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LAS VEGAS — Chris Pine showed off his surprising new bald look in Las Vegas on Wednesday. It’s his idea, his handiwork and his story is the best hair tale you’ll hear all day.

“Yes I did it myself, I used clippers,” Pine told USA TODAY before taking the CinemaCon stage to promote his new movie Wonder Woman during the Warner Bros. presentation at the national convention of theater owners.

Pine’s new look is not for an upcoming acting role. Star Trek’s Captain Kirk was home ill with long hair and a full beard when he decided to start cutting out of boredom. It was an elaborate process, as he explained.

“I went through phases. So I had long hair and a beard. And first I did a facial hair thing. That was fun. I did the mustache. I did a little General Sherman,” Pine said of the Civil War general with a distinctive receding hairline and beard. “Then I did a full-shaved back (of the head). That was fun for a day.”

Please take a moment and imagine Chris Pine walking around his house with a shaved back of his head.

But the work went on.

“Then I got a fade. Then I started doing designs. And then I got real bored,” said Pine, admitting to hitting a hair “nadir.”

“I went full chop,” Pine said.


Too Much (M)

Genre: Smut/Fluff ⚠️ (slight dom!Yoongi, unprotected sex) 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2239 

Summary: Laundry sucks. Sex doesn’t suck.

A/N: So I discovered my extreme thirst for Yoongi while writing this… ALSO, USE PROTECTION KIDS This is the fifth installment of my Spring Day Drabbles series! Check out my other ones thru the link at the end of this one 😇

“How about we don’t and say we did?”


“Come on. This is way too much.


“Can’t we just push it on the floor? I really want to sleep. I’m tired, jagi…” he groans, rolling around on top of his folded pants in a pathetic fetal position. His midnight blue hair flops over his eyes like a mop, making him look like a stubborn little kid.

He always gets irritable when he’s tired. Accomplishing things with a tired Min Yoongi is as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest. And it seems that he’s recreated that infamous mountain in the form of laundry on his bed. It’s 2:47 a.m., and both of you are drained from helping the boys unpack their stuff earlier. The last thing you want to be doing is laundry.

“Yoongi, the sooner we put all of this away, the sooner we can both get to bed. I’m tired too.” You let out a sigh as you turned one of his shirts right-side-out. “This isn’t even my laundry. I’m helping you, and I’m doing all the work!” you huff, tossing the shirt on top of Yoongi’s head. You redirect your focus to the pile of socks at the foot of the bed, but before you could sort through them, your vision is blinded by a pair of Yoongi’s boxers blocking your vision.

That little shit chucked them at your head. And now he’s laughing at you.

“So that’s how it is?” you let out a devilish huff of breath, yanking the boxers away from your face and hurling them at your boyfriend. He swiftly rolled off of the bed in a fit of laughter, taking the pile of folded pants with him.

“You don’t want to fight me jagi, you know I always win.” Yoongi said, peeking his head over the side of the bed, a balled up pair of trousers in his fist aimed at you.

You were really too fucking tired for this. All you wanted to do was put the laundry away, and cuddle with your boyfriend until you both drifted off into a peaceful slumber. But alas, Yoongi’s exhaustion has now reached that absurd level of delirious energy. There’s no way he’s going to bed now until he has his fun with you.

Screw it.” You gathered up the lump of socks and pelted them in Yoongi’s direction, a few of them hitting his face. You laugh at him and walk around the bed for a clearer shot. “You want to fight? Okay! Let’s fight then!”

The next few minutes go by with what should be in Yoongi’s closet being flinged every which way in the room. Your domain is on the right side of the bed, and he had control of the left. With half-serious war-cries and bursts of laughter, you through clothes at each other until you are both completely disheveled. Your hair has long fallen out of your messy up-do, and the static from the laundry makes Yoongi’s hair stand up in different angles. There was a tense moment of eye contact across the bed; both of you were trying to figure out who would make the next move. You’re both out of ammo at this point-the only clothes left being the ones you were currently wearing.

Ding ding ding! Idea…

You smirk over at him as you hook your fingers onto the hem of your oversized shirt. You peel it off of your body, deliberately going slow to give him a nice little show. After it was gone, you tousled your hair to get it out of your face, smiling at him. You twisted the shirt up into your hand to make a rope-like ‘weapon’. “Let’s finish this…” you taunted him, playing with the shirt in your hands and stalking closer to him around the foot of the bed.

