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What are your headcanons for sea boyfriends?

I’m still working on this AU but This is what I’ve got worked out so far:

-Jesse had a pretty big reputation, and by which he is either known as “Captain McCree”, “Deadeye McCree” or just “Deadeye”
-he has an eyepatch, hence the ‘Deadeye’ thing
-He was born a bastard son to an unmarried woman who died in a shipcrash and was stranded at sea until he was picked up by Captain Gabriel Reyes, who at the time was working as a Captain of the Royal Navy before he eventually goes rogue
-But before that he takes Jesse in and trains him to be a sailor on his ship, ‘Black Watch’
-He loses his hand in a battle with some pirates in his mid twenties and Reyes buys him the mechanical one
-After losing his arm, Jesse leaves Reyes and his crew behind when he gets older to captain his own ship ‘The Dead Lock’ and becomes a Pirate master in order to seek revenge on the ones that took his arm
-he only steals from royalty and other pirates, not civilians
-How he lost his eye is a mystery, and people say he can see your soul through his dead eye

-he’s extremely ancient and came to the warmer Caribbean ocean because his species was being hunted out in his native lands
-Is a special kind of Mermaid called a Sea Dragon that are the most powerful
-Got in a giant power struggle with his brother for territory when they were a lot younger and fucked him up, ripping out part of his tail
-They make up because Genji acknowledges Hanzo as the alpha but still gives him a lot of shit and pesters him now that they’re older
-he has magical abilities (though I won’t say what yet)
-he’s highly intelligent and can imitate any voice he hears
-also speaks a bunch of languages cuz he’s old as fuck
-he’s a siren so he’ll sing to you about what you want most
-can actually kind of see into your soul
-crazy long hair
-also claws
-Is attracted to shiny things and likes collecting whatever he finds that catches his eye, and is extremely possessive over said things
-which may or may not include Jesse McCree

-Gabriel Reyes was once part of the royal guard as a Captain, but now is a mercenary who will work for either the Crown or the Pirate Cause on a whim
-Got hung for treason by the crown but was revived by black magic
-Kind of a zombie/undead
-Also there are lots of other sirens
-James Morrison is the king
-there’s different kinds of magic
-It’s gonna be a cool AU

someone: hey what are you thinking about you’re really quie—

me: Elvis Aaron (Aron) Presley was born on January 8, 1935 to Gladys and Vernon Presley. He was the second of two twins, and his brother Jesse Garon Presley was a stillborn. Gladys was 2 years older than Vernon and passed away in 1958. Elvis was born in Tupelo, Missouri and his family moved around a lot due to the Great Depression. Vernon Presley took to making counterfeit checks in a way to make his family money - which cost him jail time in the late 1930’s. Gladys was a very religious woman and very protective and close to Elvis—

someone: never mind

12x13: Mamma Drama

I’m not usually that into Discourse™ but it’s about time that someone acknowledges that Sam has been forced to work with a lot of people who have hurt him.  1k of that happening.

Be wary of some very vague discussion of Bucklemming consistent consent issues.

There are little half-moon crescents dug into his palms.

Sam forces himself to relax his hands.  The little grooves remain for a few seconds before fading from red, to white, to nothing at all.  He takes a few breaths in through his nose and releases them through his mouth.  It doesn’t help as much as his and Jess’s yoga instructor had claimed it would, but then, Sam hadn’t expected it to.

He’s been staring at the map table for about two minutes straight without blinking, so Sam forces himself to get to his feet and make his way to the kitchen.  Dean had stormed off to his room and Mom off to…somewhere a few minutes ago, so there’s no one to intercept him.

Good.  He doesn’t want to talk about this.  Not right now.

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Hi, I’m Jess. I’m a 21 year old genderqueer person (they/them). I honestly love this blog a lot and love seeing all these beautiful trans folx on my dash. Feel free to interact with me ! @gottoo

Jesse shielded his eyes, peering at the horizon. There was something there, something dark and heavy that hung at the edge of the sky like a stripe of black paint against the blue. It bubbled, boiled, seethed like a living thing, but though he watched it for what felt like an eternity it grew no closer.

A wicked wind tore across the field, flattening the grass and pulling at his clothes and hair with greedy fingers.

“Storm’s coming,” he told the dragon on his shoulder.

It looked at him with lightning eyes and opened its mouth, teeth gleaming in the noon sun.


Sneak peek of Chapter 17, Look Up and Wonder


these two scenes aren’t necessarily related but i like to imagine them quite often drinkin and smoking when everyone else is asleep, gradually talking and getting to know each other,,, and then,, 


my mains + their pokemon

the choices are kind of biased