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Hi, I was wondering if you had any headcanons for Abby and Neil? I mean everyone knows that boy needs good loving parental figures and as Wymack pretty much has 'team-dad' covered...

I’VE THOUGHT A LOT ABOUT THIS OK NEIL NEEDS A GENTLE MOTHERING SOUL (this entire thing is cheesy but I’m a sucker for that shit so here we go)

  • neil knows mothers as hard and punishing and tough love
  • he recognizes his mother’s brand of love because he grew up around her
  • he recognizes being beaten for a wrong move because he needs to be safe
  • he recognizes love as caring for him even if its harsh and cold
  • its why he doesnt need to be told “i love you” by andrew and why he doesnt need to say it back
  • he knows love as protection with angry words and fists
  • and later he knows love as andrews hand on his neck and a rough pat on the back after a game
  • he doesnt recognize love as soft words and gentle hands, so maybe thats why he doesnt recognize abbys actions towards him

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Apparently the actor James McAnerney is playing Kenneth McIver, Jared’s overseer in his plantation in Jamaica. A small role.

Thanks so much nonnie! So no Dr Stern or Duncan Innes. Hmmm

Isn’t it interesting how we didn’t see anyone from Ardsmuir men cast yet. Though Duncan Innes has pretty big role during oversea voyage and in later books.

Makes you wonder if we dare hope…👀 #saveMurtagh

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Day Thirty-One

-I asked a woman if she knew of the store’s card program. She responded by loudly chanting “Nope” over and over again until I gave up, as if she were a child on the playground with her fingers in her ears. It was not what I expected her to do, but, to be fair, it was an effective tactic.

-Three old women approached my lane. One of them carried five plates. As I rang up the two in front of her, she stayed with them and did not leave the lanes. The plate-carrying woman purchased one plate. I did not see her put the other four anywhere. She did not leave the area. I am still not certain of what she did, but I would like her to teach me.

-I was shocked to hear that the Cat Lady’s boyfriend continues to send his money to Jamaica after how she had assured us she was going to give him a stern talking-to. She now seems to be planning to set an ultimatum with him. She then regaled us with tales of the good and bad men she has known around the country, and how one of her husbands recently died. She did not specify whether this was a current husband or ex.

-After a mother made a purchase, her young son leaned in and whispered, “She does not have this much money.” I assumed it was just a kid giving too much information about a family’s personal situation, but her reaction makes me suspect something much more sinister.

-I handed three children stickers. They all instinctively placed it on their right cheek and pocketed the paper backing. I can only assume that this is some sort of gang symbolism. I hope to be initiated soon.

-As a woman approached my lane, she announced, “Hi! It’s me!” I did not recognize her at all. She showed no signs of recognizing me. Having said that, she was most definitely her, and I appreciate anyone who speaks the truth like this.

-I once again placed a stack of stickers on my counter with a sign prompting guests to take one. I decided to keep a tally of who took them out of curiosity. Behind girls under the age of fourteen, stickers proved to be most popular among women in their thirties or forties. They also proved to be least popular among women in their sixties, as evidenced by the one who blatantly backhanded my display off of the counter, remarking that they were now all over the floor, and that I should pick them up before someone wanted one. All in all, a relatively fruitful social experiment. 

-A woman stared at the card reader and told me in a confidential tone, “I’m too tired for prime-time, y’all.” 

-A woman angrily told me in great detail of her hunt for a DVD copy of Big Hero 6, which ultimately yielded no results. I feel that a large part of this may have to do with the amount of time she told me she spent searching in the clothing and food lanes, rather than at the display in the DVD aisle, but she seemed more interested in being rightfully angry, so I said nothing and simply admired her outside-the-box shopping stratagem. 

-The sweetest old woman apologized to me for coming in so near closing time, telling me that she rushed through the store as quickly as she could. I appreciated her understanding of the struggles of retail, but we were not closing for another two hours and twenty minutes. I did not have it in my heart to tell her that, though, so I simply assured her it was not a problem and thanked her for her kindness.

