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Harry letting you ride his face and he's pressing you down onto his mouth to get you closer and he's properly moaning and smacking your ass.

This..,.,.,.this is an attack..,.,.

Just imagine you guys are laying back on your king bed, facing the flat screen TV across the room and locked in a heated match of Mario Kart. Harry’s clad in an old, scuffed up pair of black denim jeans and the yellow smiley face t-shirt he nearly wore to shreds back in Jamaica. His socks are mismatched (one has a fuchsia background with tiny flamingos all over it– this sock is actually yours– and the other is a plain black Nike ankle-high) and his pants are unbuttoned, hair fluffy and somewhat tamed since you’d just gotten home from a movie date.

He’s been gunning for you since the match started, storing away shells for just the right moment to knock you right off the track. Every time a turtle smacks the back bumper of your tiny vehicle, you let out a screech, which he returns with a smug grin and maniacal, triumphant little giggles.

When it’s come down to the two of you at the front, you randomly start to kick at his feet and legs, trying to topple him off the bed and distract him just enough to end him once and for all. But Harry can play dirty, too, resulting in him rolling onto you and crushing you under his weight as he looks over his shoulder, aiming the controller over his head and using this advantage to the max.

“Harry, stop it! That’s not fair!” You buck under him, shoulders thrashing as you try to free your arms to at least keep moving in the game.

“You started it!” He aims a bomb at you, dangling the remote above your head and tapping his finger threateningly over the release button. “Sorry, pet. Gonna have to try harder than that.”

You kick at his knees violently, wailing out in defeat when you feel your controller shudder and let out the sound that signifies you lost.

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A concept:

Harry Styles. In a private tropical paradise compound complete with recording studio on the beach in Jamaica. Going on runs in the morning on the sand. Going around barefoot everywhere. Curling his toes and feet underneath him while he works through a line giving him some trouble. Wearing his favorite sunglasses as sunglasses and his other favorite pair as a headband for the gentle breeze. And working working working in the studio. And taking the short walk back to the main house and eating some fresh caught fish and fruit. And picking up a guitar. And even after all that work still working to figure out that one line that’s been giving him trouble. Until he falls asleep with the doors open. And in his deepened sleep the trouble will work itself out.

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It's interesting that he doesn't want to do that song on tv facing an audience. Because he's performed it twice now and twice he was removed from the crowd. The first time in studio but his back facing them, second time alone on a rooftop. Also he was in a blue suit ❤


I keep thinking about Louis posting a selfie by himself, huge huge smile, grinning from ear to ear, with a relaxed, happy dog. Like, compared to all the sad selfies, months and months and months of sad selfies.

And the “Always.” “You.” from Jamaica when he was supposedly on a happy vacation– before we knew that Harry had recorded and written his album in Jamaica. Now Louis’s “always-you” posts have so much more meaning. It wasn’t just one or two vacations he spent with Harry in Jamaica. It was every single night they were there together (yes, I mean when the album was being written), every single night Harry was there without Louis, FaceTiming him at night.

It’s Louis wearing a cap from the collection “End.” It’s the bee tattoo. It’s the ruby-peace-rose ring sequence on Harry’s right hand. It’s the double rings on his left index finger. Its Louis’s rose T-shirts, and the selfie on “tattoo day” wearing his rose T-shirt and showing his dagger tattoo. It’s the repeated yellow-black clothing colors on both of them. It’s serenading your deepest love, whom everyone knows, whom the host of the show even knows (that fond smile… Jaaaames), from the London night, with a church in the background, in a blue velvet suit. It’s “if I loved someone, I’d write a song for them.”

