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Hi Kristin! I'm in the mood for some historical films and was wondering if you had any film recs? (You seem like the kind of person whose film recs I would enjoy) P.S. I absolutely adore your aesthetic. It gives me hope for my own <3

OF COURSE, HERE IS MY SOMEWHAT COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF PERIOD DRAMAS (these are majority british because ..that is all i am, it’s also like up until the 1960s, in order of when they are SET)

1500s -1600s

  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth: The Golden Age
  • Anonymous 
  • Shakespeare in Love 
  • The Libertine
  • Bill
  • The Three Musketeers 
  • Lady Jane
  • The Girl Queen 
  • Stage Beauty


  • The Duchess
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Pride and Prejudice 
  • Sense and Sensibility 
  • Becoming Jane 
  • The Madness of King George 
  • Perfume: Story of a Murderer 
  • A Little Chaos 
  • Girl With A Pearl Earring 
  • Belle


  • Young Victoria 
  • Mrs Brown
  • Victoria and Abdul 
  • Jane Eyre 
  • Mr. Turner
  • Wilde
  • Dorian Gray    
  • The Woman in Black 
  • Jude
  • The Importance of Being Earnest 
  • Bright Star
  • Viceroys House 
  • Miss Potter
  • Creation
  • The Invisible Woman 
  • From Hell
  • The Limehouse Golem  
  • Hysteria
  • Effie Gray
  • Great Expectations
  • Far From The Madding Crowd
  • Anna Karenina


  • Maurice
  • Brideshead Revisited 
  • Suffragette
  • The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came down a Mountain
  • Enid 
  • Sunset Song
  • Finding Neverland 
  • War Horse
  • A Dangerous Method 
  • Another Country
  • Jimmy’s Hall
  • The Edge of Love
  • Their Finest 
  • Gosford Park 
  • Glorious 39
  • Easy Virtue
  • Dunkirk
  • The Danish Girl
  • Atonement
  • Queen & Country 
  • Private Peaceful 
  • The Book Thief 
  • Testament of Youth
  • Boy in Striped Pyjamas
  • The Others
  • Anthropoid 
  • Zoo Keepers Wife 
  • The Royal Night Out 
  • A United Kingdom 
  • Another Mother’s Son
  • The Woman in Gold
  • The King’s Speech
  • The Monuments Men  
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  • The Man Who Knew Infinity 
  • Suite Française
  • The Theory of Everything 
  • The Imitation Game 
  • The Railway Man 
  • The Magdalene Sisters
Black Butterflies - 3

Here it is, much awaited part 3. Don’t forget to give me feedback. Plus re-blog and recommend others my blog if you liked it so far :) And the base of flashback has been borrowed from @secret-rendezvous1d I did some editing here and there. Thanks to her !


Part - 1

Part - 2

Word count :: 2507

Harry thew his head back in pleasure as he rolled his hips against Kristine. They still were at Disneyland with kids and didn’t get time to catch up with each other. So after putting his kids to bed, he started it all by kissing her. His lips trailing kisses down her neck, leaving purple marks on her neck. 

‘fuck Harry do something.” Kristine whimpered beneath her. Her chest rising with every breath she took pressing it against his. His silver chain hanging from his neck as he hovered her and slowly pushed himself inside her. Her wetness making it easy for harry to slide his thick shaft inside her in a one swift motion.  Her hands coming in contact with his muscular back as she dragged her nails along it.

The next hour was spent making love fucking.

Harry rolled off her after reaching his heights and laid beside her. She smiled and rested her head on his chest. 

He didn’t felt right. The feeling was foreign for him. She felt unfamiliar. Soon her soft snores filled the room. and Harry found himself awake in bed staring blankly at the ceiling. His mind was going crazy with a chaos of thoughts. Why was he feeling like this? He himself din’t know. The feeling was making him sick making him questioning himself what was going on.

He started question, did he actually loved Kristine or was it just a illusion. Shaking his head, brushing the thoughts away he pulled her sleeping figure close to his chest.

“Of course I love her” he mumbled and closed his eyes.

You hissed to self as blood gushed out of your finger that you cut while chopping the veggies. You opened the tap and put it under the cool running water. The cool sensation giving relief to you as you padded to the front door to open it where Anne stood carrying a bag with her.

“Elo darling” She said cheerfully pulling you in a tight hug. Her warm affection warming your cold body up. You smiled at her cheerful spirit before pulling away.

“Come inside mum.” You said.

Mum. The very first time you met her and called Mrs. Twist she asked you to call her mum instead. She said that you too were like Gemma to her and calling her Mrs. Twist would embarrass her hearing it from her daughter.

Anne was much of a best friend to you than a mother-in-law. She was always there when you needed her. Whenever you and Harry fought, you’d always ask her for help and knowing his son well, she’d help you. You told her everything. And having her as a mother made you feel lucky

“So, how’re yeh doin’?” She asked rubbing th back of your hand with her thumb sitting on the couch with you as you both sipped on your tea.

“Very well. Thank you. What about you?” You asked putting your cup down on the coffee table.

“I’m good. How’re yeh ?” She asked again.