Yoongi suddenly felt too hot in his fuzzy pink sweater…. He faltered for a moment, his eyes drinking in the sight of you left only in your sleep shorts and bra. He felt his member twitch in his boxers. “So she wants to play dirty… fine,” he thought, biting his tongue before hurriedly removing his sweater. He twisted it up the same way you did to your shirt, only his ‘weapon’ ended up much stretchier and longer because of the material.

You tried to focus on the battle and not your boyfriend’s toned, marble-like chest…

The room is silent and the seriousness of this battle weighs heavy in the air as you both cautiously step closer together.

He tries to strike you first, cracking his sweater at your leg like a whip. You jump back just in time, and try to hit him in the chest with yours. He ducked and flung his sweater at you again, this time getting you in the stomach. If his weapon was anything other than a sweater, that would have hurt.

“Yoongi, I’m gonna kill you… just wait…” you huff, blowing strands of hair out of your face.

“Come at me, I dare you.” He tilted his head with a grin and beckoned you over.

You stepped closer to him, a little too close, and fell right into his trap. He had both ends of his sweater in his fists, and flung it over your head like a jumprope. You are about to get him in the face when he pulls you close to him, trapping you in between his sweater and his hot skin. You felt both of your thundering heartbeats when your chest moulded to his. You freeze in his strong hold and look at his arms, knowing you won’t be escaping any time soon. You look up at him and find that your once exhausted, whiny boyfriend is gone. Now, all you see is Min Yoongi… that dangerous man you fell in love with.

“Y-Yoongi,” your breath trembles as his gaze darkens over with desire. He has you now.

He lets the sweater fall from his grasp and settles one of his large hands on your ass, the other reaching up to claim the back of your neck. He leans down, his hot breath fanning over your waiting lips. “I win.”

He kissed you slowly and deeply. The hand on your ass squeezing your flesh and pulling your pelvis to his. You felt how hard your antics had made him and gasped into the kiss. He took that opportunity to slither his tongue into your mouth, dominating yours with ease. The shirt in your hands is soon forgotten, and falls to the carpet as your arms wind around your lover’s neck.

You feel his eager fingers slide to the closure of your bra and unhook it with ease. The straps fall from your shoulders and he takes his wicked tongue on a trip down your neck to your chest. He backs up until he hits the bed and sits down, pulling you to straddle his thighs. Your breathing is labored and you struggle to get words out as he smothers the juncture of your neck with his teeth and tongue.

“Yoongi, I thought you were tired…” Your fingers find their way into his dusky locks, curling gently against his scalp, making him hum in pleasure as he licks and kisses the area above your breasts.

“Fuck sleeping… I want you… so badly…” The deep rasp of his voice is like an aphrodisiac to you; you close your eyes and relish in the feeling of his lustful energy consuming your being. His warm hands return to squeeze the curve of your ass and he moves your hips against his own, creating a friction that has your heat aching for him to be inside of you.

His lips, teeth and tongue continue their tirade along your breasts, leaving lovebites and blooming purple bruises. He takes your left bud into his mouth and swirls his roughly textured tongue around it. You feel one of his hands inch around to your front, dipping into your sleep shorts. A sharp gasp leaves your mouth as he gets his fingers slick with your dripping entrance.

“Yoongi…” you mewl, holding onto him for stability as he plays your body like a piano. His fingers are circling your clit, massaging it just the way you like. He starts off slowly, but your moans and twitching hips urge him to speed up. He keeps your body close to his as lips give your other breast the same treatment.

“Fuck… Yoongi! Don’t stop!” He loves the way his name rolls off of your tongue. He pulls and pushes your hips over his clothed member more vigorously now, the friction getting him revved up. You’re nearly soaked through your sleep shorts now. You almost lose it when he shoves his middle finger into your hot, wet cavern and presses his thumb into your clit.

“I’m gonna… you’re gonna make me cum! Mmmh!” You grip onto his shoulder for dear life and throw your head back as you feel yourself near the edge… so close…

In an instant, his hand leaves the paradise between your thighs and you nearly scream in frustration from losing your high.