September 2016-Jamaica

Let’s talk about September 2016. Harry disappeared to Jamaica to write on his album. Interestingly enough, for the first time all year, Louis suddenly started going MIA that same month. What are the chances? Let’s look into this…

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Are You Okay? - Harry Styles Imagine

You were grinning ear to ear, there was no doubt about that. Harry had finally gotten back from his trip to Jamaica and you couldn’t wait to actually see him face-to-face, not just through a phone screen. FaceTime could only give those swoon worthy dimples so much justice. You had been texting him since he woke this morning, planning to see him for breakfast this morning, and found yourself practically jumping in the drivers seat of your car as you drove to the small cafe you had agreed on. 

“Uh, I have someone waiting for me,” you address the waitress, the brunette’s mouth gapes open upon looking up and seeing you standing there. She nods and then points off towards the back, and you can’t miss that mop of hair in the booth - even with his back to you. 

“He’s back there,” the hostess manages to say. In which you thank her and stop yourself from running over to where Harry was sitting. 

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Harry Styles:

Meeting and Dating:

‘Hidden Behind A Book’ - Harry has to hand back a book for his mum at an old bookstore, resulting in him finding a girl called, (Y/N), revealing if he is ready to date again, after a hard love life.

‘A Small Coffee Date’ - Harry finally has the guts to ask out (Y/N), he decides upon taking her to a coffee shop, where he slowly learns more about her. 

‘Led On’ - Harry leads her on, not telling (Y/N) about the other girl.

‘Poor, Baby’ - (Y/N) figures out that Harry is ill, therefore she tries her best into carrying for him.

‘Sick’ - Harry finds out that (Y/N) is sick, not knowing what to do since she is never sick.

‘A Meeting’ - Harry meets (Y/N)’s parents after a while dating, but what he learns is that her parents are not typical parents.


‘A Small Party’ - When Harry and (Y/N) go to a party for a small ‘get together’ that turns out to them coming out with the relationship without them knowing. 


‘Stress and A Bath’ - Harry comes home stress, and upset, all he wants to do is have a bath, and relaxed, but what if it turns into more… (SMUT)

‘Distracted’ - Harry takes his wife to Jamaica, but he made it very clear that she could not bother him. (MINOR SMUT)

With Kids:

‘Mummy’s Boy’ -  Harry is left with the kids for the weekend, making him try to plan and enjoy the path of single parenting for a while, resulting in a painful experience. 

‘Boys are yucky, Sweetheart.’ -  Harry and the missus decided to go to the mall one day to pick up a few items, but when their daughter points out her crush to her daddy, some jealousy and lectures come into view.

‘A Naughty Photo Album’ - Harry and (Y/N) kept an album dated back to the time they got engaged, full of cheeky pictures, as well as, adorable. But when the kids find it, a lot of trouble fulfils. 

Kiwi Series: 

When Harry meets a girl from his past, not knowing how she has taken a spin from the innocent, fun girl she used to be, making him enter a relationship that was the same, but not the innocent part. He is met with troubles of her life, including alcohol, and men. Based on the song, ‘Kiwi’ by Harry Styles

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3

‘A Devious Act’ - Divorce Series:

Divorce. It can mean a lot of things, freedom, a new start and forgetting. Or, it can be evil, regrettable, and lost. He did something secretive, and hurtful. He did something devious. And who is to pay? Her? Him? or their family?

Part 1

Part 2


‘Can’t Have Kids’ - Harry bugs (Y/N) about the future ahead of them, but what will happen if she breaks the fact that the future they want, they may not be able to have.

Niall Horan:

Meeting and Dating:

The Little Café Down The Street’ - Under constant stress and a low level of patience, Niall decides to sit down at a café he saw at the side of the road to unravel, letting him meet a new girl, (Y/N). He continues going there for several days till he finally asks her out. 


‘A New Beginning’ - When (Y/N) gets a new job that can determine her future, it turns out to be a stress that works for her, with Niall’s help and understand she tries to work through it. 

Louis Tomlinson:

Meeting and Dating: 

‘A Chat In A Pub’ - Louis just came back touring and all he wants for a little bit is a good beer, and a large open mind, but when he sees a new girl he has never seen before, working there, he can’t help but start a chat with her. 