“i uh i said I’m good”

“I asked you how’re yeh?” She asked once again and there was no backing up from it now. Tears welled up in your eyes and you looked down and sniffed.

“Not good mum. I’m breaking inside. God I feel dead “ You sobbed and were pulled inside the arms of that lovely lady.

“There it is baby. Let it out sweet. Cry all yeh want” she cooed. Her soft voice made weep  as you wrapped your arms around her crying your heart out.

“I feel yeh “ She said and after a few minutes of good crying, you pulled away. You noticed her navy blue tee had a damp spot from your tears. You wiped your tears and nose with the back of your hand. And it did helped you. Crying out did help you made feel better.

“I am disgusted with my son right now. Never expected him to do this. I’m sorry he caused you so much pain” she said sympathetically cupping your right cheek.

“He just chose to leave instead of fighting. That’s all mum” You cried softly.

“I feel yeh love. I’ve been at your place before” She said. And she wasn’t lying. The only difference was that their decision of separation was mutual unlike you guys.

“I can’t believe he’d do something like that. He always told me how much he loved you”

“It’s okay mum. Love fades away” 

“You really love her, don’t you?”

He looks across to his mother as she nurses her cup of tea, cosied up into Robin’s side, with a smile on her face. The lamps around the room giving her face a gentle glow, shadows forming from her features as Harry’s fingers drag up his your arm softly.

“I really do,” he whispers, nodding softly, “absolutely smitten with her, I am.”

“I think the feeling is very much mutual,” she smiles, leaning forward and setting her mug on a coaster on the coffee table, reaching over to grab his free hand and perching on the armrest beside her son, “she’s wonderful. She really is. I’ve never seen you with such a huge smile on your face before. She’s what you need. Someone to keep you grounded and to stop you from swimming off and getting too crazy.”

 “dropping her coffee over my shoes that day was what got us here today. I love her. I really do. She’s changed my life over the last 8 months, mum, and I realised that I’ve never been so crazy for someone before. I love her. It makes me so happy that you like her, as well,” he smiles, looking down at you and pressing a kiss to your forehead, “I think I’m going to take her to bed. I’m going to take her off into Holmes Chapel tomorrow and show her everything I used to get up to. You’re welcome to join us if you want to come.”

“Oh, no. No, you have some time together. We’ve spent all day with you,” Anne smiles, cupping his face in her hand and pressing a kiss to his forehead, “I’ll have a nice breakfast set out for you both tomorrow. Be up for 8, okay?”

He nods, adjusting his arms around you lifting you to his chest, standing to his feet and bidding a goodnight before he’s making his way up the stairs.

Anne felt her heart aching as she remembered the memories of Harry bringing you to their house for the first time. His lips were spread in a wide grin. She loved how happy he looked and knew you were the one. But now she felt broken. She never expected any of her kid to have divorce in future as she taught them that single thing can destroy many lives.

Thinking of her daughter-in-law brought tears to her eyes. She knew how hard the situation was for her and she felt vulnerable because there’s nothing she could do ease the pain of the poor girl. Nothing but pray to god.

“Eat” Kristine ordered bringing the spoon full of porridge to Noah’s mouth. Harry was in the bathroom and asked Kristine to feed Noah. And without denying she nodded and sat little toddler on baby chair and started feeding her. But he didn’t seem to like her attitude.Since the say Harry brought kids along with Kristine, she felt that Harry payed more attention to kids than her. Once she even wore short exposing clothes to arouse Harry, but instead of getting turned on, Harry grabbed her by her elbow gently and took inside the room only to scold her not to wear such clothes around kids It only flamed the fire inside Kristine more for his kids.

She tried feeding Noah forcefully when he suddenly pushed her away, spilling porridge all over her t-shirt and some on her hair.

“What’ve you done?!?!” she roared scaring Noah. Hearing his cries, Rose came running from the other room and started calming down his brother. But when her eyes fell on Kristine, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh seeing porridge sticking to her hair. Kristine’s eyes flared up with anger as she stood up and hovered Rose. Her hand rising up in the air.

Poor girl’s eyes filled with fear sensing what 

“you little piece of s-” she spat when suddenly rose ran and stuck to fer father’s leg crying.

“Daddy!!!” she cried as harry picked her up.

“Wha’s wrong poppet?” Harry asked rubbing her back.

“Kr-Kristine was going to hit me” she sobbed in his neck. Harry pulled away, his eyebrows furrowed as he set her down.

“What? I could never do that to you” Kristine cooed changing herself like a chameleon crouching beside Harry, in front of Rose. She pushed her hand away when Kristine tried to touch her.

“You lie!” Rose cried.

“Sh-she even was saying the S word” Rose cried.

“Oh god. “ Kristine said covering her mouth as tears fell down her eyes. Harry instantly wrapped his arms around her pulling her to him. 

“Apologize to kris” Harry old rose rubbing the small back of Kristine.

“No” Rose refused shaking her head showing Harry attitude.

“Don’ Rose. I said apologize” Harry warned and once again Rose denied. It set Harry off the verge. Harry stood up and took a breath trying not to explode on her daughter but he was helpless.

“GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!” He shouted, making everyone in the room flinch. His loud voice making Noah to burst in tear once again. Rose’s breath hitched in as tears flooded her eyes.

“I hate you” she mumbled ever so softly before helping his brother down the chair and running to her room with him.

After coming back to his senses. He felt hurt. He felt disgusted for scaring his little girl like that. His own eyes getting wet as he sat on the ground with his head in his hands sobbing quietly. Kristine took the chance and brought him to her chest rubbing his back.

“Shhh baby. It’s okay”

As soon as Rose finished up telling you what happened to them on vacation, Y/n stomped out of her house and drove to their Harry’s house. Unfortunately, he wasn’t their and you were greeted by none other than his girlfriend, who was dressed in nothing but a pair of panties and his t-shirt.

“Oh hi. Come inside” she said  stepping aside for y/n to come in and she gladly did. Seeing Kristine was making his blood boil. Especially when she was wearing the ring in her necklace that you gifted Harry. You felt sick thinking about how stupid you were to fall for a guys like that.

“Stop” Y/n said trying to be calm. She didn’t wanted any foreplay.

“What?” Kristine asked innocently clearly aware as to why y/n was there.

“Stop being so two faced.And how dare you talk to my kids like that?!” Y/n shouted.

“Oh really? But you husband, oops i mean my boyfriend doesn’t seems to be bothered about it. And about your kids, it’ll be better f you keep them to yourself.” she said standing with her hands on her hips.

“Harry is their father! They have the whole right to be with him! And oh my god I cannot believe he actually likes a bitch like you!”

“Oh please darling he loves me. Probably because I’m not ugly,fat and emotional mess like you. When he spent that night with me, he told me how much he regretted marrying you and voila I helped him every night. All the time he said he was out, he was with me, inside me actually” she laughed

“and you know what? He’s smitten over me” She said. You let out a sob as her words hit you like a knife but you had to be strong, for your kids.

“God. He’s an Idiot. Never knew he fuck buddy would turn out to be someone like you” You spat hatefully.

“Wha’ do ya mean” Said a heavy voice. You turned around and saw Harry standing at the porch, Kristine wasted no time running to him and crying fake tears.

“shh baby. “ Harry said kissing her head before making his way to you. Your heart beat fastened as you took in to his face. He looked mesmerizing. So pure and gentle. He looked so good and it was clear that the divorce wasn’t affecting him where you looked completed opposite but he was too blinded to see how much you were hurting.

“I-I can’t believe you yelled at Rose” you stammered as he hovered you.

“Had to do that t’ teach her some manners. And wha’ did yeh by fuck buddy huh? I love her! Ge’ this fucking thing in your brain.” he said. He was getting red with every word he said.

“It’s alright Haz. I’m okay” Kristine said clutching to his arm sounding so poor and petite. All you wanted to do was to punch her straight in the face.

“No Kris! Nobody talks to m’love like that” He said eyeing you. His eyes dug in you were burning you. You felt naked and wrapped your arms around yourself but the time wasn’t to be. It was to fight.

“I didn’t said anything wrong Harry styles! She’s nothing but a slut, a fuck buddy whom you fucked every night, you spent every night with her moaning where I sat at home, awake the whole night wondering if you’re okay! While you’re kids kept asking for you!”

“And did you ever asked meh why was I? Let me tell yeh because you never were enough! Seeing your face disgusted me!” He yelled. His voice echoed in the house while every word he said.

Your heart clenched. Your chest felt heavy again as a tear rolled down your cheek. Never in a million years you thought he’d say something like this, but he did.

“You are the biggest regret of  my life” You whispered.

“If you’re done, I’d like you to leave” He said looking away. 

“didn’t you hear him Y/n?” Kristine said her tears all gone now replaced by happiness of you crying. You knew she was trying to evoke you and damn it did work. 

“Shut up you bit-” And before you could finish the whole sentence, Harry grabbed you my your elbow harshly and dragged to the porch.

“Get the fuck outta my house!”


Oh well well. I’ve started hating Harry while writing this. Feedback please!

i like to headcanon the host as JUST stubborn enough to try and keep writing despite being blind. like i imagine something like this happened while he was recovering from losing his eyes:

“hey doc pass me my pencil”

“host…you’re blind”


“how are you going to write if you can’t see what you’re doing”

“i’ll figure it out”

“host you LITERALLY have no eyes”

“………….i’ll figure it out”

Black Butterflies - 4

Hello lovelies! How’re you all? I missed you guys. Here  is very much waited part 4. Hope you like it. Please give feedback :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

“aghhhh Stop!!!!” you giggling squirming away from Jake who long slender fingers were working on your belly. Jake was a friend of yours and was your family doctor. He’s like a second friend after Harry and Anne for you upon whom you could always lean on. And not to forget to mention the fact that he was a very handsome and generous man. He had brown eyes and small brown hair to match with. His smile was very charming and so was his personality. And you were very 

It all started when you took Rose to his clinic few days after he returned from the trip with Harry. It was a normal monthly check-up and when Jake noticed how quite she was, he asked her and being attached to him, she told him. Jake wasted no time in approaching you when the kids were gone to school.

