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hi! your art inspires me a lot, so lately i've been trying to draw agan. i use the marker brush on sai bc i love how its "painting" look, but i have a hard time shading with it. do you have tips? if not, that's okay! thanks!

!! Im so flattered my art inspires you aa;;; I don’t really have any tips and im bad at explaining stuff but I did a super quick thing showing my usual art process I hope this helps you somehow!

Hurricane - Draco Malfoy

Fic #36 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: Hurricane

“I cannot believe that I am coming to you,” Draco said, looking at the man sitting across from him. For years, he had tried to repress everything that had happened in the last few years of school, even the people he knew. But the thing he wanted to forget the most he couldn’t, and only through the help of a man he had promised never see again could he fix that.

“Like I said, Draco, I’d be happy to help you. Y/N has been a good friend of mine for years,” Harry Potter said, looking cautiously at Draco. The blonde man nodded and awkwardly sipped his tea. 

When Draco called up Harry out of the blue, Harry had thought that he was being pranked. Eventually, after revealing some things that only he and Harry knew, did he believe him. Harry suggested meeting Draco in Diagon Alley, but Draco preferred to meet somewhere more private.

“Well, I need your help.”

“Right, that’s what you said on the phone. You needed advice on asking Y/N to marry you.” Draco nodded and let out a hesitant breath. 

“Yes, there’s that, but there’s also something I failed to mention. I haven’t exactly told Y/N about my part in the uprising of You Know Who.” Harry meagerly raised his eyebrows and nodded. “She knows that my parents were involved, but she-”

“Do you still have it?” Harry asked boldly. Draco nodded and looked around before rolling up his sleeve. On his left forearm rested the snake tattoo. Although it had dulled substantially, the dark mark still laid there. “And she’s never seen it?”

“No. Of course I have to tell her, but I’m afraid of her reaction.”

“I’m sure if you tell her everything, she’ll understand.”

“I don’t know why I came to you about this, Potter,” he spat. Harry gave him a warning look and he sighed. “Look, I can’t tell her everything. What if she hates me? I can’t bloody well ask her to marry me after that.”

“Y/N seems to like you a lot. I’m sure if you told her the truth, and give her time to process everything, it wouldn’t matter. She knew you weren’t a golden boy during school.”

“Are you saying she expects me to be a former Death Eater?”

“I’m saying she likes you even though you are a brash, rude, big-headed jerk, so I don’t think this would change anything.”

“Alright. Since I have you here, would you mind if I practiced my speech on you?”

“As long as you don’t include the proposal part.” Draco smiled slightly and shook his head. If anyone from school could see them now, they would be astonished. Malfoy and Potter laughing together, no hard feelings between the two of them.

Draco couldn’t remember the last time that you had looked this lovely. Back in school, he had seen you at the Yule Ball in a dress of deep blue, with sparkling patches all over it, that looked like the night sky when you spun around. Compared to this look, your Yule Ball outfit looked like a wet hippogriff. 

“What?” you asked as he stared at you in the doorway of your apartment. He shook his head and walked in, handing you the bouquet of roses. “Thanks, love,” you said, kissing his cheek, your dangling earring knocking against his jaw.

Draco moved into your living room as you went into your kitchen to get a vase for the flowers. He tried to steady his heart rate as he checked for the millionth time that the ring box was still in his pocket.

“Are you ready?” you asked, reappearing in the room. Draco looked up at you, focusing on the red dress that hugged each curve of your body. “Draco?”

“Actually, I was hoping we could talk first,” he said, motioning to the chair across from him

“Okay,” you said awkwardly, sitting down. “What’s up?”

“You know how I told you that my parents were former Death Eaters? And they were a part of the uprising of You Know Who, and the Battle of Hogwarts, and pretty much everything?” he asked. You nodded and looked at him carefully.

“Yes. Is everything okay? You’re sweating,” you said, reaching across the way to wipe the corner of his forehead. He laughed softly and nodded.

“I am just nervous because there is something that I have to tell you, and I don’t want you to hate me.”

“I love you,” you said immediately.

“Well, keep that in mind,” he said.You laughed nervously as he took another deep breath before beginning. 

I was twelve when my mother first told me about You Know Who. Like really, really told me. She was holding me, and told me all about how he was going to protect our rights, and keep people who weren’t like us away. You have to understand, that as a kid, that sounded like the greatest thing in the world.”

