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3 Billion Dollars [Part 7] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Just swearing for this one

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11}

A/N: SORRY! I always seem to post my work at like 10 at night. Well, here you go! This one is more fluff and not as eventful as others are, but the next one shit happens.

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You looked at Mr. Kwon with confusion. He looked at you expectantly. You sat up on your bed, crossing your legs. Ji’s cat, Ai, quickly moved from off your side and onto your lap. Ai curled up in between your legs. Ai looked at Mr. Kwon with a sideways glance before settling into his new spot.

“Princess, I don’t have all day, and you know I won’t beg.” He seemed so casual. It always sent chills down your spine. You started to wonder if Ji Yong does it too.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise, but you might want to change out of those shorts.” You looked down at your legs. Your shorts stopped at the bottom of your butt. Mr. Kwon smiled, although it was anything but comforting. “In this community who knows what people would do to you in those pants.”

You got up quickly, not wanting to irritate him. Ai gives you a look before curling up in a ball where you sat. Mr. Kwon smiled at you and then left the room. The boys follow behind him leaving you alone with Ai. You quickly went to your closet, which now has clothes hung and folded in it. You quickly put on a pair of leggings and leave the room. Mr. Kwon waited outside, both Seunghyun’s waiting as well.

“Let’s get going. I’m sure you have other plans for today.” You looked at Mr. Kwon confused, but he had already started walking. You followed him, both Seunghyun’s behind you on either side of you. Once again as you get further from your room, you start to hear people talking. Again as you walk through the living room and hallways you pass people, but this time it was different. Everybody moved and made a path for Mr. Kwon and his guests. They parted like the Red Sea, giving their leader a clear path. Once again you got looks. Although they were the same if not harsher looks compared to last time. Some people glared as you walk pass them, other gave you sympathetic looks.

“So, are you enjoying your stay?” Mr. Kwon asked. Everything always seemed so casual when he did it. Although you knew how cunning he can be, which always lead for you to have your guard up when you’re around him.

“I guess. A little lonely.” You admitted. Mr. Kwon looked down at you, nodding his head.

“I can understand that, especially in your predicament.” You nodded your head at your words. “You do have friends here, though. And I know my Ji Yong will do anything for you.”

“Yeah, I’m not exactly happy with him.” Mr. Kwon chuckled. Honestly, you knew about all the things Mr. Kwon could do to ruin your life, but he wasn’t always the bad guy. Mr. Kwon nodded his head. He continued to lead you down another hallway, the mass of people disappearing.

“I also can understand that. Trust me when I say that Ji Yong isn’t the easiest kid to raise.” Mr. Kwon said, a smile on his face. You laugh and you hear both Seunghyun’s snicker behind you. “Don’t tell him I said that though. That includes you, boys, too.”

“I won’t. I promise.” Mr. Kwon gave you a smile, one that you didn’t feel like had an alternative motive. You gave him a smile in return. Mr. Kwon stopped in front of a door and opening it for you.

“Here you go princess,” Mr. Kwon said, putting a hand on your back leading you inside. The room was long length wise. Nobody else was in there, just you four. There was a long desk that went across the room, with big dividers that broke the room into sections.

“Princess, we are going to teach you how to defend yourself.”

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His Royal Highness Intergalactic Prince Kwon Ji Yong, Grand Master and Principal Knight of the Most Honourable Order of YG, Member of His Majesty Lord Seungri’s Most Honourable Privy Council of Instagram, Astral Goat of the Realm by most incredible Franz Xaver Winterhalter.



Prequel: Professor Kwon Moodboard

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  • Request by anon: “Teacher Jiyong moodbord plz?, any color. thank you 😊”
  • Tags: NSFW / +18 / teacherXstudent relationship (forbidden/secretive) / BDSM / sub and dom / spanking / 💌⭕☄  
  • Featuring: Kwon Jiyong (GDRAGON, BIGBANG).
  • Writer: CL
  • Word count: 1.692 words.
  • ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. All the stories on this blog are from the genre SMUT, but it may contain others. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction of this material, fully or partially.

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G-Dragon Announces Solo World Tour With Poster And Trailer Video

G-Dragon Announces Solo World Tour With Poster And Trailer Video

External image

On May 3, YG Entertainment’s official blog revealed the poster for G-Dragon’s upcoming solo world tour.

The world tour will be titled “Act III: Motte,” a romanization of the Korean word for “matrix” and related to the concept of “birth.”

Reportedly this title reflects G-Dragon’s desire to tell the story of the third act of Kwon Ji Yong’s life in his concerts. The tour will be directed by creative…

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Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 19

Part 19 is finally, finally here! I really hope you’ll like it and enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: The way your night ended had you forgetting a promise you’d made.

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 10] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Violence

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11}

A/N: NOW WE’RE AT DOUBLE DIGITS WE ARE ROUGHLY 18 MORE CHAPTERS TILL THE END. So this is short af. I know my last few chapters haven’t been that long and I’m sorry. I swear the longer ones will be coming soon. I hope you like it, and my inbox is always open. Love you!

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“Hello (Y/N). I missed you,” Flynn said calmly. Ji Yong was shocked and pissed. His eyes were wide as you ran past him and went right into Flynn’s open arms. Everyone started at you shocked. You hugged him tightly, memories of your shared past flooded your mind. You pull away from Flynn and smiled at him. He smiled down at you, his tan skin emphasizing his flawlessly white teeth.

“I’m sorry, am I missing something?” Seungri said. Flynn looked at Seungri and smirked, then turning his head to look at Ji Yong. Ji stood rigid, a vein popping out on his forehead. He glared at Flynn as you continued to smile at him.

“He’s my friend. We went to the same college for four years, before he left.” You said, looking at Seungri. Flynn smirked down at you, discreetly putting his gun back in its holster on the back of his pants. He wrapped an arm around your waist.

“We were more than just friends, isn’t that right (Y/N)-ah?” Flynn said pulling you against him. You blushed at the washed away memories. You looked down to hide your burning cheeks, but your eyes widened. A hand was near your foot, the owner of said hand was dead lying inches away from you. You pushed away from Flynn and looked around. Dead bodies and blood were all over the floor. Flynn looked at you confused. You look up at him with shock.

“Did you do this?” You said. Ji Yong smirked at Flynn, although his anger was still evident. Flynn looked at you sympathetically.

“I’m sorry cupcake. They were gonna kill me,” Flynn said. You looked at him nervously. He stepped closer to you, taking your hand in his large one. “I had to go after you when I found out that you were involved with the mafia. I had to save you.”

“She doesn’t need to be saved.” Ji Yong said. You stepped back once more, slipping your hand out of Flynn’s. You continued to walk back until you hit a chest, the familiar cologne putting your nerves at ease. Ji Yong smirked at Flynn as he felt you relax. Flynn frowned and his eyebrows furrowed into anger. “What don’t you tell her why you’re really here Flynn?”

“Yongie, maybe this is a misunderstanding,” you mutter, turning to look at him. Ji Yong looked at you and raised his eyebrow. The look on his face reminded you of Mr. Kwon’s when he was acting threatening. Ji Yong had this playful look about him, but like his father, you knew that it probably had some alternate motive.

“Why would it be a misunderstanding princess?” Ji Yong asked, silently daring you to say something in return. You frowned at him.

“Flynn oppa wouldn’t do anything to hurt me,” you say in return. It was true, he wouldn’t do anything to you. He treated you like a princess whenever you were around him. Ji Yong’s eye showed clear anger.

“Oppa?” He asked, faking amusement. He looked down at you, anger evident in his eyes. “Well then, ask oppa how he got here. How he knew that something was wrong after not seeing you for four years.”

“Sorry cupcake, but he’s right,” Flynn said drawing your attention to him. He held a wicked smirk on his face, one you weren’t fond of. You frowned, looking at Flynn. His demeanor had dramatically changed into something darker. “A lot has changed in the past four years. My dad was murdered. He owed money. I killed someone. Now I own land that wasn’t originally mine. It’s funny what people do to have power.”

