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No one has lived through drama unless they were a kid growing up in the Disney era of 2005-2011.

We had Niley, the Niley kiss on stage, the Niley breakup, the Demi and Selena feud with Miley and Mandy, Kevin Jonas picking sides by wearing a Demi & Selena shirt in paparazzi photos, Nelena rising through the Burning Up music video, the 7 things video that shaded Nick with a photo of him scribbled out in it, the Selena and Miley fight over Nick through various interviews and radio shows, Joe dating Taylor Swift, Selena getting closer to Taylor while distancing from Demi, Nelena and Jaylor going on double dates, Demi & Miley becoming better friends because of the Selena & Demi fall out, The photos that surfaced that showed Miley in her underwear that were sent to Nick, Miley’s vanity fair photoshoot, Vanessa Hudgens nudes, Joe falls on stage at the AMAs and slices his hand open, The Jaylor breakup where Joe ended it on a 30 second phone call, the video Taylor made with a camp rock Joe doll “this one comes with a phone so he can break up with other girls too”, everyone wanted Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale together, Miley dances on an icecream cart pole at the TCAs, Nelena broke up, the song Nick wrote about Selena called “stay”, Orlando Brown was taken to jail for weed, Jason Earles was literally like 35???, Mitchell Musso’s brother and Trace Cyrus formed Metro Station, Joe and Demi began dating, Nick and Selena were spotted trying to work things out, Demi and Joe break up, Joe begins dating Ashley Greene, Nick & Miley are seen trying to work things out??, Miley comes out with a book talking about how Nick was her Prince Charming, Demi punches one of her dancers in the face, Nick writes a song talking about weddings that is dedicated to his love for Miley, Demi goes to rehab, the camp rock tour is pulled, Nick & Miley don’t get things worked out, Kevin Jonas gets engaged, a whole town finds out Miley Stewart was Hannah Montana but keeps the secret, Nick Jonas announces he’ll run for president in 2035, the Jonas brothers start wearing their purity rings as necklaces, Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez begin dating which is Taylor Swift’s ex, The Jonas brothers break up, Zanessa breaks up, and we find out Chad Danforth and Ryan Evans are secretly fucking in HSM.

What a wild ride.


why is no one ever talking about this cutie and how he’s rocking that eyeshadow and glitter????


Journalism imply that when writing articles, you’re supposed to be as objective as possible (except for reviews). Jeff Benjamin has not only been spreading misinformation, but he’s belittling major kpop acts such as BIGBANG, Wonder Girld and Girls’ Generation, making it seem like they had it easy just because they’re from the big 3. And he does it because he got personally offended when kpop fans joked about billboard, and continues to do this because certain fans are praising him and calling him daddy. What the fuck? Btw I’m not discrediting BTS here, they won the social media award, an award fcking created because of beliebers - an award won by Bieber the past like 6 years until this year, when BTS won and that’s amazing!!! I saw their thank you speech, I was genuinly happy for them as that was a major milestone for them and for kpop yes! However belittling the success senior kpop has, by stepping on the fact that they literally paved the way? Giving misinformation about kpop in general; Just because Jeff get off by the thought that a bunch of teens calls him daddy? I have no fucking respect for Jeff Benjamin.

headcanon that whenever kylo is being particularly annoying or hux is feeling more sadistic than usual, hux will mentally blast the most obnoxious music he can think of in kylo’s direction

imagine hux aggressively stalking kylo around the Finalizer with an expression of grim determination while kylo screams “FUCKING STOP PLAYING GANGNAM STYLE” 

imagine the workers being utterly bewildered because no music is playing but kylo keeps yelling things like “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS INFERNAL MUSIC”

and then hux saying calmly, in his mind, “miley cyrus” before helpfully providing images of miley twerking her white ass directly into kylo’s head

He pulled her close and began to kiss her. First her lips, then her cheek, and then her neck. Her skin was like fire, as if she’d been lying in the sun for hours, and when he kissed her lips again, he felt her fold her body into his. He buried his hands in her hair, continuing to kiss her as he slowly backed her against the wall of the workshop. He loved her, he wanted her, and as they continued to kiss, he could feel her arms moving over his back and shoulders. Her touch was electric against his skin, her breath hot against his, and he felt himself slipping away to a place governed only by his senses.

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Can you recommend any canon compliant?

and we called our calculation perfect love by saysthemagpie

The kisses are getting progressively filthier—his glasses are really fogging up now—when Niall finally manages to gasp out, “I’m actually just a certified public accountant.“

Harry’s reaction to that piece of information is, well, probably unprecedented, not just in Niall’s personal experience but also in the entire long and deeply boring history of the accounting profession. “God, that’s so fucking hot,” he groans, arching his back like a porn star and rocking his hips up so Niall can feel just hard he is in his trousers. “Tell me more, fuck, don’t stop talking.”

Harry and Niall engage in a little post-AMAs role-play.

