hi lu


Lu-bot: [[His current set of clothing was made to emanate Master Saeran’s outfit! Besides, I do not believe he would be sorted into the Slytherin house anyway!]]

Sae-bot: *Makes an annoyed chirp*

Saeyoung: Yeah! Sae-bot kinda has a Gryffindor vibe about him, don’t you think?
Also, I totally can short out Saeran! Watch this! *fiddles with his voice enhancer*

Saeran: [You motherfucker, I told you not to touch i͢-̛–͜it͏-t҉t-̡t!]

Saeyoung: Whoopsies~



I forgot to post these when I got in from college/uni but Tadaaa I do love me some Smiley Shiro™ and Pining Allura™ 👌👌👌

((Also I can’t believe I’m back at that stage where I use the course computers to colour fanart of my OTP hopefully I’ll have a Laptop soon))

The dojo master stood up. ‘Hold!’ he commanded. 'Do you not want to know the name of the man you are about to destroy?’

The fighter held his stance, glaring at Lu-Tze. 'I don’t need to know name of sweeper,’ he said.

Lu-Tze rolled the cigarette into a skinny cylinder and winked at the angry man, which only stoked the anger.

'It is always wise to know the name of a sweeper, boy,’ said the dojo master. 'And my question was not addressed to you.’

—  Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time