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Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 9

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: Around 5k

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

Special thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an awesome beta!

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“I’m gonna have to talk with him.”

“No, (Y/n).” Sam breathed out seeing the expression on your face “No, please. I- I can talk with him, you don’t seem in the state to-”

“I’m in the perfect state, Sam.” you huffed, taking Mary from his arms, but you were more hurt about something else “I told him, I made it clear that he and Mary could not see each other and he-”

“Should just accept it? Gosh, (Y/n) do you even hear what you’re saying?” the anger was evident in his voice, hell frustration, but his expression and everything else showed how calm he was – for Mary obviously – and you averted your eyes, kissing your daughter’s forehead. You almost recoiled at his words. In all the years you’d been with Sam you had seen him angry and let down only a few times, and each of them you didn’t dare say a word as it made you realize the seriousness of the situation.

“This is Dean we’re talking about, my brother Dean. He’s the most stubborn man you’d meet in your entire life. He never goes down without a fight for what he wants and now with Mary- did you really think he was just going to let you keep him away from her like that? He was just too shocked, even if he didn’t admit it, and he was a wreck for hurting you so he did’t insist on it, but- he’s not going to stop wanting to see her.”

“I only want her to be happy.” you whispered, Sam’s words cutting you like a knife. Maybe you had been too heartbroken when you saw Dean was leaving, maybe too disappointed and angry at the same time and you couldn’t control your actions or words, and it all lead to you looking like the worst mother ever but it was the only thing that lessened the pain and that in your foggy mind had made sense.

“And I know that, I understand that- better than anyone, remember?” he whispered, getting closer as he palced a hand on the small back of your daughter who only looked between the two of you with a frown.

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instead of andreil how abt some angsty andriel hcs?

Happy 900. Here is the angst, as promised.

It happened, sometimes, on bad days that got worse.

He’d wake up in the morning and feel it like an itch under his skin, like bugs crawling and biting and burrowing so deep that he’d never rid himself of the phantom sensations of them. No matter how hot the water he ran in the shower, how brutally he scrubbed and clawed at his skin.

He felt dirty.

He felt like a lie.

When he first saw his reflection, it would come as a shock. Everything within him would ground to a halt, and there would only be the brutal realisation of who he was, of what had been done to him, of what he had done. He would stand and stare at that reflection for hours, until shapes and lines blurred, and the icy blue of his eyes turned into an empty pit into which he fell and fell and fell.

It was his father’s face.

When Neil smiled, the Butcher smiled back at him.

Andrew would drag him away, put cubes of ice into his hands and squeeze them around it until they burned. He would talk to Neil, random and pointless things, until Neil looked at him and he could see recognition in those empty eyes, instead of that hollow, blank stare.

His hand on the back of Neil’s neck, clutching Neil’s around ice, his voice filling his ears, the smell of him near and constant, it was comforting. It grounded him, enough for thought to penetrate the incessant chorus of liar liar liar cycling ceaselessly through his mind.

“He was my father,” Neil would whisper. “He made me.”

“He isn’t,” Andrew would say, ferocious, insistent. “He didn’t. He was a killer, and you ran away. You are a fox. You are Neil Josten.”

“Then why don’t I feel that way?”

Andrew would grab his face and force him to meet his eyes, would press his thumbs to the scars on Neil’s cheeks and step in close.

“Because you are having a bad day. That doesn’t change anything. You are still the man I gave those keys to, you are still the man who made this team into something worth a damn. You are still the man I told to stay.”

Coming from Andrew, the truth of those words was a lifeline. Neil would cling to it desperately, as he clung to Andrew desperately, and the blond would allow him this comfort. With Neil’s hands fisted into his shirt, his face pressed into the crook of his neck, Andrew would wrap an arm around his shoulder, another in his hair, and Neil would feel grounded and steady. He would feel safe.

The lingering touch of his father would fall away, irrelevant. The smell of burning rubber and metal, the sting of knives and the stench of sticky blood coating his skin would diminish.

Sometimes, it was enough.

Sometimes, it wasn’t.

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Money Well Spent.

Request - Could you maybe do a SUPER fluffy Happy/Pregnant!Reader one with Happy being super protective and all around involved with the pregnancy to the point the guys want to hit him if he tries to show off his Old Lady’s belly pics ONE MORE TIME??? Kozik being godfather and crying/threatening lives would also be awesome (though I know this is a LOT)

I’ve never been pregnant so I apologise if I got anything wrong, and for it being so short. I also included the baby being born but I can always rewrite it if you don’t like it! - Red_w00dy xoxo


Groaning as you climbed out of the car, you slowly made your way towards the clubhouse with one hand pressed against your aching back and the other resting on your swollen stomach. You were eight and half months pregnant with your first child and were calling in to see your Old Man, Happy, on your way home from the hospital. Much to your surprise, Happy had been more involved with the pregnancy than you’d expected. You’d assumed he’d take a laid back approach to the whole situation but you couldn’t have been more wrong. He came to all your scans with you, spent all his free time decorating the baby’s nursery in anticipation of its arrival and constantly went out of his way to make sure you were comfortable. You couldn’t ask for anything more, he’d been perfect ever since the pair of you had found out you were expecting.

“Y/N, what are you doing? Come on, let’s get you sat down!” Kozik exclaimed when you entered the building, rushing to escort you over to the couch where Gemma and Tara were sat deep in conversation.

“I can’t wait to get this baby out of me, I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired in my entire life” You yawned, relaxing into the soft leather and smiling at Gemma who had began to run her hand over your large stomach.

“I can’t wait either, I’m so excited to meet my godson for the first time” Kozik grinned, perching himself on the edge of the pool table. Ever since you and Happy had asked him, he’d made it his mission to be the best godfather he could be.

“What makes you think it’s going to be a boy, Blondie? For all you know it could be a girl” You enquired, raising an eyebrow at your husband’s best friend and smiling when you felt your baby kick inside of you.

“I have to agree with Kozik, Y/N, you’re definitely having a boy. I’m even willing to bet money on it” Gemma interjected before Kozik could reply, dropping a ten dollar bill on the table as Tara and Kozik did the same.

“You’re all gonna be shit out of luck when I give birth to a beautiful little girl then, aren’t you?” You smirked, adding to the small pile of notes in front of you. Happy would kill you if he found out you were betting on the sex of your unborn child again.

You continued to argue about the baby’s gender for another hour, maintaining that you were going to be having a girl, not a boy. The conversation soon turned to Happy becoming a father, the other two women coming to the conclusion the baby had no hope of being normal with Happy as the child’s father and Kozik as it’s godfather. You pointed out that Abel was fine despite having grown up around Happy and Tig of all people. Tara simply replied that they had only ever left Abel alone with Tig once, and had decided never to do it again after Abel had returned home wanting to grow up to have as many girlfriends as his Uncle Tig had. You made a mental note not to leave the baby with Tig when it was born, deciding that having Kozik for a godfather would be enough craziness for the child.

“All I’m saying is that I’ve already seen the pictures today, Hap. I didn’t mean any offence by it” Juice rolled his eyes as the guys entered the room, referring to the maternity shots that Happy liked to carry around everywhere with him.

“You saying my girl isn’t beautiful or something, Ortiz?” Happy growled, clutching a photograph in his hand and blissfully unaware of the fact you were stifling your laughter in the corner.

“She’s stunning, hottest pregnant chick I’ve ever seen!” Juice stuttered, backing away from the Tacoma Killer with a fearful look in his eyes. “I just mean you could show someone else instead, maybe someone that hasn’t seen them a million times”

“Good luck with that, Juicy,” You laughed from where you sat, attracting the attention of the members of the MC. “He’s shown them to everyone, including the mailman, the guy that came to fix the boiler, the old lady that asked to borrow some sugar…”

“Why do I not find that hard to believe? You should have seen Romeo’s face earlier, I thought he was going to shoot himself when Hap started telling him about your birth plan” Jax chuckled, the guys seating themselves in various chairs around the room.