“So you’re-”

“Yes cupcake, I’m in the mafia. By choice too, unlike your predicament I presume.” Flynn said. You scowled at him, the subject of your family and Ji Yong still sensitive for you. “I’m still me though cupcake.”

“Oppa, you just killed like fifteen people all at once.”

“And G Dragon here doesn’t?” Flynn said. You look at Ji Yong and blood rushes to your face. Flynn continued talking, a slight smile on his face. “I’m sure you’ve already seen the great G Dragon here while he’s on the job, haven’t you.”

“How would you know?” Ji Yong said, anger clearly in his face. You looked down at the floor at the sensitive comment, but your gaze quickly switched to somewhere else when you caught sight of a wounded leg in a pool of blood. Seunghyun looked at Flynn, studying his calm demeanor. Seungri switched his gaze to you then Flynn, constantly making sure you were okay. You weren’t, but he was satisfied that you weren’t crying right then and there. Flynn smirked.

“I have my ways,” he said. Youngbae pointed his gun at him.

“That’s cool and all, but you made a horrible choice coming here today.” Flynn turned towards Youngbae. His smirk never faltered.

“I think I’ll take my chances,” he said. “I’m honored to be warned by TaeYang though. The most fearless man in the business.”

“He’s right,” Daesung said, pulling out his own gun. “You shouldn’t have come her Flynn. Even if we don’t have any backup it’s still five against one.”

“That’s what you think,” Flynn says, turning towards Daesung. “But I’m sure the powerful Kang Daesung knows who will win.”

“What are you? Our number one fanboy?” Seungri said. Flynn shrugged.

“Who hasn’t heard of you though?” Flynn said. He looked back at Ji Yong. “The newest Kwon with his four friend that leads the world in fear while living like Kings.”

Ji Yong narrowed his eyes at Flynn. You were watching Flynn in horror. He wasn’t the same person you knew in college. You started to doubt Ji Yong as well. Maybe he isn’t the person you thought he was. He wasn’t telling you everything and you did seem to be royalty here. Flynn smirked, knowing that his plan was working as your face contorted in confusion.

“Well then,” Flynn said. “I’ve done what I wanted to do. My cupcake, (Y/N) seems to be alive. Something I can’t always depend on around you, G Dragon.”

The sound of rapid fire gunshots had you and the boys ducking. Seungri lunged towards you, wrapping himself around you to protect you. Everyone covered their heads with their arms, protecting themselves. Everyone except Flynn. He still stood, smirking down at the boys. You closed your eyes, waiting for the noise to stop.

When it did Ji Yong shot up, pointing his gun at Flynn. You slowly stood up, Seungri right behind you. You watched as Flynn whipped out his gun and pulled the trigger. Your eyes widened as you watched the bullet leave the gun. Ji Yong fell to the floor with a groan. You screamed and Flynn smirked. He casually strolled out the door, everyone too shocked to stop him.

Welcome Home


(A/N): Thank you for sending in a request! I really hope that you like it, but if you don’t, you know where to find the refund policy :)

***Image is not mine, credit to the owner***

Member & Group: Ji Yong (G Dragon), BigBang

Type: Smut

Warning(s): Explicit sexual content, strong language, not-really-public-but-people-are-near sex

  A cliché movie flickered on the television screen in front of you, the light form the screen illuminating your bored features. You had been sleeping on the couch in the BigBang dorm for the past few days, waiting for the moment when your boyfriend would come through the idle front door. There was no way in Hell that you were going to sleep in his bed if he wasn’t there beside you. No, that would only add to the yearning you felt for him in your heart, the scent of him—vanilla, orchids, and the smallest hint of his oriental and woodsy cologne—that covered the pillows and sheets, the watch that he’d left on the nightstand, they were only a couple of the things that drove you almost to the point of insanity. The only thing that you’d touched in that room was one of his recently worn shirts, which hung to just above the middle of your thighs at that moment, covering your panties by just a few inches. 

  You heard heavy breathing come from the speakers, and your attention turned to the film that was showing once again. The two main characters were engaged in a heated moment, nearing the bed with every second that ticked past. Shifting uncomfortably atop the cushion you sat on, you tried to ignore the arousal that began to stir in your lower stomach. God, you wished he was here. He would have helped you. He was what you needed—right there, in that very moment, he was all you wanted in the world. 

  Just as you were about to bring your hand down to satisfy yourself regretfully, the entry door’s latch began to click. You sprung up, afraid it was a burglar, and sprinted to hide around the wall which stood in between the entrance and the main hallway. The door started to swing open, and you peeked your head around the corner. Your eyes almost fell out of your head, your heart about to burst from your chest in happiness. 

  “Oppa!” You nearly screamed, running to him and jumping to wrap your legs around his waist, your arms latching behind his head. You joyfully buried your face into the crook of his neck, inhaling his cologne and kissing the smooth skin beneath your lips softly. Ji stumbled slightly from the force of your hug, chuckling at your childish actions. 

  “(Y/N). (Y/N), I missed you so much, so so damn much.” He set you down gently onto your feet, getting a good look at you for the first time in several months. He smirked as he took in you attire, “Is that my shirt?”

 You nodded shyly, pulling the shirt down to cover more skin. Jiyong just gave you an approving look before cupping your face in his hands and capturing your lips in his. Becoming oblivious to all that surrounded you, your desire still coiled within you, you pulled your fingers through his hair and moved your mouth with his in a heated passion. 

  “Hey, did I hear (Y/N)—Oh, well hello there. Could you get a room or something?” The shameless maknae, Seungri, quipped. You pulled away, hiding your now flushed face in your boyfriend’s chest. Seungri then began to look you up and down hungrily, paying the most attention to your bare legs.

  “Yah, dongsaeng!” Seungri snapped his eyes to Jiyong’s angered ones, looking a bit scared. “Shut up, and keep your eyes off of my girlfriend.”

  The other members soon piled into the dorm as well, all going about their own business after saying greeting you excitedly. You helped the leader bring in his bags, bringing them to his room and sitting down on the familiar, large bed. 

  “So, how was Japan?” You questioned once Ji sat on the bed beside you, his thigh touching yours as he leaned into you. He pressed his lips against your jawline, peppering kisses up and down your throat.

  “It was okay. It would have been better if you were there, though.” Jiyong hummed, pulling his face up to yours. He took your chin between his thumb and forefinger, asking quietly, “Did you obey my rule while I was away?”

  You went still, remembering how you had almost broken that very rule right before he walked into the dorm. You’re not allowed to touch yourself without him.

  “Um, well, I-I…” You looked down at your lap, studying your hands with a newfound interest.

  “Yes or no, baby girl.” He said sternly, inspecting your eyes carefully. Anxiousness filled your being, your fingers beginning to tremble as you gradually brought your eyes up to his.

  “Technically, no. I mean, I was going to, but then you came home.” You told him quietly, looking at his mouth with lust trapped within your irises. As you watched his mouth curl up on one side, he spoke huskily.

  “Well, normally that would call for punishment. But, I thought about breaking it a few times myself, so I guess that would be a bit hypocritical.” You grinned slyly at him, bringing your hand down to stroke his clothed, flaccid length.

  “Did you think of me often, oppa?” The words flowed from your mouth in a sugar-sweet tone. Jiyong groaned quietly, pulling you to straddle his lap and leaning back on his elbows.

  “Show me how much you missed me, baby.” He commanded, watching you with dark eyes that were filled with a combination of want and interest. 

  You followed the demand easily, grinding on his clothed penis slowly at first, gradually building up speed as he got increasingly harder beneath your clothed heat. Eventually, there was too much clothing for your liking, so stood up and quickly took off his pants for him. He was left in his underwear after he stripped himself of his t-shirt, looking at you expectantly. 

  “Well, aren’t you going to take that off now?” He droned, standing up in front of you and attempting to pull the fabric that covered your chest and torso over your head. You stopped him half way, feeling shy all of the sudden.

  “I’m not wearing a bra, oppa.” You informed him, pushing his hands away.

  “Even better.” Ji grinned widely down at you, successfully taking his shirt off of you faster than you could protest. He groaned at the sight of your naked breasts, his hands coming up to gently squeeze them, taking one nipple between his teeth briefly before moving to the next one. You would have felt flustered had it not felt so good, making you gasp and grip onto his shoulders. 