You Should Probably Stay (A Couple More Days) by Urbanizayntion

After One Direction ended Niall’s been raising a daughter alone, well mostly alone, Harry’s been there from the start. Harry may or may not be in love with him.

these arms were made for holding you by takesmeunder

It starts with, “I’d do Niall.”

Somewhere around the middle it becomes, “Don’t knock it till you try it, Niall.” and, “Who’s the last person you had sex with?”

Niall’s not sure, but it could quite possibly end with, “You haven’t told your parents we’re dating?”

With Nothing In Between by NarryEm

Harry looks so fuck-able in his Miley Cyrus costume. That’s pretty much the whole story.

Or the one that was inspired by the drunk Narry pics.

Scratches by the5boyswhochangedus

Niall fucks Harry the day before they shoot the “Kiss You” video and he shows up to work with scratches all down his back.

Tour Bus by BlackHawk13

Niall and Harry have some fun in the bunks of the tour bus ;p

I’ve Been Waiting||Corbyn Besson||Why Don’t We Imagine

Prompt: “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it!”

Warning: Swearing (obviously)

The music blares in your ears as strobe lights blast reds, greens, and blues all over the walls. You jump and dance in the crowd, whipping your long hair around in time with the beat. You brush the hair out of your eyes and look around the room for your best friend, Corbyn. After not three seconds of looking, you find him right where you left him, only five feet away. Feeling a little tipsy from drinking, it takes your eyes a second to focus. When they do, you find Corbyn twerking, or more like trying to twerk. His tongue is out Miley Cyrus style as he shakes his ass up and down in a ridiculous rhythm that doesn’t go with the music at all. You nearly fall over laughing, almost spilling your drink on the person next to you. 

Corbyn hears your laughter over the sound of the deafening music, his ears always listening for your voice, even at a time like this. You wobble your way over to him and collapse in his arms in a pit of giggles. He soon joins you and the two of you are just a couple of drunk goons laughing in the corner of a party. 

Eventually, your cup runs dry so you pull yourself out of Corbyn’s arms, suddenly missing his body heat as you go to try to find the tap. The house is so huge that it takes you quite a few minutes to locate it. After filling your cup to the brim and taking a long swig, you notice a looming figure standing in front of you. 

“Oh hi, Tobias!” You slur, recognizing the quarterback of your school’s football team. He just smiles, leaning his arm against the wall behind you, trapping you. 

“Hey, Y/N. How’s it goin?” He eyes the cup in your hand, already knowing your answer. 

“Ffffrickin great, man! Never felt more alive!” You giggle, taking another sip of the alcohol you can’t even remember the name of at this point. 

“Yeah I bet. How many of those things have you had tonight?” He asks, giving a breathy chuckle. You stare down at your cup, trying your best to remember though everything in your head is just one big blur. 

“I don’t know. Maybe eleven-teen?” At that, Tobias bursts out laughing.

“Yup, definitely eleven-teen.” He says, wiping a tear from his eye. You spend the next half hour talking to Tobias, laughing at almost everything that comes out of his mouth. You stare at his face for a moment, seeing his greenish-blue eyes up close for the first time. You couldn’t remember the last time Tobias had even spoken to you, so for him to be so friendly all of a sudden was suspicious to you, even in your current state. 

“How come you’ve never really talked to me before this?” You finally blurt out. He seems taken back by your question, his eyebrows raising slightly. 

“I always assumed you and that Corbean kid were together, but just yesterday I found out that that is not the case.” He shoots you a crooked grin, winking. You laugh aloud, giving him a flirtatious smile. 

“No, Corbyn and I are just friends.” You reply before noticing a shadow from the corner of your eye. Looking over, you see Corbyn, anger and disbelief on his face. You look closer and see right through him. He’s not just angry, he’s hurt. You watch as he shoves his way through the crowd and storms out of the house-party. Shoving your drink into Tobias’s hand, you run through the crowd, trailing after your best friend, nearly tripping over your horribly tall heels. 

“Corbyn, wait!” You yell as you step outside, letting the door slam behind you. You find Corbyn standing at his car, holding open the passenger-side door for you. You stare at him in shock.

“Are you coming or not?” He glares at you, his brows furrowed in frustration. You hurry down the steps and practically fall into the car. After Corbyn closes your door, he gets into the driver seat, pulling the door shut with incredible force that shakes the entire car. 

“I really don’t think you’re in the right condition to drive.” You mumble, grabbing a couple of water bottles from the back seat, handing one to him.

“I’m more sober than you think.” He grumbles under his breath, starting the ignition. The two of you drive to your shared apartment without saying a word, the only sound being you drinking your water and the rushing wind blasting through the open windows. 

When you finally arrive at the apartment building, Corbyn’s the first to get out of the car, speed-walking into the apartment complex. You have to jog to keep up with his pace, your heels not making that an easy task. Despite having drank your heart out at the party, you feel more sober than ever. 

Corbyn unlocks the apartment door and kicks off his shoes, leaving them on the floor instead of putting them on the rack like you always insisted. You shut and lock the door behind you and storm after Corbyn, not bothering to take your shoes off at all. 