“You told a guy you barely know about me giving birth? What were you thinking?” You scolded, motioning for Opie and Bobby to pull you out of your seat so you could storm over to where Happy leaned against the bar.

“Thanks a lot, brother,” Happy muttered under his breath, moving to rest his hands on your bump when you finally reached him. “All I said is that we weren’t having an epidural if we could help it”

“And you think that’s something you say to someone that you’ve met on a handful of occasions? You’re ridiculous, Happy Lowman” You shook your head in disbelief at your man’s actions, covering his calloused hands with your considerably smaller ones on your pregnant stomach.

You both fell silent when Kozik mentioned the bet behind you, your face indicating your embarrassment as Happy shot you an amused look. All the guys voiced their own opinions of what you were going to be having whilst adding ten dollar bills to the pile. Bobby, Juice, Opie, Jax and Clay agreed with Gemma, Tara and Kozik that you were going to have a boy, leaving Chibs, Rat, Tig, Phil and Piney to support your firm opinion that it was going to be a girl - a little SAMCRO princess as Tig had expertly put it.

“It can’t be a girl,” Kozik frowned, directing everyone’s attention to where he was standing. “I don’t want to spend my final years chasing guys away with Happy. They’re called the golden years for a reason”

“Tough shit, ” Happy growled, resting his hands on your hips when you turned around to face the rest of the room. “If it is a girl, all of you better be prepared to scare any potential boyfriends away”

“Happy, we’ve talked about this” You sighed, resting your head against his chest and allowing your eyes to flutter shut, feeling his lips press softly against your forehead.

“I don’t care, babe. She’s never going to have a boyfriend, not if I have anything to do with it” He replied gruffly, tracing circles into your hips as you fought back the urge to sigh at his behaviour.

“Our daughter will be allowed to date whoev-” You snapped before a sharp pain in your stomach cut your sentence short, followed by a damp feeling in your underwear and water trickling down your legs.

“Babe, what is it?” Happy quizzed frantically, moving to stand in front of you and stare down at the floor where a puddle of water had began to form on the ground by your feet.

“Hap, my waters have just broken” You breathed, his eyes widening as Gemma immediately took control of the situation. She sent Happy to go grab the bag from his dormitory, threw her car keys to Kozik so he could drive and beckoned Tara to come help her lead you outside.

“Oh fuck, what are we supposed to do?” Kozik panicked, helping you into the back of the car with Tara as Happy jogged across the lot. “Happy, do you have everything? You got your toothbrush? Y/N’s toothbrush? The baby’s toothbrush? Wait, the baby won’t have teeth… will it?”

“Kozik, just shut the fuck up and drive me to the fucking hospital already!” You screamed when another wave of searing pain coursed through you, causing you to grip Happy’s hand in an attempt to block out the pain.


Nine hours later you found yourself gazing fondly at the baby girl in your arms, Happy perched on the edge of the mattress with his arm draped around your shoulders whilst smiling down at your newborn daughter. Tufts of black hair poked out from underneath the little pink hat she wore, her big brown eyes that resembled Happy’s so much staring up at you both. You couldn’t fight the overwhelming amount of love you felt for the newborn. You looked up to meet Happy’s gaze, nodding at him to signal that you were ready for him to bring in the MC that you knew were waiting outside the room.

“Guys,” Happy grinned when they entered, waiting until they had all come in before he spoke again. “I’d like you to meet the newest member of the family - Isabella Sofia Lowman”

“That’s a beautiful name” Tara commented, both her and Gemma pushing through the crowd of men to stand next to you and look down at the baby in your arms.

“We named her after Happy’s Mom and my Aunt Sofia” You informed them, nodding your head towards Kozik to come forwards so that he could meet his goddaughter.

“I don’t want to drop her,” The blonde fretted when you handed her to him, stray tears falling down his cheeks when he caught sight of her properly. “She’s gorgeous. Hey Hap, we’re going to have trouble keeping the guys away from this one”

“You’re telling me, I’m going to have to send her to an all-girl’s boarding school or something” Your husband joked, moving to stand at his best friend’s side and gently brush his hand across Isabella’s cheek, Kozik rocking her gently in his arms.

“Oi Kozik,” You said after a couple of minutes, blue meeting brown as he raised his head to look at you. “You owe me ten bucks”

“Best ten bucks I ever spent”

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**Edit 8/4 - Due to the positive feedback to this fic, it is now the first chapter of a mini-series.  Find the masterlist HERE

An A/B/O Appreciation Day fic for my A/B/O Bingo Card, the Scenting square.  @spnabobingo

Summary: Sam has been wound up lately, but one wiff of your Omega scent has him calming down immediately.

warnings: A/B/O dynamics, scenting (obvi), Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Omega!Reader, implied true mate, nothing explicit

word count: ~1040

Sam and Dean headed into the bar, eager to drink their hunt away for the rest of the night before crashing for the night and hopping in the car to head home in the morning.  While most of the time Sam didn’t feel like going out drinking with Dean anymore, especially now that they were getting older, tonight he felt differently.

He’d been wound up for the whole hunt, his body tense for whatever reason.  It didn’t help that the one survivor of the werewolf attack had been an Omega about to go into heat, and her scent was overwhelming to both of the Winchesters.

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fic: the geographical cure

taekook, 40k words
strangers to lovers, deep denial, cute dates


Jeon Jeongguk likes to travel. For so long, his life has been made up of new countries, new places, new experiences (and new boys.) A vacation makes you feel suspended in time, detached from the world, weightless. And Prague seems far enough away from Seoul for him to disappear completely.

That is, until he meets Kim Taehyung on the plane, and his entire world shifts on its axis.

(read it on ao3 here)

In Your Eyes, I Thought I Could See the Edge of the Universe

A Park Jimin soulmate!AU story 

Summary: They aren’t soulmates.

Originally posted by jjminie

They say it’s a blessing. They say everyone longs for that day, the day they’ll feel that subtle shift… They’ll know then that they’ve at last met the gaze of their one true love - their soulmate.

There are still tales of a time where people lived in confusion, seeking love amidst the chaos of unpredictability. It’s an idea so very odd that most are unable to even imagine it. In our world, all it takes is a glance, and you know. 

Like everyone else (or so it seemed), I believed in that. When I met Park Jimin, long before he made his name known to millions, I didn’t even blink. He was cute and nice, sure, but he wasn’t my soulmate. We slowly became friends.

Even as a kid, Jimin was the most hardworking of them all. He put his entire soul into everything, and I admired him for that. He wanted to live through his passion, and, over the years I spent by his side, I found that his dream had somehow become mine… It was simple: if he was to succeed, he’d be happy, and that was all I wished for.

Succeed he did, though the path to get there proved to be tortuous.

I remember one night, somewhere during a particularly harsh winter, he broke down in my arms. Holding him as he sobbed in the crook of my neck, I realized that if I could, I’d give him the entire world.

When I look back, I suppose that’s the moment everything changed.

It was a long process, so gradual I didn’t see what was coming until I fell. At first, there was a slight nervousness when we met face to face. Then, I started to apprehend his touch. Eventually, the very sight of him would make my cheeks heat up. The thoughts kept coming - about his smile, his lips, his body - and I became unable to chase them away. I didn’t understand what madness had taken over me, and, without meaning to, I began to distance myself from him.

In spite of my uneasiness, I couldn’t stop (nor even hinder) my fall into the rabbit hole.

It didn’t take Jimin long to realize something was wrong. He kept asking what was going on, and I couldn’t find the words nor the courage to confess that I had foolishly managed to fall in love with him.

I felt stupid and pathetic.

Of course, there were non-soulmate couples out there, but at the time, they appeared like foreign entities, even though at that point already, I would have braved anything if it meant being with him…

But I wasn’t to be his, and he wasn’t to be mine.

