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Does Madison also have a rabbit called Cheese?? How come Thomas owns all the animals?? I love your zoo AU so much omg i need to know more

“His shoddy form of payment was naming one of his birds ‘Maddie’. He’s the absolute laziest one he has. Thanks, Thomas.”

(I answered your second question in the last post! Also thank you!! I’m glad you like it!!)

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Hi Maddy! Based on your opinion, what's the reason behind Sarada wearing glasses?

Well I don’t really have an opinion on the matter, I just go by what Kishi has said, because I have no reason to not believe him :)

He said something along the lines of how he wanted to make her look more intellectual, and to stop her looking like a female version of Sasuke because that apparently would have been scary.

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I've always loved the idea of Nyo!Canada being 2p!France's daughter so would it be possible to have father/daughter scenarios with those two since it's Father's Day? 😊

“Papa! Papa! Look what I made at school today!” Louis looked up to the pitter patter of his young daughter’s feet. Soon, Maddie appeared in his sight with the biggest smile on her face as she hurried over to Louis. He set down his drink and helped Maddie up onto his lap, taking notice of the paper in her hands.

“What is that you have there?” She shyly handed him the paper and watched for his reaction.

Louis turned it over and couldn’t stop smile that made it’s way onto his lips even if he tried, the picture wasn’t that great. After all, it was drawn by a kid, but the picture was special.

Louis looked over each detail, of Maddie’s drawing of them. He noticed how she had made him smiling in the picture and had their hands held together in the picture. Above them in large messy writing with what he assumed must have been some sparkly gel pen, were the words


“So?! What do you think?!” Maddie bounced in his lap excited as seeing her Papa smile.

“I love it. We can hang it up on the fridge, so everyone can see.” Louis smiled down at Maddie and set her down before getting up himself. Making his way to the small kitchen, Louis grabbed a magnet and stuck the picture to the fridge and picked Maddie up.

“Thank you, Petite fille. This is the best present I could have gotten.” Louis kissed Maddie’s head, smiling as she giggled before taking her back to the living room so they could enjoy her favorite movie together.

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  • Nino: ok wait I have an idea
  • Nino: you gotta call out 'babe!' and see who looks up
  • Nino: I'll go first
  • Nino: BABE!
  • Adrien: lmao nobody even flinched
  • Nino: you try then
  • Adrien: I will
  • Adrien: BABE!
  • Nathanel: what?
  • Marinette: yeah?
  • Chloe: you called?
  • Nino: what the fu
A Word on Sam...

I got an ask recently that really got me thinking about some of the issues I have with how the phandom views one character in particular- Sam Manson. Because while it’s perfectly valid to critique her as a character or even dislike her, this trend of bashing Sam reflects a deeper issue with hypocrisy in how we evaluate certain characters. Buckle up, this is going to be a long post.

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