to start posting again instead of just reblogging everything. (I have already posted a picture of a poster I had done for international women’s day.) I hope to start posting more before my break is up! If not by then than sometime really soon!
Anyway, I love your your Jamilton and Jonsnavi posts. So I thought why not combine the two. This is in fact this is my first time drawing Usnavi and Johan and my first time drawing Jefferson and Hamilton in a lovers light. I love the reincarnated lovers AU with a bit of anguish. I think these two ships could mix well in that universe. And thus this piece was born! Thanks for the ship posts for the inspiration.

dead chicken jokes are old and unfunny now, pls drop it. don’t send me any more asks about it. it was funny at first to joke about shoma having no fashion sense but it’s gotten to the point where there’s more focus on his costumes than his skating. i honestly don’t care what he wears at worlds, i just want him to skate well. i don’t agree with all his decisions but at least i can recognize he’s his own person and can make his own decisions.

also this twitter thread sums up my feelings about the skating fandom’s recent tendency to treat shoma like a little kid. it’s a good read and i recommend it for everyone. i have personally called myself his “mom” before and i think this has exacerbated the problem, and i will try to avoid this kind of vocabulary in the future. in my case, i feel protective of him because i have literally watched him since he was 12, and have followed his journey for the past 6 years. i am also some years older than him. it may be hard sometimes for me to believe he’s grown up, but the fact is that he is 19 now, a legal adult in most of the world, and should be treated as such. the fact that he looks young is no excuse to still talk about him like he’s 10 (and tbh, even if he WERE 10, that’s still no excuse to be creepy). basically just…stop infantilizing shoma. watch how you speak. remember skaters are actual people and not a collection of tropes to blow out of proportion.

this has been a PSA

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Whose your favorite 1D voice? Personally Ive always thought Louis had the strongest voice. He had s background and theatre so I feel he had a leg up. Next to Liam he was very strong too. I am dissapointed in that Zayn ft Taylor song because MOM was so good. That song is watered down pop garbage like everything Taylor does. Hes better working with Hiphop ppl. Harry&Niall are great singers too but Louis voice always stood out to me. Thoughts?

Same. Since the very beginning (I think the first 1D song I listened to was Got To Be You) and Louis voice was the one that stood the most for me. I always loved his voice even when I didn’t even knew his name or who he was. Like when I’m listening to 1D songs, I stop singing when Louis solos come because I want to focus on just his voice. I think his voice is so sweet, but also so strong at the same time. When I listen to IWTWYAS, my heart melts. To me his voice is the absolutely best 

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Sorry, i followed the person everyone is talking about, i did not chat with them or anything, i just am confused about what happened? Like about what he was lying about/ doing? I just kind of want to know if everything he was posting was made up or if this is all things that happened when people privately interacted with him?

i can give you more details if you message me off anon but basically as far as just lying goes he:

  • lied about working for the caps (said he was a pr person for them)
  • lied about being mixed race (at one point said his mom was from the islands and then another time said she was from ethiopia so like… at least get some consistency there dude)
  • stole peoples photos to try and ‘wheel’ players on insta (at least 2 counts of this, one i just found out about tonight)
  • made up some whole fake story about ‘dating’ johnny hockey bc he had pics with a guy who bore a vague resemblance to him?

this isnt accounting my (and other peoples) experiences with him just being a shitty individual as a whole (threatening suicide when told he was being racist/misogynistic was a Big One for me)

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Am I the only one pleased that the boys are actively trying to replace the ugly memories associated with March 25 in 1D world with good things? This is not petty. It's actually thoughtful and considerate. Let's go!!!!!