-A very eager, antsy woman purchased a string of items which had no connection, including a birthday card, a diet soda, and large, blocky sunglasses. She took two stickers and put them proudly on the front of her shirt and immediately placed the glasses back on her head, tags and all. Concerned for her, I offered to cut off the tag, but she looked me in the eye and explained herself to me. “This is a joke. My boss is in the car and he’s being an asshole.” With that, she giggled and ran out the door, leaving me wishing I knew what phase two of this joke was.

-I handed a girl a strip of stickers that was taller than she was. She did not know how to handle this, but she seemed very excited to figure it out.

do u ever think about all the pictures dan and phil have of each other that we’ll never see and u just cry

Larry in Jamaica

i though i’d just map all the evidence we have so far:

So first, both Louis and Harry are MIA for about a week or two at the exact same time. 

Then, after they come back into the media’s attention, they’re both seen sporting Jamaican themed items. Louis had a bag from Jamaica, and Harry had a bracelet. They were both not trying to make it obvious they were there, these items were well hidden so they definitely didn’t want us to know they went to Jamaica. I think I should probably mention that they were both also sporting some great tans!

Daisy Tomlinson later said that Louis went on holiday in Jamaica, even though he was claiming to be in Doncaster. We even had Louis following a Jamaican artist on twitter.

Fast forward to now, and we have Nick Grimshaw (Harry’s friend) say that he had written/recorded a lot of the songs on his new album in Jamaica (Louis and Jamaica’s scenery would be great inspirations).

Yeah, they went to Jamaica together (:

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Nick (jokingly?) said that Harry recorded part of his album in jamaica. And there is a recording studio (called Anchor Records) in Jamaica.

jesus christ

New Tongues
The politics of patois in the new millennium.
By Doreen St. Félix

While listening to a radio transmission in Kingston, Stuart Hall suddenly felt lost. It was the early 1970s, and Hall had temporarily returned to his home country of Jamaica after two decades abroad. Back in 1951, Hall had won a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford, at a time when Jamaica was still a British colony. Jamaica won its independence in 1962, propelling incremental changes in daily culture one couldn’t necessarily document remotely. But back in his former home, Hall heard one of these changes firsthand: radio hosts speaking in Jamaican Patois.

“I couldn’t believe my ears that anybody would be quite so bold as to speak patois, to read the news in that accent,” Hall wrote in 1995. “My entire education, my mother’s whole career had been specifically designed to prevent anybody at all, and me in particular, from reading anything of importance in that language.”

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Lmao every time we thought Harry had absconded to the English countryside when he was totally mia he was actually in Jamaica recording his album, that's so brilliant. Such a good way to keep things under wraps

I am such a jealous bitch….why can’t I go do all my work in jamaica….explains the Miami typewriter story though. I assumed it was bullshit 😂😂 😂😂😂😂 sneaky ass ninja.


Producers are such an important staple in the success of artist. Many artists have reached great heights in music by simply pairing with the right producer and having that chemistry with one another. David Scott aka Trilogy plans to bring that special touch with his music. The Jamaica native has been producing for over a decade and is racking up his credits as the months go by. At the young age of fifteen his love for Hip-hop would forever change his life. The multi genre producer enjoys making Hip-hop/R&B/Reggae music. Trilogy’s notoriety in New York City began when he produced for artist like Uncle Murda and DJ Self’s Gwinin artist “Major Galore”.  From that point, Trilogy has gotten the chance to work with platinum boy producer Amadeus on several records with Talib Kweli and Fabolous record “Team Litty” off of Fab’s latest project “Summertime Shootout 2”. His catalog is constantly growing with artist like Dave East, Tory Lanez, Konshens, Bizzy Amor, Juelz Santana and much more. Trilogy has done extensive work with Troy Ave and most recently produced on his newest project “Dope Boy Troy” that has released today March 24th. He has been one of Troy Ave’s go to producers for several projects and continues to deliver. Stay tuned for more from Trilogy for years to come!