Those were facts.

The very thought of him began to make my chest tighten, and something as simple as texting became like a chastisement. I was Sisyphus, and he was my boulder. My best efforts led nowhere, and I always ended up longing for something I knew to be out of reach.

On a Tuesday night, I was tipsy on a few drinks and drunk on my unrequited love, and I blocked him on every possible social media. In the morning, I decided it was for the best. It was selfish, I know it was, but it felt like the only way I could dim my pain… The endeavour led nowhere: I was hurting as much as before, if not more.

That’s why when he showed up at my door unannounced, face clouded in frenzied worry, tears instantly filled my eyes. He hadn’t gotten a word out that I had thrown my arms around him.

“What happened?” Jimin cried. “I haven’t been able to reach you at all! I- I thought…” He paused, panting. “I thought something had happened to you! For god sake, you idiot…”

A great tremor overtook me, and he finally realized I was crying. He tentatively pulling me closer, and the warmth of his breath made a shiver go down my spine.

“What happened?” he asked again this time softly, though his voice was still trembling.

I tried to say something, but I was sobbing too hard to gather my wits.

He let out a resigned sigh. “I missed you,” he said, and I clung into him. “It’s okay,” he whispered in my hair. “I’m here, now, it’s going to be okay…”

In his embrace, I was as vulnerable as a newborn. I allowed myself to be soothed by his voice, by his touch, by his presence…

I love you,” I thought over and over.

I’m not sure how much time passed, but eventually the crying dwindled. He made me sit at the dinning table, studying me with tight eyes. My teeth sank deep into my bottom lip, for I could tell he was waiting for me to talk. I was still hiccupping every now and then, and I had never felt smaller in my entire life. After five or six minutes, I still didn’t know what to say, and he was fidgeting with the helm of his shirt.

“Are you okay?” Jimin questioned weakly, trying to meet my gaze.

I felt yet another tear breaking out, and I quickly wiped it away. He cared about me – he cared so much – and here I was, hurting him because of my idiotic heart.

“I…” I managed to utter. “I’m just…”

“Tell me,” he implored. “We can work it out together… Like we always have.”

I shook my head.

“Y-you don’t understand,” I argued.

A shadow passed over his face. “Look, I haven’t been able to contact you for almost a week. I tried talking to your friends, but I couldn’t reach anyone either…” He paused, and I could sense his desperation. “I- I’ve been sick worried… Please, just tell me what’s going on.”

“Jimin…” I breathed. “It-it’s stupid, it’s the m-most stupid thing that has ever happened to me.”

He stared at me, and in the face of my silence, he decided to move closer. He kneeled before me, forcing my eyes to meet his.

“It’s not stupid if it’s making you cry.”

I closed my eyes, and I felt his hand wiping a new tear away.

“It’s okay,” Jimin murmured. “You can tell me anything. You know that.”

For some reason – probably because it was late and I was exhausted from all the crying – I believed him. He’d understand, right? He’d help me through…

“I…” I breathed. “I’m… I’m in love with you.”

There was a silence, and I told myself that I had fucked up, that I had lost him forever… I felt a tickling behind my nose, and my lips began to quiver.

“I- I’m sorry,” I managed to say. “I’m-”

He kissed me.

A/N: There’s a second part. It’s coming soon, and it’s angstier.

Edit: Here!

Reckless Part 5

SUMMARY: Years after a close call on a mission, emotions ran high, a reckless action, a reckless statement, made you leave behind the person you cared about most, who hurt you the most, Bucky Barnes. Can you and Bucky repair the damage and rekindle the spark that was once there? Or will it prove to be even more reckless than before?

CHARACTER(S): Bucky Barnes x Reader


A/N: Hello my loves, here it is Part 5. This will be all Bucky, how he coped without Y/N, italics are for flashbacks. Thank you sooo much to the amazing @unidentifiedanonfics, she really helped me out with this chapter, with ideas and how to make everything flow instead of jumbled. She has such an incredible mind and soul, she’s been such a great support of this series. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- ♠Grey

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

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One month. She’s been gone for one month now. It’s been one month since she silently packed all of her clothes, turned in her transfer papers, leaving without a goodbye. It’s been one month since I’ve slept well, sleeping means I’m five more steps behind trying to find her.

Six months. She’s been gone for six months now.  I’ve been trying to locate her, I’ve called her over and over. I even managed to send a proper text message. One day I got a text message back saying the number was unable to receive messages at that time. I tried again and again, I eventually had to ask Stark what it meant since technology and texting isn’t in my nature.

“It’s the same number, why does it say it’s unavailable? ” I ask puzzled. “Barnes, she’s disconnected her phone.” Stark hands the phone back to me returning to his work. “That’s it? You can’t do anything else? Can’t you find out something else, like a- a- number or something? You’ve got all this stuff in here can’t it do that?” My voice starting to climb.

“No Barnes I can’t.” Stark retorts

“Why not?” I’m bubbling with rage “Do something! You need to do something. Find her!!” I yell shoving his work desk of tools over.

Stark stands up angrily shouting “I can’t do anything Barnes! I don’t even know where she is.” Tony paces back and forth running a hand over his face “She’s gone, Barnes. You have yourself to thank for that.”

Those words repeated in my head for weeks after that. I did my best to avoid Stark, every time I saw his face I wanted to punch it in. But I knew he was right, that’s what made boiling rage worse.

Ten months. Ten months since she’s been gone. I never realized how addicted I was to her. She was like my drug that kept me going, kept me together, kept me wanting more. Now I’m going through withdrawals. The countless sleepless nights awaken by nightmares, tonight was no different. Laying in bed makes the anxiety worse, I decided to walk the halls.

I walk through the common room to the kitchen. I stayed in my room during dinner time, again, my stomachs growling but I don’t have a taste for anything.

I grab a glass of water, attempt to take a sip. I can’t even make that go down. I walk back to the common room, look at the bookshelf, hopefully reading will take my mind off of everything. I randomly pick up a brown leather bound book. Dusting it off a bit, I open it and its full of pictures. She’s in it, my chest feels tight, my eyes sting with tears. I see her all the time in my mins, she haunts me in my nightmares. But, to actually see her smiling happy face. How could I forget that about her? How could I forget her..? I forgot her face? I forgot her face. The tears stream down my face, my chin won’t stop quivering. I’m losing control, no, I can’t lose control now. I’ve held it together for this long. I’m losing control. The erratic breathing gets louder, my silent tears turn to painful audible sobs. I curl on to the floor, leaning against the wall for support. I hear footsteps, running down the hall. The acute hearing, my loud sobs can’t stop that, which makes it more painful. “Y/N?” Rocking back and forth I shout. “Buck, buck what’s wrong?” I cover my ears, rocking back and forth. The sobbing, the noises. “Please y/n… make it stop. Wake me up, wake me up.“ Hands rest on my shoulders, shaking me urgently. “Bucky!? Buck, look at me. You need to breathe, what happened?” Its Steve. "Bucky, it’s me, it’s Steve. Open your eyes Buck, it’s me! I got you pal, you’re okay. I’m here!” Sobbing uncontrollably “I forgot her face Steve. I forgot her.. face. Steve, I for…got.. her face.” My sobs turn to screams. I’m Inconsolable.

1 year. A full year without any word from her. A year of her not in my life, not here with me. These sleepless nights have become difficult to cope with. Steve checks in on me, but his comfort only does so much.  Her touch was the oxygen that refilled my burning lungs after the suffocating nightmares. I’m not very social, I look at their faces, when they look at me I can see they blame me for what happened. It could be my own paranoid conscience and guilt bubbling over. 