  Jiyong used one of his hands to rub you through your panties, his thumb rubbing around your clit steadily. You moaned as one of his fingers pushed the cloth away and entered you, brushing your bundle of nerves. His digit formed a hook-like shape, flexing in and out of you as he began to grind his member into your thigh to gain friction. He kept this up until you were extremely wet, wet enough for him to insert another finger and begin pumping furiously. He purposefully let his short nails lightly scrape against your walls to draw a string of whimpers from your lips as he sucked at the sweet spot on you neck. 

   “Jiyong!” You hissed out, arching your back into him as he added a third finger, feeling you clench around him. He began to stimulate you further by using his other hand to toy with your breasts. It wasn’t long until heat flooded your body as you came around his slim fingers with a shudder. Jiyong brought his wet fingers up to his mouth, sucking them clean while looking you directly into the eyes. His gaze warmed you and sent shivers down your spine at the same time, a paradox of sensations which you had grown accustomed to throughout your relationship with this edgy man.

 “I missed the feel of you, the look of you, the taste of you while I was gone, baby girl. But I’m here now, and I’m going to ravish you.” A dangerous glint made a profound sparkle in his eyes as he stalked towards you like an animal would its prey. Jiyong didn’t waste another second before he had ripped off your panties and pushed you down onto the bed while sitting on his knees in front of you. He pushed your legs apart, holding your knees to keep them separated as he began to trail open mouthed kisses along the inside of your right thigh. He stopped his actions right before he got to where you needed him the most, but then repeated his actions on your left leg.

 “Oppa, please, don’t tease.” You panted, throwing your head back in anticipation as he finally put his mouth to work on your core. Hi tongue began to dart in and out of you, tasting every inch of you that he could reach with the muscle. Usually, you would have been giving him head by this time, but it seemed that all he wanted to do was please you. Ji began to blow gently on your opening before sucking at your clitoris and letting his tongue circle the pleasurable spot. Hi fingers massaged your sides and thighs as you came for a second time. He drank you up again, kissing his way from your stomach, up through the valley of your breasts, over your collarbones and along your neck until he reached you mouth, where he came to a stop. 

  “May I?” He inquired, knowing that you were intuitive enough to catch on to what exactly he wanted to do. 

  “God, yes. Please, just do it already.” You begged him, totally forgetting that the members were all in the dorm and that they could probably hear the erotic sounds that drifted from the room. That was all Jiyong needed to hear. 

  He threw his underwear from his body, slamming into you. He let all the pent up sexual frustration from tour leak into his violent thrusts, watching your body bounce as the sound of skin slapping against skin resonated in the bedroom. He adjusted his angle several times, each more fulfilling that the last as he pounded into you relentlessly. Jiyong reveled in each moan that escaped your parted lips as you writhed uncontrollably beneath him. Every breathy shout of his name egged him on. You began to meet his thrusts by raising your hips, and then it was his turn to moan your name. 

  You wanted the pleasure to last forever, but then you came for a third time, going still on the bed as exhaustion crept into your limbs and mind. Jiyong began to pump slower as he felt himself twitch, coming inside of you and hoping that you were still on the pill. When he finally pulled out after coming down from his intense, long awaited climax, he collapsed beside you. Knowing that you felt exposed but over heated at the same time, your loving boyfriend pulled a thin sheet over you both as he kissed your cheeks, nose, forehead and lips softly.

  You had almost fallen asleep when you heard the members whispering outside you and Ji’s bedroom door.

  “Damn, maybe I should get a girlfriend.” That was unmistakably Daesung.

  “Hey, maybe now he won’t be so mad anymore. He was grumpy on tour!” Okay, that was definitely Seungri complaining—the adorably annoying panda.

  “We really need to soundproof these walls somehow. I know that they haven’t seen each other in a while, but holy shit were they loud. I’m almost one hundred percent sure that the other attendants of the apartments in this building are now traumatized.” Wow, Youngbae was an absolutely dreadful whisperer. 

  “Guys, why are you just standing at Ji—Oh, you guys are perverts.” Well, at least Seunghyun was a bit respectful.

  Apparently, the hushed commentary was preventing Jiyong from resting as well, because he didn’t sound all that happy when he shouted, “Hey, you byuntaes suck at being quiet. Get the fuck out of here, would you?”

The Princess and the Dragon

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Kwon Ji Yong

Synopsis: Write a story where the dragon saves the princess from a prince. (writing prompt found on pinterest)

Warnings: I dunno… @cassiewayne, do you think this should have a cheese warning? :)

Author’s Note: What can I say? Sometimes I just feel the need to write something other than Seung Hyun.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


It had all started with two words.

Roommate Wanted

That was what had caught your eye as you were looking through the newspaper one day while lazily sipping your coffee in a little cafe.

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Checking Ji Yong Kwon Direction.

0. Ji Yong Kwon.

The Two of Swords represents a period when you are stuck at a crossroads, in a waiting period, and you need to decide whether to move on or stay exactly where you are. When the Two of Swords  in a spread, it is implying that come and thought must be taken when making decisions and choices. Take the time to consider all options very carefully before making any firm commitments. Put off making choices until you are absolutely positive it is the right and most appropriate one.

Ji Yong Kwon seeks harmony in relationships and situations. He find it hard to function if there are confrontations and unresolved issues causing toxic undercurrents in his environment. Ji Yong Kwon need things to be very balanced and work hard towards keeping or restoring peace around him. He do not like conflict and will compromise a great deal to avoid arguments. Ji Yong Kwon find it hard to make decisions and try his best not to rock the boat. When faced with changes he worried of how it will affect other people more than how it will affect him. It is hard for Ji Yong Kwon to tell others how he truly feel, He like to keep it to him-selves. Ji Yong Kwon is a very private people. 

G Dragon isn’t a private person at all! 

Ji Yong Kwon is the real him.

1.The power of the past.

The Page of Cups can refer to a person, an event, or a part of yourself. Some facet of yourself that has been dormant that may be activated to enable you realize your dreams, or indicate the time when new people and new experiences may suddenly appear in your life. I see a Pisces person who can offer Ji Yong Kwon help. It can indicate either male or female with light brown hair and blue or hazel eyes. This Pisces person can really help you but he/she want something from you. So, They can get their way around you and your success. Maybe this Pisces person trying to controlling your love life for their own views. Ji Yong please control your emotion around this Pisces person.

Ji Yong Kwon is a kind and generous dreamer who is easily hurt and feels other’s pain. He is sensitive to the needs of others,Ji Yong can be a people pleaser as well. I feel people around Ji Yong is not truly helping him to be happy about himself. It’s like they just want him to do thing what they are telling him to do. Which is sad. However, We going to see the real Ji Yong Kwon and not G Dragon.  

 The Page of Cups conveys the message that time and space is needed for new feelings to grow and develop into a new path. Ji Yong might be ready to let your hair down, reinvent yourself, or throw away the old part of you that was not really living life. Just make sure you think things through before you leap into anything.There is a  verge of exploring a new relationship with new people because you are ready to take the risk and you are letting your intuition guide you into a new exciting journey.

2.The power of the present.

The Ace of Wands represent new beginnings, and in the case of the Ace of Wands, this can indicate the arising of exciting new opportunities - especially in the area of work and career. A new venture or unexpected opportunity presents itself which may create much clarity and excitement. A new job or career is a distinct possibility.

 Ji Yong passion and raw unformed energy. It’s the spark of an idea that can be harnessed and then channeled into something tangible and real on his new album and world concert. 

There is an abundance of energy around Ji Yong, whether this be physical or mental energy. Ji Yong will be able to use it in ways that not only energize him, but also in ways that bring a sense of newness into his life. This can spur you on to new and exciting opportunities. 

3.The power of the future.

The Seven of Wands mean  this is not the time to give up. It’s the time to sort out the massive pile of work you need to complete and make a list of what needs to get done right away and what can be done later. You need to get busy and start clearing the deck before you take on anything else. Do not lose track of what you need to do and how long it’s going to take. You also need to have realistic completion times! 