“why didn’t you told me?!!?” He asked running his fingers through his hair annoyed.

“I-I don’t know.” you choked as the tears blinded your vision.

“really Y/n?!?! Are you fucking kidding?” He was hurt. Seeing you like that hurt him because you were his friend and maybe, just maybe because he always wished you were his. You remember meeting him through a mutual friend when you were in a relationship with Harry. The look in his eyes when he first saw you was enough to let you know about his feelings and he actually told you one day. But you of course denied him, and since that day he promised to be there for you whenever he can.

“I knew I could treat you better”


“No y/n you don’t deserve this. You deserve better. Someone who knows your worth, like I do. Give me a chance love, you won’t regret it.”


Indeed you said yes. You needed someone and you were tired of being alone. And Jake was the only hope and person you could trust.

“NAHHHH” Jake laughed pulling your squirming body on his lap.  You sat up with your legs on his lap, your arms around his neck. Smiling to self, you traced his sharp features. He was so beautiful and kind that it honestly made you cry. You couldn’t thank him enough for helping you through the tough time. It all reminded you of the romantic and sensual period of love that you shared with Harry but now you didn’t care anymore.

“hi beautiful” Jake said caressing your cheek with the back of his hand. His smile took over his features as he leaned in to connect his lips with yours. His lips moved perfectly against yours as one of his hand went to rest on the back of your neck pulling you closer. With one swift move, his tongue glided inside of your mouth playing with yours lovingly. The taste of his mouth turning on the all sexual hormones making you crave for him.

His hand still on the back of your neck but his lips now on your neck and cheek kissing sloppily the soft skin of yours. His tongue nipping and licking the now goosebumps covered neck. Light purple colored marks covered your skin beautifully making it glow and loving like it should be in  the past. No doubt Jake made you feel loved and needed just like you wished.

“Mommy!!!” He pulled away quickly as soon as the loud call of your son with the house. You got off his lap and sat on the couch. Kids didn’t know that you were with him. Divorce was still a sensitive topic for them and they’d been hurt already by Kristine. You weren’t ready for the confession yet.

“Daddy on the phone” he padded to you and clumsily handed you the phone. That heartwarming smile that was on his face swept away as Harry’s name reached his ear drums. You looked at Jake before pecking Noah’s head and asking him to go back to his room and play.

“What?” You said. Doesn’t matter if you moved on or were trying to. You can never forget what he did to you. You can never forget how much he hurt you. You can never forget that the woman you were you once was snatched away by him. You can never forget the love you still had for him.

“I just wanted t’say that don’t forget to meet me in the court tomorrow.” He said calmly.

“How can I forget such important thing? Finally I’m gonna be away from you” You said with a sarcastic laugh shaking your head. You tried and acted to show how happy you were but inside you were crumbling. You were dead. 

“lis-” he was to say something but you ended the line. You didn’t wanted him to hurt you again. You were strong now. Strong enough to let the hard time come like a storm and destruct your world.Or that’s what you thought.

A whimper left your lips when you realized that you could never be strong without Harry. He was your power. Your strength. And with him you were as petite and delicate as a flower. His love and affection made you that way. Tears ran down your face and you covered your mouth with your hand trying to muffle the cries not wanting the kids to know about it. But soon Jake pulled you to his chest and rubbed your back. 

“It’s okay darling. I’m here for you. You aren’t gonna be alone”

“Without him i always will be” You cried in his chest.

You parked your car and ran inside checking your wrist watch. Shit you were late.

“god !” You ran and bumped into someone falling down on ground thankfully landing on your bum. You looked up wincing and saw that homewrecker. Your eyes flamed up with anger as you stood on your stood.

“well well well. Mrs. Styles can’t even walk properly.What a shame?!?!” She laughed.

“Didn’t know Harry Styles’s girlfriend was blind” you replied and walked inside the room. With every step you took, you feet became heavy with your paining. This was happening. You won’t be Mrs. Styles anyone. The thought made your eyes wet. But wiping the tears with the back of your hand you walked to the room but froze, there he sat.

You were miserable. Devastated and after all what happened still were hoping for it to turn out to be a bad dream and wake up next to him having the time of your lives.

“Y/n come inside” Harry’s raspy voice made your thoughts disappeared as you stepped inside the room. You sat down on the chair and your head turned to your right where he sat when you felt his hand holding yours tightly. He held it as tight as he did during the ultrasound of rose when you were two weeks pregnant. But his touch warmth your body. The coldness of your heart seemed to be fading away as soon as his skin touched yours. Your breath quickened when the lawyer asked if you two agreed and the decision was mutual.

Harry turned his head to yours and you noticed that you weren’t the only one crying there. His eyes were red bloodshot and he too looked exhausted. His hair were greasy, bags under his eyes and lips chewed up. His hand started to sweat as you stared at him blankly. Why was he upset? When he was the one behind the suggestion.

“please please say no” he begged. His lips wobbled as he pleaded. His voice cracking and tears dripping from his mouth resting on his lips. You looked away trying to control yourself but your mascara was already running down your cheeks. You stood up and signed the papers.

