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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on how to color hair realistically? Also your lineart is so smooth, what brush do you use? I love it! Kisses to you, madame ! 💗

Hi anon!

Thanks a lot for your message! ♥

Do you have any tips on how to color hair realistically?

  1. I define the palette. I try to use a palette as subtle and natural as possible so that the hair looks natural, precisely. In other words I very rarely go for a super bright yellow for blond hair. NATURAL.
  2.  With the darker colors, I block the colors. By “blocking the colors”, I mean blocking the shape of the hair because hair is a shape. It’s important to draw the general shape of the hair, whatever the haircut, before taking care of individual hair. The worst you can do is starting to draw hair strand by strand, on a white background. Horrible.
  3. Then with medium size brush, I draw the first strands, using medium tones. The idea is to give the general texture of the hair, the strands, the curls, etc. If you try to draw hair one by one it’s gonna look ridiculous, like in these video games of the 1990′s where you could see every hair individually (and no, it wasn’t a good thing. It looked fake as hell)
  4. Then, with a small size brush I draw the lighter colors and I refine the details. This is where I draw the tiniest strands but not on the whole hair. Here again, I only draw them at specific places: on the forehead, above the general shape of the head (where the light hits), near the ears.
  5. Finally, I add with a round edge brush some shadows on specific places: near the roots of the hair, the ears. That’s what is important with hair: knowing where to place shadows and highlights (along with simplifying some strands and detailing others)

Anyway, the important thing is to render the general impression of the hair and focusing on details on specific parts. If you try to draw every strands, every individual hair, it’s gonna look cheap and as far from realistic as it can be. It’s the same process whatever the quality of the hair: straight, curvy, wavy, etc. You just enhance different shadows and highlights in order to create different textures.

Don’t forget either that hair follows a pattern on the head. It grows a certain way and it’s different according to people. When you are working with your medium brush (step 3), you have to pay attention to “the direction” of the hair. Look at Jensen Ackles for instance:

And of course, don’t hesitate to use a reference picture. If you want to draw realistically it’s essential. And it doesn’t matter if you draw an OC. Your OC is a woman with long ginger hair? Google is your friend to show you how ginger hair reflects the light and all the information you need on color and texture.

Also your lineart is so smooth, what brush do you use?

You’ll find all the information you need here ^^: http://petite-madame.tumblr.com/post/143995740946/hi-pm-can-you-show-us-how-you-do-your-line-art

Thanks a lot for enjoying my line art, anon! I hope it helped! Goodnight anon ^^