hi leeteuk

the way leeteuk refers to super junior members as his kids never fails to warm my heart.

he really has been there for all of them for practically half their lives, taking care of them and guiding them and being their rock.

it’s really hard on leeteuk, and it makes my heart hurt when he takes all the burden upon himself, but at the end of the day, they really are like his children. he practically raised them and took care of them like his own.

i have so much respect and love for him, and the way he always refers to his ducklings as his kids like a mother would to her own children never fails to brighten my day and put a smile on my face.

super junior is a real family and personally, i think their bond is unrivaled by any other group. there are many admirable and respectable leaders in the industry, but there are none that comes close to holding a candle to leeteuk.

There’s nothing wrong with your kinks as long as you don’t force them on someone.

I am a little confused about is why Johnny fans keep saying Johnny has a daddy kink when

1) he literally just explained the mama/daddy culture to the best of his abilities to leeteuk and xiuchen.

2) just bc someone explains the daddy kink (tbh he wasnt even explaining it in a sexual way, pls watch the My SMT episode) DOES NOT MEAN they have that kink (i can’t believe i have to say this)…

I don’t want to see you guys harassing him on every social media platform. His teasers are coming up, and I can already see those comments on youtube and instagram. Yo he’s going to read those comments, so don’t waste your time with making him uncomfortable. Tell him nice things like how proud you are of him. Johnny said so himself that he wants to talk with and see his fans again, so make it fun for him. Please just do this one small thing :( He deserves a good time.

Stop forcing things on idols this 2017. Thank you.

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hello love what you do(sorry for bad english)Can you imagine SJ's reaction to yesung's first strage(even himself) after his military service listening his voice again.

Leeteuk: This was the voice I’ve missed the most!

Heechul: He just got back and he’s already singing–whatever.

Yesung: I can’t believe I finally get to sing on a stage again.


Shindong: His voice!


Eunhyuk: He’s still a strange hyung that talks to turtles! Don’t be fooled!

Donghae: It seems as though his voice got even better!

Siwon: [in awe]

Ryeowook: As expected! Hyung’s voice is the best!

Kyuhyun: [passing out At Gwanghwamun albums to the audience] Soloist Cho Kyuhyun to release his second solo album soon, please anticipate!