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While all of yall are over here freaking out over clown names, us twitter users have just been treated to Feminist Frequency calling out Nick Robinson of polygon for his tweet about jacking off to Krystal from Star Fox.


@therealjacksepticeye Hi Jack, I’m a little bit late, but I want to congratulate you for achieving 15 million subcribers. :) It’s a crazy number, and when I imagine that I’m a member of a community that has more people than the population of my country is, so it’s incredible. :) But you really deserve it, because I can tell you, that I’m watching youtube for several years, but the whole time I’ve never seen a youTuber who does so much for the people just like you do. :) Although I know that I probably never meet you, but  I really appreciate that I was able to experience this wonderful community, and especially that I could know a person like you. I would hope that you’ll discover my message. :) You’re a nice man Jack and I thank you very much for being there for us. :)

Supergirl 2x18 Promo


Kara meeting this guy - not sketchy at all

I think this is the same guy and he says he has information about for Kara. My guess is that it’s probably about Jack Spheer and his nano technology

This could be his car or someone else’s

That’s Kara in the fire. Kara most likely witnesses this guy getting killed after their talk (wearing the same trench coat from before). We hear Kara say he’s killed 2 people (probably talking to Lena)

Jack Spheer - all good villains come with a British accent. Jack has come to National City to present his nano technology. I think it’s supposed to help cure sick people? Side effects may cause mind control for ages 12 and over. Please ask your doctor if you can be a candidate for this trial.

Yeah. So Lena and Jack are exes. Obviously they are kissing. BUT my theory is that this is Jack using his technology on Lena. (Please be advised. Side effect may cause you to kiss your exes against your will. Please ask your doctor if you can be a candidate for this trial.)

Looks like Kara interrupts a date. Jack replies - Are you trying to get me in your crosshairs, Ms. Danvers? (sounds like a threat. I also think Lena will be under his control at this time, too)

Guardian. I don’t know what’s happening. He’s fighting someone.

What does she see?!?!?!?! Something bad. My guess - this is Jack’s computer and they found video documentation of test subjects….. or not. idk

It was literally a miracle that I got this.

Final battle scene?

This girl in blue could be Kara. I’m not sure. This girl is showing a video to Lena and she says - Who else has seen it? Then the girl says - The truth is what matters. Whatever it is it’s not good.

Supercorp!! Some nice Kara comforting sad Lena. This is probably at the end. Lena realizes what has happened to her and how, and is probably not feeling so great. (side note - I’m curious if the topic of consent will come up. Mind control does not give consent!)

Twenty Seconds

“Hello, everybody! And welcome back! How are you? Good? Good. I’m wonderful!” Jack claps his hands together, “And as you can see, I’m joined by somebody today.”

“Hello.” Joe offers a small wave to the camera.

“The one and only ThatcherJoe is back on my channel!”

“For some reason, yeah,” Joe laughs.

“And what are we doing today, Joseph?”

“You haven’t actually told me that part.”

“Right,” Jack grins over at the camera, “Time for round two of Real Would You Rather!”

Joe groans, letting his head fall into his hands, “Are you serious?”

“Come on, Joe! It was fun last time!”

“I ended up doing all of them!”

“That was your own fault,” Jack points out, lifting his phone. “Now, on to the first one….”

The game continues for a while, before Jack comes across one he was slightly unsure about including, knowing how Joe got.

“Okay, Joe.”

“Yes, Jack?”

“Would you rather go kiss a random person for twenty seconds, or kiss the person next to you for twenty seconds?” Jack lowers the phone to look at Joe, who’s blushing lightly.

He knew the older man avoided the kissing question last time, but over the months since then, the two had grown closer, and Jack was wondering what would happen this time. Would Joe still be too uncomfortable to kiss him? Or would he just do it to avoid kissing a stranger?

“Where do people come up with this?” Joe chuckles nervously, running a hand through his hair.

“No idea, but you have to decide.”

“Well, since we’re currently quite a few floors up, and I don’t particularly feel like going to find a neighbour…” Joe takes a breath, meeting Jack’s stare, “I guess I’ll kiss you.”

“Do you want me to cut the video just before, to make them think we did it?”

“It’s just a kiss. Right?”

“Right. Just a kiss.” Jack replies, his eyes darting down to Joe’s lips quickly, watching the pink tongue wet them.

They shift to face each other, and Jack places his phone behind him before placing a hesitant hand on Joe’s thigh, leaning in slightly, “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.” Comes Joe’s hushed reply as he leans in as well.

Jack can feel his heart racing, and he jumps lightly at Joe’s hand coming to rest on his one cheek, but everything else fades away when their lips come together.

The kiss is careful at first, simple, but then Jack leans in further, suddenly craving more of the lips on his. Joe’s hand moves around to the back of Jack’s neck and into the hairs at the back, pulling him closer as Jack’s tongue licks along Joe’s bottom lip, teasing the mouth open.

