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It`s cold… I`m bored… I have assignments… and a pile of requests that I should be working on. You know what that means— It`s time to do things unrelated to that!!! This time I did some…really…simple… weird gifs. xDDDD

Servamp things that moves!

me just kidding, but ya know me xDDD

you are in my dream, you are a pipe dream

pairing: alfokiran
note: set after chapter 10. the last part got me shook
additional note: tagging @sexysilverstrider because!!! shes the one who encouraged me to write this hahaha

The last thing he captured in his eyes was her figure, small hand reaching out for his before a flash of light struck between them, effectively rendering him unable to see anything and at the same separating the two of them. He found himself shouting her name, and he could faintly hear her call his name back. When he opened his eyes after the light dissipated, there was only a tall gate with no door, the sky of Askr beyond it; a scenery he had seen far too often. However, the one he called for, the one he wanted to see the most was nowhere to be found.

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hey guys, just a quick reminder. don’t forget that mikuni knew that his father cheated on his mother, saw his mother attempting to kill his brother and then killed her to save him, only to be hated by misono years later. don’t forget that he witnessed jeje ruin his mother and then made a contract with him despite the fact that the corruption lead her to kill misono. don’t forget that his hatred for tsurugi comes from the fact that tsurugi killed humans, and don’t forget that he was a misguided kid without a home and a clever teenager with the power to kill. don’t make a villain out of him just yet, he has the right ideals. he’s just veeeeery misplaced

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For the ship-thing jeje x mikuni please ^^

Alrighty, will do! I mean… I’ve never done these two before I hope you’ll forgive me for any inaccuracies? X’D But I like this ship so I’m doing this anyway! Here you go~


Drinks all of the coffee: Mikuni, to Jeje’s extreme annoyance. Why? Because Jeje is the one who makes it, originally for himself, and then Mikuni pops up out of nowhere and drinks all of it, leaving absolutely nothing for Jeje, who is then stuck making new coffee for himself and hoping that Mikuni won’t drink it again. Aside from the frustration of getting his own drink and having it stolen from him, Mikuni is also annoying enough when he’s not on a caffeine high, so Jeje always has to watch out for the amount of coffee his Eve consumes before he overdoes it, damages his health and becomes entirely unbearable.

Brings up adopting a pet: Oddly enough, Jeje. Maybe it was just the desire to have someone else who suffers from Mikuni’s shenanigans, maybe it was the desire to have a companion who knows how to shut up and not troll him all the time, but he soon wound up asking Mikuni if they could take in a pet. Mikuni was against it at first because with all their travels they didn’t really have the time for a pet, but eventually he gave in and surprised Jeje with a hamster on his birthday. Jeje has become extremely attached to his pet, to the point where Mikuni gets jealous of the attention his Servamp gives it.

Kills the bugs: Whoever sees them first. Mikuni is very likely to bring out the bug spray or otherwise kill the unfortunate creature, while Jeje very rarely kills bugs, preferring to take them outside before Mikuni can find and end them. Sometimes Mikuni also asks Jeje to take care of a bug he’s encountered, either because he’s too busy himself or just for funsies, and Jeje always knows that 1) this bug will be hell to catch, either because it’s super fast or ginormous or a stink bug, and 2) he so totally won’t get the blood he’s been promised for doing this. He’s stuck doing it anyway.

Cooks the meals: Neither if they can avoid it and buy food somewhere; otherwise they take turns or cook together. Both of them are fairly decent cooks if the situation requires it, and while Jeje is usually the one who has to cook because Mikuni is a jerk, sometimes Mikuni will take on the task himself to give his Servamp some time to relax and treat him to something nice for once. The first few times Jeje was very suspicious when Mikuni cooked for him, but now he simply enjoys seeing his Eve’s kind side shine through for once.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Mikuni all the way. He gets excited about Halloween in August and about Christmas in October (while still being fired up for Halloween), and Jeje has to suffer. A lot. Because Mikuni will invariably doodle seasonal ornaments and decorations on Jeje’s paper bags and make him wear Halloween costumes or Santa hats, to say nothing of him decorating the house way too early and overdoing it and asking Jeje to help because he can reach higher.

