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More Kid AU stuff! 1 and 2

  • James  evolved Growlie pretty early on in his journey. He and Jessie ride it from town to town
  • Jessie’s the nurse of the group 
  • Even though Jessie’s good in this AU, she has knack for stealing. She keeps this a secret from James (as she steals most of the food and supplies they have)
  • After a long time of traveling with James and getting the impression that he did not reciprocate her crush, Jessie kind of gave up on trying to get with him. But during the journey, she got to know a rather charming Rocket who always happened to be around. They would meet in secret quite often just to hang out. Overtime Jessie finds the Team Rocket lifestyle to be pretty neat. 
  • Jessiebelle, who has been following Jessie and James like Butch and Cassidy. She elicits the help of Butch and Cassidy after finding out that they were trying to rope Jessie into Team Rocket. Butch and Cassidy finally convince Jessie to go with them. In the meantime, Jessiebelle disguises herself as Jessie to get close to James. He is very confused by “Jessie’s” behavior.
  • Butch and Cassidy get Jessie to go to Team Rocket HQ. Jessie finds out that this was their mission all along upon meeting Madame Boss. She thinks that this was the only reason Cassidy became her friend and Cassidy feels bad since that wasn’t her intention.
The most important in Pokémon XY...

Team Rocket is absolutely adorable in XY Series.

Jessie appears with painted nails and pink lipstick (disguised as Jessilee).

She is more and more gorgeous at every episode.

Wet hair.

50 Shades of Jessie.

Boob shots.

Crotch shots.

James showing his feelings for Jessie. <3


This hair and this goatee… OMG Jimmy, you’re so handsome!

“Bitch, please… I’m fabulous!”

Classic Motto.

The disguises are back.


Our favorite Blue Blob is back.

The lovely, charmy villains!

Mirror Team Rocket.

I can’t explain how much I love it!

Dorky faces.

Stupid scared expressions.

Look at these adorkable villains…

They’re together since ever, forever…

They’re so cute!

And they make the Show. Just accept it, haters!

Hidden Talent - Avengers Cast x Reader

You were a new character brought in for Civil War. You were a bit like Black Widow but not. Your character was a young woman who had been trained by HYDRA to be the perfect asset, partner to Winter Soldier; which was fine since you got on really well with Seb. You and Tom were the youngest people on set and you used it to your full advantage; you used it to play pranks on people all the time.
Right now, you were at your first comic con with the whole cast surrounding you backstage.
“Relax, Y/N, you’ll be fine.” Sebastian put a hand on your shoulder and smiled at you. “You’re coming on right after me.”
You gulped and nodded. Filming you could do because only a handful of people were actually present but live audiences sent a new wave of nerves into you.
The guys from the first few films started to get called on. The people around slowly dwindled down.
“And don’t forget our incredible Winter Soldier… Sebastian Stan everybody!” The man in question jogged on stage and I could hear the fans screaming and clapping.
“A new character to the MCU, but definitely not any less loved, Y/A/N… Y/N L/N!” Your name was called and you jolted into action, plastering a smile on your face that soon became genuine when you realised people were actually happy to see you.
Questions rained upon the cast once everyone was on stage. Mackie could not stop making jokes the whole time and the audience was loving it. Soon came the moment you were afraid of.
“Uh hi? My name’s Jessie, and I have a question for Y/N.”
You quickly spoke into your mic. “Sure, go ahead.”
“There’s been some rumours that you’re a really good singer? I was just wondering whether they were true or not.” Jessie smiled nervously.
This was not what you were expecting. True, you’d sang before but you were not expecting this here.
“I’m not sure about really good. Do you have a song in mind?” You asked.
Mackie interrupted. “Hold up a minute. If the audience is getting a concert surely they should be paying more for this?” People laughed in the room at his comment.
“Mackie, shut it, sorry Jessie, what were you going to say?” You faked a huge smile at Mackie and the audience laughed at the interaction.
“I…err…” Jessie was saved by someone in the audience.
“Sing ‘I Have Nothing’ Y/N!”
“Yeah that would be amazing.” Jessie quickly took the person’s suggestion and the audience cheered.
“Uh…bah…right sure. Hang on.” You cleared your throat, flustered at all the attention.
“Go on, Y/N!” Chris called from a couple seats down and the audience cheered again.
You decided to skip to the verse just before the chorus.
“I don’t really need to look
Very much further
I don’t want to have to go
Where you don’t follow
I will hold it back again
This passion inside
Can’t run from myself
There’s nowhere to hide

Don’t make me close one more door
I don’t want to hurt anymore
Stay in my arms if you dare
Or must I imagine you there
Don’t walk away from me
I have nothing, nothing, nothing If I don’t have you.” Your voice was incredible as you sang, blowing everyone away, even your fellow cast members.
“Excuse me honey, but if you’re going to be able to sing like that and not tell us, we are going to be offended.” RDJ announced as the audience screamed and clapped.
You saw Jessie make her way quickly down from the podium.
“I am well offended, N/N, I thought we were friends and you kept a voice like that from me!” Mackie laughed as he gave you his 'Bish please’ face.
“Definitely adding a scene into Infinity War with you singing.” Scarlett laughed and the crowds erupted again.
“Please, oh my god, please do that.” The host begged.
You, on the other hand, resembled a deep cherry red at the onslaught of compliments heading you way.
“Done!” The Russo brothers chimed in and the audience actually exploded this time into all sorts of noises.
“We can definitely find a way to add in a voice like that.” Joe Russo confirmed.
“Well done, doll.” Sebastian whispered in your ear with a kiss to your temple.

It’s April 26th, and it’s hot, unbearably hot. Harry feels like his insides are melting, about ready to ooze out of his body. He doesn’t remember it being this stifling the last time he was deployed; it’s like the heat is magnified, weighing him down, dragging him into the dirt. He’s trying to stay focused, he really is, but he has sweat dripping into his eyes and he’s miserably dehydrated and he feels off balance in every sense of the word. Liam asks if he’s feeling okay, and Harry nods slowly, furrowing his brows, wondering if he’s really that transparent. He feels pathetic, slightly, and weak for being the only one this affected by the 108 degree sun. He forces himself to keep up with Liam’s strides, his gear heavy, and by the time they catch up to Rob and Colin, Harry’s vision is spinning.

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