hi line park


Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children

We arrived at Jabberwock Park…
In the middle of the park, there’s a bronze statue shaped like five fictitious animals.
It looks like there’s no one else here except us…
What should we do now?

>This looks like a great spot for napping. 

Tweek: I like the coffee shop, obviously. I guess beyond that, hanging out with Token at his place because he’s got like, really fancy coffee machines with coffee blends and stuff that his parents never care if I use. I just don’t really like the parties there much but if I get dragged along, there’s lots of places to just be alone. 

Oh and uh, Craig’s room? 

It’s just really chill and he’s got these glow in the dark stars all over his wall, so when he turns off the lights I’m not so scared. O-Or maybe that’s just Craig um…geez, I guess that’s not really places around town. A-And I’m rambling, sorry.

Pete: I spend a lot of my time at my own home, but I guess like Tweek, I like the coffee shop. Sometimes me and Henri go for drives too but those aren’t in town so much.


Hansol being a caring hyung to a curious jisung


chanyeol is all geared up to run lmao