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Reasons  To Date One

Being able to laugh at each other

His snaps

Performances for you

Being able to share smiles and giggles together

Him being constantly on the phone with you (even when with his friends)

Being able to do this with him  

Him looking oh so fine

Dinner dates together

Him admiring your beauty

Vacations together

Just being able to spend time with this

BONUS: Jaewon eating a watermelon *whispers* I love watermelon 

hehehe its been a while since I’ve done reasons to date.. but I think I want to get back on them so if there is anyone yall want a reaction/scenario for let me know~

@fuckboyjaewon here it is I hopes you enjoy it~ cant wait to see your post!

*as always gif and stills not mine credit goes out to the owners*

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That side of Lance no ones sees. Only you. A gentleness in the morning when you wake up. He's never been a morning person, even for training and will procrastinate while wrapping his strong body around you to ensure you don't leave and subsequently, neither does he. "It's warm in here, let's shirk responsibility today and just do what comes naturally." You laugh as you escape his embrace while he groans. "Fine, I'll join you in the shower," he rolls his eyes, attempting to tame his bed head.

heheh grumpy Lance 

Tender Tuesday™


Hi everyone… it’s been a while… and I’m still in deep… maybe too deep…

quick side note: NO ONE TELL ME IF ANYTHING IS WRONG WITH THE SPELLING. I WILL FREAK OUT. I did as much research as one can and didn’t rely on google translate so I can only PRAY that it’s right and please please PLEASE don’t tell me if it’s wrong <3 <3 <3

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Kagami, Takao, Midorima, Aomine, Murasakibara on how they met their s/o. fast foward both the KnB boys and the reader have feelings for each other but who confesses first and how?! Hope its not too much ! D: If it is, I'll just have Kagami's part hehehe :3

Sure! These are some of my favorite characters so I love this request. It’s definitely not too much, I hope you like it! My apologies on how long it took me to write this.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami certainly hadn’t been expecting to meet someone like you on any normal day at his average hangout, Maji Burger. But upon the mistake of your meals getting switched up when the employees handed you your bags, a small conversation began between the two of you. While Kagami initially laughed off the mistake—wondering how employees could confuse your meal with the fifteen burgers he had ordered—he couldn’t help but feel nervous, and the red tint to his cheeks showed that. He did end up offering you to share a table with him, and felt himself ease up as the two of you talked more throughout the course of your meal. It had been you whom had suggested hanging out again sometime, and the redhead readily agreed.

Time Skip

It didn’t take too long for Kagami to realize he felt something for you, and he wanted to do something about it. He wasn’t quite sure how to go about confessing though, so he did the only thing he could think of and that was to ask Kuroko for advice—embarrassedly, at that. Kuroko had given him the simple suggestion of just telling you how he really felt. Kagami approached you the next day with a very red face. He ignored your inquiries of if he was feeling alright and shouted his feelings for you, gaining the attention of anyone around the two of you. While he was nervous about how you would react, he was relieved to hear you felt the same way as him. Once he was sure you liked him as well, he proceeded to ask you to go out with him.

Takao Kazunari: Takao promptly attempted to make conversation with you when you entered into his school midway through the year. Having a new student in his class excited him, especially when he immediately felt attracted to you. Even though it was only your first day at the school, Takao followed you around most of the day, making conversation about anything and everything. At the end of the day, he showed no fear when admitting he found you attractive—in a way more than just your outward appearance—and asked for your number. He made it obvious that he wanted to grow close to you and get to know you, so that he could determined whether or not you were someone he wanted to continue a friendship with or perhaps something more.

Time Skip

It didn’t take Takao long to understand his feelings for you, and it wasn’t long after that which he confessed how he felt. Even though it was already obvious that he liked you, it took him some time to ask you to get into a relationship with him. He wanted to make sure your feelings for him weren’t short-term. Takao didn’t date often and typically kept a friendship towards the people he met. Once he became interested in someone, though, he liked to take the time to make sure a relationship would be the best route. When he was sure a relationship as more than friends would be for the better for the both of you, he would ask you out in a loud, dramatic way, drawing the attention of anyone in the vicinity. He certainly wasn’t shy when it came to expressing how he felt about you.

Midorima Shintarō: Midorima hadn’t been too keen on being assigned the task of showing the new student around. He made it quite obvious to you that he would simply show you where things were in the school and nothing more. Maybe a bit more communication would have put you at ease—being in a new school and all—but Midorima seemed determined to only speak when pointing out particular classrooms you may have needed to know about. He certainly wasn’t the friendly type, and it was hard to tell whether or not he disliked you or had something against you. It wasn’t until a talkative, raven-haired male bounded up to the tsundere and began to make conversation that you realized Midorima wasn’t particularly friendly towards anyone. If it weren’t for the one whom you learned was Takao, Midorima would have never spent so much time around you. Whether or not he enjoyed your presence was a mystery, but with Takao constantly dragging the two of you around, it didn’t matter what Midorima thought of you—he was stuck with you anyway.