I love that they’re all out there following other dreams and living lives that make them happy. As someone who enjoyed this band for many years, it’s a great thing to see.  And I only came on here earlier to reblog a post about Liam’s baby and was ASSAULTED. A momentous day for sure.

other fun little facts abt the taz alien au: 

- Taako landed in Kravitz’s backyard, where he lives with his mom. He also is aided by neighbors Ren, Cassidy and June

- Magnus is found by Steven and his daughter Julia. While Magnus is recovering from his crash, he ends up helping them in their carpentry business and forms a close bond with Julia. A frequent visitor, Angus, also befriends Magnus 

- Merle landed in the woods near a beach city. He’s found and tended to by a young girl Mavis, and they form a sort of father/daughter bond. He also becomes a local cryptid 

- Lucretia and Davenport landed near the science facility that Maureen works at. Her and her son Lucas decide to help them rebuild their ship so that they can find their missing comrades (Lucretia and Maureen also grow very close during this time) 

- Barry landed in the ocean, and was eventually found by a small fishing vessel. All of his equipment was completely fried in the crash, and he’s desperately trying to rework them 

- Lup landed in some obscure area of the world, and she is currently tearing apart everything in her goddamn path to reunite with her team, especially her brother and Barry

Draco is empty after Astoria dies. He feels even more alone than any moment in his life. Yet, he feels most afraid for Scorpius, because he hasn’t lost a lover, he’s lost his mom. Draco only knows one person who can help.
His friend Theo lost a mom. He lost his mother around the same age Scorpius did. He invites Theo over for dinner. When he walks in without a hug from Astoria, he knows. He walks up to Scorpius’ room, a knowing tear falling from his glistening eyes.
“I know.”
Scorpius falls asleep in Uncle Theo’s arms, and Draco knows, at least his son won’t be alone.

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Hiya guys! Do you have any protective!josh, jealous!josh or pining!josh? I know it's a lot but I hope you can find some!

yeah heres some! - Karri

A Little Bit Youthful by cherry_shot (8/9 | 22,012 | Not Rated)

Tyler Joseph is a mess. He doesn’t like to go home because ever since his siblings moved out of the house, his stepdad’s drinking problem has gotten progressively worse as his mom spends more time cultivating her affair than controlling the man she married. And so he spends most of his time wandering around the city and crossing off the days on his calendar as he counts down to the day he’ll be 18 and leave forever.

But when he one day meets a stranger with a taste for music and pastel blue hair, Tyler finds Columbus becoming a bit more tolerable.

//violence //anxiety //depression //physical abuse //underage sex //homophobia //implied eating disorder //dysfunctional family //self-harm //child abuse

Don’t you think this is getting awkward by yukiisama3 (40/? | 57,954 | Not Rated)

Every morning Tyler suffers awkwardness after disturbingly, inappropriate dreams of his own best friend.

Josh happens to think Tyler’s adorable when he gets all flustered and awkward. He also happens to find Tyler cute…in every way…

Tyler also finds it hard to handle when Josh suddenly starts to flirt with him?

“Your so cute, I just want to cuddle you all night.”

//past self-harm 

you are out of my mind by forged_in_darkness (3/? | 2,555 | Mature)

Tyler is asleep in Josh’s lap and Josh has no clue what to do.

//implied suicide attempt

You’re Home. (SR)

Inspired by Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran. 

Warnings: Get ready for a sad rollercoaster. BRING OUT THE TISSUES!!!!!!

your pov:

His heart shattered and his mind grew blank. The one who loved him the most besides me had passed. His wonderful life had now been sucked into a black hole. He now only felt sorrow and guilt. His mind felt like it was going to explode, feeling the pain of his mom leaving. Of course she hadn’t gotten any better but she was still there. On her good days she remembered him. She loved him. On other days, she didn’t even know she had a kid, she didn’t even remember that he got married. She didn’t remember that she had grandchildren. He sat in the small hospital room by her side her last hours, minutes, seconds. When she finally left the world he was broken. The light in his eyes now gone. 

She had her problems but who doesn’t? He had raised him, nurtured him, hell birthed him. How could she be gone? He sat looking out the window as they wheeled her out of the room. I came up behind him placing a hand on his shoulder softly. “I’m sorry.” I whispered trying not to tear up myself. I became to love the crazy nut of a woman. He shrugged off my touch wanting to be alone. I could tell his chest started to tighten and his tears ran down more frequently. “Take the children to my dad. Meet me in the bathroom.” He said as best as he could squeaking out. I nodded and took a hold of our son and daughter’s hands letting a tear slip as well. “Can you watch them for a second?” I asked his dad as he sat there blankly. He slowly nodded his head and took their hands. “I’ll take them to the food court.” He said walking off with them. I smiled through my tears and nodded my head. 