“This is for the best Harry” and with that you left. You were now divorced and the pain was enough for you to ran back home and cry your heart out.

On the other hand, Harry realized what was missing. His heart ached when Kristine couldn’t fill up the empty face like your did. And all he could was go home and cry for losing such an amazing thing like you.


“Harry?” Kristine knocked on the room inside of which Harry was crying. He’s been in there since the moment he returned from court after signing the papers.

“yeah?” he sniffed wiping his tears.

“Baby’s asking for chocolate. You see craving happens in pregnancy. ”


Sorry it’s quite short. I promise to make part 5 long. Oh btw..did you notice what i did at the end?! *smirk* do not forget the feedback tho. P.S reblog if you like it so that others can read it too :)


Y’all, this number is a top-to-bottom SHOW STOPPER. Jason Danieley flexing his classical training and putting your technique to SHAME on his high Bb’s. The interesting use of drag which contributes some level of subversion that brings the number closer to its follies roots. Kristen Chenoweth NAILING EVERY SINGLE COMEDIC BEAT TO THE BACK WALL OF THE THEATER. LAUGH.OUT.LOUD.FUNNY, PEOPLE. Fanny Brice would be PROUD. AND! Pissed that Jason had turned this into a conservatory pissing match, hauls out her 2001 right-out-of-Oklahoma soprano. AND!!!!! in a final act of spite toward punkass tenor Jason Danieley and his Nailed Bb, she counters with a D, then, AS IF TO SAY, “YES, I CAN AND I WILL GO THERE,” UP TO AN F. 


In summary, I don’t believe this clip gets enough credit.

“he thinks he’s the black el chapo”

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requested Carl Gallagher imagine

Carl imagine w the name Kristine please? Where she’s biracial (half white half Puerto Rican) and it’s her sweet 16/ quinceanera (whatever you choose) and she and Carl go to pick her dress?

“Shit,” Carl cursed appreciatively as Kristine crawled up his body and turned to lay next to him, flat on her back as well, before she lit up a joint. She took a hit before passing it to her boyfriend who flashed a lazy grin as he took it, pressing it to his own lips. “If I’d known that staying out of trouble meant getting congratulatory blow jobs, I never would’ve went to juvie” he said in a slightly strained voice as he held the smoke in his throat, before exhaling with a laugh. “Honestly if sucking your dick keeps you off the streets, I’ll do it. A small price to pay to keep your dumb ass from getting shot,” Kristine replied as she rolled off of her bed and finger combed her hair that he had completely wrecked. She picked his basketball shorts up from the floor and tossed them over to him, watching as he slipped on his boxers and then the shorts. His phone vibrated on the nightstand and she picked it up and typed in his password, while grabbing the joint that he was handing back to her. “Fiona wants you home,” she summarized the text before handing him his phone, laughing when he tossed it back onto the nightstand and pulled her onto him; gazing up at her as she straddled him, one hand still holding the joint to her lips, and the other resting on his chest that was still exposed as he hadn’t bothered to pull his shirt back down from its bunched up position at his collarbones. He’d never admit it to her, but just being in her presence completely eased his mind.  “You coming with me? Debbie said she’d fight my ass if I came home without you again,” he asked as he stroked her thighs. Kristine rolled her eyes and sat back on his hips, making him bite his lip, “She threatens me like every time I see her!” “Yeah the pregnancy hormones are really fucking with her. She’s in full bitch mode 5 out of 7 days a week.”

Carl shut his eyes as Kristine leaned forward and lightly touched his lips with her own, exhaling smoke as he inhaled before his hand was tangled in her hair and he was pushing her lips against his. She let out a quiet hum and placed the joint on the ashtray on her window sill and was about to grind down on him when his phone began vibrating again, this time with a call. The teens groaned and untangled themselves from each other before Carl picked up the phone, making a few annoyed remarks to Fiona on the other line, before hanging up. “I gotta go. I’ll call you tonight,” he announced as he pushed her lightly onto the bed and stood up to slip on his sneakers and fix his hair. Before he left her room he rested his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her up for one more kiss, and then he was out her door and stomping down her stairs to get to the front door. But he couldn’t help but stop when he saw his girl’s parents at the dining room table, surrounded by paperwork, sad expressions on their faces.  “You guys good?” he asked as he approached them, trying his best not to check out Kristine’s mom; at least not while her father was in the room. “Hey Carl, how are you mijo” her mom asked him, clearly too lost in her thoughts to ask why he had been in her daughter’s room for an hour on a Monday night with the door locked. “I’m good. What’s up with you?” “Fucking bills, as usual. We were hoping we could throw a party for Kristine’s birthday this year since we couldn’t afford the quinceanera last year but it doesn’t look like we can do it after all the medical bills,” she replied. Kristine’s father had gotten hurt just before work (20 minutes later and they could’ve been swimming in workmans comp) and they lost a huge portion of their income, meaning Kristine spent many nights having dinner at his house.