“Yoongi! What the f-”

He cuts you off with a dominating kiss, nearly knocking the wind out of you. Before you could protest, he pulls away and grips the back of your neck with his clean hand. As you catch your breath, you struggle to hold his intense gaze. He brings his fingers coated in your sweet juices up to his lips and sucks them clean, groaning at that familiar taste he loves. He kisses you again, letting you taste yourself on his tongue. You nearly lose yourself in the kiss when he pulls away again, biting his lip. “I want you to cum while I’m inside of you…” You whimper at his words. His husky voice makes your walls clench with need. “Now be a good girl and ride this dick,” he says with a half smile before taking your lips with his again.

In a frenzy of passionate lip-locking and groping, he helps you slide your sleep shorts down the length of your legs. He takes off his boxers and you settle on top of him again. He grabs his thick length and guides it to your heat. You slowly start to sink down onto him. He fills you up and stretches you, inch by delicious inch, and you both let out sounds of pure satisfaction in each other’s mouths. He looks down at the erotic sight of you both connected and bites his lip.  

“Shit… Yn…” he groans as your throbbing walls constrict around his dick. You start to grind your hips on him with your hands on his shoulders. His length is slightly curved and strokes the most sensitive spot inside of you exquisitely.

“Yoongi, you feel so good… so fucking good… oh god…” You whimper and cry out his name, making his member twitch inside of you. He helps you climb towards your high again, bouncing you on him with a firm hand on your ass. His other hand finds your clit again, and you moan wantonly in his ear. His lips find your neck and you hear a growl of his voice.

“You want to come, jagi? Tell me what you want…” he pants, speeding up his fingers on your sensitive nub.

“Yes! Yes… please Yoongi…”

You buck your hips against his fingers as he bounces you up and down. With a few more relentless circles from his fingers onto your clit, you tumble over the edge. With a shout of his name, you tremble in his arms and claw your nails into his shoulders. The sweet sounds falling from your lips and the look of ecstasy on your face is enough to get him there, too. His lean arms hold you to him as he roughly thrusts up into you, releasing inside of your warm, quivering pussy. Your sensitive walls continue to clench around him, making it all the more pleasurable for both of you.

Soon, you’re both spent and he pulls you down the bed with him. You exchange a look of pure adoration, accompanied with heavy panting. His hand comes up to cup your cheek and his thumb rubs affectionate circles on your flushed skin. You lean into his touch and close your eyes for a moment before planting a soft kiss on his lips.

You break it with a hum of gratification and move to roll off of him, but he has a vice grip around your waist. You look at him, a little confused. He mischievously grins up at you and shifts his hips. You’re about to say something when you feel him start to harden inside of you again. He holds onto you tightly, rolling over so he’s on top of you and ruts his member into you with a sudden force that makes you yelp, half out of pleasure, half out of surprise. He leans down to pry your mouth open with his and thrusts into you once more, starting a slow, intense pace.

You feel yourself start to get hot again and moan into the kiss. Your head falls back on the pillow as he nips at your jawline and neck.

“You want to go again? One round usually knocks you out…” you laugh breathlessly, wondering where his sudden burst of stamina came from.

He eagerly claims your lips again. “I can never have too much of you…”

You both decided to re-do the laundry in the morning.

Let me know what you thought of this! I’m always a slut for feedback! 😇


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Hurt Jughead if you would?

I didn’t know if you meant physically or emotionally hurt, so I went with both. This, like everything else I write, turned into fluff at the end, it’s both bughead relationship fluff and jughead and archie sorting their friendship out.


“Did you know Jughead’s dad is a Serpent?” the red headed boy had a scathing tone to his voice, almost like he wanted to hurt his best friend with his words. Jughead winced, Archie had hit his target. His father was the one thing he had always hidden, in fear that people would treat him differently, or look down on him or his innocent, perfect little sister.

“No, we didn’t know Archie and I don’t see why it matters.” Veronica stated firmly, dark eyes flashing in anger at Archie.

“Because his father nearly drove my father out of business with his bullshit! My father bailed him out time and time again and what thanks do we get!? He becomes one of those dirty good for nothings!” Archie spat, getting closer to Jughead with every word.

“He’s not a dirty good for nothing.” Jughead said, voice barely above a whisper. Archie acted as though his best friend hadn’t spoke.