Initiates the couple selfies: Mikuni. Jeje hates being photographed while Mikuni enjoys taking pictures of himself, and while they’re usually of himself alone or couple selfies with Abel, sometimes Jeje is invited on the picture. Jeje himself doesn’t understand why Mikuni would want a picture of them together when all you can see of his face is the paper bags, but he reluctantly goes along anyway… and don’t tell him, but Mikuni even has a selfie or two with a sleeping Jeje without his paper bags.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Mikuni pretends to, just to annoy Jeje, but in reality he’d never forget an important date. He just likes to act like Jeje’s birthday or their anniversary is a perfectly normal day and give Jeje surprised looks when the latter drops hints that today’s date is special, but just when he has his Servamp convinced he brings out whatever surprise he had in store for him and watches Jeje shift from surprise and relief to anger to exasperation (”I should have known”) within minutes.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Neither. Mikuni doesn’t eat grocery store junk food, he prefers overpriced snacks from the nearest Starbucks, and Jeje doesn’t eat much in general and if he does, it’s usually not that cheap stuff (which tastes disgusting to him anyway). He does have to watch out for Mikuni’s consumption of expensive snacks though, both because of his Eve’s wallet and health and because Mikuni on a sugar overdose is even more annoying than a normal Mikuni.

Nicknames the other: Mikuni has a neverending catalogue of lame nicknames for Jeje, the more embarrassing the better, although many of them are also more affectionate than you’d expect from him. Jeje still can’t decide if he likes them or not; on one hand they’re completely ridiculous and he thinks Mikuni should just call him by his name, seeing as he’s the one who named him in the first place, but on the other hand he thinks some of these names are rather cute and takes a secret delight in hearing Mikuni say them.

Okay, I hope I got them right? I certainly had fun doing this, anon! And one more ship meme down, whew! Six more to go so stay tuned~

Only One On My Mind

Hey guys!!!!! This is a present for a very special friend of mine! And since it’s her birthday, @mikanseidest, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYL!!!! <3 I really hope you love this! <3 And to everyone else on here who reads this, thanks so much! I hope you all enjoy this too! <3 OH YEAH! I have to thank @rubyleaf, for proof reading this for me and making it better! So thank you too my friend! <3

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Mahiru sighed, stared at his phone, and glanced around the party, feeling a little bit lonely. It was his eighteenth birthday, and his friends were nice enough to throw the greatest party the teen has ever seen. However, there was one thing missing, and that thing was his partner and lover, Kuro. The Servamp had said he wasn’t feeling very good, and even though Mahiru wanted to stay home with him, the other pushed him out of their apartment and told him to have fun before slamming the door in his face. Glancing at his phone again, Mahiru still hadn’t gotten a text back from the lazy vampire, so with a groan he shoved the device back in his pocket, and moved towards the area where Lily was making drinks, non alcoholic of course, and sat down on the stools.

“What’s wrong, Mahiru? You look concerned? Here, have a cherry limeade,” Lily offered, shaking the drink up, before pouring it for the sullen teen. Taking the drink, Mahiru took a sip and smiled lightly as the sweet taste filled his mouth. Lily was really good at this. Giving the blond a smile, Mahiru turned on the stool and looked over the party. Literally everyone was there. Sakuya and Tsubaki were…dancing? On the dance floor…even though it looked more like they were fighting. Misono and Tetsu were talking in the corner, and the smaller boy had a blush on his face while they talked, Hugh was chatting with The Mother and World End, Tsurugi and Mikuni were arguing again…while Jeje looked ready to point guns at their heads, and Hyde and Licht were sitting on the couch, and when Mahiru noticed them kiss, he blushed and looked back at Lily. “Don’t mind them! Tell me, what’s wrong?”

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Ten Dating a Mexican Girl

•Ughhh he’s so handsome, que perra eres en tenerlo •okey, aquí vamos •Que relación más hermosa veo en esto •let’s start with that, he’s from Thai a beautiful place, I think he’s more into know more cultures •Like, He’s speaks English, and knows Korean and now Spanish.. •Feeling like a master •he usually speaks to you in English but sometimes in Spanish •like asking que vas a hacer en el dia o lo hermosa que te ves •asjañskw aiuda •expect to a lot of kisses •even grabbing your thigh or something else jeje •always his hands on your waist •he thinks writing like “THisS” it’s cool •Expect to be in his phone like “pRimCeSs…a😉” •you call him naco •your mom thinks he’s to handsome for you •JAJAJAJA SORRY HE’S SO PRECIOUS •but es un si •He introducen himself with your dad okay, that’s why your dad loves him •he’s a real macho •lo molestas cuando su “chancla” hace un ruido • eating tostilocos •con mucha salsa Valentina alv •utiliza mucho el ‘alv’ •chistorra lover •even he likes jamón serrano, you ended making a lot of tortas with jamón serrano and some queso Oaxaca •he loves to dance at Mexican party •he’s always dancing with you •or your mama or Tia or abuelita I mean he’s actually great dancer •Dancing that classic song •"Suavementeeeeeee besameeeee, que quiero sentir tus labios…“ •puedes encontrar una playlist de pura canción mexicana/latina •killing it at the payaso de rodeo •on hot days he likes to drink micheladas • why I can see him tasting sea food? •like camarones empanizados? Ceviche? Yeah •he’s the type of guy that talks with your abuelita about life •your abuelita/o lo adora, bc le cuenta todo de su vida •so of course he helps at la cocina •está encargado de hacer las salsas, que rico •tamales de pollo, sus favs •I think his family would love you, in fact, you’re already engaged okay don’t let him go, he’s perfect your babies are going to be beautiful •even your cat or dog or even a rata is perfect, you got it gurl

