hi julia happy birthday


Happy Birthday Eijun!

“I really didn’t know what should’ve I get you, but a sunflower suits you well” 
says kindly Miyuki smirking and handing the flower to his kohai.
Eijun snaps loudly.

“What you mean with that?”

Looking at the sunflower, he smiles happily. Eijun doesn’t know why that type of flower puts him in a good mood and couldn’t even imagine how Miyuki Kazuya could know that, but even if he liked so much the gift, something’s off.
The senpai notices that but can’t help giggle at the pitcher’s reaction before while embracing him in his arms.

“Ha ha ha.. What do you want Eijun?”

Surprised how his catcher knows him too well and find it annoying, Eijun pouts and leans on his forehead, looking straight at him.

“…Please, be mine Miyuki Kazuya”

Yeah, it should’ve been easy from the start and that’s why Miyuki struggled  until the end, because his pitcher is a simple-minded and happen to see him staring at that flower so intensely and smiling like when he’s on the mound.
Miyuki knows it better than anyone. Miyuki is his lover.

“As you wish, Eijun-sama”