There is a confrontation about Ji Yong best friends or close business friends toward him. I feel like Ji Yong need to defend his position and maintain his status. Staying on top is a challenge, but he need to fight with every step he take because the competition and challenges are rife. Ji Yong must refrain from compromise; if others do not agree with him, He must seize the initiative and act on his good moral beliefs by being firm and maintaining his personal integrity. Ji Yong fight for your privacy and your respect! You must stay strong and  have the courage to fight on!

4.Bad Suggestions and bad tips for the Ji Yong Kwon

The  Queen of Pentacles reversed indicates a Libra woman, who is obsessed with the material realm. She is often suspicious and jealous of others. Underneath the unpleasant exterior, however, there may be a very insecure person who craves love and attention. 

The Queen of Pentacles reversed tells of a woman who is quite cynical and who does not suffer fools easily. She want revenge on you with dating rumors or control in your life. I feel like she is blackmailing you to do what she tells you to do.However, I feel like a Taurus person is hurting you too about something. 

I see Capricorn woman and Virgo woman are the same as the Libra woman. I see Ji Yong got female friends and woman issue especially fangirls who wrote fan accounts and fake news on his dating life. 

 Advice - Ji Yong Kwon  do not hang out with a woman who is associated with Libra,Capricorn,Virgo or a Taurus person  . Ji Yong Kwon please control your emotions around them. Don’t anything say or do anything as dramatic! Just keep a level-head conversation with them. Ji Yong don’t spread your business to them as well. They might use it against you.

5.Good Suggestions and good tips for the Ji Yong Kwon. 

 The Ace of Cups is your sign, love is your answer. Ji Yong live in a world of abundance and you have all you need. Do not grasp, do not struggle. Move with the beat of your heart and open to love on every level of life.  Ji Yong are safe and surrounded by love; there is no need to worry. Look to see what fear may be rising and look to see how to fill it with love. Ask yourself, “what would love do?” Then do it - no need to overthink. Listen to the guidance of your heart; it knows the way. 

Made a decision which way you want in love coming from your heart. If you choose the one that everyone wants. You will be hurt and hopeless with the choice you pick. You can’t blame anyone but yourself. You allow them to chose your own fate in love. Now they are happy because you aren’t happy with the choice you made. Love always win you make a great decisions.

The Ace of Cups also reminding you that forgiveness is a key to expanding into love. Take time today and forgive anyone that has caused you pain, including yourself. Holding on to anger and resentment only blocks the flow of love. Let it go, step into flow, and know love will take you there.

Advice -  This is the time to establish boundaries and remember that self love is just as important as the love we have for each others. Love = Respect.

6.Obstacles that the Ji Yong Kwon must overcome or avoid.

The Chariot mean duality and tells that you can be both cowardly and courageous, weak and strong, and that you contain love and hate together in your heart. Allow yourself to explore the contradictory feelings.  G Dragon is an image of his inner struggle between the various different parts of the personality. He has made up of many feelings, thoughts and notions which may tug in different directions. Whenever he feel torn inside, perhaps wanting to do something he feel guilty about, the image of The Chariot may be conjured.

There is a relationship with Sagittarius, The Chariot tells of one who has the power to seek out and know the truth. The influence of Sagittarius tells of someone who sways from side to side, but who can also be very bold. 

There are two Sagittarius person must overcome or avoid. One is Yang Hyun Suk and the second one is  Seungri Lee.  Do not allow your emotions to overcome you, as you need to keep them in check to acquire what it is that you truly desire. There is a closely associated with the sign of Cancer and like Cancer the Crab there is a need to protect yourself. What better way to do this than to find a quiet place at home where you feel safe and secure. I feel like a older Cancer woman and older Cancer man will be there for you when you need support and protection. 

In a career reading your prospects are great, as long as you don’t just sit back and wait for success to come to you. The Chariot  is to take control of a situation while remembering the important of compromise. Once the cause of the problem is identified, all aspects of life will begin to progress and improve.

7.The outcome .

The Five of Wands mean You love your job, but you work with someone who has a big ego and the relationship with this person always becomes a recipe for disaster, or a BIG POWER STRUGGLE that tests you with every step that you take.Or you might be dealing with someone who does not want to listen to your point of view, or is always competing with you and nothing ever changes.

It’s also possible that you might be dealing with someone who wears “The Ego Crown” and thinks they can push you around. Ji Yong Kwon need to stand up to someone when you are not treated with respect.Then again, you might have contributed to the problem by pushing your point of view or opinion on someone or other people. I see Ji Yong Kwon is having problem with someone who is born on  April 15th to the 21st. I feel like a person is a bully to Ji Yong Kwon. He is telling Ji Yong Kwon to do this and that ( This person is a Aries sign of what I saw in my spread about Ji Yong Kwon ) . Ji Yong Kwon need to stand up to him and let him away from you.

 The Five of Wands meaning that someone is playing games and these games can very often be mind games like someone saying one thing and meaning another to made a person unstable to think clearly.

Unrequited love? (G-Dragon Scenario)

Requested by anonymous

I’m really glad that I’m writing again too ^^ Hope you like it and enjoy!

Summary: Having feelings for someone isn’t easy when he sort of seems to hate you. How will he react when you suddenly stop acting nice to him, being too tired of being treated like that?

The doors to the elevator smoothly slid open and you stepped out into the familiar corridor you’d walked down many times over the last five years. Knowing exactly which way to go, you made your way towards your destination. You didn’t get very far, however, as the person you were there to see suddenly rounded a corner – making his way towards your direction.

“Oppa!” you happily exclaimed, walking a little faster towards him.

All he did in response was smirk and raise a hand in greeting, as much as he possibly could - his hands being occupied by boxes. When you reached him, you instantly relieved him of some of the, honestly, heavy boxes and the two of you naturally fell into step beside each other. You knew where he was going, since this place was very familiar to you. This was all thanks to the person next to you. Your older brother.

This place also happened to be his workplace; YG Entertainment - home of powerhouse groups such as BIGBANG, 2NE1 and Epic High, to only name a few. Since your brother had worked at YG for about five years now, you’d gotten the opportunity to meet and befriend quite a few people affiliated with the well-known entertainment company. The members of BIGBANG were a few of them… Well, four out of the five, at least. The fifth was someone you’d developed a childish crush on when you first met him, when you were still in a minor and in school. Now, fresh out of high school and finally of legal age, that crush was still very much there.

The problem, though, was that he was nine years older than you and… Hadn’t really seemed to like you at all, from the very start. He, being none other than Kwon Ji Yong – G-Dragon.

As his face popped into your head, a slight frown found its way to your face. Your heartbeat, though, instantly sped up. You often questioned yourself as to why you liked him so much, considering the fact that he treated you like a kid – that he found extremely annoying and didn’t want to be around. But, you couldn’t help it. He made your heart race, simple as that.

Once you’d helped your brother get the boxes to where they were supposed to be, you immediately abandoned him and hurried of to the place you knew some of your favorite people would be.

As soon as you reached the familiar door, a smile found its way to your face. Opening the door without even bothering to knock, you were instantly greeted by the sight of three of your favorite people on the couch. Dong Youngbae and the two Seung Hyuns. They happily called your name as a greeting and, as soon as you’d entered the studio they were currently in and had closed the door, Daesung enveloped you in a tight hug. Laughing because of his action you wrapped your arms around his waist and hugged him back.

Once you’d let go of him and got a chance to take a look around the studio, the person sitting by the monitors and equipment outside the recording booth instantly caught your eye. He was sitting with his back to you and seemed to be immersed in his work. Even though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he looked really handsome. Like always.

“Hi, Oppa~”, you exclaimed in a happy tone, a big smile on your face.

There was no response from him, though, but you brushed it off as him being too caught up with what he was doing. He hadn’t heard you… Yeah, that must be it.

“Oppa~”, you said and saw how his head raised ever so slightly, signaling that he’d heard you this time. However…

“Why is she here?” Ji Yong said in a somewhat harsh tone, not even turning around to look at you.

His words hurt, like always. Biting your lip and looking down at your shoes, your brows furrowed slightly as a hurt expression spread across your face.

