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YOI Mermaid AU

Where Yuuri is the heir to the throne in the ocean and everyone wants to protect him from the big bad humans because humans and merpeople have a really bad history together.

Yuuri finds a sunken statue of Prince Victor and Loses His Shit. The nose of the statue is broken and barnacles have already started growing everywhere but Yuuri is in love anyway. He’s never seen someone so beautiful in his entire life. 

Yuuri bribes all the other mermaids/men for anything related to Prince Viktor and ends up owning an entire cave dedicated to him full of stuff like sunken paintings, robes, jewelry, etc. 

Yuuri needs to find a bride to marry and his parents set him up with a bunch of beautiful dates but he’s just not interested. After the dates, he ends up swimming back to his Victor Cave and kind of just floating there and admiring Victor’s face.

At this point, his parents know that Yuuri isn’t straight and decide to give him the ability to turn his tail into legs whenever he wants to so he can go find his love. They kept this ability from Yuuri because they just really don’t trust humans and want to protect Yuuri from them. 

So eventually Yuuri and Victor meet on the beach and Yuuri’s fucking naked. Victor immediately starts crying out of joy because he can’t believe the beautiful merman prince he’s watched for every single day since he was a teen is standing in front of him.

Victor then leads Yuuri around all ten of his castles and shows Yuuri his the “Super Cute Water Prince I’ll Never Have A Chance With” shrine in each one. 

Yuuri ends up teaching Victor how to swim because humans tend to avoid the ocean due to a fear of merpeople. Yuuri then decides to swim back into the ocean and brings up a bunch of Victor’s sunken things and Victor just flatlines.

They end up getting married and Victor orders that seawater canals be built all throughout the city so humans and merpeople can interact and learn to trust each other. 

Heaven - Alex Summers

pairing: alex summers x fem!reader

words: 1.1k

warnings: fluffy smut, oral (fr), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)

a/n: just a little something to put out there while i’m working through my requests ;)


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The rain pounded against the windows as Alex lifted you up, hands gripping your thighs firmly, and pressed you against the wall. You wrapped your legs around his waist, heels resting on the curve of his lower back. He gasped as you kissed him harshly, your lips dancing a beautifully intricate dance.

It felt like a lifetime ago that the two of you had been together like this. The last time was three years ago before he had left for the war. But now that he was back and alive all those feelings that had been repressed in an attempt to distance yourself from the thought of him had resurfaced with a newfound tenacity.

He held you as he pulled away from the wall, you still clinging onto him, and walked over to the bed the two of you shared. He set you on the bed gently as he pulled off his t-shirt. You saw all the thin lines of scars from some smaller than others, some deeper than others.

For the first time in years, Alex felt like he could finally have a happy ending. Like everything he fought for and everything he fought through was all to get to this moment.

You smiled and slowly took your nightgown off. He groaned, running his hands up and down your sides as you ran your hands through the hairs brushing the back of his neck.

He had yearned for your touch the three years he was away. You were the only thought that kept him going. His hands wound themselves in your hair and lightly pulled it, causing you to lean your head back. He kissed from the base of your neck to your chest. You moaned as he stopped on top of your breast and nibbled gently.

He stood up and removed his pants and boxers in a fluid motion, his half-hard member freed from its constraints. He slowly moved so he hovered above you, before ducking down to capture your lips with his. Your lips reunited as you opened up for him. He ran his tongue along the roof of your mouth, trailing kisses down the valley between your breasts and stopping just below your navel, all while maintaining eye-contact.


All those months spent in the war and he kept going, kept surviving, knowing that when he came back he would be coming back to this.

To you.

In that moment he had no recollection of who Vietnam had turned him into, what he had done. He was just there. Struggling to catch the breath that the beauty in front of him stole when you pressed your lips to his.

He lowered his mouth to the apex of your thighs and began rubbing small circles on your inner thighs, his hot breath hitting your exposed core raising goosebumps.

“Alex,” you whimpered, biting your bottom lip. “Just do some-agh, fuck.” His tongue darted out quickly, pressing against your bundle of nerves, as his hand began to travel further south. Your knuckles turned white as he pushed a finger past your entrance, moving slowly, before adding a second finger.

You clutched his arm like it was the only thing keeping you on earth as you threw your head back. You began to move your hips in sync with his fingers, but he quickly pressed a calloused hand to your hips, holding them still. You gasped, hands gripping the gray sheets. That was all the confidence he needed to move his fingers faster and suck on your clit earnestly. You were writhing under his hand, but he continued to hold your hips down with his free hand.  With every motion, every swift movement of his hand, he maintained eye contact. Even with the firm hand on your hips, they bucked, back arching off the bed.

Fire seemed to crawl up your skin and in a flash, you broke. You threw your head back, hips pressing against Alex’s hand. “Alex,” you moaned wantonly.

You greedily inhaled the cool air that had settled around you. He stretched out above you, his head descending to your breast. It took one graze of teeth against flesh and you were clawing at his back. You hooked your legs around him and whimpered as he rubbed against you. “Oh God…” you gasped, feeling his lips meet your neck again.

“Please,” your eyes clouded yet pleading.

That was his undoing.

He grasped his length, positioning it at your entrance. He brushed his lips against your nipple, your neck, your jaw. Finally, his mouth met yours as he slid in. You gasped as you lost yourself in the heat that your bodies emanated.