“I could probably help out,” Carl volunteered, only to be shot down almost instantly. “No, really, she doesn’t want anything crazy. Debbie and I can throw her a little … get together. We can get her like, a dress and shit. She’s not that hard to please; we just need some music and a shit-ton of wee- friends” he caught himself. Kristine’s mother rolled her eyes, but she found herself nodding. After all how can you turn down a free party. After receiving the okay, Carl made his way home and climbed the stairs to his room. But just as he was passing Debbie’s room, her door swung open, and he watched her enter the hall and dramatically look around. “Coulda sworn I told you not to come home without Kristine,” She said, making him roll his eyes. “Coulda sworn I told you to fuck off and yet here you are,” he replied as he continued walking to his room where the door was cracked open and he could see Nick sleeping on the floor, hammer clutched tight to his chest. “Were you with her? Tell her I need to talk to her.” “Tell her yourself, white girl.” “You take your braids out today? I can tell, cuz your hair looks like shit,” Debbie insulted before he could get a word in and just as she was about to slip into her room again, Carl put his hand on the door, keeping it open. “Hey, so her fam can’t throw her that birthday party they got her all hyped about,” Carl announced, and the door quickly swung open. “Oh shit, that’ll be two years in a row.” “I know, and I knew she’d pretend like it didn’t bother her so I told her parents we’d take care of it. I figured we could clean up the crib and throw a party and go get her a dress and shit.” Carl stated his plan, looking at her with an annoyed expression on his face when she leaned against her doorway with a stupid grin. “You’re gonna throw her a party and buy her a dress? How sweet of you, White Chocolate,” she laughed and he just shrugged. “Gotta keep my girl happy.”

Debbie agreed with his plan and with that he made his way to his room and climbed onto his bed after pulling off his clothes and pulling on some sweats. He then grabbed his phone and tapped on the first name on his favorites list, waiting patiently for the phone to be answered, a smirk working its way onto his face when Kristine answered, “Hey, so what are you wearing.”


Debbie tore through the racks in a way that made Kristine cringe. So she found herself following behind the red head, picking up the messes she left behind. “Why are we here again?” she asked, once she had returned another discarded dress onto its hanger. “We need party outfits. I’m trying to meet a rich guy to help me raise my baby, remember?” Debbie lied, she hadn’t tried to keep a secret this hard in a while. Kristine rolled her eyes at her friend’s response, “Yeah I know that you are, but why am I getting dressed up. I already have a man.” Carl smirked, from a rack over, at her response.

“What about this one?” Debbie asked, ignoring her statement to hold up a sheer body suit. “It’s see through, put it back,” Carl replied, before Kristine could make a comment. “It’s sheer, Carl. She can put a bra on underneath it.” “And yet here I am, still telling you to put it the fuck down,” Carl continued, protectively, turning his head back to the rack he was sifting through himself, making Kristine laugh. She walked around the store, waiting for something to catch her eye, and when it did, she quickly pretended that it hadn’t. She didn’t need to see the price tag to know that the little silk dress was completely unattainable. But despite trying her hardest to appear unphased by it, Carl saw right through her.

“Yo, can I get that dress?” Carl asked an employee who gave him a hard stare in return. “Take it off the fucking mannequin,” he demanded and soon enough he was standing outside the door of the changing room, Kristine on the other side. “Can you tie up the back for me?” she asked as she pulled open the door and turned quickly, and he wasted no time tying up the thin string on the back before he rested his hands on her hips and looked over her shoulder at their reflection in the mirror. He let his gaze drop from her pretty face, down to her chest, then waist, then let go and took a step back, examining her ass. “Nah, take it off.” Kristine’s eyes widened at his response to her in the dress and turned to him, “You don’t think I look good in it?” “No, I think you look too good. How am I supposed to enjoy myself if I show up with you in that dress. I’d deadass spend the entire night keeping guys away from you.” “Then,” Kristine started, resting her arms around his neck and pulling him close, “how about we skip the party and stay in. I can wear that little sheer one Debbie picked out; minus the bra underneath.” Carl’s blue eyes stared into her own and he almost found himself giving in before he shook his head, stopping when she went to move the tag away from its position digging into her arm. She pulled it away slightly and her eyes instantly widened before she reached behind her back and tugged on a string, letting the dress unravel from her body before she was shimmying out of it, confusing him with how quick her movements were. “You don’t want it anymore?” he asked, nodding at the dress that was now laying on the floor as she pulled her leggings back on, not pausing as she shook her head quickly in response. “Hell no, it’s more expensive than our rent,” she answered as she picked up her things and opened the change-room door making her way back to the racks of dresses. “Yeah, so..?” “So do I look like I have that kind of money Carl? If I did, we’d have heat and water at my house.” And with that she let Debbie lead her to a different store while her boyfriend hung back. He picked up the little dress and carried it to the register, dropping it onto the counter and raising an eyebrow when the cashier gave him a once over, failing to hide the fact that he clearly didn’t think the teen had the money to purchase the item. Carl sighed and dipped his hand into his back pocket, pulling out a large wad of cash that he flashed in the employees face, “I want this one. So stop fucking around and wrap it up in a box, I want it to look good for my girl. Now, you want hunnies or small bills? Oh and grab that little see-through one to.”