Here’s the link to Troy Ave’s new album Dope Boy Troy


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so harry recorded his music in jamaica according to nick grimshaw... what if taylor recorded her music in jamaica too? that would be haylor proof for sure... it'll probably be on the ts6 booklet 👁

i love this reach

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It's honestly so perfectly harry, like it totally makes sense to me that he recorded his album in Jamaica and no one had any idea. It's like the another man shoot all over again, he sure knows how to keep things under wraps when he wants to and the end result is always amazing 🙌

It’s SO Harry…… and I hate this SO much lmao…. 

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harry has a song in his album likes ed's barcelona but about jamaica and his louis

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He’s still with her right? Because he’s not ending it.

Yes that’s the only reason but is he seeing her in person at the moment that’s what we are talking about here after the way he treated her in front of us at the wedding and she didn’t even spend the whole trip with him and his friends in Jamaica like a real GF would. Have a great day anon and we will only believe if we see real pics of them together soon.


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  • Their first name: I reap most of my canon era headcanons from Les Hommes de la Misericorde, so for canon era, Marcel. In Pirate verse, Auden. You know, I can’t quite recall why I changed it for Pirate AU? Mystery.
  • Their sexual orientation: I debate about this a lot, actually and am open to a lot of interpretation. But I’ve been thinking about him as pan a lot lately, actually. 
  • Where they come from: I THINK he came from Marseille or at least near there because in my brain he and Enjolras grew up around the same area but I can’t quite recall what my ideas were about that in canon era. In Pirate AU he was in London and Paris until mid-childhood when his family moved to Jamaica
  • What do they study or what’s their job: Lawyer. In Les Hommes he opens a firm up with Marius and also does free work for the poor where he can. In a modern AU (an American one anyway) I feel pretty strongly he’d work for the ACLU
  • Their family: In canon era he is really close to his parents, though he argues with them sometimes about how active he is in politics. It’s not that they don’t agree with him, but they aren’t the sort to get involved because they don’t really want to risk their position/worry over the violence. He also has two sisters, Olivie and Josephine. In Pirate AU he has one younger brother he’s never met because he was born after Courfeyrac ran away, and his issues with his family are pretty well documented there. It’s one of those situations where they were a happy family once but then his parents got caught up in their new money. 
  • Their hobby: Dancing! And reading. I think his bookshelf is a really funny mix of Serious Books and also cliche romances of some type. Plus popular novels. Jehan sighs at him over the lack of poetry. 
  • The running joke about them among les Amis: Ha I mean. Probably jokes worrying that he’ll set something on fire. Bahorel teases him incessantly when Courfeyrac has any sort of crush on anyone because he’s so terribly obvious about it 
  • A random fact about them: I think Courfeyrac is one of those people who when he sees things that remind him of his friends he picks them up and buys them. I think most of the Amis have a lot of little random trinkets from Courfeyrac. Also he likes cats 
  • Bonus : Any fancast ?: Like so much of the fandom, Harry Lloyd, albeit with darker hair. 

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The Rolling Stones recorded in Jamaica. Of course Harry did. Like father, like son.

LMAO i’ve wondered so much about his pull to jamaica since his first hazoff trip there in 2014 for his birthday… he’s gone SOOOO many times since i genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if he had a place

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What? H recorded his album in Jamaica?? Nick joking? or... thedailystyles(.)com/post/158561447270/we-texted-this-morning-hes-worried-i-wont-like

lmao, idk! Time will tell :p Doubt it reggae tho… 

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Sorry, but english not my first language, can you explain: was nick grimshaw kidding with that harry recorded his album in jamaica or it is true?

It’s true but I’m guessing he may just have recorded a few songs there because he’s been using other studios too. 

So he may not literally mean 100% of the album was recorded there, but some songs or many of them were.