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There was a really well developed, unique, autistic kid on the show I’m watching and it makes me so !!! happy
And the mom was super chill with him and let the kiddo stim and didn’t force him to act allistic and I’m just !!!!


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

going off of this post what do we think are the gangseys’ heights reply or reblog with your opinion i’ll start

gansey - 5′6
blue - 4′11 but she swears she’s 5′ (she’s not)
ronan - 6′1 as a high school junior probably reaches 6′3 by 22
adam - solid 5′11
noah - who knows maybe like 5′4
henry - 6′ with his hair done 5′9 without

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As someone who worked in the industry for some time (not a lot, it wasn't my place) this Harry situation is so strange. I never saw something like that but on the other hand, I never saw something like One Direction so...

it is fucking bizarre, at this point i’m not doubting he’s putting out some kind of solo material. BUT the 80M$ deal? no way in hell that is real, then add on to that that Columbia didn’t include Harry in their investors memo…SO I’m inclined to believe he struck a distribution deal like Niall and not a recording contract