It isn’t until Joe moans into the kiss that Jack realizes they are falling back against the bed, but he can’t stop, and so the kiss continues, his one hand slipping under Joe’s shirt, the older man arching into the touch.

Joe’s phone suddenly beeping with a new message causes the two to break apart, their lips swollen and eyes dark as they stare at each other, panting heavily.

“I think that was more than twenty seconds…” Jack says softly, reluctantly removing his hand from Joe’s body as he sits up.

“Uhm, yeah,” Joe sits up as well, his cheeks burning red as he runs a hand through his hair, his gaze locked onto his lap. “Do you have another one? Or are we good?”

“We should be good,” Jack replies, his mind hazy, “I just have to close out.”

“Right. Then, yeah.”

Somehow, Jack gets through his closing, and Joe is up and out of his seat as soon as the last words are out of the younger man’s mouth.

“I have to go. But, I’ll see you tomorrow? Okay. Bye.”

Jack remains sat there, even after he hears his front door close loudly. He lifts a hand to his lips, the feeling of Joe’s warm ones against his still lingering.

The camera remains staring back at him, and curiosity takes over Jack’s mind as he reaches out, removing it from the tripod.

And as he watches the clip over again, he swallows.

There’s no denying it. He and Joe need to talk about that kiss.

Which is exactly when the other man decides to avoid him for the next few days, despite all of them having plans to go out for dinner.

Joe feigns a sudden cold, a lie Jack doesn’t believe for a minute, but he understands its a lot to process, and so he leaves Joe alone.

Even as he constantly thinks about the kiss, and rewatches the clip over and over again.

Jack ends up filming a different video, not quite ready to post the video he had filmed with Joe, although he has already decided to cut out that entire moment, wanting to keep it for just him.

And at some point, Jack realizes that he wants the kiss to happen again. He wants Joe.

He wants to be with Joe.

That’s when he knows its time to talk to him.

“Oh, uhm, hi.” Joe blushes when he opens the door to see Jack standing there. “I didn’t know it was you coming over.”

“I know you didn’t.”

“What are you doing here, Jack?” Joe turns away from the door, leaving it open for Jack to step in, closing it behind him as he follows Joe further into the flat.

“We need to talk.”

“About what?”

“You know what about.”

“It was just a dare!”

“Was it?” Jack cocks his head, looking over at Joe.

“Yes.” Joe replies, but he avoids the stare.

“Sod it,” Jack mumbles to himself, surging forward, his hands coming to Joe’s face, pulling him in for another kiss.

For one brief moment, he panics, because Joe remains frozen under his touch, and just as Jack goes to pull back, he feels arms wrap around him, and the smaller body mold against him.

Joe is kissing him back.

This time, when they break apart, there is no mention of a time frame, or wondering if they had enough footage.

“This is new.” Jack says instead.

“Just a little.”

“Do you want this?”

“So fucking much.” Joe mumbles, pressing his lips against Jack’s again.

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I love Ampylier and Septiishu but I also ship anti/dark because to me they're actually fictional instead of intensely shipping straight best friends regardless of their partners.

it’s like jack said in his stream, regardless if you ship amyplier and septiishu or not, they’re still going to be couples nonetheless. but i personally love them because they make each other very happy, and seeing them all happy makes me happy too. 💛

and exactly! and you gotta remember, anti and dark started off as fan creations. dark came abouts when mark posted videos of himself in like 2012 era, of him acting strange, and his fans took it that it was his ‘dark persona’. jack with anti is very recent, since anti came abouts in 2016, but jack grabbed as much as he could about the character online to create what anti is today. 

so yes, i agree! they’re just fictional characters. in my opinion, shipping anti and dark is like shipping your favorite tv show characters. like, you ship the characters, not the actors. and the dark and anti ship is not for everyone, so i completely respect people’s decisions. 💚

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Can I share my theory? I think the episode starts with Jack presenting his invention and Lena invited Kara because of course she did. And their last scene together will be the cuddling. Supergirl revelation won't be on this episode, to Lena. But maybe to snapper? He was with Kara in the car that exploded that much is clear. I don’t know if he dies. What Snapper shows Kara in CatCo is what she's showing Lena, I think it’s about the side effects of his invention (mind controlling). (1/3)

I don’t think Lena will be mind controlled but I think she will be on Jack’s side for a bit, maybe she wants to trust him? Kara keeps digging, she interrupts their dinner date and confronts him, Lena won’t be all that happy but we know she confronts Beth so maybe she starts being suspicious? Later, she realizes Jack’s being mind controlled. It looks like he’s on L-corp in that scene where he looks villainous, he tries to hurt her? Kara comes to the rescue after watching that video with Mon (2/3)

Guardian, Winn and Lyra have a side story, that we know.  I don’t know who traps kara, probably Beth, but that has to be near the end, before Jack dies. And in the last scene Kara comes to tell Lena what happened? Or it’s all over the news that he died and she comes to be there for her ALWAYS. I still don’t know what Kara’s face means in that scene though. I just hope Lena’s not mad at SG or something. (assuming she doesn’t know, and she has to!) (3/3) 


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Quick note: I hadn’t even considered a reveal to Snapper!! Brilliant anon. I think that is definitely possible. I mean it has to be someone! The crest is perfectly visible and literally the only part of her shirt that completely burned. That wouldn’t be for nothing.