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Envy Pair - Stay Beside Me

I’m making this mini series because of this post stream about the Servamps and Eves being separated and dealing with a distance limitation similar to the one in “His Dark Materials”.

Sloth || Pride || (Envy) || Wrath || Greed || Lust

“Don’t you think it’s time to stop, Mikuni?” JeJe knew that speaking with Mikuni was pointless but he couldn’t hold his tongue anymore. Mikuni looked deathly and he had heavy bags under his eyes. For the past couple nights, he poured over documents he stole from the C3 and hadn’t slept. “Rest. You can finish this tomorrow.”

“Pretending to care about little old me? That’s cute. I wonder what kind of expression you’re making under there.” Mikuni threw a crumpled piece of paper at his paper bag but he missed miserably. He clicked his tongue because he knew that he only proved JeJe’s point. JeJe didn’t say anything further but Mikuni could imagine the glare he most likely had beneath his bag.

“I’ll sleep after I find out what they’re planning. I’m close so I’ll be able to go to bed tonight. Happy now?”

JeJe wasn’t. He knew Mikuni too well to believe him. Once he discovered their plan, he would go on to make a counterplan which entailed more sleepless nights. They both knew that he would make himself sick if he continued but only one of them seemed to care. “Mikuni—”

“Can’t you just drop it?” Mikuni asked, frustrated. Usually, he was better at hiding his feelings but the sleepless nights were taking their toll on him. He forced a smile onto his face. “If you’re worried about my health, make some tea for Abel and me. Oolong, loose not bagged, steeped three minutes, with 2% milk and one teaspoon of raw sugar. Only the best for my Abel.”

“Shall I use the good tea set?” JeJe asked sarcastically. He had long ago decided that playing along with Mikuni was easier than correcting him. At least, he was taking a break. He stopped at the mirror and glanced at Mikuni over his shoulder.

“JeJe asks a lot of pointless questions, doesn’t he Abel? He should know how to make you tea just the way you like by now.” Mikuni played with Abel sitting on his desk. While he was smiling, it didn’t reach his eyes and JeJe couldn’t remember the last time he saw Mikuni truly smile. JeJe turned away and went to the kitchen to make tea.

When he set the kettle on the stove, he heard the door open behind him. He turned and saw Mikuni slump onto the table. Mikuni could feel JeJe’s curious eyes on him and explained. “Distance limit. Just hurry up with that tea so I can go back.”

Mikuni kept the documents locked away in his secret backroom which was on the floor below them. He wanted to continue reading the files but he couldn’t stand the stabbing loneliness he felt whenever they were apart. The pain only reminded him that he was the Eve of Envy and how he gained the title. To this day, he didn’t know if he hated that title or not.

JeJe turned off the stove and Mikuni was expecting him to argue with him. Instead, he walked to the stairs wordlessly. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to your room and you’re going to follow me. You’re going to sleep.” JeJe said simply and Mikuni laughed. He knew that JeJe was planning to use their distance limitation to force him to rest. His plan was so transparent that Mikuni saw through it easily. The only thing he couldn’t guess was why JeJe cared enough about his health to risk angering his Eve.

“Oh, JeJe dear, you think you can order me about?” Mikuni threw him a cold smile that dared him to continue. JeJe took another step up the stairs and his smile fell. “Your plan won’t work. The distance limitation works both ways, remember? I’m going to sit right here and you’re going to come running back down those stairs. I won’t let you drink blood if you take another step.”

