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HM HM, HELLO THERE CJ, I'M JC and welcome to the community 😄!! I peeped your stuff earlier and lemme just say 👌Gewd👌Ish👌Right👌Thar👌 So! May I request some general relationship hcs for Josuke and Okuyasu, pretty please? Thank you~ and if there's any problems with this, feel free to decline

Hi JC!! I can tell we’re gonna get along quite nicely. Thank you for the complement! I’m glad that I’m doing some sort of good with my writing! I hope you like these headcanons!


  • Because he isn’t all too experienced in relationships, he’ll try and ask his mother for advice on dates, how to be romantic, and so on. It’s not that he doesn’t trust going to his friends with this, but knowing his mother probably has the most experience on the topic, she’ll be the person he’ll most rely on. That doesn’t mean he isn’t embarrassed in the progress.
    • “My son is finally growing up! It seems like only yesterday you was my little baby boy, and now you’re dating!”
    • “…Mom, all I asked about was tips on a birthday gift.”
  • Overall, Josuke has no qualms over public displays of affection, as he’s quite affectionate himself. While outside, he’s always wanting to hold your hand or give you the occasional peck on the cheek, while behind closed doors, he’s cuddly and would prefer holding you from behind.
  • As a first date, Josuke will go out of his way to dress up fancily before taking you out for a night on the town. You’ll go get dinner before going on a leisurely stroll, doing pretty much anything you want to do. As for the rest of your dates… They’re mostly at either of your homes, lazing on the couch, playing video-games together.


  • If you think Josuke was clueless, Okuyasu is even more so. He’ll go to both his father and Josuke on how he can act and be a good boyfriend. Josuke will be the one to give him the most cheesiest romance advice, such as bad pickup lines.
    • “Ask them something like, “Hey, do you know what my shirt is made out of?” Then, you grab your shirt before saying “It’s boyfriend material.” They’ll be swooning, I’m sure!”
    • “Bro… You’re a genius!”
  • Like Josuke, Okuyasu has no complaints with showing affection to the public. It’s something he needs to get used to though, knowing he never figured he’d get so far as to having a partner for himself, but he truly welcomes it with open arms.
  • Due to years of experience, Okuyasu is an actually decent cook. You’d spend some dates in the comfort of his home talking, bonding, and probably feeding each other the food he’d make.

I tried making it four headcanons per character, but I ran out of ideas. I don’t know why, but I spend a lot of time finishing headcanons based off of really simple things… I hope you liked these, and feel free to tell me if I messed up, or you want a re-do!

- Admin CJ

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)


He is going to be relevant to what happens next here.
That much is painfully obvious.
And your first instinct is to dismiss him.

                        ~Madi to Flint | 4x02

All the MK characters are beautiful, especially Erron Black, bless him. ^3^

*at support group*
  • me: hi i'm jc
  • everyone (in unison): hi jc
  • councilor: what brings you here today?
  • me: i'm obsessed with serial killers and mass murderers and the only real reason i came here is because my mom thought i had a problem
  • councilor:
  • everyone:
  • me: so did you know that ted bundy had a dog named lassie?

JC Chasez | Best Vocals Live (Part 3) | POST - *NSYNC

Hope you enjoy!


You an Jc were heading back from his photo shoot. You enjoyed watching him be himself behind the camera and capturing cute photos of himself. He was always laughing and asking you if his smile was perfect; you always told him it was because why would it be?

“I’m so glad we’re home.” Jc mumbled, putting the car in park.

You agreed and got out the car. Jc grabbed your hand and led you inside. He told you to help him choose which picture was good enough to post on Instagram.

“I really hope my cheeks don’t look fat in any of the photos.” Jc swung the door open and kicked his shoes off by his bed.

“Jc! Your cheeks aren’t even that big! They’re freaking adorable!” You crawled beside him and grabbed his computer.

“Baby stop.” He groaned, throwing his body back. “My cheeks are so huge! I really don’t like them at all! Like even when I grow a beard I look like a manly twelve year old.”

You busted out laughing. “Baby.” You say his computer down and crawled in his lap. Jc placed his hands on your hips, adjusting himself to sit up straight. “they really aren’t that huge. They’re the perfect size.”

He rolled his eyes. “Stop lying.”

You sigh and started kissing his cheeks. You left soft kiss over both of them and cute little pecks all over his face. “You’re ah good looking guy, Caylen.”

“And you’re ah good looking girl, (y/l/n).”

You rolled your eyes and opened up his computer, going through his photo shoot with him. He still complained about his cheeks but he was the most good looking guy to you and nothing would change that.