“And now the homeless son of a criminal gets whatever he wants. You get my dad’s approval, you got the girl-“ Archie was cut off by Jughead’s face mere inches from his own.

“Do not talk about Betty like she’s some object. She’s an independent person, and she CHOSE ME!” Jughead’s began to see red. Archie shoved him away.

“Get off of me!”

“Then don’t talk about my girlfriend or my dad like that!”

Nobody knew who threw the first punch, but they rolled on the floor, throwing fists, until, rather quickly, both boys were pulled off of each other by Fred Andrews, a resigned look on his face.

“You always acted like brothers, but fighting at Polly Cooper’s baby shower is unacceptable. Get cleaned up. We will discuss this at home later.”

He released both boys and Jughead bolted out of the heavily floral room until his feet finally hit the pavement outside.

“Wait!” the voice of the girl he loved stopped him in his tracks. She eventually caught up to him, honey blonde curls bouncing lightly as she came to a stop at his side. He stared at his raw and bleeding knuckles.

“Juggie.” She reached up and placed his beanie back on his dark locks, it must have fallen off in the fight.

“I don’t care that your dad is a Serpent. It doesn’t change who you are Juggie.” He finally looked up from the hands to meet her eyes with his.

“You standing up to Archie was really sweet. But please, next time not AT my sister’s baby shower.”

“Promise.” He replied softly, anything for her, he thought.  She kissed him quickly, before taking his hand and leading him back inside.


He could feel the bruise blooming on his eye as the three men sat at the Andrews’ family kitchen table. Fred handed a bag of frozen vegetables to each boy for their eyes.

“Now I don’t know what went on, but I’m going to watch T.V. in the next room and you’re going to sort yourselves out.” Fred’s voice did not allow for any dispute.

After he had left the room, the boys sat in silence for a few moments both staring at the table. Finally, Archie spoke.

“I’m sorry man. I never should have said those things, I was just so jealous, seeing you with dad and with Betty, I should’ve reacted better.”

“Apology accepted. I’m sorry for hitting you.”

“You love her.” Both boys looked up simultaneously, blue eyes meeting brown. There was no accusation or curiosity in Archie’s tone, he said it as a fact, like it was something he had known his entire life. Maybe he had, he’d seen ever since they were kids that Jughead only had eyes for Betty, he’d just been too caught up in himself to notice. He made a mental promise to be a better friend, when his best friend finally spoke.

“Yeah, I do. I always have.”


So, Rooi’s design has bugged me ever since I started thinking about it practically. I’ve made the other’s with great care, and I remember Rooi’s being a redesign done a little on random… I also noticed that I kept drawing his hood differently which was not the best thing. So I did this really rough thing, and tweaked some things. His design remains the same (minus the straps that hasn’t been added in here for the sake of showing the outfit more).

So, basically, to understand how his clothes even work I needed to know how they would look whole. And then rip it, and so I went from there. Also I thought his hood would be big because that’s 1. a good look 2. a cat should fit in there without notice

also some details added for more personality! 

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Corrin x Niles hcs?

*slams fist on table* A WILD OTP APPEARED

  • One of the first things they did when Zero moved into the tree house is to push the bed against a window. This way, he can look at the moon while waiting to fall asleep. Also when the moonlight hits Kamui when he’s lying on the bed, it makes his skin look diaphanous and then Zero puts his hand on it because he  l o v e s  the contrast between their skin colors.
  • “Glad you’re back, Lord Leon.”, “Thank you, Zero. So, what did you do during my absence?”, “Lord Kamui.”, “What”, “I am your brother-in-law now, milord.”, “I LEFT YOU ALONE FOR ONE WEEK, YOU TRASH”, “Yes, and it was enough.”
  • He loves to tease Kamui in general but there’s one thing in particular he does often : when Kamui wants a kiss, he doesn’t bend down, forcing him to stand on tiptoe. “Want something, milord?”, “Yes, BEND DOWN YOU UNGRATEFUL HUSBAND.”, “Mmmmh, let me think about this.”, “Oh for the love of…” And then Kamui turns into a dragon and pokes the top of his head with his mouth and is like “heheheh who’s short now?”
  • If Kamui needs to get up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, he always leaves a written note for Zero in case he wakes up. He knows his husband would panic if he were to wake up alone from a nightmare.
  • Somehow Zero didn’t realize being Kamui’s husband made him King of Valla. Kamui had to tell him.
  • Their first time was almost terrible. Zero may know very well how to fuck, he didn’t have a clue how to make love. He only knew to be rough. Long story short he hurt Kamui at first and the latter had to guide him into being gentle and slow, whispering what to do in his ear and telling him if it felt bad or good, all while caressing his bare back. Zero was also taken aback by how much Kamui kissed him while they did it… but very soon became addicted to it.
  • Every time they’re paired up during a battle, there’s a moment when Zero just kisses him in front of their dying enemies. you can’t convince me otherwise
  • Every full moon, they both climb on the roof of the tree house to stargaze and chat. Mostly stargaze though. Sometimes they even fall asleep up there, which makes Felicia and Jakob panic the following morning when they can’t find their lord.

