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It's interesting that he doesn't want to do that song on tv facing an audience. Because he's performed it twice now and twice he was removed from the crowd. The first time in studio but his back facing them, second time alone on a rooftop. Also he was in a blue suit ❤


I keep thinking about Louis posting a selfie by himself, huge huge smile, grinning from ear to ear, with a relaxed, happy dog. Like, compared to all the sad selfies, months and months and months of sad selfies.

And the “Always.” “You.” from Jamaica when he was supposedly on a happy vacation– before we knew that Harry had recorded and written his album in Jamaica. Now Louis’s “always-you” posts have so much more meaning. It wasn’t just one or two vacations he spent with Harry in Jamaica. It was every single night they were there together (yes, I mean when the album was being written), every single night Harry was there without Louis, FaceTiming him at night.

It’s Louis wearing a cap from the collection “End.” It’s the bee tattoo. It’s the ruby-peace-rose ring sequence on Harry’s right hand. It’s the double rings on his left index finger. Its Louis’s rose T-shirts, and the selfie on “tattoo day” wearing his rose T-shirt and showing his dagger tattoo. It’s the repeated yellow-black clothing colors on both of them. It’s serenading your deepest love, whom everyone knows, whom the host of the show even knows (that fond smile… Jaaaames), from the London night, with a church in the background, in a blue velvet suit. It’s “if I loved someone, I’d write a song for them.”

A concept:

Harry Styles. In a private tropical paradise compound complete with recording studio on the beach in Jamaica. Going on runs in the morning on the sand. Going around barefoot everywhere. Curling his toes and feet underneath him while he works through a line giving him some trouble. Wearing his favorite sunglasses as sunglasses and his other favorite pair as a headband for the gentle breeze. And working working working in the studio. And taking the short walk back to the main house and eating some fresh caught fish and fruit. And picking up a guitar. And even after all that work still working to figure out that one line that’s been giving him trouble. Until he falls asleep with the doors open. And in his deepened sleep the trouble will work itself out.

Harry Styles - #SoloHarry Interview Imagine

[I too am in love with shy, bumbling Harry. I’m in love with any and all Harry’s there are, though honestly. Enjoy!]

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Naw son. The Eleanor sighting is really just Liam in a wig. As soon as they heard that Cheryl was going into labor Louis decided to smuggle Liam's ass out of London to his & Harry's place in Jamaica where they will have the lad holiday for the next week. bye.


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33. "Baby, please" ?

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“Baby please?”

“No Harry.”

“Oh come on how do yeh not know until you try it?”

“Because Harry why the hell would I eat kale let alone drink a smoothie?”

This back and forth had been going on for a while, you have been told you both argued like a old married couple even though you have only been together for a year. You were aware of his exsistance before you two actually met. You couldn’t go to a store or watch music videos on TV early in the morning without hearing “What Makes You Beautiful” at least 3 times a day. You even made the comment that was how brain washing worked.

You admitted back then that he was…cute. But the whole boy band thing just wasn’t your cup of tea. And so you went about life being aware, but never fully caught onto the craze. And you were pretty damn successful, until you landed a job working for make up at Saturday Night Life. The band was performing then, back when they were five members. You saw each other, you said your hello because your mom didn’t raise you to be rude. Every now and then when you stepped out to the hallway he would somehow be there too, and you struck conversation.

The next thing you knew you were invited to hang out at the after party, with his hat on your head so you wouldn’t quote “stray too far”. One drunken dance or two later he brought you to your home for the night, and before you knew it you both were deemed together after his birthday. You really couldn’t help it, you were sucked into his warmth and charm. He was pretty much every cheesy romantic comedy male lead in real life the way he always gave you gifts even when he had to leave for a tour. The Facetime, the texts, while you were never one to give into that type of romantic gesture…you couldn’t deny them.

It was as if he knew how to get to your warm spot, the hole in your armor. When he had his breaks he would come see you straight away, spend as much time with you as possible. The first time he pulled what you called “The Plea of Death” was when you were trying to figure out what to watch.

“Oh! Let’s watch The Notebook!” He suggested but you gave him a look.

“No,” came your reply.

“Buh why? I love that movie!” He exclaimed with flabbergasted look on his face.

“I don’t like that movie, it’s so…cheesy. And I hate Nichols Sparks everybody dies in his damn books,” you explain, seeing his look of sheer horror.

“Not till the end and they grew old together, please?”



“There is a whole selection of other movies,” you suggested but he didn’t let up.

“Baby, please?” He leaned forward to take your hand, giving you the puppy dog look. He even pulled the pout which made you groan in frustration before you sigh then selected the movie. You figured you would at least distract yourself with your phone. But even that was a bust when he laid his head on your lap demanding you to play in his hair. After that, you could tolerate the movie to the point.