‘A Little Bit Of A Kitchen Mess’ - Louis takes in action to make a meal for his wife after a stressful week, but when she decides to annoy him in the most irritating matter, it involves a little bit of food.

‘Try’ - Louis and the Missus are trying their best to have a child, constant trying is making them tired, she took the act of trying to talk it out. 

Thank you for everything! Requests are open, so please request!

Requests OPEN

Lots of love,

-Ava xx

Harry Styles - #SoloHarry Interview Imagine

[I too am in love with shy, bumbling Harry. I’m in love with any and all Harry’s there are, though honestly. Enjoy!]

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Too Good At Goodbyes

Harry Styles X Reader

A/N: so I’ve been obsessed with Sam Smith’s song, Too Good At Goodbyes lately. And it’s inspired me to write something angsty. I am a sucker for angst, so I hope you like it. I’ll be writing something for Ty soon, I promise. It’s just hard as they’re on hiatus. So please stick with me. I really do appreciate all of your support. It means the world to me. The italics will either mean it’s the future or the past, or a phone call or text! Please keep that in mind as you’re reading.

Trigger warnings: angst, mention of death

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Naw son. The Eleanor sighting is really just Liam in a wig. As soon as they heard that Cheryl was going into labor Louis decided to smuggle Liam's ass out of London to his & Harry's place in Jamaica where they will have the lad holiday for the next week. bye.


Behind The Album - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 1)

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*Formally known as Harry Imagine for sydnyctx


Hi love! I’m literally obsessed with your stories! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Harry is in the process of writing his new album in Jamaica and Y/N works on the production team or is filming the movie for the HS1 behind the album film and always around him and harry become infatuated with her and falls for her idk something along those lines. Thanks!! Xoxo


You had just arrived in Jamaica for your next job. You had been hired to come to Jamaica to film the recording process for an artist. Apparently, things were to be kept secret, which is why you didn’t know beforehand about who you’d be working with. Not that you really cared because you were just looking forward to doing what you loved and the fact that you were getting paid to be in Jamaica wasn’t a bad thing either. 

You had just gotten off the flight and all your stuff packed away in the van sent to pick you up. You gave the driver the address that had been sent to you in the arrangements. As the driver drove through the town, you got your first glimpse of Jamaica. From what you could see, it was beautiful and you couldn’t wait to really see it. 

By the time, the car pulled into the driveway of the house, you saw that it was a huge beach house with cars parked around. You wondered how many people were going to be here. Once the driver stopped the car, you got out and started unloading your things. Between your personal luggage and all of your camera equipment, you were going to have to make several trips into the house. 

You started to grab your bags when you heard someone coming outside. 

“Here, let me help,” a husky voice said coming from around the van. 

When you came face to face the person the voice belonged to your instantly recognized him. 

Harry Styles. 

You were hoping your mouth wasn’t actually dropped in surprise especially since he was sort of staring at you. 

He shook his head and grabbed some of your bags. “Are you the videographer?” He asked. 

“Oh uh, yeah, I’m Y/N,” you said. 

He smiled. “Nice to meet yeh, I’m Harry.” 

“Yeah, I know who you are, but uh I’ll be honest I didn’t know you were the artist I was going to working for,” you said. 

“Disappointed?” He smirked. 

“No, no, it’s just I kept trying to figure out who it might be, but your name never crossed my mind,” you laughed. 

“Well, uh, not that I don’t trust you or anything, but uh I wanted to keep this whole album thing a secret until I’m ready, so I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get out,” he said. 

“Understandable,” you nodded. 

“Now, I’ll warn yeh, you’re the only girl here,” he said. “There’s plenty of rooms here at the house, but I don’t mind paying for a hotel for yeh if you’d be more comfortable.”

“I’ll be okay, as long as everyone keeps their hands to themselves,” you joked. 

He laughed. “Trust me, we will.” 


