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Hi Maddie! OK so I've been trying to look for a reading list elucipher made on monsters and the like and I was wondering of there's any chance you might have it saved somewhere? :( Ive looked in archives and everything but I just can't find it :( it's fine if u don't thanks and have a good day!

i only have a couple of her posts pertaining to monsters on my blog: here’s one on the intersection of monstrosity and divinity; one on her favourite kind of monster story; top five fearsome creatures. hope this helps somewhat!


“Hi, my name is Benjamin Linus and I’ve lived on this island all my life.”

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insecure/clingy victor makes my life 500% better because it makes him so much more realistic and knowing his character, he'd be the clingiest, most worried about losing the other. like, yuuri gets to the point where he's like "okay this is happening this is f i n e. posters? what posters? he's my husband not my celebrity crush" but they've been married for years and victor's like "I LOVE YOU NEVER LEAVE I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU PLEASE I N E E D I DONT DESERVE YOUR LOVE BUT NEVER LEAVE"

Awwww dang you’re right :/ The beautiful thing about their relationship is that they brought out the best in each other without even necessarily realizing what was happening. But if Victor were to slow down and think about that I think he’d realize just how much Yuuri changed his life and how much he wants/needs to stay with him.

I could picture him spilling all of this to Yuuri one night in bed and Yuuri understanding completely because he can relate Victor’s depression to his own anxiety. Then Yuuri is careful to never threaten to leave him/to never take a domestic fight too far and to reassure him that he’ll stay with him forever. But this still does make Victor clingy in a healthy way and Yuuri is happy to cling right back to him <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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I have a headcanon that Yuuri is totally the type to put RedBull into his coffee in the mornings when he needs the extra kick lol~ like exams week rolls around in Detroit and every morning Phichit finds Yuuri in the kitchen draining a whole can of RedBull into his morning coffee. At first he launches into a spiel about his health but as time goes on he doesn't even question it, maybe even has a sip or two on the crunch days (their friendship is so PURE I can't even)... Until one day Yuuri (1/2)

oh gosh you’re totally right YUURI NO

AWWWW Victor like SNATCHES it out of his hands like “Yuuri….. what are you doing…..” And Yuuri calmly takes it back and continues and Victor just watches him, completely shook, and begs for him to stop. Eventually he plays the if-you-care-about-me-then-you-should-care-about-your-health-because-i-do card and Yuuri ceases pouring the Redbull, for that moment, at least. Then he calls Phichit and is like “what…. what even”

AWWW ALKSJDFASFD. Yurio finds the Redbull and coffee and Victor and Yuuri are both scrambling like “DON’T YOU TOUCH THAT.” 

Hahahaha literally me whenever I write anything. Lmaooooo <3 <3 <3 

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hi there shar - quick question, do u mind? - would u be willing to write about The Hotest Sex Ever

“Ah yes,” Victor hums, rubbing his chin with a fond smile on his face. “I remember the time where your father and I both went to the Maldives on our first vacation after retirement. The weather warned that it would be hotter than usual but you know I don’t listen to those reports. What do they know; Makkachin could predict the weather better than they could just from lying on his side. But anyways, there was this secluded beach that had a beautiful cove at the base of the cliff and the water was beautiful and clear. We had some champagne, fed each other some fruit, one thing led to another, and soon we were making sweet love on the white sandy beach. But since I didn’t take the heat into account, I got a pretty nasty sunburn on my backside and two hand imprints between by shoulder blades made by your father. Plus, he left his sunscreen at the hotel, so his entire left half of his body ended up getting sunburned too.”

Victor gives a hearty laugh. “Man we looked ridiculous! We stayed in the hotel pretty much the rest of the vacation rubbing each other down with aloe lotion. Not what we planned, but I didn’t mind as much since I got to treat your father to a sensual massage,” Victor says. He gives this sigh that he always does when he thinks about his husband, glancing at the clock that hangs over the kitchen stove. It’s just going to be another hour till Yuuri will be done with his pupil. Victor should get dinner started so it will be ready when they come home.

Across the dining table, Anton Nikiforov-Katsuki gives a twitch of his eyebrow.

“I literally just asked you what the weather was like in Maldives as a possible honeymoon location after my wedding, but since I don’t think I’ll get that mental image of you and Dad making ‘sweet love’ on the beach, maybe we’ll go to Barcelona.”

“Oh, there was ONE time in Barcelona-”

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do ur rl friends know u write fanfic? is it something you talk about w them or nah? Huh actually r ur rl friends even into YOI?

They do not!!! My friends know that I use Tumblr a lot and I let them know that I started a YOI sideblog because a lot of them also love YOI (I may or may not have forced everyone I know to watch it)!

They also know that I read fic – we rec each other fics sometimes and I live in constant fear of being sent my own fic because I have no idea what I would do! *shrugs*

Two people know my URL – both of these reveals were accidents LOL and then a third friend may or may not have seen my ao3 username in a third incident,,, I am basically Hannah Montana but w/o the fame or good hair

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Opinions about the victor x chris ship? yay or nay? or more of a broship for you? hahaha

BEST BROS! I believe that Kubo said they’re just friends and I think that their friendship is pure and perfect <3 <3 <3