“Don’t be mean to her, hyung”, Daesung said and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, a comforting smile on his face when you looked up at him.

“Either she sits down, shuts up and lets us work”, he seemed to ignore Daesung’s words completely, “or she gets the hell out of here and bothers her brother instead”

The harshness in his voice really wasn’t something you wanted to have directed at you, even though you should be used to it by now. This was what he’d been like since the first time you met him, pretty much. It had always confused you why he acted like that towards you, but you’d always been too stubborn and love struck to let it bother you enough to leave him alone. You’d always convinced yourself that, if you were friendly enough with him, he’d at least stop treating you like crap.

Now being 18 and legally an adult, that mentality seemed to have disappeared. When did that happen? When did you get so tired of being treated like that? You really had no good answer as to when it happened, all you knew in that very moment was that it had happened. You didn’t want him to treat him like that anymore, no matter how much you liked him.

Taking a deep, yet shaky, breath, you offered a small smile to Daesung and gently removed his arm from around your shoulders. The moment after that, you turned around and exited the studio without a single word to anyone of the five older men in the room. At the sound of the door slamming, Ji Yong turned around in slight confusion. That confusion only grew when he realized that you weren’t in the room anymore. You’d really left? That was new.

Each and every time he’d told you something similar to that, you’d ignored him completely and had instead energetically bounced up to him – asking him what he was working on and, in turn, annoying him even more.

Shaking his head slightly, he turned back to the monitor in front of him and resumed his work. You leaving in a situation like this was nothing but a one-time thing. You’d definitely go back to your old ways really soon. You were probably just having a bad day, he told himself.

It wasn’t a one-time thing, though. You were back at YG the very next day, but didn’t even acknowledge him when you entered the studio. After greeting the other four members, you excused yourself after an unusually short amount of time, telling them that your brother wanted your help. This was something that quickly became a pattern. Every time you visited the well-known building during the next month, you barely even spared Ji Yong a single glance. Also, during the very rare moments where he was the one to talk to you first, the response he got was cold and the replies were short.

He was confused and he suddenly felt conflicted.

For the last five years, your presence was one he’d been forced to get used to whenever he came to the studio to work, since he often worked closely with your brother. Pretty much since day one, you’d stuck to him like glue whenever you visited – acting like a puppy towards him, following him around wherever he went. He’d always found it extremely annoying and had often wondered if he should try to get your brother fired, just so he didn’t have to have you around.

So… Why did he miss all of those annoying things all of a sudden?

He suddenly missed hearing you laugh, seeing your smile and the curious glint in your eyes whenever you sat next to him and watched him work. Why?! Why did every single thing you did catch his attention all of a sudden, no matter how much he tried to fight it? All of this did nothing but make him even more annoyed every time your face so much as popped into his head. Which it did… More often than not nowadays.

“You know she’s liked you since the first time you met, right?” Youngbae casually said one night when it was just the two of them left in the studio.

“I know”, Ji Yong answered in a somewhat annoyed tone, trying to concentrate on what he had in front of him.

A little more than a month had now gone by since you suddenly started ignoring him and, as if that wasn’t enough, your visits to the studio or to meet your brother had decreased. Ji Yong tried to blame it on the fact that you’d recently become a university student, but he knew that it wasn’t because of that. It was because of him and it honestly pissed him off.

“Ever considered the fact that you might feel the same?” Youngbae bluntly asked.

“What?” Ji Yong snapped, turning to look at his best friend of over a decade like he was crazy, “she’s a damn kid, Youngbae-ah”

“She’s 18 now, so technically she’s not a kid anymore”, Youngbae said, “and, honestly, ever since last month when you snapped at her and she started to ignore you, you’ve been kind of an ass”

“We’re almost finished with our album”; Ji Yong said, “it’s stressing me out”

“We both know it’s not because of the album”; Youngbae said and stood up, patting the leader on the shoulder before exiting the studio – in need of some coffee, if he was going to survive the inevitable all-nighter waiting around the corner.

Left in the studio was an increasingly more annoyed Kwon Ji Yong, wondering what the hell had gotten into his best friend. What he’d said was absolutely ridiculous.

Before he had time to get any further with those thoughts, though, the door suddenly opened again. Being convinced that Youngbae had returned, Ji Yong turned to ask the man something related to their new album. The words were caught in his throat, though, when he realized who it was that’d actually opened the door.


“Youngbae Oppa, my brother said that he-“, you instantly went quiet as soon as you saw that Ji Yong was the only one in the studio, the reason for you being there forgotten, “oh… Have you seen Youngbae Oppa?”

The coldness in your tone made his chest sting slightly and the words of his best friend suddenly came back. Ever considered the fact that you might feel the same? There was no way. Right?

“Cafeteria”, he simply told you.

“… Thank you”, you mumbled, turning around and intending on making a quick escape.

The moment your hand made contact with the doorknob, though, you heard Ji Yong calling your name. The tone of his voice sounded surprisingly desperate, like he didn’t want you to leave. Standing frozen by the door, your hand still gripping the doorknob, you waited for him to speak.

“You’ve been ignoring me”, he stated and you could hear the chair he was sitting on squeak slightly as he spun it around, before standing up from it. You couldn’t help it whatsoever when your heartbeat quickened, he always made your body react like that.


“So, I want to know why you suddenly started doing that”, he said and you could hear his footsteps getting closer to where you stood.

“You treat me like crap for years and you’re surprised that I finally had enough?” you ask in a somewhat harsh tone, even though your heart was still beating like crazy.

“Why now all of a sudden?”

“I got tired of it”, you said, “I can only take so much and I… Had enough”

“I’m sorry”

His words surprised you a great deal, since those were the last two words you’d ever expected to hear from his mouth – especially directed at you.

“What?” finally, you took your hand off the doorknob and turned to look at Ji Yong, who was now standing surprisingly close to you – close enough for you to be able to smell his intoxicating scent.

“I’m sorry”, he repeated and took yet another step closer to you, now invading your personal space and making you slightly lightheaded from the closeness, “I know that it won’t really help at all, since I’ve been an ass towards you for years, but… I’m really sorry, for treating you like that”

“Why?” you asked, “why are you apologizing all of a sudden?”

“I missed you”, he answered bluntly, surprising you a great deal.


“When you started ignoring me and, basically, giving me a taste of my own medicine”, he said, “I realized how much I missed having you around”

It felt very strange to hear him say things like that, since he’d never really done it before. The nervousness in your body quickly grew, both because of his words and because of how close he was standing to you. Was this a dream?

Hearing Ji Yong call your name brought you back to reality and you looked up at him with eyes filled with confusion and surprise.

“You like me”, it was a statement, “you have ever since we first met”

“H-how do you know that?” you manage to stutter.

“You haven’t exactly been discreet in hiding it from me”, he said and smirk ever so slightly, something that made your heart skip a beat at the sight. God, he was handsome.

“I…”, you really had no idea what to say.

“Youngbae confronted me about the possibility that I might feel the same”, he said, “which is a load of crap”

“… O-oh?”

“But, honestly, I think he might be right”

At those words, you heart felt ready to jump out of your chest because it was beating so much. What the hell had he just said? Was he serious? What?! That was definitely the last thing you’d ever expected him to say to you, considering how you’d managed to make his mood turn sour every time you were around him for the last five years.

He called your name again, in a quiet voice, effectively bringing you back to reality. He was looking at you with an unreadable expression on his face and it felt like he was waiting for you to say something. You didn’t know what to say, though. Your thoughts were a tangled mess because of him.

“I like you”, he suddenly murmured, leaning closer and effectively doubling your heartbeat again.

“Y-you… Wh-… Really?” the last word came out as nothing but a whisper as you stared up at him in shock.

Honestly, he’d already confessed to his feelings a few moments ago, but hearing him say it straight-out like that was something completely different.

Nodding slightly at you question, he leaned in even closer – hovering his lips right above yours, as if he was waiting for your permission to take the leap. Swallowing hard from nervousness, you raised your hands and took a light hold on his shirt before raising yourself to stand on your tip toes. Through all this, Ji Yong did nothing but stand completely still – watching your every move.