“Of course,” you said.

“And when Potter came back and told everyone that You Know Who was back in our fourth year, I secretly cheered.” He saw the color in your face pale a little, and reached across to take your hand. “My parents had told me that everyone was wrong about him. As long as we supported him, nothing bad could happen.

“It wasn’t until people started dying that I knew I should be afraid. And I was, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Once you are close to You Know Who, there’s only one way out. So, in my sixth year, my parents decided that I was old enough to meet You Know Who and join him.”

“Draco,” you said carefully, looking at him with worry.

“Before I knew it, there were dozens of Death Eaters in my home, and You Know Who was there. I looked up and everyone had their eyes on me. Total strangers, looking at me, waiting for me to join.”

He let go of your hand at that moment to unbutton his dress shirt. As he slowly rolled up his sleeve, he watched you watch him carefully. He waited until his entire forearm was exposed before talking. However, you caught him off before he could get more than a syllable in.

“You’ve been hiding this the entire time?” you asked, cautiously reaching for his arm. He pulled back instinctively, and you looked at him curiously.

“Sorry. This used to be a way that Death Eaters could call You Know Who. It obviously doesn’t work-” He stopped talking when your fingers brushed against the tattoo. 

“Okay, keep going,” you said after a pause. He looked at you wide eyed and you smiled softly. “It’s okay.”

“I was responsible for Dumbledore’s death.” He expected your reaction at that. You pulled your hand away and paled entirely. “I was tasked with getting the Death Eaters into Hogwarts, and was told to kill him. In the end, I couldn’t.”

“So Snape did,” you said.

“Yes. After that, I couldn’t go back. So I had to stay with my parents as they followed You Know Who. We were all terrified of him. And in the face of ignorance and resistance, I knew that what we were doing was wrong, but I couldn’t abandon them. They were the only people I had left.

“During the battle, I did what I had to. Potter saved my life, and I returned to my parents, ashamed of who I was. We left when he came back, and when we knew that You Know Who was done for.

“I can’t explain all of the things that I have done, but I love you, and I needed to be truthful with you. I just want you to know that I regret everything that I did, and who I was.”

Draco couldn’t meet your eyes. Instead he stared at the pair of heels you wore, waiting for your reaction. He stared at them for nearly two minutes before you stood up. He forced himself to look you in the eye, ready for you to break up with him.

“Let’s go,” you said.


“We have reservations. If we don’t leave now we’ll be really late.” You walked across the room and grabbed your coat and purse. “Come on.”

“Wait, you’re not angry?”

“I’m taking things in right now, but no, I’m not angry.” You sighed and walked towards him, taking his hands and making him stand up. “Who you were doesn’t matter. Who you are does. You made it through the hurricane, and you’re better for it. You know that what you did was wrong, and just knowing that, I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

He opened his mouth, and then closed it again. A smile spread across your face and you laughed.

“I noticed the ring box the minute you walked through the door.” Draco laughed and you leaned in to kiss him softly. “Thank you for sharing that with me.”


“I’d like to be proposed to, still,” you said, walking towards the door. “But not at dinner tonight. Surprise me. I want to be astounded,” you said, smirking at him.

“Oh, just you wait for it,” he said, taking your hand in his.


ancient history meme | relationships [1/3]

Achilles & Patroclus

“I will never leave him. It will be this, always, for as long as he will let me.
If I had had words to speak such a thing, I would have. But there were none that seemed big enough for it, to hold that swelling truth.
As if he had heard me, he reached for my hand. I did not need to look; his fingers were etched into my memory, slender and petal-veined, strong and quick and never wrong.
“Patroclus,” he said. He was always better with words than I.”
― Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles


before & after of these icons

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How was your reaction for Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie trailer? Did you laugh when Helga buzzed like a phone vibrator and said, "I got to go change my socks."

lol yes, that line was so random I cracked up. I also laughed so much during Rhonda’s whole bit, it was hilarious. 

I loved that we got to see Lila. Even if she won’t be going to SL with them, at least she appeared, and with her new look which I really like. I expected cowboy boots at some point.

I’m still not used to Sid’s nose being the same color as the rest of his skin ngl.

I thought the fact that all the kids got together to make that video to win the contest for Arnold was a very good idea, and it was a great way to summarize some of the things Arnold’s done in the series in such a short time for those who either haven’t watched it or haven’t re-watched in a looong time.