“Fuck, Debbie, really?” Kristine yelled in pain when the flat iron touched her neck. “It’s your fault, stop moving!” “I’ll stop moving when you stop fucking burning me!” Debbie scoffed and finished straightening Kristine’s hair and looked at the girl through the bathroom mirror. They both had their hair and makeup done, but were still in their pjs. “We look so good and we’re not even dressed yet,” Debbie complimented as Kristine pushed open the bathroom door. She had intended to go to the kitchen and grab a drink but decided against it when she saw Nick standing tall in front of the stairs, daring her to try and pass him. “Hey Nick,” she greeted the older boy with a huge smile that made the corners of his lips twitch up slightly before he returned to his normal stony look. When she had started to make her way back to Debbie’s closet and grab the dress she’d gotten, she found herself being pulled into a different room. “I’m not having a quickie before the party,” she announced holding up her hand and making Carl laugh. “As down as I am to fuck you right now, I actually pulled you in here for something else. I got you something.” He then motioned to the box on Ian’s bed, complete with a red bow. Kristine instantly groaned and crossed her arms, “If you bought me another fur coat with your drug money, I’m gonna be pissed, wannabe black El Chapo.” Carl grinned at the nickname and pushed her over to the bed, watching with loving eyes as she lifted up the top and stared into the box, before covering it up again. “Bring it back,” she stated, making her boyfriend frown and grab her before she could leave the room. “What, no, I thought you’d like it.” “I do, but it’s too expensive.” “Nothing’s too expensive for my girl.” Kristine glared at Carl and made no move to reach for the dress.

“Look, I’ve bought you a lot of useless shit, but it’s because I like spending money on you. You’re my girl and I love you and I’m not gonna let you struggle when I can help. And I’m definitely not returning that dress after seeing how good you looked in it. So go put it on, before I put it on you myself.” He watched with heart eyes as her ears turned slightly pink with a blush before she picked up the dress, and started to leave the room. “I’m surprised you didn’t grab the sheer one.” “Don’t worry I grabbed that one for later.”

Kristine slipped on her thigh high boots before standing up from Debbie’s bed and making her way into the hall. When Debbie had told her that Carl had slipped out to make a deal, she hadn’t expected him to be gone until damn near midnight, especially not when he knew that it’d be her birthday the second it turned 12. “Can we go already Debs? I’m getting tired waiting around,” she complained to the redhead who sent a quick text to her brother, waiting for the ‘ok’ before she replied to her friend with a nod, grabbing her arm to lead her down the stairs. When they stepped onto the floor, Kristine squealed when tons of people appeared in front of her screaming the word, “surprise” at the top of their lungs. “What the fuck is this?” she cursed making Carl laugh as the music was turned on and the people began drinking and mingling. “It’s your party; I mean I know it’s not ‘my super sweet sixteen’ but I figured you’d like it,” he answered, nervous about what she’d say. “You bought me a dress and threw me this party? Carl… do you like me” Kristine responded with a bright smile, and he shook his head with laughter. “Yeah I thought I made it pretty clear that I like liked you when we went on that date to the movies and I slipped you ‘the shocker’.” He said with a smirk, laughing through his nose when she slapped her hand over his mouth to shut him up. “Too late; I heard and I’m disgusted,” Debbie cut in, before dragging the too toward the party.

As the sun was beginning to rise, Kristine, Nick and both Gallagher siblings were lounging on the couch together, watching late night reruns of old shows. Debbie rested a hand on her stomach, picturing what she’d look like when the bump finally appeared and then turned to Carl and Kristine. They weren’t sitting close to each other, in fact Kristine was practically laying on top of Debbie, but she noticed how they still kept contact through intertwined fingers. “You guys think I’ll find someone who loves me like you guys love each other?” the red head asked, breaking the comfortable silence. Carl raised his eyebrows at his sister before looking down at Kristine who had begun to sit up. “Yeah, obviously. But you’re not gonna find it running around with Frank looking for rich old guys. And you’re especially not gonna find it if you keep being so superficial. Like you thought you loved Derek because you thought he was hot but you didn’t know anything about him. You’re supposed to, like, love all their flaws and know about their hopes and dreams and shit,” Carl answered, looking at his sister, “Like even on their worst day they need to be special. Like Kristine is hot as hell right now in that dress, but I know that when we go to bed she’s gonna wake up looking like a hot mess, but I’m still gonna think she’s gorgeous. Shit, remember when she had braces? That shit was bad. So bad; but she was still fine as hell. And you should know about shit that they’re embarrassed about. I know that she still doesn’t know how to roll a blunt, and that she can’t hold her piss once she’s been drinking so if you’re walking her home you gotta stop every 5 minutes to help her pee in some bushes, and that when she’s brushing her teeth in the morning and she goes to brush her tongue she always gags which is crazy because I’ve never seen her gag on my-” “Okay! I get it!” Debbie yelled, cutting him off and making Kristine laugh. “The point is, I know all this great shit about Kris, but I also know what makes her sad and pissed off and embarrassed and she knows the same about me and we still love each other. You just gotta find someone who sees you at your lowest point and still wants to be with you and make you better.” When Carl had finished ranting he turned to Kristine who had attempted to stay quiet as not to interrupt the sibling bonding. “You okay?” he asked as an emotional smile spread onto her face as she relayed his words over and over in her head, “I’m gonna cry” she admitted letting out a few tears accompanied by a laugh before Carl rested his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side pressing a kiss to her temple, whispering a quick happy birthday into her ear and placing one last kiss just below her ear.