“You never let me drink anyways.” JeJe rolled his eyes at the threat and walked up the stairs. He ignored the curses Mikuni sent after him and continued walking. The man had to be the most difficult Eve he had but he promised to take care of him the night they met in the attic.

JeJe looked up the stairs and a consuming sense of dread loomed over him. His shoulders became tense when he remembered the lonely attic he stayed in once. He couldn’t climb to the top because taking a step away from Mikuni was difficult so he sat down. He knew the silence of solitude all too well and how lonely it was. That was why he didn’t hate Mikuni’s childish antics despite how irritating they were sometimes.

He gritted his teethes against the pain and buried his face into his knees. Why did he have to have such a difficult man child for an Eve? Even though the thought passed his mind, another thought overpowered it. JeJe missed Mikuni. Considering their complicated relationship, he missed him more than he thought he could.

JeJe walked up and down the steps. He missed Mikuni but he knew that he couldn’t give in or else he would continue to work until he passed out. It happened before and JeJe worried about him. So, he endured the pain as best as he could even as his body screamed for him to return to the kitchen.

Mikuni listened to JeJe’s frantic footsteps but then he realized the constant tapping was really him. His foot was impatiently knocking on the hardwood floor. He let out a frustrated breath and looked at the staircase. Why was JeJe being so stubborn? It wasn’t like he cared about him. He took everything from him.

But he was also there when no one else was, a voice reminded him.

JeJe could’ve told him no when he asked him to help kill his mother but he helped him save Misono. Like Lawless, he could’ve easily killed Mikuni to rid himself of his Eve but he protected him instead. Even when he was at his worst, JeJe stayed next to him.

Now, JeJe wasn’t beside him and he felt alone for the first time since they made their contract. Something warm fell onto his hand and Mikuni realized that he was crying. He tried to wipe away his tears but they fell faster than he could catch them. Mikuni stood so quickly that his chair fell backwards.

“Damnit, JeJe, you win this round.” Mikuni whispered and raced up the stairs. He almost crashed into JeJe who was running down the steps. JeJe quickly hugged him and caught the rail to stop them from falling. But even after they regained their balance, he didn’t let Mikuni go. How could he when Mikuni was clinging to him like a lost child?

He was a grown man now but JeJe still remembered the curious boy who played with him in the attic and wanted nothing more than to protect his brother. He didn’t know when that boy became so lost but he would still protect him. JeJe gently tapped his hat and asked, “You’re not going to make me carry you to your room, are you?”

“I’m not a child.” Mikuni frowned up at him and JeJe rolled his eyes. He nudged Mikuni up the stairs and he was glad when he didn’t fight him. But he did throw a quip at him over his shoulder. “Just so you know, I’m going to punish you for this little stunt. No blood for a week and you’re never allowed to leave my side ever again. So, you’re going to join Abel and me for our tea parties from now on.”

“Just keep walking.”

I like to headcanon that JeJe and Mikuni talked a lot before the whole incident so Mikuni felt like he could go to JeJe and convince him to kill his mother.


A/N:  Servamp (Jeje/Mikuni) -  21. “I just…got jealous…” - Thanks to @ticklygiggles Mia for helping me form this idea. This fic wouldn’t be here without youuu<3*w*

Summary: One night, Servamp Jeje makes three mistakes and they’re gonna be the death of him. One: he gets jealous over a friggin’ doll. Two: he tries to get rid of the doll. Three: he gets caught. 

Word Count: 1656

“Oh Abel. You are too good for this world… Everyone has their eyes on you. What do they want from you, right?” Jeje rolled eyes, under his bags. Why was his Eve like this? Why was so much of his attention going to that damn Abel-doll? 

Why were they sitting on the couch while Jeje was stuck sulking in a corner for getting neglected, not being able to drink any of Mikuni’s blood despite his thirst, and just suffer from those silly cringey conversations? He hated Abel, hated the doll with a passion. And maybe, just maybe he might try to do something about it…

When the dark of the night came, and Mikuni lay curled up in his bed with Abel in his arms, it was time to strike. He had made up his mind. Snake Jeje slid over the floor and transformed into his human form. 

Towering over the innocent looking Eve, he snickered softly and even felt a little bit regretful. But what had to be done had to be done.

Reaching out, he grabbed the doll and pulled her out of Mikuni’s embrace. Ha, got it! —– The next few things happened really quickly and Jeje was unprepared. 