I am good with all of this. Ugh! I can’t wait to see how it pans out!

Other Jacks

// I follow some Jacks, but not enough Jacks, so I went and followed more Jacks, so now I’m officially all jacked up. Hi, Other Jacks. I’m Other Jack

Okay, I’m Mike, but close enough. I love you guys, please keep being awesome at your…Jacking

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I'm betting ashi might help jack if she's still alive even though he killed all her sisters she seems very interested with the world outside of hunting jack (for the mun)

“ Yeup! she’s definitely  alive,Anon! It has already been confirmed that she is going to be traveling with Jack. There is a picture from the storyboards where she is standing next to Jack without her mask. I think he is going to show her around the world and the goodness it has. Im not too much on the whole Jack and Ashi romance but i do think he might be some kind of father figure to her. Since Jack has only encountered evil machines in his life he has never had a chance to turn them good, since he only destroys them. But now that he facing enemies that are actually HUMAN it opens new doors to Jack. Like his first kill and now being able to change their thoughts on the outside world.

Whimper || A Joeck Blurb

The sky was dark, the room he lay in even darker. Alone in the silence, Jack was wide awake. He’d had such a fun night with the boys just lounging around watching movies and eating take out. He’d decided to stay at Joe’s for the night, just to be with him a little longer, his feelings leading his decision. He could sense that Joe felt the same way, they’d nearly kissed the last time they had gone out. It was nearly two in the morning, but Jack decided he’d had enough. He was going to go wake Joe and tell him he couldn’t sleep.

As he walked up the stairs and approached Joe’s bedroom, he heard a whimpering so full of pleasure it caused Jack to stop in his tracks. Just outside of the door, he listened for a moment, allowing the other boy’s moans to wash over him. A lust rose inside of Jack, filling his entire being. In an instant, he’d opened the door to Joe’s bedroom, strolling in. Desire had taken over.

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We are not ourselves

On AO3

48 verse, at long last. this makes it a trilogy, which is kind of cool

warning for mentions of suicidal ideation

In his dream tonight, Jack watches the strange star expanding over the roofs of Gotham, black and bright like the heart of an angel. A heavenly darkness. It’s quiet, in his dream, and the sky seems to sigh above him. It’s pure in a way that he aches for, a destructive force that will burn the world to clean dry ashes. He watches it from the roof of the library, his heels swinging over the ruined streets below. When he wakes he will remember that this is his view from the night of Bloom’s terror, the first night that he spoke to Bruce, the first great Gotham Catastrophe since his awakening in the foam of sludge dragged up from that stygian cave.

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Septiplier Fanfiction

~Septiplier Notes~

Mark and Jack in an apartment, Jack has a cold so he decided to stay home, Mark is at work. ~~part 1 of ? I guess

-Jack woke up sleepily, today was his day off really. Jack had extra videos recorded because he knew today he had to rest. Mark let him stay home alone while he visited friends and worked outside of the apartment. Jack rolled around a bit, trying to sleep more but only to realize he was going to have to get up. Jack rolled to one side of the bed and looked at the alarm clock, it was already 11. “Mark must have let me sleep in a lot this morning.” Jack thought. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, sliding his legs over the edge of his bed and wiggled his feet around on the cold floor. Jack walked about and into the bathroom, he reached for the knob to turn the shower on, but instead started a bath. Jack looked over at the counter. Bubbles. This was going to be a fun morning. Jack grabbed the bubbles and dumped them into the tub, probably not the best choice, but the most fun. Jack waited till that bath filled half way with water. The other half was filled with bubbles and spilling over the edge. Jack was undressed and ready to soak, he stepped in and played around for a long time. Jack waited until the water was cold before he got out.

By now it was already 12:30. Jack drained the bath and dried off, cleaning up the bubbles off the floor. Jack went to the living room to lay down on the couch and watch some tv. *growl* jack realized he hadn’t had any breakfast yet! This was the best part of the day! Jack hoped to his feet, almost falling over from his dizziness and headed to the kitchen. When he got there, breakfast was already set out with a note on top. “Hope you are feeling a bit better, I set up breakfast for you to eat. Reheat it if it’s cold by the time you get to it.” Jack took the food and put it in the microwave, heating it up and bringing it to the couch when it was done. As Jack finished his show he went back to the kitchen to clean his dishes, seeing a post-it note on the wall. “You’re really cute, Keep resting” said the note. “I guess mark left me a note, that’s really sweet of him to do!” Jack thought, taking the note and putting it into his pocket. As jack finished up he turned around and saw sticky notes all about the room. “How many are their? Is this why Mark didn’t wake me up?” Jack questioned, heading off to investigate the notes.