I did wonder where and how on earth they managed to get lockjaw for the party lmao cartoon logic i guess

Helga’s civility and lower guard surprised me. I’m not sure if she just decided to act that way b/c it was an important moment/party for Arnold or if that’s just how much she’s developed. I’m hoping that if it’s the latter that we get to see how she came to that, b/c that much development off screen is a little weird to me considering just how many years she’s been dealing with fears and anxieties concerning the others finding out her secret and such. The last we get from her in the series post FTI she’s still the same, and she even ups the ante during April Fools. I’m interested to see how they play it.

But yeah, I really enjoyed the sneak peak we got, and I died at Arnold putting his hand on her shoulder and her little ghibli style shiver poof

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Smooches: John Thornton/Margaret Hale - 11

I’m a complete coward (new fandoms make me nervous!) and I filled your prompt as John’s perspective during the train scene.

Because 1) you are an evil, witchy woman and I’ve watched it like a dozen times in the last two days, and 2) because his heart eyes called me too strongly to resist.

(I did my best to pick through and change my spelling to British English, but I’m sure I missed some things. I apologise (see what I did there??) and hope you can excuse any inconsistencies.)


For a moment, he believed he must still be sleeping. Surely he was in his bed in Milton, dreaming of her. Perhaps he had never gone to Helstone at all. But no, there was the yellow rose in his pocket, crinkled but vibrant.

And there she was, staring at him with a look of wonder. The conversation was stilted, for he could not help but stare back at her in adoration, knowing what he now knew of her brother, of his mistaken assumptions. And when she informed him that she had been to Milton, an unstoppable wave of hope swept through him, robbing his lungs of the necessary air to breathe. If it could possibly be what he thought—

She turned away to solicit assistance from another man, Henry. But he could not bear to let her go, and so he guided her to a nearby bench and asked her to explain. She did, halting and stilting and altogether overcome with nerves. He could not help but shift closer to her, for once unconcerned with propriety and reputation. His eyes were on hers as he realised that the woman he loved, the woman he adored more than anything else, had travelled back to him to offer salvation.

When she began to spin the tale that he would  be doing her a service—attempting to avoid offence, he assumed, or damage to his pride—he could not bear the distance any longer. His hand crept down to grip hers. Her skin was soft and smooth under his, and he could not resist brushing his thumb across her knuckles once, twice, three times. And then her hands brought his to her mouth, placing a reverent kiss against his skin, and he was lost.

Slowly, cupping her cheek in his hand as if she were span of the finest glass, John set his mouth to hers. It was a gentle kiss, one that demonstrated his love and restraint. His lips trembled against hers; he could scarcely believe that it was happening. For months he had dreamt of her lips on his, and now he realised that his hopes and dreams never could have matched the glory of this kiss. Her lips were soft and sweet against his, her breath shuddering against his mouth, and he never wished to let her go. But he must, at the very least to ensure that she was equally swept up in the storm of feeling.

“I apologise,” he whispered against her mouth, in fear that his ardor had frightened her. “Are you—”

“London train about to depart,” the station master called, cutting him off. “London train is about to depart.”

Margaret stood without a word, and he was forced to watch her walk away from him yet again. This time, he found he did not have the strength to watch as the train bore her away, to London, to the south. His heart in pieces, the weight heavy in his chest, he turned away, to the train that would carry him in the opposite direction. Everything that had seemed bright and hopeful only moments before lay in ruins, and he was faced with the prospect of returning to Milton in despair.

But then he caught her reflection in the glass window, and his heart beat a battered rhythm in his chest. He feared once again that he was dreaming, but seized the last of his courage and turned to face the truth. And there she was. A smile overtook his face as he realized she had only left to get her bag, and he could not help but ask, “Coming home with me?” He felt the need to speak the words aloud, to make it real.

She said nothing, but offered him the bag she still held in her hands. He took it, allowing her to precede him into the compartment. Once they settled, sat side by side, she reached for him gently, nervously. John was happy to oblige, and brought his lips down to meet hers. There was less nervousness on his part, less restraint. His Margaret had seen everything he felt for her, had felt it in his mouth on hers, and still had chosen him. The knowledge raised his spirits, buoying him with such happiness he felt it must radiate from his very skin.