Over the next few days, you’ve been filming practically everything. From the recording process in the studio, songwriting sessions around the breakfast table, and just a bunch of nonsense that always happens with a group of drunk guys. Speaking of the guys, they were out doing their own thing, which didn’t need to be filmed, so you were able to stay back and just enjoy yourself for a bit. 

Since you were the only one home, you decided to take advantage of the pool and hot tub that the house provided. You changed into your swimsuit, grabbed a towel and your iPod with your speaker before going outside. The sun was just starting to set when the music started to play through the speaker. You laid your towel on one of the chairs and walked over to the pool. 

You slowly walked down the stairs before just diving underwater. You popped out of the water slicking your hair back out of your face. You swam a few laps in the pool before getting out to get in the hot tub. Normally hot tubs weren’t your thing, but knowing this was a private house, settled your nerves about a bit. 

You closed your eyes as you let the warmth and jets soothe your aching muscles. You heard the sound of a chair skid across the concert, which made your eyes shoot wide open. 

“Uh, S-sorry,” Harry said holding his hand up. “I uh…I heard the music…” 

“Sorry, I didn’t realize anyone was here,” you said quickly getting out of the hot tub. 

You picked up your iPod and pressed stop. “I didn’t mean to bother you.” 

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” he said. “That’s one of my favorite songs.” 

“Really?” You said. 

He laughed nodding. It wasn’t until you noticed his gaze shift a bit downward, that you were standing there half naked in a swimsuit. You discreetly grabbed your towel to wrap around yourself so he wouldn’t know you caught him looking at you. 

“Um, so you didn’t want to go out with the rest of the guys?” You asked. 

He shook his head. “Today was a long day, I just want a chill night.” 

“I understand,” you nodded. 

“Have yeh eaten dinner?” He asked. 

“No, actually,” you laughed. “Now, that you’ve mentioned it, I haven’t really eaten all day.” 

“We’re not working yeh too hard are we?” He asked. 

“Oh, no, when I’m working I tend to only focus on the task at hand and forget about a rumbling stomach,” you laughed. 

“Well, I made myself some dinner, and there’s plenty, so come have some,” he smiled. 

“Okay, thanks,” you said. 


You had now been in Jamaica for almost a month and you were becoming close with everyone, especially Harry. You were in the living room uploading some footage onto your computer, while Harry and the guys were outside working on a new song. Mitch and Adam were talking about something so Harry took that as an opportunity to look over at you. 

He’d be lying to himself big time if he said he wasn’t attracted to you. Hell, he knew that the second he saw you. But now that he’s gotten to know you, he definitely had some sort of feelings towards you. 

“Could you be any more obvious?” Jeff laughed waving a hand in front of Harry’s face. 

“I don’t know what yeh talking about,” he said turning back to look at the words he had written in his journal. 

“You have the hots for Y/N,” he smirked. “You want to make your own little movie with her, don’t you?” 

“Shut the fuck up,” Harry said. “We’re friends.” 

“You can be friends and still fuck,” he shrugged. “I get it, she’s beautiful and she’s the only female in the house full of testosterone.” 

“Will you shut up, please?” Harry groaned. “Jesus, I’m here to work on my album and that’s it.” 

“Just because that was the purpose of this trip, doesn’t mean you can’t jump an opportunity that comes available,” he said. 

“Even if I wanted to take her out, she’d never go with me,” Harry said. “She technically works for me, doing that’ll compromise our business relationship.” 

“Are those your words or hers?” Jeff asked. 

Harry didn’t say anything. 

“Look, just ask her out already because this whole staring from afar is really annoying and fucking creepy,” he said. 

Harry rolled his eyes looking back over at you. You had looked over in his direction giving him a smile when you locked eyes. As cheesy as it was, he felt his heart flutter a little and he knew Jeff was right. Not that he’d ever tell him that. 

It was settled. Harry would ask you out, he just hoped you’d say yes.