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So 2 minutes after jumping on Tumblr today, I've seen a post saying that if someone is born into money then their life and accomplishments mean nothing, with the person trying to defend what they said in the next comment, and a post about how straight people who are surrounded by gays and lesbians always eventually realize they aren't straight. I am not awake enough for this stuff yet

That’s ridiculous. Look at what Princess Diana was able to achieve, just by manipulating the media into allowing her to bring awareness to horrendous things across the world. She brought the world’s attention to active landmine fields that were leaving countless injured. Love or loathe her, she did tremendous good and she was born into money and genuine privilege.

And even aside from that, people born into riches and/or power aren’t suddenly immune from problems or difficulties. As much as I loathe David Cameron, he had a severely disabled son who ended up sadly dying. He and his wife, the rest of his family, loved that little boy, faced challenges and heartbreak. The amount of money and power that they had means nothing in the face of those issues, and like I’ve said, I’m far from a fan of him, but at the same time, he still didn’t deserve to go through losing a child and he still deserved care and support when it came to that.

And as for that second post: Mazel Tov to that person for pushing the idea that being LGBT is a choice. Because if straight people can “turn” homo/bisexual just by being around them? Then the reverse would be true. (Spoiler alert: it’s not.)

Tumblr is such a terrible website full of some of the most awful people. There’s no real thought or care for anyone but themselves and their agendas. It’s horrific.

@queenyavengers Cause I am pretty sure I have seen a short post somewhere in the sea of Tony and Peter GIFs and Tumblr meltdown someone saying how great it would be if this happened. So I did this sucky little thing. 

“I was just trying to be like you.”

If he didn’t know any better, Tony would swear to God that the kid was his biologically. Right down to that look in his eyes. That look that pleaded with the adult in the room to be taken seriously, that hopeful tint that would make one understand that despite the totally crappy turn of events, the intent of one’s actions was placed in the right corner. 

He’s known this hopeful feeling, it still bounces in him frail as it is but he has also seen the entirety of the ugly side that came to being a superhero. He has also seen what his failures for being too sure in himself and dismissive of other people’s concerns has wrecked on this world. 

“I want you to be better.” Inevitably the disappointment of adult’s failure to understand brought out the tilt of the head sidewise down and lips set to show subtle aggravation. God but he could relate. He did not expect the trademark fed up teen look to shift into soft expression of genuine confusion. 

“Why would I want to be better?” There were not many moments in life when Tony was caught by surprise by such simply put question. Clearly he failed to hide it because Peter quickly continued to speak. “I mean, yes, I clearly underestimated my opponent and I need to work on my entire approach to this superhero business but why would I want to be better than you?”

“Did you sleepwalk through last nine years of your life kid?”

“No. I’ve seen the good and the bad. Some of your decisions have admitedly come with high price but you didn’t run away from them. The fact that after everything you still get up in the morning and do not hesitate to put on this suit to help people is amazing. That’s what I want. I want to be able to help people. And I still want to be like you.”

“Kid…” His eyes were not watering damn it. How the hell is this kid so astute? He’s sixteen, he shouldn’t be able to see have scuh perception on anyone, especially a human train wreck like him. “Superhero stuff is not all rainbow and sunshine.”

“Yeah, I beggining to get that.”

“You can’t just jump in head first to confront a guy who clearly had everything planned out well in advance. Following instructions sometimes is a good thing. When I said don’t do anything stupid this is exactly what I had in mind.”