Ever since, he used it to his advantage. Whenever you argued, he would use that phrase and that look to give you in. It was annoying, but there was a small part of you that secretly liked it.

“Baby, please?” He did it again this time, holding the smoothie with that same look. Within a year the band went down to four and his hair longer. You look at him clearly annoyed but you look at the drink and sighed. Taking a sip only to make a face and gave the drink back.

“There, did it. Now I need to wash this taste out of my mouth.” You mutter, he of course enjoyed it himself with a satisfied look on his face. He always did that too, the smug look. You always threaten to punch him for it but you never would do that. He knew it too, he got your number for sure.

In the years ahead it didn’t change or let up. When he took you to the Bahamas for vacation he used it to get you into the water after you said you didn’t want to get your hair wet. And again he used it when you came to visit him in Jamaica for his album and he used it to extend your stay. He even used it when he asked you to move into his New York apartment he just bought after you told him you were just as content to your own that you had.

Tonight you were standing on the side on the stage as he was performing. You smiled, your heart filled with pride. He had worked so hard to get where he was. Who would have known a boy from a small English town would be here with a bunch of people screaming at him in support. You had never been more proud then in that moment. He had just finished a song when he spoke to the crowd.

“Before I star’ this song…I need someone to come out here with me, YN?” He turned facing you, you of course stood with wide eyes and shaking your head. “Come on! I need yeh out here for a moment.” You mouthed no shaking your head, that was when he again used that damn plea.

Baby, please?” his voice boomed through the speakers, the crowd hooting and screaming. Slowly you walk on the stage, looking like you wanted to kill him but tried to contain it.

“Okay, so we were watchin’ Walk the Line the othah day. And yeh know thah part where he proposes to her on stage?” He was talking to the crowd, you heard the scream in reply.

“Well, she told me if I ever did thah she would kill me,” he replied to them then turn to look at you. “Buh if I’m anything, it’s a little thick headed.” He kept looking at you reaching for your hand so you could get closer. “YN, we’ve been togethah for…three years now? You sor’ of became a inspiration for me. Buh I can’t sing this next song if I don’t ask yeh somethin’ important.”

He then got down on one knee, the crowd getting louder in screams. You of course were screaming on the inside. He wasn’t…no, there was no way!

“YN LN, will you please marry meh?” He asked you, giving you the puppy look with a slight hint of nerves. You were going to kill him, you may punch him in the arm for doing it…but god dammit did you love this man.

“Okay,” you spoke, everyone could sort of hear you with the microphone.

“Whah?” He asked and huge smile appearing on his face.

“Okay!” You spoke louder with a laugh, but you could feel the tears forming. He got up as the crowd cheered, sliding the ring on your finger as you both hugged each other tight.

“I’m going to kick your ass,” you tell him to his ear but he laughed, you knew he had that satisfied smirk on his face.

“Promises, promises baby,” he replied kissing your cheek. And while you heard the song a billion times, Carolina had a different tone to it this time around.


An idea I would love for you to write about. Using the footage of Harry swimming in Jamaica… you and Harry are home and your kids want to watch your honeymoon footage cause they previously watched your wedding tape… so you show them the tape and you and Harry enter a flashback about how good of a time you both had back then.

The night had started with you and Harry on the couch, Harry moving his fingers’ through your hair as you relaxed and watched one of the episodes of your favourite television shows. It was Harry who first heard the faint giggles of your five-year-old twins’, you thought nothing of it, they’re always chuckling and prancing around the house with many teddy bears and ideas. He, however, was curious and called the two of them into the living room. They came in grinning— their damp hair falling around their faces while they stand in their matching pyjamas. 

You smile at your little girls’ your eyes catching a glimpse of the familiar grey photo album in one of their hands. You sit up gradually, the girls’ giving you their innocent smiles, unaware of whether they are in trouble or not. “What do we have here? Hm?” You hum. holding out your hands, the photo album being placed delicately in them. 

“Ahh, have you two been in Daddy’s office?” Harry laughs, his eyes scanning over the grey cover. 

“Mummy, is this you and Daddy’s wedding?” you’re asked as you open the album, the first page showing your best-loved wedding photo you and Harry took on the day.  

You nod, commencing to show the girls’ the photos of the happiest day of your life— aside from the day you gave birth to the two little ones that have graced you with nothing but joy. 

When the photo album came to an end, they began to challenge many questions, some of which, you did not have the answer too. But, when Harry was snickering to himself and commenting about the honeymoon, their eyes lit up with peculiarity. 

“Jamaica, ah the times we had.” He mumbles, your ears just managing to catch onto his comment. “You know, there are thirty minutes until bed time… Do you guys want to see where Mummy and Daddy visited?” Harry offers, bounding to his feet before they can even respond with enthusiastic replies. He smiles to himself, peering over at you as he awaits your approval. You give him the nod, his hand reaching for the honeymoon DVD’s that were captured. 