1 year and 8 months. 1 year, 8 months, 3 days, and 10 hours since she’s been gone. She can stop playing this little game now. No one has heard from her, no one knows her location. I hate her for this, for all of this. I’m so angry at her, at myself, at the team for giving up on finding her. I’m trying to forget her, forget all that we did and shared. But a woman like her, you can’t forget her. She was like a fingerprint, each uniquely leave an impression. She was? Is? I’m not sure what she’s like now. Because she’s like some god dang ghost, no updated file, no nothing. How can she just disappear like this? She’s proven her point, I messed up, I shouldn’t have said what I said. But her thoughtless self playing this game of charades, not wanting to be found? Everyone thinks I’m overreacting, telling me I need to move on. I can’t and I won’t. For god’s sake Y/N, you’ve proven your point. I hate you for making me go through this, haven’t you punished me enough? 

2 years. 2 years of her absents. I’m not angry at you anymore. I shouldn’t have said I hated you, because doll I could never hate you. Oh how many times I tried, but I can only hate myself for everything. Steve made me go to some art museum with him. He told me that Y/N loved going with him. She loved it even more when they added that one artist she was so drawn to. Vincent Van Gogh. To hear that woman describe his story and paintings over and over again. I asked her one day why she was so captivated by him. 

Staring thoughtfully processing her answer she starts, He was such a misunderstood man, so broken, so alone. No one noticed him, he was used and abused by others and his own mind. He expressed himself through his paintings, they expressed his happiness, pain, sadness. Starry Night, Ugh Bucky, this painting is powerful. So full of wonder, he put his heart and soul into this.” 

The way her eyes lit up, full of affection, sympathy, complete and total awe. “Well, that Van Gogh guy would’ve been a lucky bastard to have met and been with you.” She tilts her head slightly, with a sly smile “Van Gogh wouldn’t be able to match the masterpiece I already hold deep in my soul. A piece called James Buchanan. Ever heard him? A true masterpiece.” Giving the most beautiful smile, she stares at me, turning away slowly breaking away, returns her attention back to ‘Starry Night’. That moment and that day, Y/N Y/L/N owned my heart.

Steve and I make our way through the entire museum. I see a bookshop full of art books, “Hey Steve, I’ll meet you at the front doors okay?” I entire the store before he could answer.

That day I returned home with seven Van Gogh books. Three with different perspectives of his life, three describing his paintings in great detail, and the last one of Starry Night. I spent the rest of the day and night reading every single one.

It made me feel closer to you. Like I now have a piece of you.

2 years 8 months. They keep trying to bring in these new recruits, they are weak and mindless agents. A group of imbeciles, they can barely shoot a gun straight or take a hit. Natasha and Steve are training them, I tell them repeatedly that we don’t need another recruit, and that ‘she’ll’ be back. Again, no one listens to me, again and again they bring in new recruits. I make sure to make their life a living hell, they never make it throw the 5-week trial run. Congratulations Y/N, look at what you’ve done. Look at the monster you’ve created.

3 years and 6 months. Slamming open the door, Natasha storms through throwing a file on Fury’s desk. “That is a file full of the six, six agents we’ve tried to train. Five of them lasted two months, the sixth lasted only one month. Do you know why they left?” Fury taking a deep breath just blinks in response. “Because the идиотский (idiotic) Barnes makes it absolutely impossible for them to stay. He punched one of the recruits square in the jaw so hard he broke it. He has become a rageful monster. We can barely stand him, you know it’s a problem when star spangled banner almost punched him through a wall. Thor had to pull them apart. Banner was so fed up he almost went full Hulk mode. "What are you requesting Romanoff?" 

"Fix it. Or I will.” Natasha bites. Fury picks up his comm quickly dialing  waiting for the receiving caller to pickup. “Sargent Barnes, please report to my office at 17:00."Fury takes out his comm, turning back to Natasha. “He’ll be ordered to do desk duty for a few moths, and private sessions with Banner. In that amount of time it should give him a clear head.  Natasha’s looking out at the view, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves "He needs her. We all do.”

3 years and 10 months. Dysfunctional yet functional. I’m finally off of that rotten disk duty. I’m trying to functioning as best as I can. Attempting to have a routine, an everyday routine I eat, sleep - as best as I can, Shower, hold light conversations, train, missions, repeat. I don’t hate her anymore, I never truly did, I just was angry. Thinking of the good times we had helps me get through everyday life. Sam may make another joke, I think about what witty comeback she would’ve had. Natasha now prefers to watch TV alone, Y/N was the one she’d ‘watch’ it with, it typically would watch them have intense deep conversations. Natasha doesn’t have the spark in her eyes anymore, like the others, the lights been dimmed without her presence. The presence that is no longer spoken of. A name that is no longer uttered. 

4 years. Stable. The word  I’d use to describe my current state. The nightmares aren’t regular, they come and go. The loneliness still lingers, but not as much. She’s still all I want, but at this point I was the cause of her vanishing act. I’ve come to accept it, doesn’t mean I like it. But we have to learn from our mistakes and move on right? God Y/N, I can’t forget you, you were like that one painting you always talked about. Starry Night - your favorite. I always associated that painting with you. So full of wonder, mystery, yet full of vivid beautiful colors. You were and always will be my starry night, Doll. 

Fury called everyone directly to the boardroom after our away mission for an urgent meeting. We’ve all been trying to prep for the arrival of the two agents. Steve keeps trying to convince me that working with people we don’t know will pan out well. No one has been very vocal about these two new additions, that’s a sign that not everyone is on board with it. We take our seats waiting for Fury, something about this meeting, it’s making me feel anxious.“You look like you’ve got a lot on your mind Barnes.” Natasha mutters
“I don’t think it’s a hidden secret that I’m uneasy about the two new operatives.”
“Mmm.” She stares at me. Natasha keeps looking at me from across the table, she’s fidgeting in her seat. She knows somethings up, but what? 

“What?” I asked perplexed, she doesn’t answer.
Fury walks into the room “Team, as you know I have requested two more operatives to assist on the upcoming Hydra mission. I’d like to introduce to you Derrick Dugan. He is the leader of the Elite Shadow Squadron. “It’s a pleasure to meet you all, I look forward working with you all. I know this will not be an easy task, but I hope we can all make this transition go smooth. I’ve brought with me my second in command, Zero.“Zero? As in he has zero tolerance for bad behavior? Or going to give out Zeros on all of our report cards?” Tony blurts out walking around the table
“No Mr. Stark, she never misses a target, and we have had zero incidents thanks to her outstanding marksmanship. Zero, is the codename we call her on the squadron, a title she’s earned.” Derrick steps to the side extending his arm, directing our attention to the door.
Fury walks over to the door greeting the figure in heeled black tactical boots with a fitted body suit to match. I can catch a glimpse of her short y/h/c hair, then she turns facing forward. A face that I could never forget in a million years, even if I tried.“You all know her as…”
My breath hitched in my throat, I mutter “Y/N”.

Catching her name being called she glances in my direction. Briefly making eye contact, eyes that once full of light and life, now lifeless. 

My current State: Unstable.

**AUTHOR’S NOTE: I hope you all enjoyed it! Please leave feedback, reblog, like, etc. I welcome it all, even suggestions. Until the next chapter!


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Long Live the Queen (M) Pt. 3

Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 4 Pt 5  Pt 6 Pt 7


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Rated M for possibly mature themes in future updates, probably smut, swearing, murder, violence. I might get a little crazy with this

Summary: Jungkook’s name on the streets is the ‘Golden Prince’ for all the fanciful things he’s taken as his own. As a thief he can steal anything, even when he’s propositioned to steal the Queen herself. Stealing her heart however, will prove to be another matter completely.

A/N: here it is guys! Part three!! I hope you guys enjoy ^~^ 

Credit for this idea and the artwork goes to @baepsaeboyss

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anonymous asked:

Hei :) every fandom seems to have a handful of fics you just HAVE to have read, the ones everyone suggests to new readers. so. what do you think are the must-read fics in this fandom? I'm guessing "with love from anonymous" is definitely on that list? but what else? I haven't read a lot of evak fic and I'm not sure where to start to be honest.