“Then don’t just tell me, teach me!” Teach? Tony Stark teaching someone? That is ridiculously proposterous and a disaster in the making. “That’s not how this works kid.”

Peter actually gave him ‘Are you kidding me right now?’ face. “Then how does this work? Is this five percent advice from others and ninety five percent self discovery thing? You want me to not do stupid things and not take uneccessary risks. Clearly you don’t want me to repeat your mistakes. It’s not like this stuff is taught in highschool. So please teach me how to avoid them. Teach me how to be better. You are my superhero and I want to be like you.”

Tony bit the inside of his cheek and cursed himself. Damn it. 

@queenyavengers I totally blame you for feeding my plot bunnies. 

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Just a few things I need to get off my chest lol 1. That scene when Oliver pushed the guy into the antler was INSANE! I was watching with my brother and his face was in complete shock!! I was like hOW ON EARTH is this show on at 7pm (CST)??????? 2. Is it just me, or does the locker room look completely different than it did last season???? Like its not that surprising that the locker room would be different but I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going insane!

WHAT THE HELL YES!!! That scene was brutal! Just like Jane slicing the mans neck and then plunging the knife in the other’s chest! What logic did NBC use when they put the show at 8/7 is beyond me.

And LOL yes it is completely redecorated as are a few other places (and for some reason the lighting in Patterson’s lab is dimmer and bluer). Apparently in the three months off, Assistant Director Weller thought it best to allocate a huge portion of the budget on remodeling. You know how he is, really big on interior design and brute concrete finishes. He probably went and handpicked the tiles and fixtures himself in his down time 😂


Tony: Do you ever think about what you want out of life? In the future?

Harmony: I do, yeah. I was thinking marriage. I’d want to get married for sure. Only one kid, though. I think it would be best that way.

Tony: I like the sound of marriage, but I’m thinking several children. More like a large family. Growing up with everyone else living all over I got kind of lonely. You didn’t feel like that?

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Criminal Minds: 12x18
  • Rossi - the only father figure Reid has left 😿 
  • I guess when Reid is gone, they just give lines about really random things to another agent?
  • JJ’s so good with parents. I really love seeing her shine in that role.
  • Walker has a teenage daughter? How old is he??
  • I really loved the plot with the unsub, but there was no profiling??? What was his name? Why did he do this? What behavior did they look at?? Plz satisfy my poor psychology major heart.
  • Calvin Shaw is shady as heck. 
  • I really admire the writers for trying to do this longterm plot line, but I feel like they’re really struggling to pull the weight of both an “unsub of the week” and a “Reid’s Shawshank Redemption” in every episode. In the great words of the wise Ron Swanson:  Don’t half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.
  • Okay that was probably really clever because it shows him who used the supply and who was in on it but -

This season got real dark real fast. Please get my baby out of there before he becomes an unsub!

The Niall Thing :P

So i was tagged by the legend @wheretogofrmhere to do this like days ago but i had to sit and ponder cuz honestly,,,how??? but here it goes 

absolute most favorite pic:

favorite look:

…fucking chicago….

favorite hair:

…fucking boston…..

favorite tweet:

favorite instagram post:

favorite snapchat:


favorite selfie: 

this is cheating, but he didnt have to do this and im v upset that he did.

favorite interview: does spill your guts count??

performance: THIS BULLSHIT


bromance: Narry, or…nouis?? 

favorite sport that niall does: Golf,,,god bless those white pants and that one grey nike shirt that makes his titties look good…..yall know the one. 

WHERE YOU LIVE: where it’s cold save me
HAVE YOU EVER SEEN NIALL LIVE IN CONCERT OR MET HIM OR ANY SPECIAL MOMENTS: I’ve seen him in concert four times, and then at the 1D Orlando event for FOUR promo,,,,it was very traumatic. 

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT NIALL: He’s very much my kind of person. He just chills out at home watches his shows, plays some sports hosts bbq’s with his friends like???? like he’s just boring, and so am I and I love it lol 

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE LINE/LYRICS THAT NIALL WROTE: The entirety of his unreleased untitled debut album 

WHAT’S A SONG THAT REMINDS YOU OF NIALL:  Pretty Girl by Ernie Halter!!! I can not tell you why, but I heard it years ago and since I can’t the thought out of my head. Like i want a cover?? more than anything??? 