I walked to the family bathroom knocking on the door. “Spencer it’s me.” I said softly through the door. I heard the door unlock. I cracked it open pushing my head inside. He was crouched down in the corner. My heart dropped into my stomach. “Oh sweetie.” I said placing my hand over my chest. His sobs grew louder. “I’m not ready for her to leave.” He said screaming though the tears. I sat on my knees in front of him. “I know baby, it’s going to be okay.” He shook his head looking at me with his blood shot eyes. “It’s not going to be okay.” He said choking on his own sobs. I pulled him to my chest running my hands through his hair tucking it behind his ears. “Baby calm down you’re going to be sick.” I told him rocking him back and forth. His tears kept coming and my shirt grew wetter. “Come on love stand up.” I told him trying to pull him up. He took my help and stumbled on his feet. I guided him to the sink making him put his face down into the sink so I could run cool water over his facial structure. I didn’t want to cry in front of him, he didn’t need that. I couldn’t help but let a few tears out. Seeing him hurting like this killed me. I sniffed quietly as possible, “Spence, I’m going to see if your dad will look after the kids, I need to get you home. You need a night alone.” I commented. He coughed harder and nodded his head following me out of the bathroom. I handed him the keys, “Why don’t you go and get in the car, I don’t want them to see you upset.” I said sadly knowing they’ll ask what’s wrong. He nodded his head shielding his eyes from everything. 

I bit on the bottom of my lip chewing at the skin as I walked into the food court searching for Mr. Reid and the kids. “Mommy!” I heard our eldest say running up to me. I smiled at him and took him into a huge hug. “Is he okay?” Mr. Reid said from beside me. I shook my head sadly. “He’s really upset. Can you watch these rascals just for tonight? I don’t want them seeing him like that. It’s too heartbreaking.” I said drooping my eyebrows. “Yeah I will, it’ll be a nice distraction.” He said taking them. “I’ll see you tomorrow buddy, and I’ll see you tomorrow princess. Be good for your granddad. I love you both.” I said giving both of them a hug. “Are you okay mommy?” I smiled sadly and nodded my head, “Of course princess. Go have fun now, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.” They nodded their head furiously. 

I walked to the car seeing Spencer in the passenger seat. I got in hearing the sad songs flow from the speakers. I bit my quivering lip and placed a hand on his knee. I started up the car and drove off towards the house. Trying to keep away my tears. “It’ll be okay Spence.” I said trying to make him feel better when in reality it didn’t. He took in a jagged breath coughing through the heavy mucus that he built up. “They uhm, they gave me this.” He said breathing in heavily. He pulled out a ton of letters and pictures bound together. “She kept all of them. Even the ones I wrote to her when I was eighteen. She kept them all these years. She kept the wedding photos and the maternity pictures and the pictures of the kids when they were born. She kept them all and I didn’t even have the decency to visit her once in a damn fucking year. I hate myself.” My head snapped to him. “Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. She knew you loved her. She knew you had your work and that you loved her enough to get her help.” I said shocked to what I had heard. He slammed his hand on the dash and hit is head on the back of the car seat. “Stop Spence. Don’t do that.” I said letting the tears flow freely. I parked quickly in the driveway getting out to go around the passenger side. He was silent with a blank face full of tears. I opened the door and placed a hand on his bicep. He fell out of the car onto the pavement sitting against the car. I sighed and closed the door sitting beside him. He looked at me with his sorrowful eyes, “She didn’t even know who I was when she left.” He said sobbing into his hands. I pushed myself into his lap and held him tight to me. The breakage in our hearts weren’t going to get better anytime soon. I sat crying with him letting both of our tears mix together. 

The crack of thunder came and the lightening struck the sky. “Let’s go inside Spence.” I said wiping my under eyes. As I started to get up, he just pushed me closer to him burring his face in my neck. “No, I need this.” He said holding onto my body as if I were going to leave him. I laid my head on top of his running my hands through his hair. The sprinkle of rain started to come down showering us in the storm that was about to come. The rain fell heavier leaving us drenched in the warm sticky air. “Goodbye mom, you’re home.”