The feeling of your skin beneath his fingertips, your lips on his neck -


That’s the only way he could describe it. The ultimate high. This was a moment where he felt himself, piece by brittle, broken piece, come back together. He watched as you, like a worn tapestry, unraveled before his eyes. Thread by thread, strand by strand, you were coming undone.

And my God was you gorgeous.

He lifted you up, your legs resting on either side of his hips.

You made him feel complete like he hadn’t just spent three years walking around as an empty shell of the man he once was. You made him feel like every bad thing he went through was just a dream.

You tangled your fingers in your hair, tugging slightly, drawing a moan from his throat. You whimpered as he lightly bit down where your neck meets your shoulder. He rasped your name as you ground your hips against him, guiding yourself up and down his cock. You threw your head back, crying his name.

He grabbed your hips firmly, hastening his thrusts until he met his climax, your name coming out in murmured gasps. You cried out, your nails digging into his biceps, leaving crescent-shaped indentations in his alabaster skin. He carefully removed himself from you and laid there, panting.

He curled around you like he was a question mark and you were the answer he had been searching for. You turned on your side, facing him and smiled tiredly, burying your face in his neck. “I love you, Alex Summers.”

“I love you too, doll.” he wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer so you could rest your head on his chest.

It was then, he decided, that without you, he was lost. Without you, he was no one.

Without you, he might as well spend the next eternity at war - it would hurt a lot less than living without you.

anonymous prompted: baby evak au! 

the sunshine’s thick and fizzy in the air around them, and the ice cream is sticky on his little knuckles where it’s melting drip-drop from his sprinkle-coated cone. 

he’s careful not to slip it through his fingers while he bounces restless from one foot to the other on the tips of his toes. 

“look at the sun!” he thrills. points up to the whirly blue and white sky. “it’s so bright!”

even’s flopped out on the grass, arm thrown over his eyes. he peeks out a little to attempt a glance up - and has to squint his nose up into a scrunch. 

isak plops himself down beside him, cross-legged. cradling his ice cream super carefully. he pats even’s chest gently to get his attention.

“even, did you know, the sun is a big star,” and it squeaks out of him, like the excitement is wringing the pleasure out of his bones. he tosses one arm out wide. “it’s like this big - the biggest star in the universe!”

even’s eyes grow, saucers. “the biggest?”

“mhm.” he’s bobbing his head so quick the curls are falling everywhere. “the biggest.” 

“the best?”

“the best.”

they grin at each other, all small white teeth and ice cream. 

and isak’s wiggling, a little like the happiness is too much for his tummy to hold in.

“and we’re like little stars, too,” he decides. 

doseofmyimagination  asked:

Any specific rivamika moment you're most excited about for season 2?

Honestly? I’m looking forward to every single scene they’ll be in fighting together, but if I had to choose…

This one from chapter 54. This is the first time Levi and Mikasa team up ever since they rescued Eren from the Female Titan, and it happens just after their cute moment of reconciliation when Mikasa asks him if his leg is alright. Words couldn’t express how us Rivamika fans felt back then when the chapter was released. It was such a novel feeling seeing these two together in a thug brawl instead of fighting against titans… that’s what made it so special to me. And it was only the first of their many battles fighting side-by-side. BLESS THE UPRISING ARC.  

Edit: It’s from chapter 54, my mistake!

I wrote something. Its a rough draft, but I DO want to work on it...

He’s not how much weight he can lift,
         Or the weight on the scale.

He’s not what his favorite sport is,
         Or how passionate he is about cooking.
         Or painting.
         Or how his hair fans arcoss his forehead,
         Pushed back, pushed in.
         Or even the way he folds his towels.

He’s not his handwriting. The scent of his cologne, or the scent of his candles.

He isn’t his past.

He isn’t he octave of his climax,
         or the cut of his underwear,
         or the cut of his neckline,
         or the cut of his crotch.
              Exactly where the space
between his legs swells,
The way he pees.

He’s not he color of his fingernails. The length of his hair on his head, or his face, or his legs, or his eyelashes.

He’s not

                            a joke.
                            a news story.
                            a political statement.

He isn’t his laugh. His tears. His dreams. His triumphs.

He definitely isn’t the letters in his name.
The letters on his driver’s license.
The letters in his chromosomes.

He’s not the fat distribution around his hips.
   The curve of his waist,
      his chest,
      or his spine.
     The way he rocks his body
   when he dances.
Or fucks.

He’s not some pawn to move where its convenient.
He’s not your token friend.
He’s not here to fulfill your fantasy.
He’s not what YOU think a man should be.

He is simply,

                                                               a man.


Words: 1314
Warnings: a little bit of cursing
Summary: Bucky wants to take a flight to Bucharest, unfortunately at the airport there are problems because of his metal limb. Sam and Steve need to calm their friend down, but it all goes wrong..
Requested by: anonymous
Gif: x

Author: Beast

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Envy: “I spoke too soon. Damn this entire building and every door in it. And every doorknob in the entire Unova region and beyond, now and until the end of time- so says I.”

Wooded hallways had– quite distastefully– cut off at the threshold of a sterile white hallway leading to the impromptu and poorly-planned White Forest Research Laboratory. Though Envy had been able to spare his dignity with the pokedoor at the front of the house, he had overlooked one fatal detail in his plan. And here it sat, mocking him at the last leg of his quest. A keypad. Not only another doorknob but a keypad.

Defeated, Envy knocked his forehead against the glass, hoping that his trainer could hear him.