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Wealth born idol -Mark Tuan

  • Anakin: Ahsoka! Why are you sequestered by this old holoprojector?

  • Ahsoka: I’m avoiding Lux and his truth bombs...he keeps saying he wants to talk to me. I’m afraid he’s gonna tell me he loves me or propose marriage or something.

  • Anakin: Oh my god. That makes me kind of want to cry.

  • Ahsoka: He dove in front of those lasers- for me. I can’t be mean to him. I watched him make caf for 28 minutes this morning. But I also can’t lead him on.

  • Anakin: Obi-Wan told me not to let him get hurt tonight, so I’ll keep him away from you.
  • ...
Lux: Have you seen Ahsoka?

  • Anakin: Ahsoka died eight years ago.

The other doodles I mentioned in the tags back when I drew farmer!Lux. Apparently purple-black hair attracts her like a moth to a flame D:


No one asked for a fin.al fan.tasy 1.5 Au yet…here I am with one. @regeminlucem  is mostly to blame, but then there’s the fact I have gotten around to finally checking the series out and I’ve totally not been captured by it’s charms.

It was such a joy to draw Noct.is and the gang, while exploring some concepts and ideas I have for whom - what /Lux/ is in a F.F.1.5 setting. Which, so far I feel happy with the idea I have for him? I just need to try and get through a playthrough of the game and ponder over some other things.

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(Hi idk if you'll hate me for saying this )but your style is so comforting and warm and it has like a studio ghibli vibe to it I just rlly like your style of art it's my fave

this is all ive ever wanted,,

Reasons Lux should’ve died in the Onderon arc instead of Steela:
  1. If Anakin and Obi-wan’s love interests got killed off for their character arcs then it’s only fair Ahsoka’s does too.                                                        
  2. Lux served his purpose in the show already. He and his mother were introduced in “Heroes on Both Sides” to show Ahsoka that not all of the Separatists are inherently evil, and that, as Ahsoka says, the politics of the war aren’t so black and white. After that episode he really had no further purpose in the show, he was just a supporting character for Ahsoka to occasionally team up with.                                                         
  3. Steela on the other hand, had a LOT of potential as a character. We saw in the arc that she was a natural born leader and Onderon couldn’t have gotten it’s freedom back without her, and it’s truly a shame that she couldn’t have lived on to be a commander or even a general in the Rebel Alliance. She deserved to be around for way longer than just four episodes.                                                                                                                                    
  4. Thanks to Agent Kallus’s dialogue in the Rebels episode “The Honorable Ones” and Saw’s appearance in Rogue One, we know that the Onderon rebels are still kicking and fighting the Empire well after the end of the Clone Wars, so it really stinks that we’ll never see Steela and her brother fighting side-by-side against the Empire. Truly a missed opportunity.                                                                                    
  5. Lux is just a really boring character and no one really likes him so…