It dawned on him, now that they were safely ensconced in his compartment on the train headed north—toward Milton, toward their future together—that he needn’t agonise any longer. There was no need to entreat Margaret to look back at him. This time, his love—his sweet Margaret—sat at his side. No longer leaving him behind.

The thought sent happiness fluttering through him, and he could not remove his gaze from the woman who had set his heart aflame so many months ago. And Margaret battled her reserved nature in return, and gazed upon him fully. But it was not enough to look. Their lips met again.

The outside world would intrude soon enough, he reckoned. Once they returned to Milton, there was so much to be done. But at the moment all he wished to do was bask in her presence, and breathe her in. And so he did.

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For the three sentence thing: Sterek and maybe a cute domestic AU? Please and thank you.

Derek’s eyes turn away from the movie, to look down at the sleeping man in his arms; never in a million years did Derek think he could ever be this happy, that he could find someone to spend his life with.

Stiles shifts in his sleep and Derek readjust his hold on the smaller man, bringing their torsos closer together as their legs remain tangled at the end of the couch. The baby monitor on the coffee table in front of him stays silent as Laura sleeps peacefully upstairs and Derek smiles.

He knows he’ll eventually have to carry his husband up to bed, as well as check on their daughter, but for right now, Derek places a kiss on Stiles’ head and closes his eyes.

give me a pairing + an AU setting + I’ll write a three-sentence fic

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What if R!Ciel's and Undertaker's real goal is to get rid of Sebastian? That would better explain why they killed Agni as a warning...

Perhaps! I wouldn’t say there’s much to support that at the moment though. For one, RC was more interested in targeting Soma rather than Agni. You could argue he did this to attract the wrath of Agni, but that’s certainly a roundabout way of doing things… not impossible though so I won’t discredit that idea too much.

RC also didn’t know what Sebastian looked like, he wasn’t that interested in him until Bard mentioned his name and caught his attention.

It makes Sebastian’s presence seem like a bit of an after-thought to RC, had he been the target it would be strange that he didn’t even know what he looked like! However, I do like the idea that RC has a bit of a grudge against Sebastian due to the demon taking his soul; guess that is mostly canon now too.

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I got confused with the people interview when he said he thought bear looked like him but then his mom showed him pictures of him as a baby and he was a chubster. That bit confused me because, was Liam trying to say bear didn't look like him? The wording in the interview threw me off, I guess?

You’re not the only one confused over a lot of it anon, trust me. The whole thing is just built on lies and deception to confuse people unless you’re part of the general public who don’t pay attention to details. So did Bear always look like him or did he not realize he son looked like him until Karen saved the day by showing him a baby picture of himself? And how is 4 month old Bear teething already according to dear old doting dad? Babies don’t start to teeth until at least 6 months old. Hence mine and others theories that Bear wasn’t born in March like 1DHQ wants us to believe. 


“Woah, that was awesome!” When the last bad guy fell to the ground you looked towards Spider Man. “You could the whole thing with the hands” He started flinging his arm around trying to replicate what you just did.

“Every since I was a child” You smiled sheepishly. You didn’t want many people to know about your powers but Spidey looked severely outnumbered and getting pummeled.

“Just wow I should tell Mr. Stark maybe he could help you”

“No! no one else can know about my powers” You felt like you wasted too much time here. You darted out the front doors going through the alleyway.

“Oh ok that’ll for saving my life” He yelled loud enough that you could hear it. I hope you don’t need to save it again soon.

The gods reacting to Hans’ betrayal in Frozen

Leon: Impressed at Hans’ scheming prowess

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
Leon snickered as a wave of gasps and emotional cries of “No!” rose from the movie theater. Cassandra gave him a disapproving look. “Seriously? You can’t muster up just a little bit of compassion for a cartoon?”
Leon leaned back and gave her a smirk. “Oh believe me, I am quite shocked. I just don’t know which one is more delicious - the shock that this Hans guy would do such a thing or that I secretly admire his scheming mind.”
Cassandra grimaced, ready to retort, but after a moment of reflection, she backed down and gave her boyfriend a wry smile. “He had you going too, huh?”
“I honestly did not expect that from him,” Leon admitted, giving a curt nod at the devil in the form of Hans of the Southern Isles.