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A NIALL STAN: some time in 2012 is when i started i think??? my blog has gone through phases of all of them, and like every ship, but niall was always my lil bub. 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE TAGS YOU USE FOR NIALL: i usually just yell nonsense but his offical tag is boyfriend lol, but also use like THAT  NECK and THICC, 
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE NIALL BLOG: all of them. they are all chill cool lil cucumbers and i lub dem. 
WHAT WOULD YOU WANT TO SAY TO NIALL, WOULD YOU EVER GET THE CHANCE TO SPEAK WITH HIM: omg, please dont ever give me that opportunity like i couldn’t handle it. The concept of meeting any of my faves freaks me out lol (maybe thank you??? and then scurry away???)

I’m gonna tag:….idk so anyone who want to do this,,,,,say i made you lol 

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I wonder how would the Odagumi react to finding out their saniwa is a decendant of Nobunaga? Like the Saniwa was hiding it but a visiting official brings up how the Saniwa is probably overjoyed to fight with their ancestors swords, pointing straight to Souza, Heshi, Fudou and Yagen. And once the official leaves the Saniwa preemptively tries to escape the combined wrath of Hasebe and Souza, considering leaping out the window to escape them if things did get sour.

Sorry these are short, I didn’t feel the need to make them any longer.

• He’s definitely a bit uncomfortable by it in a way and it would make him very sensitive about his trust in you but he would tell you that you’re not the man himself and to not wear such a panicked look around the Citadel.

• It’s not uncommon for swords to be passed down to blood as far as he’s concerned. He very straightforwardly tells you it changes nothing and he will serve you till you have no use for him.

• He doesn’t really show much reaction but it honestly would make him more interested in you. He’d probably look for similarities between you two and could start to think of you as him if drunk enough or it it gets to that sort of level.

• He finds it an interesting coincidence but that’s all. He makes sure you know it doesn’t change anything, probably putting in extra effort to help ease your mind since he’d pick up on your extra apprehension towards Souza and Hasebe.

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Iris West is truly the heart and soul of the show. The future in the promo looks so from, it's not even funny. Starlabs is trashed (That is the one thing I hope stays true), everybody's gone their separate ways, Wally's confined to a wheelchair. Poor Joe must be devastated, but he's probably holding on. Now Barry.......No words, except he is a dead man walking without Iris. You kill Iris, you kill Barry.

their loft is trashed too. i’m assuming barry did it cause like there is no home to go back to…….since she was his. 

i’m excited for this depressing ass episode. it looks awesome. because it further confirms that without iris the entire family is just broken. but this show seriously needs to get back being more lighthearted after this. 

Preview Chapter 12

A/N: Hello! I asked if you guys wanted a preview and you did so here it is! It is a rough draft so a few things may change! I am currently working the next chapter!


The sound of bombs landing in the distance shook Harry awake. Startling him he sat up with haste looking around in his bunk at his surroundings, at what had become his reality. It had been a month since he had come to this sand filled place. The echoes of gunfire and bombs were a constant reminder as to where he was; yet he could not become accustomed to them no matter how hard he tried. 

Closing his eyes he felt his heart slow, his heavy breathing subside. His thoughts drifted to Adalyn, focusing on her he was able to calm himself. She was a thought that always brought a smile to his face. Harry had recently received a care package from Adalyn that contained his favourite sweets, pictures of her and Chance as well, flavor packets for his meals and a plastic bottle with a written note inside. 

Harry reached over and opened the plastic bottle pulling the cork free. Unraveling the wound up letter he grabbed his flashlight lighting up the words that were cursively written on the paper. A smile spread across his lips reading Adalyn’s letter of her day-to-day activities.

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Did anyone catch the "I WAS REALLY IN LOVE...with this dance and steps!!!! (pointing and looking at Sharna)? Felt there was a slight (blink of an eye) hesitation when he realized what he said when his hand indicated her?!?!?

YES OMG. First thing I noticed. He hesitated so much and so nearly said something else haha, ahhh even Sharna giggled slightly when she realised lol so cute. 


“So stop making that face at me…”

that’s not a proper confession, Baku