Hi! ♥ Oh, you’ve come to the right place, dear :) Let me direct you to the lists of my top favorites - 1 & 2! Like you said, those are the fics that I recommend to anyone who asks for the best stuff out there. And since those lists are just tiny bit outdated, I’ll add a few of my newer favorites (aka must-reads) below ;)

  1. in the place of you and me by DarkBeauty_890
    Summary: “Can I tell you a secret?” Even murmurs, tracing mindless patterns- zig zags and hearts and stars and infinity signs- up and down Isak’s bare back. He circles freckles and counts them, adding them to his never ending tally of things to know about Isak. Isak snuffles sleepily, “Mmhmm.” “You have made me happier in less than a year, than I think I have been in my entire life.” Eyes flicker open, hazy green; beautiful and open, “Ditto.”

  2. Home Is Wherever I’m With You by cuteandtwisted  
    Summary: travel!au; “Hi. I’m Even and I don’t usually walk around in nothing but a towel.” “Uh, I’m Isak.” “Isak. Mind if I kidnap you for some fun sightseeing activities?” Or Isak and Even keep meeting in hostels all around the world and never exchanging contact information.

  3. The Notion of Falling by smokeshop
    Summary: HateToLove!au; Isak hates Even and Even hates Isak and Sana is the only one who knows why.

  4. Things Look Different in the Morning by allyasavedtheday  
    Summary: roomates!au & uni!au; “So,” he says, drawing the word out. “I told Even he could stay here.”Isak blinks, convinced he’s misheard. “Eskild,” he says flatly. “We don’t have a spare room.” Eskild straightens his back, expression turning sheepish. “That’s the other part…I was thinking he could stay in your room?” * In which Even needs a place to stay, kollektivet gains a new roommate, and Isak just really wants to sleep.

  5. You are in Love by pressurerin
    Summary: Even is so in love with Isak. Isak feels the same.

  6. Membership Dues by Sabeley
    Summary: fraternity!au; Isak is pledging Even’s fraternity. Even keeps having to be reminded that he’s not allowed to date the pledges. “It’s a ten-week pledge period. How hard could it be?” Famous last words. 

  7. making new clichés by strangetowns
    Summary: They are young teenage boys who don’t have jobs, and thus don’t have money except for when they beg their parents for allowances. The stunning lack of creativity that goes into their activities just goes without saying. What doesn’t go without saying is this - Even doesn’t care that they don’t do anything exciting. They could be lying on their backs for hours watching the ceiling and he’d still rather be there than anywhere else in the world. As long as Isak is there, he will have a good time. This is a thing he knows to be true. - In this universe, Isak and Even are best friends. Some things are different; some things stay exactly the same.

  8. when your heart is bleeding, i’m coming to get you by cosetties  
    Summary: uni!au; Isak doesn’t exactly expect his hookup from last week to be the love advice columnist at the school newspaper he’s working at. He also doesn’t expect to fall even harder for him than he already has, which is a shame, really, since Even’s crushing on someone else. 

(✓ - oneshots/completed fics)


so i travelled 14 hours in total to meet the woman who changed my life on monday, and it was absolutely worth it. i got to tell chyler leigh that she did in fact change my life and that she made me feel so much more comfortable about myself, and the way she looked back up at me when i told her was something i will NEVER forget. i told her i travelled from scotland and she was so genuinely grateful that i’d taken the journey to meet her and nathan. she hugged me THREE times, and i’ve never really been a hugger but let me tell you, i fucking held on for dear life. her hugs are absolutely life changing and she made me feel so loved. and nathan, oh my gosh, what a lovely human. his band were wonderful to witness live and the entire day was so humbling and inspiring. they say to never meet your idols but i couldn’t have asked for a better day. i’ll never ever EVER forget it.


“I got to meet Norman Reedus again today and got his autograph! He was so sweet and hugged me a bunch & said “Happy Easter Muffin!"😂🐰😍 I love him so much, the entire Walking Dead cast made me feel like I have a home with them and this was the best weekend of my entire life! Thank you @WalkrStalkrCon !❤😭💀”

“After 7 years of wanting to meet this guy it finally happened!! @wwwbigbaldhead was so sweet!! I can’t believe I got to meet my OG favorite Walking Dead character! Daryl Dixon, you are everything!”

“OMG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!! Jeffrey Dean Morgan remembered me from earlier and threw his arms around me in the pic I didn’t even have to ask he seriously is the nicest celebrity I’ve ever met I love Negan so much, Thank you Jeff for making my dreams come true!!!”

📷  ||  magicaladventureswithsara

The Girl From the Journal (Pt3)

Soulmate AU: The Girl From the Journal

Part 1 Part 2 AO3

The waitress set two cups of coffee down on the table in front of the raven-haired journalist and the doe-eyed school teacher, her gaze burning an angry hole into the side of Betty’s head as her eyes danced with jealousy at the sight of her favorite customer sitting with another girl. 

“You don’t think I’m crazy?” Betty asked, leaning her elbows on the surface and nearly knocking over the cup of hot liquid that Naomi had perched dangerously close to the edge of the table. “Most people would have assumed I was the one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest and then just kept going until I fled the whole county.”

“I don’t think you’re crazy,” Jughead assured her, picking up the cup of coffee and taking a sip, his lips curling into a satisfied smirk that was formed partly because of Betty’s incessant ramblings, and partly because of the quality of the drink he had grown accustomed to over the past few months. “In fact, I was kind of expecting this reaction. Although I would have put my money on more frantic arm movements or maybe some mild fainting, but you know this works too.” 

It took a few seconds for the realization to form across her expression, settling into the raised eyebrows and widened eyes that made her look much younger than what she actually was. “You left the journal here on purpose,” she gasped. “You knew it was me all along - god, I knew she had to be real and I knew you had to have felt what I felt when I handed you back the journal!”

“What did you feel?” Jughead quirked a curious eyebrow, that same amused smirk still evident on his lips as he leaned forward to rest his arms on the table. 

“Uh, I don’t know,” she stuttered, her cheeks blushing a bright pink rose color as she reached for the first thing on the table she could find to keep herself busy. “It was like - like there was this spark of electricity and this vague feeling of familiarity. Like we were meant to know each other even though we hadn’t met until now.” 

A moment of silence passed between them just then, their eyes locked on one another as a flood of unspoken words and emotions floated in the space around them.

“I mostly felt cold,” Jughead joked, his gaze breaking away from hers as he reached for his coffee cup once more. “Your hands are like ice cubes you know.” 

“Very funny,” Betty muttered, her tone playful and mocking as she leaned back into the booth and crossed her arms over her chest to quirk a curious eyebrow in his direction. “So when did you realize it was me? There had to have been a moment, right?”

“You were moving supplies into your classroom last year, right before school was about to start back up again,” Jughead explained, the story unfolding as if he had thought about it a dozen times before this moment. “You stubbed your toe on a desk and instead of cursing or crying like most people would have done, you sucked in a deep breath, shook your hands frantically in front of you as if that was going to make the pain go away faster, and just counted to ten until the aching dulled.”

Betty blushed as she thought back to the day that Jughead was explaining. “I found that counting to ten works better than letting my anger get the better of me.”  

“Well about a week prior to that I had written this entry,” Jughead told her, picking up the journal next to him and flipping to an entry that had documented the encounter in perfect detail. “That’s when I knew that who I had been writing about since I was sixteen had to have been real and she couldn’t have been anyone but you.”

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Ice Cream

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Prompt: #56 “My soulmate is most likely a carton of ice cream.

Words: 463


Thomas Jefferson looked at his wrist. He had some of the weirdest words on his arm, which would be the first words he heard from his soulmate.

“My soulmate is most likely a carton of ice cream.”

Every time he looked at those words he was filled with confusion and amusement.

He wondered what type of person they’d be like. He didn’t want to think about it too much.