“Are you gonna tell me what the fuck’s wrong or are you going to keep acting like a spoiled brat?!” You cross your arms over your chest as he turns around to face you. 

“You don’t already know what’s wrong? How clueless are you?!” He stares at you, his blue eyes have never been more intense. You shake your head, a sarcastic smile playing on your red lips. He runs and hand through his hair, looking down at the carpeted floor. 

“I might know you like the back of my hand, Corbyn, but I’m not frickin psychic! You still need to talk to me, not expect me to know what you’re thinking at all times!” You hear him grumble, sighing deeply. “Are you jealous I was talking to Tobias or some shit, cause that’s the only possible conclusion I can come to, no matter how ridiculous it is.” You raise your arms into the air, showing your exasperation. When he looks back up at you, the anger is evident on his face.

“We’re not just friends and you fucking know it!” He yells, making you take a step back in shock. You furrow your brows, your breathing getting faster. “You told that ass-hat that we’re ‘just friends’ when you know as a fact that that isn’t true.” His words make you remember that Corbyn was your first crush. They make you remember how giddy you were as a kid when he would come over for sleepovers and you couldn’t wait to sleep next to him on the floor of your living room. They make you remember all the flirtatious looks and comments the two of you have exchanged in the last few years. They make you remember how the two of you had to sleep in the same bed the first night in your apartment, and how you couldn’t stop playing footsy under the blanket. “I-I love you, Y/N.” He says, almost at a whisper.

You cover your mouth with your hand, tears snaking down your cheeks. You inhale sharply as you make your way over to Corbyn. You take his face in your hands and bring your lips to his, kissing him deeply. It takes him a second, but he responds, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you against him. When you break apart, you look into his beautiful eyes. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that.” You say before resting your forehead against his. “I love you Corbyn Besson; so frickin much.” 

The two of you stay like that for a long time, the light from the moon streaming in from the glass door being the only thing to guide you. 

My familys reactions to blond Kai

Lock Screen:

Home Screen: 


Mom: Is that miley cyrus?                                      

Me: No mom. It’s kai..

*shows mom home wallpaper*

Me: See? Kai.

Mom: But if miley was a boy…

Me: Mom nooo

*goes back and squints at first picture*

Mom: You’re right he’s prettier… 

*makes me show her my home screen again*

Mom: But he looks dark and angry… I see why you like him now

Me: tf is that supposed to mean

Mom: and I want to brush his hair.


*shows him lock screen*

Him: Pretty… girl?

Me: ….boy. damn it

Him: Why is he sitting like that? 

Me: He was performing.

Dad: Can I see? 

*shows him kai’s solo*

Dad: Wow…was he supposed to look crazy?

Me: Yes of course. *proud momma smile*

Dad: He’s cool. I like him.

Me: Me too!

Dad: I know.

*shows him home wallpaper*

Dad: I used to have a body like that.

Me: okay?

Dad: Actually I was buffer than that. 

Me: ….


*shows first picture* 

Him: Kaiiiiiii

Me: How did you know?!

Him: That’s the only clear name I can hear along with the other wild ape sounds you make when you watch those music videos.

Me: ….ah..

Him: His pose looks like a swan. 

Me: sort of.. I guess?

Him: Is he supposed to be a swan? He’s the dancer right? 

Me: No and yes. 

Him: It’s his jawline. 

Me: What?

Him: ….. It’s nice. 

Me: It was carved by gods.

Him: Please don’t get weird.

*dejectedly moves ahead to second wallpaper*

Him: ….

Me: What are you thinking?

Him: .. I like….his hair. *proceeds to ask my mom if he can bleach his hair and gets turned down immediately*


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Super interesting watching EPIC spin Camila's press. As much as they're packaging things in artistic freedom and "success doesn't matter," all of their actions say opposite. In an era of artists like Harry and Miley releasing entirely self-written efforts it's even easier to spot label control. Camila's first single will be cowritten by Sia and Benny Blanco with massive promotion spend. They absolutely need a billboard hit. This is all incredibly calculated and not the whims of one girl.

Hi anon. I know, it’s very interesting to see where they are taking things with her. To even think that “Camila doesn’t care about flopping, she’s only about the music” it’s quite foolish. Any artist wants a good spot in the charts, esp when they put their everything into their material, I mean who wouldn’t aspire for recognition & success? It’s just naive to think that Camila doesn’t care about it.

About Harry & Miley’s singles, these are not completely self written. Harry co-wrote with 5 other people​ on both of his singles. Miley co-wrote with someone else on “Malibu”.

The amount of promo they’re giving Camila is certainly insane. I was expecting a big push coming from the label but yesterday when I saw the building projections… It’s not hard to guess that they’re in fact striving for a hit on the Top 10. Indeed it’s carefully calculated. The fact that there are some Camilizers that think that Roger is the only man behind it… Lord give me patient with the amount of gullibility.