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if you think about it we don’t really have much evidence that peter is a good thief. good at forgery yes. good at escaping, yes, but he has to be because he gets caught at the end of literally every crime we see him commit. that’s not a good track record. but how many thefts do we see him pull off successfully? caught by croesus in the middle of robbery? juno feels him pick his pocket and has figured out his identity? was he even there to steal something in Prince of Mars because if he did, didn’t Juno literally just fuckin eat it? the card game heist and train robbery go seven kinds of pear-shaped? also if the guards got there that fast what the hell was his and mag’s plan for getting out of the building and off New Kinshasa? who says peter is a master thief? peter, mostly. maybe he’s not. maybe he’s just trying really hard to sound cool so that Juno will like him


backstreet boys + cinnamon roll meme

In the short time I actually played Fates, I captured a unit. He is a mercenary named Vergil. He was a terrible soldier, so I head canon him as a mute soldier who was wandering around before he was picked up by my army. We then trained him, taught him new classes and pushed him to his limits. He is now one of my strongest units in the game, a hero with Ignis, Sol, Axe breaker, quick blade and good fortune. I head canon him married to Felicia and he has had my back no matter what. Too bad his Res and Mag are such shit…

*slides $5 to suzanne collins* write a finnick prequel ok thx

Josh being the ultimate BMTH stan: A masterpost.

Thank you anon for giving me this idea, I will not let yall down.

No offence but one is bigger than stan Josh. No one.

He’s been stanning since the beginning 

Stanning since he was 16/17??? Got dam! He could’ve been stanning since before, too. (Spot Chris in the old dd jacket)

And here he is, caught in the action and reading a K! mag of his favourite band 😳😳.

I can confirm he indeed had a ‘discussion’ with someone and won either way do not @ me on this one, girlies

[Caption reads ‘Oli Sykes and Josh Fr*nceschi BBFs] (I starred his name for the sake of scary stans finding this) NOW here we have him with (bmth) lyrics on his hand because he was oh-so excited to perform The Sadness Will Never End with bmth *cough cough* his fav band 😩😩and that smile says it all. ANYWAYS

Let’s not forget the time he emailed Oliver saying he wants to join the band 


😋😋😋😋😋 Edit: I almost forgot to add this part but CREDS TO THE BLOGS I FOUND THE PICS ON I lurked hard one day
I find it adorable that Magnus is shorter than Alec in the tv show like..
  • Magnus: *Goes on his toes, trying to kiss Alec*
  • Alec: *amused*
  • Magnus: *frustrated*
  • Magnus: *jumps on Alec, hooking his legs around his waist*
  • Alec: Mags, what're you doing *tries not to laugh*
  • Magnus: Trying to kiss you, you giant