He just couldn’t wait until he meet them.


You were looking at your wrist. Your line was just about as weird as Thomas’.

“Then I must be a cartoon of ice cream.”

Your whole life was spent wondering what would lead up to this moment. You didn’t know what was going on.

You decided to go hang out with your friend Aaron Burr today. He was going to help you with your essay and then have lunch together with his soulmate, Theodosia.

The essay had gone well, just needing some minor edits. Lunch was splendid and you and Theo talked leaving Aaron to sit there quietly.

“So Y/N, have you found anything new about a possible soulmate?” Theo asked you. A tall and handsome man walked into the diner. Aaron recognized him and went over to talk.

“Nope. My soulmate is most likely a carton of ice cream.”


Thomas froze. Those words. His soulmate. You were here. He found you.

He froze for a second then walked over to you.

“Then I must be a cartoon of ice cream.”

You looked up at him shocked. A grin fell over your face and you stood up in front of him. Aaron and Theo smiled then walked away, giving the two of you some alone time.

You held out your hand.

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Thomas Jefferson.”

He took your hand and then pulled you into a warm hug. He kissed the top of your head and you breathed in his scent. He smelled like lavender, vanilla, and fresh paper.

“I have been wondering what would lead up to this moment for years,” he told you, sitting the two of you down.

“Same here. I’d always wondered what these words meant. I’m glad that it wasn’t as weird a meeting as I had thought,” you told him, boldly giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Darling I think you missed,” He told you, meeting you lips with his own.

The kiss was warm and loving. It made your insides fuzzy, and you didn’t think that you had ever felt so loved in your entire life.

The two of you broke apart, and you gave him another hug.

“Now darling what would you say to letting me treat you to a carton of ice cream?” He asked you, the biggest grin on his face. You laughed.

“Nothing could make me happier.”


My brain is weird.

All My Idols Ch 28: The Magic Potion

“This looks delicious!” I say with a big grin.

“Well dig in than!” Seungri eagerly offers me every beautifully made dish on the table, even daring the snatch it out of the older men’s hands. But they put up a fight when the see the smile on my face. I stuff my face for the first time in a long time, I can’t remember the last time I ate such delicious food to my hearts content. The guys must think the same as they order more and more food after plate after plate becomes empty.

“When was the last time we had a lunch like this?” Youngbae is grinning ear to ear with a hand on his full belly.

I chuckle as I mimic his actions and rest my hand on my distended belly, “I don’t remember but oh my go it has been too long!”

“Look at your little belly,” Seungri teases from my left, placing his hand over mine.

I swat him away, “Leave me alone with my chubbiness.”

Jiyong chuckles, “Did you enjoy your meal?”

I nod eagerly, “It was amazing thank you guys so much! But I need to run to the restroom, I’ll be back in a minute, okay?” The minute I try to get to my feet all five are doing the same. “No, absolutely not. You guys are not walking me to a public bathroom, sit your asses down.”

“Charlie,” Seungri tries to offer but my glare makes him shut his mouth.

When all of them are seated I give them a smile, “Thank you. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I leave the private room, taking it slow so I don’t have to worry about them scolding me because I know without looking over my shoulder that they are all watching from the doorway. The whole restaurant is made for privacy, every one gets a private room, the servers don’t ask questions or even look you in the eye. Though I am not a fan of these places, their food is amazing, and the guys seem to prefer it. The bathroom is on the far side of the building, almost as far as possible from our room, half way there I kind of wish I had let one of them come with me. I must look so pathetic limping down the hall but none of the staff say anything to me and I can’t get the courage to ask for help.

I use the restroom quickly and come back into the hall, ready to rush back to the room but five steps into it I’m stumbling into someone’s arms. My arms wrap around them in return, clinging to them like my life depended on it, in this case my ankle might. If I keep falling like this I’m going to seriously mess it up and I don’t need that.

“I’m so sorry,” I mumble is broken Mandarin.

The man mumbles something back that goes completely over my head. He leans away a little when I don’t respond so he can see my face.  I’m too awe struck by the pretty face in front of me to try and translate the words coming out of his pretty lips.

“Charlotte!” Is the only word that gets through to me.

“Yes?” I respond in English without thinking about it.

“Oh,” He clicks his tongue, small smile graces his face, “You don’t speak Mandarin, I’m sorry.” His English response throws me off even more. “Are you okay? I know your ankle is injured, didn’t anyone come with you? Are you wandering around by yourself?”

I told them I would be fine on my own for a few minutes, now I’m sitting here looking like an idiot,” I mumble on and on. “You must think I’m an absolute idiot! Wandering around while I’m hurt in a place where I can’t even speak the language well-”

“Hold on, hold on pretty girl,” He chuckles, “I speak pretty good English but that was way too much, way too fast.

I’m sorry,” I quickly bow my head in embarrassment.

He lifts my chin, a small smile on his beautiful face, “Lets try this again, maybe meet in the middle? How about we try Korean? I feel like we could be more evenly matched.”

I gulp but nod, never feeling so nervous to speak Korean in my whole entire life, “Okay.”

“Okay, now tell me, what are you doing out here?”

I point to the bathroom, “I am heading back from the bathroom.”

“I see you made it pretty far,” He teases. “Where are you headed? I’ll take you back. Who are you here with?”

“Big Bang.”

“Ah, I hear they are your favorite.”

I cock my head at him, finally asking, “You know who I am?”

“Yes I do, which is why I yelled your name at you earlier to get your attention.”

“I know that, but how?”

He chuckles, “How do I know your name? How could I not? You are the princess, I would have to live under a rock not to know who you are. But I take it this means you know who I am.”

“Why do you think I was just staring at you awe struck for a minute?”

“I thought it was my handsome good looks.”

“Well you aren’t far off. That pretty of face of yours made me lose my train of thought.”

“Pretty?” He pouts.

It’s my turn to laugh, “I’m sorry, I meant handsome.”

“Ge what are you doing out here?” A tall man with blond hair steps out of the doorways a little farther down the hall. My jaw drops for a moment until I make eye contact with the giant and I scream. Like I honestly scream, I am so lucky these rooms are sound proof or I would have caused a even bigger scene.

“What in the world is going on out here?” Another giant appears from the doorway, this one even taller with blood red hair.

“Oh my god,” I half heartedly scream into the purple haired man’s chest.

“I feel so insulted that you didn’t react like that to me,” He puffs his chest.

“I’m sorry, I just, this is a lot.”

The blond comes closer, “Is that who I think it is?”

“Wow, how did you mange to find her?” The red head whistles, swaggering up behind the younger.

“She stumbled right into my arms,” The eldest informs, I now realizing neither one of us has let go since our conversation began.

“Luhan-ssi,” I call his attention back to me.

He smiles wider, “Yes?”

I suddenly find myself blushing, “I um… I just need to um…” No proper sentence will form on my lips.

“Are you okay?” Tao comes even closer, resting a hand on my shoulder.

“Maybe we should have her sit down, she’s injured right? Luhan ge can you carry her in or should I?” Kris offers, already holding his arms out, ready to take me from the older.

Luhan shakes his head, “I’ve got her.” Without another word he scoops me up and carries me into their private room, the other two follow behind us, closing the door. For a brief moment I wonder, am I being kidnapped?

“You guys I am fine,” I try to get out of Luhan’s hold but for being such pretty boy he is a lot stronger than I thought he would be.

“Have you eaten?” Tao wonders when the elder sets me down in one of the nice chairs.

I nod, “I just got done eating. I really need to get back to my oppas before they start to worry.”

“I will get you back to them just give us a minute, okay?” His voice is sweeter than I’ve ever heard.

“A minute for what?”

“To just talk to you,” Kris answers finally coming into the conversation.


Luhan crouches down by my seat and stares up at me with sparkling eyes, “We’ve heard a lot about you, we’ve seen you interacting with so many people and even though we had never met before I felt kind of jealous.”

