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I believe that the Golden Disk Awards this year had the some of the most moving tributes for Jonghyun. From IU’s touching speech about mental health, self-care, and grieving to seeing Yeri crying during IU’s encore stage to hearing Jonghyun’s comforting words with Lee Hi’s breathtaking performance of ‘Breathe’ to Taeyeon’s tears while watching Lee Hi’s performance to Leeteuk’s speech asking everyone to always remember Jonghyun, all of these moments have showed us the impact that Jonghyun has had on his fellow artists’. 

Thank you Golden Disk Awards for remembering Jonghyun.
Thank IU for reminding people that artists and idols are still human 
Thank you Yeri for being strong at such a young age. Death is such a foreign concept to many of us until we are faced with it suddenly and it can suffocating but you are fighting so well. 
Thank you Lee Hi for having the courage to sing ‘Breathe’ because I couldn’t imagine how hard it was for you to decide to do this. I broke down when you cried during ‘Breathe’
Thank you Taeyeon for still being strong despite the pain (and congrats on both yours AND SNSD’s Bonsang because I didn’t expect SNSD to get one!!)
Thank you Leeteuk for reminding us to always remember Jonghyun and to support the rest of the SHINee members. 
Thank you to all the other artists who joined in remembering Jonghyun of all the times he has given us comfort and peace at mind with his words and music. All of you give each of us so much joy and happiness every day. Like IU said, always remember however that your happiness comes first. 

2018 Golden Disk Awards

I was watching day 2 and there were some things I noticed….

The contrast between Nu'est’s white suit and Monsta X’s black ones.

After Seventeen won their award, they did some of their acceptance speech in Chinese and host Sung Si Kyung said “Seventeen also made their speech in a foreign language which we couldn’t understand, but I’d like to congratulate them”

Day 2, they had a small raised platform on centre stage and when Seventeen had a dance break on it, from the overhead camera, you can see the platform beneath them was moving (up and down) because of their jumpy dance moves and I was so freaking out over this.

How strong Lee Hi was to come on stage and sing ‘Breathe’ for Jonghyun’s memorial stage. She stopped midway (which I don’t hate for, because I would’ve done the same thing) but was strong enough to pick up and finish…it wasn’t an easy song to sing at such a time.

ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik being a presenter…I was not expecting that.

Ooh ooh and Yang Se Jong presenting too…!!

When Mark (I assumed it was him because I couldn’t see properly) did his flip during Got7’s performance, I freaked out then too.

When Got7’s Youngjae did his solo stage, the camera cut to the rest of the group and BamBam looked so cute…

Was it Got7? They wanted to say some more in their speech but couldn’t because they had to go get ready.

When EXO won their CeCi award, they wanted to do I Love You CeCi like Twice did, but DO didn’t want none of that…lol.

SuJu’s Heechul was there! 😁

Leeteuk mentioning Jonghyun in SuJu’s acceptance speech (like IU did yesterday) “thank you for missing Jonghyun with us. Please remember him for a long time and for us to show Shinee a lot of love”

Leeteuk also looked happy onstage . But we have to remember that happy doesn’t always equal ok.

SuJu’s runaway stage…and everyone enjoying their stage in general.

And also this ad that came up for BTOB’s Sungjae…

That is all.

Oh, and how could I forget…RM’s speech for Daesang…where he mentioned about the fortune he got from yesterday’s cookie… Here’s me thinking “you mean that cookie you ate whole and got the mc worried about the fortune paper?” 😂😂

[NEWS] 171219 Super Junior have visited SHINee Jonghyun's funeral hall and sent funeral wreath along with SM artists.

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk arrived at Jonghyun’s funeral today at 2:55pm KST.

Eunhyuk was seen to be crying hard before even entering and Leeteuk cried in front of Jonghyun’s coffin, his eyes were swollen. 

Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, Kangin, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Heechul and Yesung have all attended the funeral. 

Ryeowook is on his military service duty. 

Yesung was the first to arrive at the hospital after hearing the news. He stayed the whole night in the hospital, and he followed them all the way to the funeral hall. He later arrived with Heechul. 

He’s been there all day and night. 

Kyuhyun went in by himself first and was later seen with his arm around Leeteuk’s as they both went back inside. Leeteuk was seen speaking to someone and bowing. 

Kyuhyun hugged Minho at the door for a long time to comfort him.

Eunhyuk visited the funeral twice. Donghae looked dazed while Eunhyuk (with him this time) looked calmer but struggled to keep it together. 


Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Donghae are the Coffin Pallbearers for Jonghyun’s funeral, along with Taemin, Key and Minho. Minho is the lead. 

Source: 13elieveSG, OH_mes, & kellyrika

zhouzhoumi419: 우리귀여운멋진멈버들!사랑해! 可爱帅的成员们,回归加油!爱你们!#superjunior #blacksuit

*trans: My cute and handsome members! I love you! Cute and handsome members, good luck on the comeback! Love you guys! #superjunior #blacksuit

eunhyukee44: 조미의 싱글벙글쇼 #고마워조미

*trans: Zhoumi’s Smile Show #ThankYouZhoumi