Scorpio: Smug because he totally called it

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
“I knew it,” Scorpio announced in time with the chorus of dismayed gasps and protests.
Cassandra raised an eyebrow at him, mouth hanging open at his statement. “You knew it? No one could have predicted this…this…BETRAYAL!” she sputtered angrily.
“I did. No one’s that friendly without a motive,” Scorpio replied coolly, resting his head on top of his hand.
Cassandra squinted her eyes at him. “God, you’re such a pessimist. It’s a cartoon, for Pete’s sake.”
Scorpio chuckled. “And you, oh optimistic one, are too trusting. Even cartoons have their villains.” He flicked at her nose before quickly sitting back against his chair, evading a retaliating flick from her.

Teorus: Cannot believe what he is seeing

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.” 
“What?!” Teorus and Cassandra cried out together with the entire movie theater.
“What…why…WHY?!” Teorus was waving his hands around, confusion and disappointment in his face. “This is unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE!”
“You can say that again,” a woman in front of them said, turning to give them a sympathetic smile as she comforted her crying daughter.
“This is unbelie-”
“That was a figure of speech, Teo,” Cassandra stopped him, patting him on the hand.
Teorus blinked. “Oh. But still!”

Dui: Torn between sympathizing for Anna and celebrating because he’s a hardcore Kristoff x Anna shipper

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
“Yes!” Dui cried out, pumping his fist in the air just as everyone burst into a chorus of gasps and anguished cries. Beside him, Cassandra froze, her own indignant cry stuck in her throat. They turned to face each other before she let out a loud, “Did you just say yes?”
Dui gulped, sensing the tension around him. “It’s not what it seems-”
“Not what it seems? Dui you just…Anna just got her heart broken and you’re…you’re…” Cassandra waved her hands around in frustration, unable to finish her sentence.
“I only cheered because I wanted her to end up with Kristoff,” Dui said before clamping his mouth shut. He had not meant to say that. But it seemed to be the right thing to say because his girlfriend nodded with understanding eyes. “Oh. Well…I do too,” Cassandra said with a sheepish smile and a shrug. “I’m sorry for overreacting.”
“It’s alright. Although, I am surprised at how seriously you humans take your cartoons.”
“This coming from the guy who cheered for his otp in the middle of a movie.”

Huedhaut: Solemn. He’s sure an angel lost its wings somewhere over Hans’ betrayal.

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
The theater erupted with indignant and anguished cries, Cassandra’s among them. Beside her, Huedhaut remained calm, but he had a look of severe solemness. Finally, he looked away.
“Hue?” Cassandra asked hesitantly after she had calmed down. The god’s face was downcast. “I don’t know what bothers me more: Anna’s broken heart or Hans’ betrayal,” he said in a soft but bitter voice.
Cassandra smiled sympathetically. “We’ll get over him together.”
“You can’t get over something that never was, Cass.”

Ichthys: Hopeful. No kid will be crying - not on his watch.

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
The whole movie theater rang with the cries of the broken, but what stood out most to Ichthys was the soft “No” that came from the little girl in front of him. He leaned forward and tapped the little girl, who was already tearing up, by the shoulder.
“Hey, don’t cry. Anna will get better, you’ll see,” he said. Beside them, the girl’s mother looked on, surprised. Cassandra had the same expression as she watched her boyfriend comfort the child.
“But, Hans tricked her! And Kristoff is gone! She doesn’t have a true love anymore,” the little girl sniffed.
“No true love? Impossible,” Ichthys answered. “True love is always there as long as you believe in it.”
Both Cassandra and the girl’s mother smiled at this. The girl thought hard, her mouth curled downward in an adorable pout, before she faced Ichthys and said, “I still believe in it.”
“Atta girl. I’m sure Anna will find hers soon,” the god chirped, patting the girl on her head and returning to his seat, where his girlfriend was waiting to give him a kiss.

Karno: Cannot comprehend Hans’ cruelty

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
Karno’s gasp joined with countless others as hell broke loose in the movie theater. He twisted in his seat, facing an equally shocked Cassandra, with eyes as big as saucers. His arms swung wildly around him, gesturing at the movie screen in an attempt to convey his feelings, but failing miserably.
Cassandra stared at her boyfriend, her own shock gradually calming down into acceptance as she watched him battle with his own. By this time, his hands were on his head and his face was distorted into a pitiful look of confusion and pain.
“Karno,” Cassandra said, taking one hand for her to hold.
He looked at her, and all he could say was, “How could he?”

Zyglavis: Disappointed. He expected more from a prince of the Southern Isles.

