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Why are you standing here? Go in.


- 17.02.05 - ENG -  Kyu & Sky-Hi changed to ride on a bus now (they took a rickshaw first). Kyu said that he is hungry now.

Kyu told Sky-Hi san that he loves to play games! He is call GameGyu!

Kyu said the japanese anime that he likes are One Piece, Slam Dunk, Conan, etc.

Sky-Hi asked what animals Kyu like? Kyu think for soooooo long & finally said “Usagi”(Rabbit). Kyu also said that although he likes rabbit but he thinks that he actually looks like a puppy xD -

- 17.02.05 - ESP - Kyu y SKI-HI estaban montados primero en un bicitaxi, luego se montaron en un bus. Kyu dijo que tenía hambre.

Kyu le dijo a SKI-HI que él ama jugar juegos y que le dicen GameGyu.

Kyu dijo que los animes japoneses que le gustan son One Piece, Slam Dunk, Conan, etc.

SKY-HI le preguntó qué animales le gustan, Kyu después de pensar por mucho tiempo dijo “Usagi” (conejo). Kyu también dijo que aunque le gusnten los conejos, él cree que en realidad se parece a un cachorro 😂 -

- 17.02.05 - PT - Kyu e SKI - JI estavam em um bicitaxi, depois pegaram um ônibus. Kyu disse que estava com fome.

Kyu disse a SKI - HI que ele ama jogar jogos e que chamado de GameGyu!

Kyu disse os seus animes favoritos são One Piece, Slam Dunk, Conan, etc.

SKY - HI  perguntou a ele quais eram os seus animais preferidos (que ele gosta). Kyu depois de pensar por muito tempo disse “Usagi” (Coelho). Kyu também disse que apesar dele gostar de coelhas, ele na verdade acha que se parece com um cachorro.   -

Cred:  Oceanblue0209 & IAASJS


I could listen to him to play on violin whole day! And Kyu with his mom in audience…aaaw


Kyuhyun exclusive interview with Japan Yahoo Live|161212

Kyu said he remember dance steps well so when member dance wrongly he will point out
MC:Who make most mistake?
Kyu:secret,is donghae😂

Yahoo MC:Feel any changes during your Tour?
Kyu:My concert improve as it progress on
MC:What is unchange?
Kyu:My love for the fans(shyly)😂😂

Yahoo MC: Ideal Type?

Kyu: Get along well with me,cheerful with good IQ,I also like girls with long hair & who tie a ponytail or bun up😂

said he travel alone to Tokyo in 2009, he didnt bring enough money so he call up Changmin & get to stay at TVXQ dorm in Japan 😂

said “Love to Love” initially is for Korea 3rd album but he felt is more suitable for Japan so it was in the Japan album instead

said his life motto is “Even if it hurts but will still bear with it”& he used this for his game ID too since middle school 😂

Yahoo MC:What is the concept for One Voice Japan Tour?
Kyu:Actually I hv no idea yet…I will meet up with the producer to discuss later on😂


A Happy Day

The day I finally bought a CD of my Ultimate Bias *u* OK I just couldn’t resist another SHINee CD…. That’s no good, I have more SHINee CDs than Super JUnior D:


- 17.02.05 - ENG - Kyuhyun & SKY-HI exchange valentine’s chocolate for each other.

Kyu asking what type of water because he is endorser for water therefore he can’t drink other brand & SKY-HI san said the water is from Jeju-do! 😂 -

- 17.02.05 - ESP - Kyu y SKI-HI intercambiaron chocolates de San Valentín ><

Kyu le preguntó qué tipo de agua es porque él es modelo de un agua, por lo que no puede tomar otra marca y SKI-HI le dijo que el agua es de Jeju-do (Samsasoo es de ahí) lol -

- 17.02.05 - PT - Kyu & SKI - HI Trocaram chocolates igual como fazem no dias dos namorados -Kyu perguntou que tipo de água é porque ele é modelo de uma marca de água, por isso vai tomar outra marca e SKI - HI disse que água é Jeju - do! (Samsasoo é de lá) - 


t/n @GaemGyu: Chwang who flew in from Japan to receive Robin’s Hood’s KyuPhillip..! (He’s) not feeling wellㅜㅜ Well since you came, listen to the Hogu OST for healing before you go hehe