Mikuni let out a horrifying scream, some crazy alarm went off (what!?) and the next thing he saw was Mikuni firing something at him. Before he could even wonder what was going on, Jeje lost consciousness and he felt how Abel slid out of his grip before he collided with the floor.

Opening up his eyes and feeling a little dizzy, Jeje shook his head. The bags were taken off his head, he was…. bound. To a chair, with his arms secured tightly behind the chair with ropes. A spotlight was shining upon him and out of the shadows before him appeared his own trusted Eve, Mikuni.

“Mikuni! What have you done?” Jeje asked, squirming against his bonds. His feet were tied against the chair by their ankles, leaving him completely stuck.

“No, dear Jeje. What have you done?” With a serious shake of the head, Mikuni sat by his chair so he could look up at him, one hand placed on his knee and Jeje flinched a little.

“What was that? Why was I –?” Jeje pulled at the ropes again and tensed up when Mikuni squeezed his knee.

“I have no idea what I was using, but it worked. Johannes gave it to me, as a precaution for naughty doll-kidnappers like you,” the blond said seriously as if he was in some kind of detective show, and he showerd Jeje the gun he had used to fire at him.

“You could’ve killed me,” Jeje said, glaring at him, but Mikuni chuckled and shook his head.

“Nonono. Don’t you see it, Jeje. You’re the one who was being wrong here.” He stuck the gun in his back pocket and stood up, crossing his arms and towering over him.

“Tell me. What did you want with my precious Abel?” Ah, an interrogation huh? Jeje couldn’t bite back a laugh and he snorted mockingly.

“Nothing,” he said. ‘I was jealous of a stupid doll and I’m craving more attention!’ uh-uh. Not gonna happen. Clenching his teeth, Jeje refused to say it.

“Why - did - you - try - to - kidnap - my Abel?” Mikuni asked, and Jeje gasped when he bent down and picked up one of his feet after freeing it from its bonds. Grabbing a stool, Mikuni then sat down, placing his socked foot in his lap, and Jeje tried to pull his stretched out leg back again. 

“I didn’t try to kidnap her!” he argued, but Mikuni already wiggled one finger up and down his sole, and his breath hitched. Shitshitshit no.

“You’re lying.” Mikuni lightly tickled him, and Jeje shook his head.

“I was just trying to inspect her!” he forced out, giggles getting in the mix and he shook in his chair from his held back reactions to Mikuni’s tickles.

“You’re lying again.” Jeje squeezed his eyes shut. Mikuni knew he was ticklish. Jeje was the one exceeding in power but once Mikuni got those wiggly fingers on him he was done for. 

Still, he had never been tickled without his bags on his head. Now without them, with a spotlight shining on him and Mikuni only inches away from him, he was going to see every uncharming little reaction on his face. Hell no.

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What if Jeje is next on the chopping block and gets his contract item destroyed?

0v0;;;; well…. I guess that would depend on whatever the hell Mikuni is really up to?? Like I doubt he would let such a thing happen so easily if he still had plans/ a purpose for Jeje. His “plans” or whatever are literally just now unfolding, so I would doubt it happening soon, at least.

Besides with another possible servamp/eve pair coming to be (*coughs* Wrath Pair *coughs* *cries on floor* wonder how they are doing by the way) and considering what’s also now happening with Sloth Pair….. (the zoom in to Kuro’s bell makes me nervous) but I am gonna have faith. oh man….


I had a slight theory (that I have discussed with a few before) that maybe Mikuni is looking to collect more than one Servamp? It’s apparently possible considering Mahiru offered to give Tsubaki a new name.

and neither Tsubaki nor Kuro said anything(not about it later either?) also in the manga when Misono told Mahiru to give him sloth SO IT IS POSSIBLE.

But the idea began whenever Mikuni showed Mahiru that secret passage way and then did that creepy ass smile “I’m really worried.” BULLSHIZZ

A friend of mine said “what if he purposely sent Mahiru down there in silent hope that he would be killed by falling debris or worse run into Touma?” WHICH DID HAPPEN. omg I’m gonna have to strangle them for that one.  Mikuni wouldn’t kill Mahiru with his own hands cause he would want it to look like an accident. (besides if Kuro knew it was Mikuni’s fault there’s no way he would go with him so willingly right?)

Think about it. Mikuni wouldn’t be against having the strongest Servamp, and he already knows how to use a Servamp well. So……

But yeah, not gonna jump to big conclusions yet. I’M PROBABLY WAY WRONG. lol thanks for the question, very interesting indeed. 👍