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I see Anakin’s new teaching method is to do as I say, not as I do.
—  –Obi-Wan ‘pot, kettle’ Kenobi to Ahsoka Tano, post Carbonite-freezing, S3E18

In Venezuela, after the Maduro government interfered in Parliament, social mobilizations, opposite of the government, have taken on more force.

They take the streets to protest, to claim for democracy, with police forces prepared to repress. In the last two days three people have died.

These women, with the Venezuelan flag seized with force, face those who try to silence them, without fear.

They are women, they are strong, they are fearless.

(The woman in the first pic is Lilian Tintori, Leopoldo López wife. He’s been imprisoned simply for being an opponent of the government. Is a political prisoner and she has taken command of his fight for democracy).

February ‘17

I had planned on talking about another book entirely this month that I’ve been pushing back since December, but I just had to talk about the Wallflower series. I became initiated with Kleypas reading Marrying Winterbourne last year, and I was highly impressed. Then everyone has been leaving quotes on my dash and promoting Devil in Spring, so of course I had to read the series, and I regret nothing.

Secrets of a Summer Night: Annabelle and Simon are such a great couple, and their opposing social statuses was a really great plot driver in this book. Most books about status usually conclude that, because the lower class partner has worked to fit into the higher class circles, the couple is happier overall. Annabelle would take up with Simon to make her family more comfortable, but at the same time she doesn’t want to be rich and friendless. As she gets to know Simon, she begins to see him as more than a wallet. There’s a conversation with her mother in the latter part of the book where her mother states hopes that once everyone gets the new technology out of their system that things can go back to the way they were. But Annabelle realises that the world won’t be the same, that technology is the future for enterprise, and Simon is the future for her. Speaking of mothers, I really appreciate Annabelle’s relationship with her mother. Going through the series, nobody has the perfect parents or family, but Anabelle’s mother is doing the best she can for her family, even if you don’t agree with her methods. There’s never any judgement from Annebelle about her mother’s choices, and she even protects and provides for her mother when she’s able to. 

Reading this book helps you understand that it’s OK to change your life plan trajectory, especially if the original plan was going nowhere fast. When you lose the dead weight, you might be surprised what you now have room to pick up.

therapy for: class prejudice, personal relationships, life goals

It Happened One Autumn: if I had to pick a favourite couple, I would hands down choose Lilian and Marcus. I recognise so much of myself in Lilian, that her struggles in her story seem more personal than the other Wallflowers. This doesn’t make Lilian perfect, not by a mile, which is still enjoyable to read. I like that Lilian is self reflective and eventually tries to see how her words and actions affect others. Sometimes she changes, most times she tells everyone build a bridge and get over it. But there’s still some effort, and her candidness is part of what attracts her to Marcus. The Earl, for his part, blooms like a rose around Lilian, revealing his true self only to her. I’m a huge sucker for crusty-on-the-outside-marshmallow-on-the-inside men in books and real life, and Marcus delivers spectacularly. Lilian is his exact opposite in life, which makes his reactions hilarious throughout the story. Good news is, her open personality amplifies his most noble qualities and desires, especially toward the end of the book; I’m not one for random kidnapping plot twists, but a hyper alpha Marcus is super sexy. My favourite quote from this book: “Once a week, did you say?”

Family relationships are always hard for me to digest in books because I have such an awkward relationship with my own family. I will say for this book, I was so glad that Marcus was able to stand up to his frigid mother to defend his sisters and his girlfriend, because he’s seeing firsthand how happiness in life supersedes a noble status. 

therapy for: father-daughter relationships, mother-son relationships, personal relationships, class prejudice