Time Skip

It seemed Takao was the one to realize Midorima’s feelings before he himself did. Any time Takao would bring up the subject of Midorima having feelings for you, the stubborn male would refuse having any affection towards you past a friendship level. It seemed obvious enough to everyone else that Midorima thought fondly of you, especially with the way he would avoid eye-contact with you and blush if people teased him about his feelings. Nevertheless, he remained in denial. It wasn’t until Takao threw hints your way that you realized how Midorima felt—and one thing you knew for sure was that your relationship with him would never grow if one of you didn’t confess. In the end, you were the one to confess to him. Midorima was a flushed mess at the admission, but he could finally admit that he felt the same way—not without stuttering and turning tomato-red, of course.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine usually groaned and complained nonstop when Momoi dragged him to the mall. It wasn’t as if he was any less annoyed with her for forcing him to go, but it made the trip worthwhile when he—quite literally—ran into you. With a small smirk, he helped you up from the ground and began to try small attempts at flirting with you. Momoi would have stepped in and whined at him for not hurrying along, but seeing Aomine genuinely interested in someone was rare, so the female did not intervene. More small talk with you—with occasional bouts of flirtation—are what ended with him receiving your number and a promise to hang out together again soon. It wasn’t long before the two of you were constantly hanging out together.

Time Skip

It took awhile for Aomine to accept that he felt romantically towards you. With how close he was with Momoi, he wanted to make sure he felt a stronger connection than simply friendship towards you. Although most people thought it was obvious that Aomine had feelings for you, he took time to make sure he was ready to admit how he felt and possibly enter into a relationship—after all, most people assumed he was quick to get with anyone he found attractive, which was far from the truth. He wanted to be with someone he felt at ease with, and someone who he could see himself with for a long time. Once he was sure of his feelings and was sure he wanted to be with you as something more than friends, he went up to you and bluntly told you how he felt.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara hadn’t expected to find something he cared about second to sweets right outside the candy shop he went to every day. After exiting the store—and lacking attention to anything around him—Murasakibara felt himself bump into something. It wasn’t until he tilted his head down slightly that he saw you. He hadn’t apologized, thinking of it as your fault for not paying attention to your surroundings better. The purple-haired giant thought you were too cute to get angry at, though, so he simply let it slide. Seeing that the two of you were coincidentally headed the same way, you made small talk with Murasakibara, introducing yourself and even coaxing his name out of him. While he seemed uninterested, Murasakibara couldn’t help but feel secretly glad to have bumped into you. You had been the second thing to make him happy that day. Right after his bag of sweets, of course. He even became so lost in the conversation with you that Murasakibara didn’t realize he had missed his turn until he ended up in front of your house. Just as you were about to leave him for the comfort of your own home, he announced that he was glad for having met you that day, and wished to see you again sometime. And when Murasakibara wanted something, the childish side of him made sure he got it.

Time Skip

Even though Murasakibara was quick to realize his feelings for you, it took him quite a while to tell you how he felt. He wasn’t too interested in being in a relationship, and was quite content with the close friendship he had made with you. The people around you seemed to already think you were in a relationship with the male, as he often shared his food with you and seemed to grow possessive when others tried to advance towards you with any intentions other than friendship. Once he thought he was finally ready to get into a relationship, he approached you and told you he wanted you to be his. His admission was childish, but endearing nonetheless.

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can you make a genji and zarya where they are checking out there crush and they catch them.

Heheh I’ve been caught wayyy too many times so yeah I will write this with experience (。・ω・。)


-the boy is shy around any person he feels attracted to now since well he’s too insecure for his own good

-but doesn’t mean he won’t checking you out hardcore especially when your all sweaty during training

-so he thinks because he has a mask its not noticeable. No body will ever know. But he’s not very smart because after a while of his helmet facing towards where you are and looking up and down its not at all hard to tell he’s totally checking the heck out of you

-so you kind of just stare at him to make him realize you know

-once he does he kind of just does the fake look around (no one else Is standing next to him) and points at himself as if asking “me?”

-So you walk up to him and quietly say “well if you wanted to check me out you could have told me and I would been doing something better than sweating my butt of training.”

-and leave him in absolute confusion and he’s also blushing his face off


-its the same thing your training meanwhile she is in the corner sitting doing nothing but watching you train with mccree

-so after a while mccree asks “has she been staring over here?” And gestures over to zayra low key

-“um yeah I think so…oh I see maybe she likes you.” “Really? We don’t talk much. Say what I’m going to ask genji to train with you and we’ll see who she is looking at?”