Moments later, he seemed to find the permission he was looking for and closed the remaining distance between your lips. It felt like complete heaven, to be honest. You’d fantasized about this moment for the last five years, like a silly little girl in love, but now that it was actually happening… It outdid every single fantasy you’d ever had.

The kiss ended after a few moments and only then did you realize that Ji Yong had wrapped his arms around you. Smiling up at him, you were met with that stunning and charming smile you’d had very few opportunities to have directed at you in the past. That would most definitely change now, though.

“My brother’s going to kill you when he finds out, you know that right?”

“Probably”, he said and smirked.

3 Billion Dollars [Part 3] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by yuijiyong

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t go exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: dis one be angst

Warnings: this does mention violence and contains swearing just so you know

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11}

A/N: Okay so this one gets a little intence. I hope you guys like it. Sorry for the slow updates, school work takes up most of my time. Like always requests are open, and I love hearing feedback. 

P.S. this gif kills me

not my gif 

~Admin Brooklyn


Eight Years Later

College took way longer than expected. Coming back home from college was hard. Everything seemed different. It didn’t mean that you didn’t visit while you were in college, but everything seemed to change from the last time you visited. Everything had this scary calm tone to it. Mornings were good, comforting and warm, but calm. Usually (Y/B/N) would have some exciting news, but not now. Now he just sat quietly, staring at your dad. Your dad was quiet, which wasn’t unusual, but he seemed sad and depressed, which was different. Your mother also seemed down, although she hid it. It was the calm before the storm.

You were in your room when everything started. Night had already fallen and you were working on your job resume. Music was playing out of our small speaker, just like it normally would. Everything else in your house was quiet, though. Your parents were downstairs, and they didn’t seem to make any noise, neither did your brother who was in his room. You didn’t mind how quiet it was. You were too busy working anyways.


Your parents froze as a knock sounded against the front door. Your father walked towards the door. He carefully eyed the staircase for any sign of you or your brother. A sigh left his lips as he swung open the door. Mr. Kwon stood on the other side, with his spitting image right behind him. Ji Yong had a hard gaze on his face. No emotion was shown, unlike his father who clearly showed his amusement at your father’s anxiety. Men in black clothing surrounded them once again, just like the first time they met.

Mr. Kwon stepped into the house, inviting himself and the rest of his crew in. Ji Yong followed his footsteps, then the rest of the men. Someone had quietly shut the door. Your mother was hiding in the kitchen, sending more than her fair share of fearful dirty looks. Mr. Kwon smirked at your mother, then turned to your father. “We both know why we’re here.”

Your mother glared at Ji Yong, but he was looking straight at your father. His face was void of emotions. He was struggling to keep his mind in check, though. His father chuckled as nobody moved. Your father was struggling to keep eye contact with Mr. Kwon, but he tried his best. Mr. Kwon’s smirk never left his face, even as he spoke. “Don’t be so sad. I’m just here to take what’s mine. Well, my what’s gonna be my son’s. Oh, and I’m here to let you know that you fucked up your end of the deal. Now I gotta fix that.”

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Nostalgia [Gdragon]

Summary: In which Jiyong was your love of your life the last year of high school and you did everything together, but one fight can ruin it all.

Word Count: 2 186 words

Type: Scenario

Genre: Angst af

Member: Gdragon from BigBang

A/n: Hi loves I really hope you enjoy this little drabble / scenario. I’m sorry if you guys get confused but Love you guys ~ Admin Megan xx

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Crooked (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 2

Part Two! :)

Really hope you’ll like it

Summary: He broke your heart two years ago and you left him. Time is supposed to heal all wounds, so will you take him back?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]

His head was throbbing, like someone repeatedly hit him in the head with a hammer. The unfamiliarity of the bed or couch he was on didn’t surprise him all that much, since it wouldn’t be the first time he woke up somewhere other than his own place. What did surprise him was the all too familiar scent that surrounded him, one that he hadn’t been around for two years now, except for last night. But that had been a dream, hadn’t it? It was your scent and it made chills run through his entire body as the memories of you flooded his mind. Two years without you… Two years of absolute hell where he wished you’d come back to him. There was no one to blame but him, though, since he was the one who’d pushed you away. He didn’t deserve you and all of your perfection in the end. His amazing and perfect angel… Gone.

The dream of you last night, how you appeared in that filthy bathroom in the club and got him out of there, was so real that it actually scared him. You’d been so pissed off at him, he’d been able to feel it as you’d glared at him. The fact that your appearance had changed made the dream feel even more real. You’d looked so beautiful and all he’d wanted was to take you in his arms and never let go again. But, really, how could it be anything but a dream?

He groaned and tried to not think about how he’d successfully screwed up the one perfect thing in his life. What good would it do when you’d probably never return to Korea and much less his life?

He sat up on the, he quickly registered, couch in the unfamiliar apartment and the question about where he was and who the owner of the apartment was rouse. The familiar scent didn’t help the hope of the dream being real disappear.

Getting up from the couch, he quickly looked around the living room before the smell of coffee caught his attention and he walked towards what seemed to be the kitchen, to investigate. As he stopped at the entrance to the kitchen, the view right in front of him was confusing. There, sitting on a barstool by the kitchen island – back turned – was a woman that instantly sent those chills of familiarity racing through his body. It couldn’t be… Could it?

As if sensing that someone was looking at her, the woman turned around and looked at him. What he saw shocked him so much he almost forgot how to breathe. It was…



The view you had when you turned around both amused and annoyed you. There he stood, in all his hung over and trashy glory. Kwon Ji Yong. He really did look like crap and like he’d spent the last four days partying. That didn’t seem unlikely, sadly, which only made you more annoyed.

Why you’d decided that he could sleep at your apartment was something you’d spent a lot of time wondering last night, before you’d managed to fall asleep. He wasn’t part of your life anymore, so why? After quite some time, you’d forced an answer in; it had been the habit of helping him that hadn’t really disappeared, even if it’d been two years since you last had to drag his drunken ass home after a wild night.

“Finally awake?” you casually asked and turned back towards the newspaper and coffee mug on the kitchen island, trying to ignore how your heartbeat picked up when you looked at him – even when he looked like complete crap.

“It wasn’t a dream?” he asked. If it was a question directed to you or just himself; you didn’t know – you chose to ignore it either way.

A few moments of complete silence between the two of you followed his question and you imagined that he was staring at you in amazement, much like he’d done last night. Suddenly, you could hear movement behind you as Ji Yong walked towards you. He stopped beside you and you could see, out of the corner of your eye, how he looked at you with confusion written all over his face.

“I’ll still be here, no matter how long you stare at me”, you stated and tried to concentrate on the words in front of you, but failed miserably as he ran a hand through his extremely messy, platinum blonde hair. The fact that your body was still so aware of every single movement he made annoyed the hell out of you.

“Why am I here?” he asked.

“That…”, you started but didn’t really know how to continue, “I… Uh…”

You bit your lip slightly and tried to decide how to answer his question. Since you didn’t know yourself, how could you answer?

“I don’t know”, you finally answered and sighed.

“You don’t know?”

“No, I don’t”, you said in an annoyed tone and glared at him slightly, “you were a complete, drunken mess last night… It was bad enough for Seung Hyun Oppa to call me, so that he could get you out of that damn club and when we got in the cab I-… Gave the driver my address”

You mumbled the last five words quietly as you looked at the coffee in front of you, the confusion from last night resurfacing.

“Hyung knew you were back?” Ji Yong asked.

“Of course he did! I called him pretty much the second I got back six months ago”, you answered, still annoyed.

“Why?” he asked, now sounding annoyed as well at the fact that one of his best friends had known for the last six months, without telling him.

“Because he didn’t break my goddamn heart two years ago!” you said in a slightly louder voice, glaring at him.

With that sentence, it seemed like many things fell into place for Ji Yong and he looked down at the floor with guilt written all over his face. The fact that he was able to realize what he’d done made you somewhat happy. At least he wasn’t an idiot, even if he was an ass.