Devil in Winter: As much as I loved this story, I feel like there was so much that wanted to be told between Evangeline and Sebastian, that the book could have easily been twice as long just to fit all the backstory in. I don’t know much about speech impediments and stuttering, but I wish more could have been made of it as this one of Evie’s distinguishing characteristics. Despite this, Devil in WInter is a gem of a book. One great thing, just because Evie is timid socially doesn’t mean she doesn’t have personal standards or limits. She’s not just going to go into this marriage halfway, it’s all or nothing for her. Sure, she enjoys having sex with Sebastian, but if they’re going to be completely married, he needs to be present, and not just for the bedroom activities. I really enjoyed the parts of the story from Sebastian’s point of view, especially mourning his shambled friendship with Westcliff. Like the Earl, Sebastian only truly opens up to his wife, which enhances their personal connection throughout the story.

therapy for: speech impediments, personal relationships, forgiveness

Scandal in Spring: When I got to this book, I felt like Daisy had become the forgotten Wallflower; her personality is such that you’re not supposed to take notice of her, but I’m glad we get to exclusively focus on her in this book. As the youngest child, Daisy is the most pushed to the side, which can make you forget her as an individual with goals and dreams, just like anyone else. Daisy isn’t as forthright as her sister, but she isn’t as timid as Evie or as polished as Annabelle; instead she’s a unique blend of traits that gets better with time and experience. 

I wish Daisy’s hero hadn’t just fallen out of the sky, it would have been nice to have gotten to know him throughout the other books like the rest of our Wallflower gentlemen, but Matthew is nice all the same. One of the best things about this book is that it makes Daisy a separate entity from her sister Lilian, which keeps Daisy from getting swept up in Lilian’s unauthorised opinions about everything; I don’t know when or why Lilian became so polarised, but it really didn’t do her any good in the later books of the series. I’m so glad Daisy has the wisdom to see things as they are, rather than what she wanted them to be, which gave her confidence when her loyalty to Matthew was tested at the end of the book.

therapy for: parental relationships, sister relationships, past struggles

(Somebody please talk about the Wallflower Christmas - Rafe has become another squishy marshmallow that I want to love, I just didn’t have enough energy to cover it here)

Art for @lilian-cho​ ‘s fic “Chamomile at Sunrise” - Tony is casual about coffee, but he takes his tea very seriously. I liked this…ritual sort of moment with Tony (that’s Steve on the couch, heavy with the weight of the world) 

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Ivan and his firstborn daughter Agatha(named after his late best friend) with his adoptive daughter Helen being curious over her new sister. Talea and Lilian watched from the distance the interaction between the two while Sumayyah volunteered to nurse Addison back to health as her stepbrother takes care of their child.

When I draw this I imagined the bittersweet feeling Ivan had when he holds his daughter like knowing his late dad will never get to see his first granddaughter or he’ll never get to introduce her to his two best friends who are long dead.

IF Supercorp hi-jacked Harry Potter
  • Lilian confronted Lena, she was furious that Lena knew all along that Kara Danvers was Supergirl
  • Lilian: You knew all along that your little friend was an Alien, yet again you betrayed your family, you joined Cadmus to protect her...
  • Lena: *destroys the last piece of kyrptonite*
  • Lilian: After all this time?
  • Lena: Always...

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It's probably waaay too late for the follower meme thingy but hi I'm Jazzy! I love Eremika and sadly I don't have a cat...but I do have a dog! And I love your art! :D

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Ren let out a sigh as his weapon concealing mechanism broke and he needed to get it repaired. He figured the best person to fix his weapon was his friend Lilian. He had a bit of a crush on her so but he was afraid to tail the taller woman his feelings, fearing she would make fun of him or they would stop being friends. They had been friends since children so he knew her very well.

Lilian herself was already in the workshop at the school, happily doing maintenance on her prized weapon as music played incredibly loudly in the room thanks to her scroll. She hummed in time to the music and swayed her hips as she blasted the nooks and crannies of her weapon with some compressed air.

She herself had met Ren long ago when she first started doing deliveries for her family, and he was the first person that called her by her first name every time they talked. Finding out that he was going to Beacon made her ecstatic, and she knew they had plenty of catching up to do.