-so he left and genji came and she was totally looking at you. So you did a couple good moves to see her reaction and she smirked to herself not meaning to

-so you turned to her and she immediately looked the other way with red cheeks

-you smiled because she was caught checking you out and Mccree whistled to you and you turned to find him putting a heart

I have a few ideas


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the amazing @scribbles97​ commissioned me [info] to draw her a tired party boy Scott. <33

He’s got his likely very expensive suit on for some charity ball or other that the Lady Penelope is hosting. You know the kind; evening lawn party, fancy cocktails and canapés - a high society shindig. He turns up, not even really knowing the cause he’s donating to, all suave and smiling, with a conjured date on each arm and a gaggle of brothers in tow. He’s pretty worn out after a hard series of rescues, but he’s trying not to let it matter. The evening runs on longer than he’d have liked though and it’s pretty face after charming smile and Scott ends up just plain exhausted; plotting his escape. It’s then, late at night; tie pulled loose and hand in pocket, that something catches his eye that just manages to tug up the corner of his mouth…

Virgil should probably have been kept away from Penny’s baby grand; Scott’s not going to be able to separate them for hours now. But damn if that sound isn’t just incredible. Maybe little brother wouldn’t mind his company for a while, he thinks, after all… the piano has an extra stool.

bigsisterofthesand  asked:

//Oh my god seriously though could you write a scenario with him talking to his cat sorta thing??? I need this in my life.

I decided to doodle a scenario instead hehehe ;; v;;

kankuro thought he heard his lil bro arguing with someone in the other room, only to realize he was just talking to the cat… he’s given up on trying to understand

redgunnerwolf  asked:

"Hi Error! Sorry, it's been a while since we talked, heheh." Ruby blushes from the embarrassment, awkwardly laughing. "But anyway, how are you?"

“…ehhh…. not fine, something…. happened.” *he paused slightly* “it’s…scary… but it’s nice to see you…”

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oh yes. the whole crew does, actually! here’s the excerpt that proves it:

I wasn’t expecting to be first at anything. I was the fifth crewman out of the MDV when we landed, making me the seventeenth person to set foot on Mars. The egress order had been determined years earlier. A month before launch, we all got tattoos of our “Mars numbers.” Johanssen almost refused to get her “15” because she was afraid it would hurt. Here’s a woman who had survived the centrifuge, the vomit comet, hard-landing drills and 10k runs. A woman who fixed a simulated MDV computer failure while being spun around upside-down. But she was afraid of a tattoo needle.

so somewhere on his person mark has ‘17′ tattooed - here’s hoping its his ass

[150401] April Fool’s Day Compilation

T/N: On this day, members pretended to be seling and buying potteries as shown here. Fans were also able to exchange messages with the members in the Dogg’s Out section of the fancafe about purchasing potteries. Note that this post only consists of members’ posts and does not include all of the fans’ posts.

1. Hojoon - Do You Love… Pottery..?


I highly recommend this product.
Because it never breaks. 
It rolled down from the top of the Achasan Mountain and never broke. 
I didn’t believe in living and breathing potteries,
but this one not only breathes but it also shoots hearts
Ppyong Ppyong ♥


But it seems like you have poor eyesight


Haha.. what?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
You’re weak yet you say you deliver it in person…. Aren’t you working too hard?


No, recently I’ve been told many times that I have grown up you stupid pig


The way I see it, you’ll end up like this…



(Caption) I’m not listeniiiiiiing


Manners maketh man

2. Hansol - A Very Satisfied Adored Grandson


My grandmother really wanted the pottery so I ordered it here as a present and she really liked it since she thinks it’s the same as the living pottery she had used before, which was made by a master craftsman. It’s aromatic and the spice paste tastes good. I’m going to recommend this to acquaintances. Very satisfied♡


Hello, customer :) The pottery your grandmother used in the past was probably made by us. No one else can make such good pottery other than Topp Dogg. It’s no lie, really


Who are you. I want to talk to the person who sold this to me


You mean me?

Aigoo this guy!!!


Not you, BJoo-sshi. You kept telling me to buy the rice cake thing, not the pottery. You are funny

3. Fan - Product Review


(talks about being very satisfied after purchasing a Kidoh pottery)


We appreciate your precious review, customer :D We can guarantee you that you will not regret having bought his product before it was sold out! We ask for your interest in our products from now on.


But I do regret buying this? It’s been 5 hours since my grandmother is staring at the pottery. How will you take responsibility?

3. Fan - Product Review 2


(talks about being very satisfied after purchasing a Kidoh pottery)


Hello, customer :) We thank you for buying the large-capacity pottery! Many people have also bought this one. But please be careful since it can be spoilt if you open the lid too often. Thank you :)


Shouldn’t that be in the manual? Why? Why does it spoil? Why!!!!!!