“Seung Hyun Oppa left clean clothes for you”, you soon said, “if you want to take a shower before you leave… Feel free to, I guess”

You just wanted him to leave as soon as possible, because the uncomfortable feeling running through your entire body was almost too much at this point. Trying to fall asleep with the knowledge that he was in the room next to you had been hard enough. Having him stand next to you, talking, was too much for you to handle.

Ji Yong seemed to realize this, because he simply just nodded and walked away from you. Before he exited the kitchen, though, he stopped and turned towards you again.

“I want to take you out for coffee”, he stated, surprising you enough to turn around and look at him.

“But I’ve already had coffee”, you said and directed your attention to the cup of coffee in front of you, “and why do you want to have coffee with me?”

“Now that I know you’re back, there’s no way in hell I’ll just leave quietly”, he said in a serious tone, “even though I’m sure you hate me with a passion, I want to talk”

“About what, exactly?”


His answer confused you, “what ‘us’? There hasn’t been an ‘us’ for two years, so what could there be to talk about?”

“Please”, he suddenly begged, something you didn’t expect from him. He’d always had too much pride to do things like that. The fact that he was able to do something so uncharacteristic for him made you believe that he sincerely wanted to talk. Maybe you should humor him for a short while, so that he could leave you alone completely after that?

“… Fine”

“Really?” he sounded so happy you almost admitted to yourself how adorable he was.

“But if you’re not ready in fifteen minutes, you can forget about it”

At this, he turned around with a wide smile on his face, and walked towards the direction he’d seen your bedroom and bathroom. A few minutes later, you could hear the shower being turned on and you quickly changed and got ready, not entirely sure why you’d agreed to go out for coffee with him. To get him of your back? Really? You, if anyone, should know that saying yes to something like that would only encourage him even more to not leave you alone. This would get his hopes up about the two of you getting back together. You knew that! So what the hell were you doing?

Exactly fourteen minutes later, a freshly showered Ji Yong emerged from the bathroom. He was dressed in a simple white t-shirt, a grey cardigan and a pair of black jeans. He looked like a normal guy and not at all like a filthy rich heir who’d gotten stuck in the crazy party scene. Even his platinum blonde hair was taken care of enough to not look like a complete birds nest. You couldn’t deny that he looked good and, no matter how hard you tried to deny it, he still looked as handsome as when you first met him.

Since there was a coffee shop not far from your apartment, the two of you went there. Ji Yong insisted on paying for your coffee as well, even if you told him you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself. In the end, he paid for it and the two of you sat down at a table by a large window. The coffee shop was on the second floor of the building and overlooked a park just on the other side of the road.

“What exactly do you want to talk about?” you asked when you’d sat in silence for a short while. You really just wanted this to be over.

“The fact that I want you back”, he bluntly said.


How many times could this infuriating and handsome man shock you in a day?

“I know that after how I treated you two years ago, I really don’t have the right to say things like that-“

“Then why even try?” you interrupted him as you shook of the shock of his previous statement, “you hurt me so much back then and, judging from last night, you haven’t changed one bit… Why should I even consider taking you back, when I know exactly what I can expect?”

“____-ah, please-“

“Don’t try, please Oppa”, you said in a tired voice, “the you I fell in love with back then clearly isn’t here anymore and he probably never will be”

Deep down, you knew that a part of you wanted him back. However, it was not because you still had feelings for him, but more for the fact that you wanted the happy memories with him back. Before the accident that killed his mother and made him go crazy, he’d been the most perfect boyfriend in the world. You missed that, but couldn’t forget how much he’d hurt you for the last six months of your relationship.

“I’m not that kind of asshole anymore, ____-ah”, he tried to convince you.

“No? Then what the hell was last night about?”

“That-… You don’t understand”

“You’re right, I don’t”, you said and suddenly felt like you’d had more than enough. You had to get out of there now, away from Ji Yong.

When you stood up, you could see the panicked expression on his face and a small part of you wanted to sit down again, so that it would go away. You quickly convinced yourself that you didn’t care, though. Before he could start begging you to stay, you spoke.

“If you really do love me, then please just leave me alone”

He didn’t seem to know what to say after that and seemed very confused about what to do. Without even saying good bye to him, you turned around and walked out of the coffee shop – leaving Ji Yong to figure out what to do.


After you left the coffee shop, you called Seung Hyun and went to his big and expensive apartment. He was from a rich family, just like Ji Yong, so for him to have a luxurious apartment was natural. You needed to talk to him about what just happened. Even if you were sure that Ji Yong had just been saying things to get you back, something confused you. ‘I’m not that kind of asshole anymore’. What exactly did he mean by that? Last night had been like a flashback for you; it’d been like all those times two years ago, so how exactly wasn’t he that kind of asshole anymore?

As soon as Seung Hyun’s apartment door opened, you hurried into his waiting arms and breathed in his familiar scent. He really was like an older brother to you. Even if you had an actual, biological, older brother, you preferred being comforted like this by Seung Hyun. His hugs were much cozier.

He sat you down by the table in his big and elaborately renovated kitchen and made you tea, because – even if you didn’t realize it – spending time with Ji Yong had made you slightly jumpy and nervous. After such a long time, you’d gotten used to not be around the man who once had your entire heart. All the emotions that had raced through your body during the few hours you’d been around him had been too much for you, without even realizing it.

After you’d calmed down a bit, you asked Seung Hyun about what Ji Yong could’ve meant when he said that he wasn’t that kind of asshole anymore. Right after you’d asked about it, you could see how Seung Hyun visibly tensed up. He seemed to give in quickly, though, and sat down in front of you.

“You really want to know, Angel?” he asked in a serious tone.

“… Yes”, you said.

Seung Hyun sighed and nodded before running a hand through his dark hair.

“When you left, he buried himself even deeper in the party scene and we were pretty worried that he’d either stay there forever or that the party scene would… End him, so to speak”, he started.

“You thought he’d die?” you asked, surprised.

“With the amount of partying he did after you left, it was a possibility…”, he said, “even if we tried to pull him out of that world, he wouldn’t listen and told us that if we didn’t support him… We weren’t really his friends and that he had other people in his life that actually did support him and made him happy”


“Yeah… Though, those people didn’t give a shit about him and we knew it, they only stuck around him because he paid for all the drinks and crap like that”, Seung Hyun said and looked annoyed, “we really thought he’d never come out of that world…”

“But… He did?” you asked when his words gave you the impression that the story was far from over. Seung Hyun looked at you and gave you a small smiled while nodding his head.

“Four months ago, he suddenly seemed to come back to his senses and the partying started to decrease… He even started to take his future seriously and told us that if he was to take over the company when his dad couldn’t run it anymore, he had to learn”, this was not something you expected to hear, “about three weeks ago, we were almost completely sure he was back to his old self and I actually started to contemplate whether to tell you about it or not”

“You… Were?”

“Yeah… Even if you begged both me and Yongbae to never talk about him around you ever again, I think you’d want to know if the old him came back”, Seung Hyun said, “or am I wrong?”

“… No”, you quietly said.

“Last night, both him and I were at a friends’ house, like I told you”, he said, “and when he heard that you were back, he snapped and went back to his asshole ways… I had to drive around the entire goddamn town before I found him, drunk out of his skull, in that club”

“So… He was totally fine for about four months and snapped when he found out I was back?” you concluded after hearing the entire story. Seung Hyun sighed and nodded.

Your feelings were very mixed after hearing all of it. There was a hint of happiness over the fact that he was getting back to his old self – to the man you’d fallen in love with –, but you still felt scared that the mere news about you being back sent all his hard world down the drain. How could Ji Yong expect you to get back with him if he was that unstable with you around?

And why did it feel like last night had been the start of something that would change the life you’d created for yourself two years ago?

3 Billion Dollars - G Dragon Mafia!AU [Part 5]

Originally posted by big-bang-bitches

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t go exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: Maybe fluff, most likely angsty

Warnings: Death, swearing, mentions of kidnapping I think

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11}

A/N: Sorry for not being able to post anything lately, we had lost power due to 60 mph winds. I hope you like it! This one is a long one. Also, update on the Playlist Scenarios; Tumblr Girls will be posted tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to finish it by today. Sorry again for the delay and I hope you enjoy! 