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
Anguished cries and gasps filled the movie theater, loud and in harmony like a song of the tortured. Cassandra had one hand on her mouth, the other on her heart. She did not see that coming at all. She turned to look at Zyglavis; he was sitting, unmoved in his posture and expression. The only telltale sign of his distress was the small crease in between his brows.
“Zyglavis?” Cassandra asked hesitantly. “Are you alright?”
“Me? For the most part, yes, except for this deep sense of disappointment,” he answered, giving her a reassuring smile.
“Disappointed…at Hans?”
“Yes,” he sighed, looking back at the screen. “He really got my hopes up.”

Aigonorus: Confused AF because he was asleep the whole time

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
Aigonorus was jolted awake by a chorus of cries, painful and broken in tone and nature. Beside him, Cassandra was staring wide eyed at the screen, both hands clamped against her mouth. She looked utterly shaken.
“Cass?” he asked, extending a hesitant hand towards her. She accepted it and held him tightly, but still did not look at him. She would not wrench her eyes away from the movie.
It was only then that Aigonorus sat up straight and saw that all around him, people were just as shaken as Cassandra was. “What happened here?”
Cassandra turned to him, eyes solemn with grief. “You just missed out on one of the greatest plot twists in cinematic history.”

Krioff: Enraged and throwing his popcorn everywhere

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
“What? No!” Krioff cried out, standing up in his indignation. Cassandra, despite her own shock, had enough sense to grab him by the back of his shirt and pull him down.
“Krioff, calm down,” she whispered, holding him tightly in an effort to soothe him. But he was beyond soothing.
“But he tricked her, Cass! Anna trusted him and - HE. TRICKED. HER!” Krioff grabbed a handful of his popcorn and threw it towards the screen. It ended up showering down on the people below, but instead of getting angry, they turned to give Krioff sympathetic smiles and cheers.
“Yeah, rage against the machine, dude!” one guy shouted.
“I swear, that Hans guy is the most-” Krioff couldn’t finish his sentence. In a fit of rage, he threw down his popcorn on the ground and sat back on his seat, arms crossed.
Cassandra looked at the pile of discarded popcorn on the floor, then to her boyfriend. “I still wanted to have some of those.”

Tauxolouve: Is hysterical and screaming at Hans through his tears

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.” 
The whole movie theater broke into a chorus of gasps and cries, but what caught Cassandra’s attention was her boyfriend sniffing beside her. He was quiet, but shaking.
“Tauxolouve? Are you alri-”
She had no chance to finish her sentence as Tauxolouve got up, and with tears running down his face, pointed at the movie screen and shouted, “YOU LYING HEATHEN! YOU ARE THE EMBODIMENT OF EVERYTHING EVIL IN THIS WORLD! ANNA DESERVED BETTER!”
Instead of the unmerciful chastising Cassandra feared he’d get, he was met with a rapturous round of applause and cheers. A father in front of them stood up to give him an affirmative squeeze on the shoulder.
The cheers gradually subsided as Tauxolouve finally took his seat, exhausted form his outburst. “I went overboard, didn’t I?” he asked Cassandra.
“Yes,” she answered without hesitation. “But at least it added to the movie experience.”

Partheno: Coolly criticizes Hans

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
Cassandra gasped loudly together with the rest of the people, filling the movie theater with a short but eerie chorus. Beside her, Partheno had taken her hand, the only sign of shock that he had given away.
“Well, I’ll be damned,” he said in a low, amused voice.
“He got you too, huh?” Cassandra asked, sneaking a glance at him.
“Completely. Only a truly cunning and heartless liar could bear to go through such an ordeal of stealing and breaking a woman’s heart.”
Cassandra raised an eyebrow. “Partheno, are you actually impressed?”
It was only then that Partheno gave her a shocked look. “Impressed? By that scoundrel? Never. I would never stoop so low as to give the promise of love to someone for my own personal gain.”
“You’d better not,” Cassandra squinted her eyes at him teasingly, making him chuckle.

bonus - King: awestruck at the turn of events

“Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.”
The whole theater burst into an uproar, drowning out Cassandra’s heartbroken gasp. Beside her, the King had lost his stoic facade - a rare occurrence - and he was leaning back into his chair, eyes wide with shock.
“Did he…” He started.
“He did,” Cassandra finished, her voice solemn and dripping with bitterness.
The King was silent for a few moments. Then, he shook his head and chuckled. Cassandra gave him a confused look.
“Well, this is truly delightful! It’s been years since you humans have actually managed to surprise me. You creatures are not as dull as I thought you were.” he said with unbridled mirth.
Cassandra blinked. “Thanks. I guess.”