I stare down at him with wide eyes, “You what?”

Tao chuckles, “You have this aura about you, you seem so warm and inviting and we just want to talk to you for a minute to experience it for ourselves. Is that okay?”

“Yea, um, I guess, I’ve just got to get back really soon.”

Luhan nods, waddling even closer, resting his hands on my thigh,  “Of course, but tell us first, how is your leg feeling?”

“My leg? I only hurts if I try to over use it like an idiot.”

“And your health?” Kris pulls up a chair on my other side, all three of them surrounding me.

“My health is a lot better after my time in the hospital and lots of bed rest.” They all nod, smiles grace their handsome faces. “How about your health?” I blurt out, throwing them off, “Tao-ssi, how are your knees?”

“My knees?” He chuckles, “I’ve had plenty of time to rest, they feel a lot better.”

“Luhan-ssi, Kris-ssi, have you had plenty of time to rest? Have you eaten lots of food? Spent lots of time with your families?”

They smile wider, “We have had plenty of rest, thank you for your concern. You know a lot about us, I feel at a disadvantage,” Kris hums. “Tells us more about you.”

“It appears to me that you know a lot,” I hum back.

“Okay well we know what has been printed in magazines, on the news and things on blogs but that it.”

I click my tongue, “Than we a evenly matched.”

“So you have looked us up!” Tao beams at me.

“Of course I have, I try to stay as up to date on you guys as possible, though I haven’t been able to attend any of your concerts since I’ve been living in Asia. But I did see Great Wall, xXx, and the Game Changer, you guys were amazing.” I continue to ramble on about the things they’ve been up to since they left EXO, filled with so much excitement that I don’t even notice how much I’m actually talking and how fast my mouth is moving. But I suddenly do notice how they are staring at me, full handsome smiles are on their faces, eyes crinkled into almost nothing, they look so cute.

My mouth finally stops moving and we are all left just staring at each other. We all seem to be awe struck by the other, I take a moment to scan each of them over. Tao and Kris are dressed similar like I always imagined they would, both wearing black jeans, only difference being the zippers that are all over Tao’s pants. Kris’s outfit is on the fancier end, a nice button up and I’m guessing the long trench coat hanging on the back of one of the chairs belongs to him while Tao is wearing a worn out t-shirt that probably cost more than my apartment. I notice a large leather jacket on the back of the chair I’m in and assure it belongs to him.

Luhan looks amazing in a three piece, all black suit, that has my mouth watering. I have no idea why he is dressed so nicely for a lunch with some friends but I thank whatever the reason is a thousand times in my mind. Luhan’s attractiveness always switches on and off for me depending on how he is carrying himself and what he is doing but right now he is carrying himself the man he is.

“If I had known I was going to run into people I would have dressed better,” I accidently say out loud. Even though I find myself blushing at my own words, I’m happy it was that and not my thought seconds before.

Tao chuckles, “You are telling me, I would have worn a suit too if I knew the princess would be gracing us with her presence.”

“You guys all look amazing! I’m the one without any makeup and dressing like a little bum.”

“Good, from the way you were staring I was starting to think I had something on my face,” Kris teases.

“You are such a cute bum,” Tao chimes in, he caress my cheek with one of those smiles and I’m too in awe to stop him, but the others are not afraid to scold him.

“Ya! What do you think you are doing?” Luhan smacks his knee.

Tao seems to be in a trance himself and quickly shakes out of it, “Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to, it’s just that… um…you looked so cute… It must be that magic potion of yours!”

“Ah,” I nod, “You aren’t the first to do something like that, it’s fine Tao-ssi.”

He scoffs, “Tao-ssi? Oppa,” He corrects, “Or Ge.”

“Tao oppa,” I test it out on my tongue.

Luhan clicks his tongue, “There you go making me jealous again. Me too, call me oppa too!”

“Luhan oppa,” I look at Kris with a big smile, “Yifan oppa.”

He grins back, “I didn’t even have to ask.”

“Oh how I wish we could keep you all to ourselves for a little while longer,” Luhan hums.

“Oh crap that’s right! My oppas! We have to go back!”

“Why did you have to remind her?” Kris pouts. “We only had her for a few minutes.”

“I only asked her for one so who am I to keep her for more if she has other places to be,” Luhan stands up. “Come on pretty girl, I’ll walk you back, or would you preferred to be carried?”

“Normally I would say I can walk but I need to get back before they send out a search party, could you carry me back? If not, that’s okay!”

He chuckles, “I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t willing, ready?”

I nod.

His arms go under my knees and behind my back, picking me up princess style, “Wow, you are so tiny, are you sure you ate?”

“I know manly man, now lets go! Quick!” I tap on his chest to get him going but once he starts moving towards the door I slam my hand on it, “Wait a minute!”

“Okay Love you need to make up your mind,” Kris comes over and takes my hand away from the door.

“I forgot to say thank you for being so kind to me and letting me ramble on like an idiot.”

“You are not an idiot, I am so happy we got the chance to meet you. Though I’m a bit upset that it will be a long time until we will be able to meet again,” Kris strokes my head.

“If you are ever in Korea, let me know, I will happily hang out with you!”

“It’s a date.”

“You stay safe okay?” Tao chimes in getting my attention, “And make sure you get plenty of rest. I will be looking for you on my next trip.”

“I’m taking her back now,” Luhan interjects, managing pull open the door and get out into the hall.

“Can’t we come with?” Tao wonders.

Luhan shakes his head, “I don’t think that will be a good idea, I’ll bring her back and we can have lunch.”

“That won’t be as fun but whatever,” Tao plops into the chair I just occupied.

“Bye guys, thank you.”

Kris winks, “Anytime Love.”

Hope you enjoy!

The Geographical Cure

Ship: Taehyung/V - Jungkook
Rating: Explicit
Type: Fluff, Angst, Smut
Status: Complete (6 Chapters)
Warnings: Sex
Jeon Jeongguk likes to travel. For so long, his life has been made up of new countries, new places, new experiences (and new boys.) A vacation makes you feel suspended in time, detached from the world, weightless. And Prague seems far enough away from Seoul for him to disappear completely.

That is, until he meets Kim Taehyung on the plane, and his entire world shifts on its axis.

One of those Fic’s you need to read. (does that sound to demanding It’s just so beautiful I read it while traveling back to uni after vacation I spend most of the time after finishing it actually chatting to my very nice (and cute) neighbor on the bus ;P)

Link: Read it here

Alternate Ending to Chapter 9

A/N: All I have to say is you guys weren’t expecting this today (wink wonk)

You decided to order online instead, but you remembered that your laptop wasn’t in the best condition right now. “I’ll be right back, John, you’re with me.” You said, grabbing your keys again. You hated leaving the boys in the apartment alone, but you had to. You couldn’t drag them to school on Monday, so they had to get used to being alone.

Lafayette protested, moving towards you, “But I want to go,” he complained. You rolled your eyes.

“Sorry Laf, but I need someone who could-“ You realized that you were about to insult his background , so you rephrased your words- “be around food and not freak out. And I promised John I would go,” You gestured for John to come, and he jumped up quickly, a grin stretching to both of his cheeks.

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Little Wolf


Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Summary: Have you done a Klaus x reader where he calls you (his) little wolf because you are obviously a werewolf but also dating?

From a young age all you kept hearing was werewolves and vampires don’t make a good combination, to stay away from one and that they were our enemies. You never understood why, no-one ever gave you a reasonable explanation they just expected you to follow the rules. But you weren’t one for that, and it was no surprise that you ended up having multiple secret nights with the famous Klaus Mikealson.

It wasn’t just a fling or him using you for any sort of advantage, you could sense that he really cared about you. His family welcomed you in after some time, and even had helped on several occasions to help you sneak into the Mikealson compound to spend the night or day with Klaus.