~ Admin Brooklyn


Ji Yong knew you saw those girls. He knows that you’ve seen worse, but the feeling of anger and annoyance showed up when he thought of it. He tried protecting you for so long. He didn’t know how you would handle it. He still doesn’t know how you’re currently handling it. You were really quiet in the car, which wasn’t exactly unexpected, but he did expect for you to cry way more than you did. He was worried about you. He doesn’t want you to get hurt.

He looked down at the bodies on the ground. Blood slowly dripping out of the hole in their heads. There were four of them. Two topless hookers and two idiot men. They knew that someone important was coming. Everyone knew to be on their best behavior, but nope they decided to ruin not only their name but Ji Yong’s image on you.

“Hey, it’ll be okay. Trust me.” Seunghyun said, knowing what’s bothering him. Ji Yong shrugged, thinking of your face as he killed your brother. The pure shock and pain that filled your eyes. It was hard for him, but it’s not like he hasn’t killed before. “I know. She’ll have to move on sooner or later.”

“Ji Yong, come here for a second.” Mr. Kwon said. Ji Yong nodded and walked towards his father. Mr. Kwon was talking to three guys at the time. All of which looked like they had been through the worst things you could imagine. They were covered in sweat and dirt, and one of them was bleeding. Mr. Kwon didn’t seem too happy with what they said, despite the smile he gave them. “Yes, dad?”

“Now boys, please repeat to my son what you just said to me.” The boys stood in fear, nodding their heads at uneven, fast speeds. One of the boys went to open their mouths, only to have a hand clamp their mouth shut. Someone else spoke up. “They got away sir.”

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Only Look At Me (GD Scenario)

In which he’s jealous.

“Are you sure this is alright?” You ask again as you follow him down the crowded corridors of the backstage.

“Why wouldn’t it be?” He just continues to walk as all the people bow in front of him, curiously trying to see you face hidden by the black cap you’re wearing.

“I don’t know,” you mutter under your breath. “Can’t they kick me out or something since I’m not a staff member? What?” You frown after bumping your forehead in his back due to his sudden stop.

“You’re with me and for the nth time, it’s completely fine! Everyone has one or two people here, so you’re not the only one,” he smiles, his hand caressing your cheek for a second before walking away. “Plus, you always said you wanted to see us live, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but I was thinking of a concert rather than this,” you mumble, curiously looking around. The stage was all illuminated by a colourful neon background, the staff directing each other as they tested the lights and the mics before the actual artists came up on the stage.

“Do you think you can remember the way here? ‘Cause we should head back to the waiting room,” Jiyong’s gummy smile seems to apologize for taking you away so fast from that busy world.

“I’ll manage somehow,” you place your arm around his neck, trying to match his height, “if not I can always ask. I think people will be very curious about why I ask about the almighty G-Dragon, won’t they?” You grin, stepping away from him as soon as you enter the busy corridor that leads to Big Bang’s waiting room.

“I hope you used protection, kids,” Seungri appears behind you two after the door closes behind you, his big grin making your ears go red.

“I’ll give you protection that you won’t be able carry,” you crack your fingers, threatening him with your fist.

“Kids,” you hear T.O.P chuckling from his chair, his eyes glued to the screen of his phone.

“Says the one who needed me to open an Instagram account!”

“EXO!” Daesung breaks in from the bathroom, shamelessly zipping his pants in front of you.

“WHERE?!” You shout back, your heart crazily beating inside your chest.

“There she goes. Nice, Daesung, very nice,” GD comments from his seat, frowning at his bandmate while keeping his eyes on you as you make him signs to shut up, your eyes glued to the LCD’s screen on the wall.

“Who’s your fav?” Daesung whispers, ignoring GD’s threatening staring.

“Kai. He’s such a cutie pie,” you smile as Kai flashes his trademark smirk to the camera, earning some shouts from the fans in the public and some squeels from you. “And he’s hot,” you shrug, trying to keep your focus.

“Hellooooo??? Boyfriend in the room!” GD agitates on his seat, making the make-up arts sigh as the brush slips on the artist’s skin. “Just in case you forgot, of course,” he quickly adds when you glare at him after he made you miss your favourite moment of the song. “She doesn’t like me half as much as she likes EXO… or BTS,” he mumbles when you clap enthusiastically as BTS take their special stage on.

And he stares at you through the mirror as you wordlessly watch the other group’s performance, the tip of your feet tapping against the floor. He’s jealous although he knows he shouldn’t be. He’s your boyfriend and yet you never acted that way around him. While he knows that he fell for you exactly because you saw the man and not the performer in him, he still wishes at times you’d fangirl around him.

“Come with me,” he just grabs your wrist, pulling you out of the room, the other members of Big Bang elbowing each other.

“But they’re performance,” you try to protest, but just eat your words when he turns to you, his eyes sparkling dangerously. “Okay,” you say, unclasping his fingers from your wrist and holding his hand instead. “I’d follow you anywhere. You know that, right?”

“What did you say?” He stops abruptly, turning to you.

The corridor is empty, semi-obscurity hiding his features as you look straight at him.

“I said I would follow you anywhere, Kwon Jiyong,” you tighten you squeeze his hand.

“It doesn’t seem so.” Your eyes adjusted to the low light see his cute pout and you smile. “Don’t laugh at me! That’s how I feel! You know how hard it is for me to talk about my feelings, but I… I sometimes wish you’d look at me like you look at BTS or EXO,” he continues. “I sometimes wish you’d only look at me.”

“Is the almighty G-Dragon jealous?”

“Only look at me,” he demands, his hand on your cheek bringing your laughter to a halt. “Only look at both of me. Or at least fangirl around me too,” he steps back, the same cute pout breaking through his charisma.

“But I am looking only at you,” you protest. “You don’t see it, but I am looking only at you! I temper my enthusiasm around you because I don’t want to make you tired. I’ve listened to all of Big Bang’s songs and to your as well and I can’t pick a favourite because each and every single one of them seems to fit with one of my dispositions. I’ve got them all on repeat and… you don’t see that because that’s usually how a fan behaves. Do you think I’d act the same around EXO or BTS if I were to meet them? Heck no! I wouldn’t want them to think I’m crazy or anything! Just like I never wanted you to see the way I fangirl over you,” you approach him, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him.

“But I want to see that. All of that! Please?”

“Fine, fine,” you sigh, “but you’ll be ashamed with me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

“Deal!” He laughs, pecking your lips before pulling you back to Big Bang’s waiting room.

Their performance stage was up and you made your way through the crowd of fans, your light stick on one hand and the luminous board in the other. He always seemed different once on stage, more charismatic and playful and a complete goofball towards the fans that encouraged his every move.

“Kwon Jiyong, I love you!” You yelled during one of those musical breaks in which every fan was screaming something else. His chuckle confirmed that he heard you clearly despite the noise before he moved to a different part of the stage, Daesung taking his spot in front of you, cocking his eyebrows. “Oh, shut up,” you laughed, joining the fans in the chant that was making the floor vibrate.

“Is there anything else I need to know about my fangirl girlfriend?” Jiyong leans closer and closer, invading your private space and staring at you with a playful smile as his manager drives you two back to his place.

“Well, I run two fan blogs and an anti tag” you turn to him, your smile mirroring his.

“What?! Why? What did I do?” He pulls away, taken aback.

“Nothing. That’s the way I relieve my love for you when it’s getting too much to handle,” you shrug. “Like tonight,” you show him your blog page with a video from their live stage.

“Kwon Jiyong, you bastard, of course you went there, who ripped his jeans???, okay no, go away, I hate you tbh, thank you for the ride to hell, god have mercy,” he reads out loud. “God have mercy indeed!” He laughs, kissing you.

“You’re not… scared? Disappointed? Embarrassed?” You push him away after a few seconds, scanning his expression.

“Of course not! It’s cute! You’re adorable, God have mercy on my soul,” he kisses your temple before returning to your phone. “Ohhhhh! Someone uses Photoshop,” he quickly discovers your fan art.

“Give it back!” You struggle in his hug.

“My girlfriend is my number one fan,” he tells his manager who smiles back.