Writing Down My Love For You || Matty Healy Oneshot

Word Count: 1,527
Summary: “Could I request something where maybe matty sees you writing and he gets all nosy and it’s just fluff and such? Thank you!!”
Author’s Note: I took a cute as heck prompt and made it even cuter, holy moly. Be sure to throw in a like or comment if you liked it! I love seeing feedback from you all. Please feel free to read my other work here! Enjoy!

“It’s a beautiful thing, writing.”

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The Sky mind games thing reminded me of these mini episodes that Dynamo did with various footballers, and here’s Gary’s episode (aka five minutes where he spends 95% of his time either cursing or giggling and it is DELIGHTFUL)


After they discussed things a little more and had a solid plan in mind for when Ethan came, Vivienne decided it was time for her to leave, “Thanks for understanding about Ethan and being willing to speak with him. He has been upset with me since the first time I came to see you. He doesn’t understand why I asked him to keep things a secret for now.”

“What did you tell him about our conversation?”

“Very little. I wasn’t sure how much you wanted me to tell him. Or how much was safe for him to know. He’s stubborn and I know if we don’t tell him something soon he will come over here on his own. Or worse, tell Chloe or Asher about you being alive.”

“Hmm. I guess he takes after you on that one, Viv.”

“And you.”

“Eh, maybe a little.”

“Maybe a lot,” Vivienne responded, giving him a wry look. “You’re about as stubborn as I am.”

“Fair enough.”

“So, will you be home tomorrow? Can I tell him to come then?”

“I’ll make myself available all day, he can come here whenever he has the chance.”

“Thanks, Luca. I really appreciate it.”

“Of course, it’s not a problem. I don’t want things to be harder for you.”

“Well……I better get home.”

“Yeah, you should. I don’t want him to wonder where you are.”

“Will you call me after you talk to Ethan?”

“Is that okay?”

“I just asked you to,” she replied, smiling up at him affectionately. “You don’t have to be afraid to call me if you need something. And in this situation, I want to know how it goes. So yes, it’s okay if you call.”

“Then I’ll call.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

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okie okie what I wanna confess is in preK we would have naps on these tiny cots and like there was this cute girl and I would always sneak from my cot to hers while the teachers were not looking and we would cuddle. Sometimes the teachers would catch us and I would get in trouble but I always did it so I could be close to her

hi i just want you to know that preK you literally invented cuteness this is the most adorable thing i’ve ever read

Raphael presses the pendant into his palm and looks at Magnus. “How did you become okay with it?” 

Magnus gives a flourish of his hand. “After the whole ‘half demon blood, scorned by the earth as a monster’ thing, liking boys wasn’t that big of a deal.” He sees Raphael’s expression and adds gently, “But it’s different for everyone.” 

Raphael looks at his hands. Lets go of the cross. “How do I become okay with it?”

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*Peeks in, innocently fluttering his eyelashes* ////mun: GIMME DAT SMORCH U CUTIE lmao

Honey looked up and saw the other peering through the box. He gave a light chuckle cuz he gotta admit that is adorable.  “Oh, How can i say no to that heheh” He went on his tippy toes (Cuz that box is too tall for him) And leaned in to give the other the kiss

He then slips back down into the box and cover’s his face with his hands “D-Did i do it right?” He mumbled, now flustered. He’s still new to this kissing thing.xD


//Your Bendy is too adorable oml-

Could you like this post if you wanna buy my Peeling Boy™? 

Tldr; I’m looking to sort out who would want to interact with him in his in-game state and who wouldn’t, so we’d establish a pre-existing muse relationship where you’ve got him as your muse’s companion. Or we can go from the hiring point, that’s cool too. Thing is, I’m really not bothered by writing threads that don’t centre around Charon, so if anyone was previously too shy to say “I’d love to buy a ghoul but I’d wanna order him to fetch me a taco”, do not be now!

  • doesn’t matter which of the games you’re from, I’ll take care of that
  • doesn’t matter if you’re LW, SS or any other type of muse
  • karma points and faction allegiances do not matter either
  • nothing matters
  • just hand over 2000 caps or kill Greta
  • (don’t, just drop a like)