“What should we do dearest Y/N” Rebekah asked you, walking into the room. “A girls night on the town sounds fun, you, me and Freya? What do you say?.”

You were seated on the couch, Freya was on the side chair and the others were scattered all out the house. "Sorry dear sister, Y/N will have to reschedule. She has a date with me” Klaus said with a grin on his, as he walked down the stairs.

“I do?” you asked.

Rebekah smirked at her brother, “In order to have a date Niklaus the other person has to be aware of it”.

“Don’t you have some poor soul to chase darling sister? Perhaps you can go to the bar and try your skills there on a lonely lass?”.

Standing up you walked over to a very amused Klaus, “Behave yourself” you told him with a stern look.

“Yes dear brother do behave yourself, there’s no need to be a jerk. I shall leave you both to it, Y/N can come along next time. In the meantime it can just me and Freya”. Rebekah grabbed her jacket and Freya followed her out the compound, but not before she gave Klaus a behave yourself look, leaving just the two of you in the living room.

“Do you really have a date planned?” Turing to Klaus and asking him, who seated himself at the edge of the couch.

“Of course we do, why would I lie about such a thing?” he asked grabbing your hand and taking you upstairs.

“Oh I don’t know, how about to prevent Rebekah, Freya and I from having a girls night out?” you said shrugging your shoulders.

“I am deeply offended by that accusation, and I refuse to answer”.

“Oh but my love, you just did”.

Pushing open the door that lead to Klaus master bedroom, the sunlight hit the windows which reflected into the room and in the center was a small picnic basket and a few candles lit on the tables around.

"I think we walked into the wrong room” you stated cheeky.

Klaus walked in front of you and lit the last candle sitting on the table, “Amusing truly. But this is indeed the right room and since we can’t have a picnic outside, in fear of your pack finding out about us. I thought why not have one indoors, I am quite a romantic when I want to be you know”.

Taking a seat on the pillow, Klaus took the one opposite and pulled out food from the basket. “Klaus?”

He stopped what he was doing and focused his attention on you, “Yes?”.

“Do you think there will ever be a time when you and I could take a stroll through the streets, or spend the night out in New Orleans without having to worry about my pack?”.

It was a question you wouldn’t to ask him for a long time now. A werewolf dating a vampire or starting any sort of interaction was forbidden within your werewolf community, but if they found out it was a hybrid and that it was Klaus Mikealson the most feared man out there….you didn’t even want to imagine what they would do.

Klaus took your hands in his, before moving the food to the side so he could shift closer. “My little wolf I believe there will be a day when you and I will be free to do whatever your heart desires. And I promise I will find a way to make that happen, by any means necessary”.

“It’s just if they ever found out…I can’t lose you or Rebekah or Elijah or Freya or even Kol”.

He placed a tender kiss on your hand, “And you won’t. Your apart of our family and we always protect our own. No harm will come to you, and there is no way in hell I am going to lose you either”.

Picking off a grape he smiled, “We can talk more about this later, but as of now we have a picnic to enjoy. Let’s make the most of it before you have to go”.

Taking the grape in your mouth, it exploded and a burst of freshness filled your mouth causing you to smile.

The two of you only had a few more hours before the sun came up, and that meant you had to go back. But as of right now you didn’t want to waste it thinking about the sun rising, you wanted to indulge in this moment with Klaus, with a man that made you question why werewolves and vampires even had to be enemies in the first place.

You knew of his bad side and you knew that Mikealson family wasn’t one to be messed up, but they showed you more kindness, gratitude and acceptance than what you had your entire life.

All the food was eaten and Klaus had shared stories with you about his life, his face fell when both of you saw the sun slowly appearing. “I have to go” you mentioned sadly.

“One day it won’t be like this, you have my word”.

Touching his cheek, you leaned in feeling the explosion when lips meet. It was a feeling that you wanted to experience all the time, but right now that wasn’t the case.  “I’ll see you soon, my love”.

“And I’ll be waiting” he replied.

Standing up you made sure that you looked exactly how you did when you left. Reaching into your purse you grabbed the small perfume bottle, and squeezed it a few times to make sure Klaus scent was no longer there.

Giving him one last sad wave, you walked away from his room, down the stairs and through the large compound doors wishing for that day where you didn’t have to leave at all.

It Runs in the Family

I am so disappointed with this episode I waited so long to see katie mcgrath again and i did and she was so pretty but at what cost.

anger writing is surprisingly therapeutic. this is what should’ve been a part of the winding-down scenes in 2x08, written in a furor as soon as I finished watching- let’s all just collectively repress the mon-el kiss now.

pairing: Supergirl/Lena Luthor

“I didn’t believe it for a moment, you know.”

Lena laughs as she sets her wineglass down on her desk, brushing back her hair when the draft comes whooshing from the balcony.

“Still not an entrance, but I have a feeling you’re never really going to come through the front door, are you?”

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You're Lonely

Slumping onto the bleachers, I let my backpack fall next to me. I hadn’t seemed no notice that it was poring rain outside, nearly freezing the air around me. I just needed to leave here. Leave the school, leave the country, just leave.
I was tired of going unnoticed. I was tired of hiding behind my books and glasses. I wanted to have friends and to have someone to care for me besides my family. I wanted a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, or even just a person to have sleepovers with on the weekends, but it seemed to be nearly impossible. Everyone had somebody, whether a best friend, a friend with benifits, or a partner, that they all forgot about me.
I was left alone here. I’ll always be alone here.
Not paying attention to the world around me, another existance brought me out of my trance. Turning my head to the right, I saw the profile of the captain of the lacross team, Harry Styles. He was by far the most breathtaking human being to ever exist, and knowing that he was here, next to me, made something inside of me brighten up.
I was staring so long I didn’t even acknowledge him looking at me. Blushing intensively, I looked back ahead of me, trying to clear my head.
“You dropped this in the wallway” Harry mumbled, turning all the pages of my journal in his hand by his thumb before placing it on my lap.
Fluttering my eyes closed, I knew I shouldn’t have been so stupid to think he actually wanted to talk to me. He probably didn’t even know who the hell I was, he probably just saw it fall out of my bag when he went to go to the bathroom or something.
I nodded my head, opening my eyes again to notice tears threatening to spill over.
“Thanks” I whispered, shoving it in my backpack before the rain destroys it.
Fixing my glasses from the tip of my nose, I looked back onto the feild, still feeling Harry’s intense gaze on me. It’s not that I felt uncomfortable, I felt more relieved that somebody was finally acknowledging my presence around here.
Ripping his gaze away from me, I could tell he was trying to say something. His eyes creased inward as his mouth fell open, quickly closing back into a tight line, trying to figure out what exactly to say.
“Are you okay? Like, do you need a ride home or something?” he asked.
I simply shook my head, letting loose tears fall freely down my cheeks, then mixing in woth the raindrops along my skin.
“I’m okay,” I whispered, more to myself than to him, “I’m okay.”
Shaking his head, Harry reached his thumb along my cheek, wipping away the mixture of my tears and rain.
“Look, I’m not good at giving advice, and I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but I promise you that it’s not the end of your life, okay? You have an entire lifetime ahead of you, full of happiness and joy. Okay?”
I nodded slowly, closing my eyes to his words. I loved hearing reassureance from someone other than my mother, and knowing that someone was currently caring for me made a smile develope on my face.
Harry gentley squeezed my cheek, leaning in to quickly graze his lips against my skin. My eyes widened, my gaze meeting his as he smiled, rubbing my cheek softly.
“You were never invisible to me, y/n”

89. “You’re not interested, are you?”

“Steve, you’re drooling.”

Steve snapped out of his trance and put his hand over his mouth. He pulled it back and saw that it was dry and that he wasn’t drooling.

“No I’m not, Buck.”

Bucky chuckled at his lovestruck friend, “You were like two seconds away from doing so. Why don’t you just go up to (Y/n) and ask her to dance with you or something?”

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