“Okay you can stop now. You already set my standards too high, don’t make this any worse for me.” Debbie groaned as they continued to watch their reruns.

cause of death: tony awards 2017

- kevin spacey.
- just. kevin spacey yall. holy fuck. he’s hilarious.
- “i wanna get the hell out of here before bette middler thanks someone else”
- the deh and ghd performances ??? holy shit???
- and the come from away performance holy shit i need to get into this musical
- lmm and his fucking?? pride ribbon??? holy hell??
- kristin lloyd looking like an actual goddess?
- i heard them play 42nd street music and i died bc thats one of my favorite underrated musicals of all time
- falsettos looks amazing must listen
- ben platt’s reactions in the whole bill clinton skit were priceless
- ALSO when ben had to thank everyone that he could as quickly as possible he looked so adorable and nervous why is he literally evan hansen
- just
- ben. hhhhhhhhhhhhh
- i could list 1782793759843 more reasons why i loved the tony awards this year but im gonna spare yall so
- thats all

i was a little sad today because i was with my friends and we were watching youtube videos w/seventeen and people,kpop vine compilations and stuff. and for people who aren’t avid fans a lot of my friends still typecast vernon as this silly meme who has no sense of direction. they still think smtm is relevant and laugh at it like it’s the only rapping he’s ever done in his life. kristine mentioned that she’d love to go clubbing with vern and my one friend immediately shot her down and said “oh he sounds so awkward to club with ewh” 

i’m always bothered when people can’t help but cast “hyped up” idols like him as a joke and think he’s just a visual or a baseless idol rapper or whatever stupid things. it’s one of the reasons why i started writing for vernon. i know i’m only writing a fictional representation of him and maybe it isn’t exactly his character, but i wanna show people that vernon, this passionate, intelligent, talented, and sweet person is so so so much more than people think he is 

k0saji  asked:

If you are still doing asks, could you let me know what is going to happen to Kaleb (from the 7th son story). Im really curious to see if he leaves or returns back to town or not.

Hi! I’m still doing asks :) This is short (and a little rough), but here’s the next part of Kaleb! Hope you like it :)


Kaleb wakes at the edge of the river, dress soaked in mud and half-convinced that everything had been a pain-dream from being beaten by his brothers. He leverages himself up and actually feels…good. Light. Well-rested. He stands and the mud falls away, slipping away from his clothes and skin like oil.


Red lightning shimmers across his skin as the muck falls away, a comforting wave of warmth.

It wasn’t a dream.

The first thing he feels is elation. He is the seventh son! They were all wrong and Samuel was wrong not to listen to him because he’s a boy. His name is not Kristine, it’s Kaleb.

I knew it. Kaleb grins at nothing. I can’t wait to– His mind stalls. Can’t wait to do what?

It’s not long after that thought that Kaleb begins to hyperventilate.

What was he supposed to do now? He’d– he’d thrown Jacob! He’d threatened Samuel! Mark had run before Kaleb had touched him! He can’t go home, his brothers will kill him!

Or, Kaleb thinks, watching lightning race around his fingers, they’ll try. His power sputters out and he swallows hard. They will try. Fail or not, they’ll try.

He doesn’t want to hurt his brothers. He’s– they don’t have a lot, just each other, and maybe they aren’t great, but they’re family. He doesn’t want to hurt them, not like that.

“I can’t go home again,” he says out loud. The words are swallowed by the sound of the river and, to his surprise, tears well in his eyes. He’d never been comfortable at home (had never been comfortable in his own skin, really), but it’s his home. He’s never known anything else.

It’s not fair. He hunches into himself, folding his arms around his stomach and tries not to sob. He feels cut adrift and lost. No home, no bed, no family. Kaleb was closest to Samuel before all of this, right after Pa and–

Kaleb’s spine straightens. His father is in the North, selling wares. Pa might not have ever protected him but he hadn’t hurt him either. Maybe, just maybe, he’d help Kaleb now that he could show him that he’s the seventh son? Maybe he’d keep his brothers from hurting him and would make Ma see that Kaleb is Kaleb, not Kristine.

Maybe, finally, Pa could be proud of him. Him.

With hope in his heart and not much else, Kaleb turns north and starts walking.


         Favorite things from Season 02: Kyouhaba

Late bday present for @rurounikristin and early bday present for @pastej Thank you for everything, guys ♥♥♥♥

October Just One Word Book Photo Challenge Day 24: Shipping

I ship a lot of ships. Anne and Gilbert was one of my very first ships thanks to the film series. But I also like Katsa and Po, Anne and Captain Wentworth, Cinder and Kai, Claire and Jamie, Annith and Balthazar.They are sweet, passionate, and more. They cross times and places to be together, battle foes, and/or grow up. I adore these couples, and I love reading about them.

This book photo challenge is hosted by just0nemorepage. The photography is mine.