Closed- college sweet hearts

(I’m sorry i couldn’t resist the title)

Ash had just banged the lead cheerleader, his current girlfriend, into a panting, frenzied, sweaty mess, who was now lying in the showers attempting to cool off, he grabbed his swim trunks with a cocky grin and didn’t bother to hide his presence in the girl’s locker rooms as he strutted his way out

Lilian was taking off her tennis gear, getting ready to hit the showers when she looked down and saw her heart glowing and started whipping around to see who else had a glowing heart of the same color and spotted zephyr, captain of the cross country running team, changing into her practice gear, heart also glowing, lilian had barely got up the courage to go over and say hi when a tall man pushed her aside, into the lockers, walking over to zephyr like she was some animal to be caught and started hitting on her with a cocky grin, lilian rubbed her head, already feeling a bump start to rise on the back of her head and whimpered softly, not knowing what to do and starting to cry from a mixture of pain and despair


Happy 100th birthday, Princess Lilian of Sweden!

Lilian May Davies was born on August 30, 1915 in Swansea, Wales.

She became a fashion model in the 1930′s and appeared in Vogue and other publications. Lilian married Scottish actor Ivan Craig in 1940. Shortly after their wedding, Craig joined the Army and left for Africa where he saw active duty in World War II when he was stationed there for five years. During her husbands absence, Lilian worked in a radio factory and as a nurse for wounded soldiers returning to Britain. 

In 1943, Lilian met Prince Bertil, Duke of Halland, at a cocktail party celebrating her 28th birthday. Sometime soon after they met, the pair began having an affair as the war was separating Lilian and her husband. During his time in Africa, Ivan had been having his own affair, and when he returned home after he completed his service, he told Lilian that he had fallen in love with another woman who he wished to marry. The pair amicably separated in 1945 and were granted a divorce in 1947. Craig never did remarry.

Lilian and Bertil had hoped to marry once Lilian was divorced from her husband despite the fact that marrying a divorcee would loose Bertil his rights to the throne, however, Bertil’s older brother and the heir to the throne, Prince Gustaf Adolf, was unexpectedly killed in January 1947. This meant that if Bertil’s father died before Gustaf Adolf’s infant son (Prince Carl Gustaf) came of age, Bertil would be required to act as regnant which he could only do if he was in the line of succession. Because of this, Lilian and Bertil carried on their affair discreetly for the next 30 years. 

Bertil never did have to act as regnant for his nephew as his father, who ascended the throne in 1950, died when he grandson was 27. King Carl XVI Gustaf married a commoner himself in 1976 who, during previous reigns, would have been deemed an unsuitable royal wife, so he showed sympathy for his beloved uncle and his equally loved partner. Because of this, he granted his uncle permission to finally marry. After waiting for 30 years, Prince Bertil married Lilian Craig on December 7, 1976. The groom was 64 years old and the bride was 61. 

Prince Bertil and Princess Lilian were happily married for 21 years until Prince Bertil’s death in 1997. After his passing, Lilian continued to make regular appearances with the royal family until 2010 when it was announced that she suffered from from Alzheimer’s and would no longer be making public appearances. Princess Lilian died on March 10, 2013, aged 97. 

During her life with the royal family, she became a beloved aunt to the King and Queen as well as their three children. The family continued to visit her regularly and, when it became apparent that she was dying, dropped what they were doing to rush to her side in order to spend their final moments with her. Princess Madeleine honored her late aunt by naming her daughter, Princess Leonore Lilian Maria, after the Princess. 


Cartier Scroll Tiara, c.1910 Platinum, one cushion-shaped diamond (5.84 carats), round old-cut diamonds in a swirling garland motif and a millegrain setting. Sold to Elisabeth (1876-1965), Queen of the Belgians. Queen Elizabeth was born a duchess in Bavaria and married Prince Albert, second-in-line to the throne of Belgium, and later became Queen of the Belgians in 1909, upon her husband’s accession to the throne following the death of his father King Leopold II. After her death, it passed to her son, King Leopold III, to be worn by his second wife, Princess Lilian. After Leopold’s death, Cartier repurchased it from Lilian in 1987.

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