Jamaica is a place that holds a lot of sentimental value, not because it is the honeymoon destination, but because it is where Harry essentially started his solo career. Jamaica became yours and his’ place where you could go off the grid for a few weeks—nobody ever really caught on, and it was peaceful. No paps, no fans, no issues. It was like it was both of your secret get-aways.  

Your first time in Jamaica was when you visited during his recording period, you two were just shy of being together for three years, he was in the middle of writing his first solo album, and you were in the middle of climbing your way up the ladder of success in your law firm. 

Jamaica was where he proposed to you, he finished the very last song of the album and after jumping with satisfaction and hugging his bandmates from the erratic enthusiasm, he came to you, dropping to his knee with a small black box settled into his hand.
Nobody saw it coming, not even you.
You had to question whether he was serious or not because it was so unexpected. 

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Apparently the actor James McAnerney is playing Kenneth McIver, Jared’s overseer in his plantation in Jamaica. A small role.

Thanks so much nonnie! So no Dr Stern or Duncan Innes. Hmmm

Isn’t it interesting how we didn’t see anyone from Ardsmuir men cast yet. Though Duncan Innes has pretty big role during oversea voyage and in later books.

Makes you wonder if we dare hope…👀 #saveMurtagh

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Hi, I was wondering if you had any headcanons for Abby and Neil? I mean everyone knows that boy needs good loving parental figures and as Wymack pretty much has 'team-dad' covered...

I’VE THOUGHT A LOT ABOUT THIS OK NEIL NEEDS A GENTLE MOTHERING SOUL (this entire thing is cheesy but I’m a sucker for that shit so here we go)

  • neil knows mothers as hard and punishing and tough love
  • he recognizes his mother’s brand of love because he grew up around her
  • he recognizes being beaten for a wrong move because he needs to be safe
  • he recognizes love as caring for him even if its harsh and cold
  • its why he doesnt need to be told “i love you” by andrew and why he doesnt need to say it back
  • he knows love as protection with angry words and fists
  • and later he knows love as andrews hand on his neck and a rough pat on the back after a game
  • he doesnt recognize love as soft words and gentle hands, so maybe thats why he doesnt recognize abbys actions towards him

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are ppl actually comparing Louis bond with Steve throughout the jho xfactor performance just two days after jays death…. which louis has said himself was one of the most difficult things he’s ever done… and that he said he didn’t even want to perform anymore but jay told him to do it bc he loves it ………. to harry’s friendship with mitch during the “happiest time of his life” in jamaica?? I don’t have time for this nonsense.

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baby Alfie take his first steps in Jamaica 😍


It would happen in the kitchen of the same tiny home that Harry wrote his first album in during his 2 month trip, his little feet pattering along the tiles as he toddled up behind his father and gave his thighs a pat with his tiny palms. Startling Harry from chopping up the fruit and turning on his heels, looking down at the one who have his thighs a touch, his son was grinning up at him with a toothless grin, standing close to him. Dressed in a striped baby-grow that had an anchor printed and emblazoned right in the middle of the chest.

“Did you jus’ walk to daddy, buddy? I thought you were sleepin’,” Harry would gasp softly, letting Alfie’s tiny hands wrap around his forefingers to keep him stable on his legs, stopping him from toppling over and knocking his head on the tiles or banging against the cupboards, “where’s mummy? Did mummy help you?”

“Did mummy help who do what?” She’d asked, rounding the corner and frowning when she saw Alfie standing up, holding onto his daddy’s hands, drying her hands on the t-shirt she’d chosen to wear for the day, “where did he come from, Harry? I just put the both of them down for a nap. Persephone was out like a light and Alfie was-”

“I don’t know. He came up whilst I was doing the fruit salad and tapped my legs,” he chuckled, crouching down and lifting his son up, “did you walk, buddy? Did you take your first steps here in Jamaica?” He’d gasp cheekily, poking his nose softly before peppering kisses to his tiny but plump cheeks.

“Please tell me you brought the video camera with you?” The missus would ask frantically, wide eyes as she looked at him, gasping in relief when he nodded, “s’it in the suitcase, yeah? We need to get this on camera.”

“Yeah, it should be. Tucked under all my boxers and stuff,” he’d smile, tickling Alfie’s belly as he giggled widely and rolled his head back in amusement, “are you gon’a walk for mummy and daddy again? Are we gon’a catch it on film, yeah?”

The baby would squeal in his arms, nudging his head into Harry’s shoulder before puckering his lips together and making soft raspberry noises, dribbling a soft slither of saliva down Harry’s upper arm.

“You’re getting too big, Bugger. Stop growing up,” he’d murmur against Alfie’s head, inhaling the soft smell of his baby shampoo that clung to the brown hairs, “gon’a be going to school before the blink of my eyes, huh?” xx