4. Fan - Enquiry


(asks whether there is a free gift that comes with the product)


The free gift is that there will be a frog when you open the potteryㅋㅋ I adopted the frog and I am raising it


Oh my..A frog?It’s not someone named Hansol posing as a frog and hiding inside the pottery?ㅠㅠIt’s a real frog..?



5. Fan - Product Review 3


(talks about being very satisfied after purchasing a Hojoon pottery)


Hello, customer :) Thank you for loving our Topp Dogg. If you put the pottery into a net bag it could break. Please be careful. Thank you :)


It’s not fragileㅡㅡ I put it in [a net bag] but it didn’t break and it’s dancing like crazy inside it. It didn’t break? It’s not fragile so why are you saying that it’s fragile? It’s not

6. Fan - Product Review 4


(complains about discovering a crack on the pottery)


Hello, customer :) Our potteries go through strict tests before being delivered to prevent issues such as leakage. We do not compensate for damages that arise upon using it. ㅠㅠ


Heol how can you say that. It’s ridiculous. Who knows if it got cracked during shipping or if it was broken from the beginning, that’s really…


Right!!!!!It’s too muchㅠㅠㅠIt was already cracked when I got it!!!


Let’s go to the Customer Complaint Centre

7. Fan - Product Review 5


(talks about being very satisfied after purchasing the A-Tom and B-Joo pottery set)


I heard that this company is on a roll and often scamsㅋ;; My grandmother likes it but please watch out for the staff named B-Joo. I called to enquire about something but he kept making me buy strange rice cakes. Anyway I like the pottery but I was depressed because of him


Just then I bought rice cakes from a staff named B-Joo…. sobs, I must be a complete fool, sobs
Even so, the staff named Hansol has a very ♥-♥ service mind. His name is similar to mine, compliment stickers must be flying around at the company for him


Yes yes. He has a good reputation because he’s kind and a real man and is full of great charmsㅋㅋㅋ He’s also popular among the staff. I’m planning to buy a pottery from him, my house needs one too

8. Fan - Product Review 6


(talks about being very satisfied after purchasing all of the potteries and wants to order another B-Joo pottery)


You must have a lot of money. While you are buying it, buy one for me. I’m short of moneyㅠ

9. Fan - Product Review 7


(complains about finding a toad inside the pottery)


I guess you really don’t know. It seems to be the company’s policy to show sense that it can bring you good luck. Many people do that these days;; I also put water in a container that I don’t use and I’m raising a NakFrog that I adopted from Nakta in it hehe


I didn’t know thatㅠㅠ I want a NakFrog too, is it possible..?


Sorry, but this NakFrog I got from Nakta only eats ice from Siberia. Since it’s hard to raise, the company said they can give me another frog to adoptㅠㅋ Since they have other kinds like HanFrog, B-Frog, P-Frog you can enquire about them instead….

10. Fan - Product Review 8


(talks about being very satisfied after purchasing a Hansol pottery)


It hasn’t been more than a day since the company was formed;; but they said there are imitations, be careful lol

11. Fan - Product Review 9


(complains about how the purchased Hansol pottery is only good for making chocolates but praises its aegyo)

(Caption) Sol: “I’ll only eat chocolate”


Guess he’s out of his mind trying to gain weight. Just leave him alone. At least he will get bigger if he gets fat hehehe. If he cries blood while keeping that up, he won’t eat again hehehe

Hehehehe tell me about its charm

Trans: ToppDoggIntl

151128 Twitter Mention Party Part 1 - Kuhn, Kogyeol, Wei, Bitto, Gyujin

Part 2 here

[KUHN] Hello, it’s keu-keu-keu-Kuhn! The Twitter Q&A starts now!! Clap clap clap~~~~~~ Please ask a lot of questions!!

[KOGYEOL] Kogyeol will start too. Come on~

[WEI] Wei is here~ Anyone here?

F to KG: Did you sing the ‘If you like guys with sexy hips….’ part?
KG: Yes ^^ hahaha..

[GYUJIN] Jinnie will be starting too

F: What do you think of eye-catching fans~?
KG: I like them. I like eye-catching  keke

[BITTO] Hi!!! Hello!!! Those who want to play with Bitto, catch me~~~~~~~

F: Hi Gyeolie~~ Why are you such a naengmi*?  How do I get close to you?
KG: I’m an easy guy though… kekekeke it’s easy to get close to me^^

*naengmi - guy who looks cold with his strong charisma

F: Sooil oppa! How do you feel about dyeing your hair!! I’m curious~
K: Hi, its keukeukeuKuhn~ I’ve never dyed my hair this bright in my 21 years of living and although it feels amazing, I still feel awkward with it kekeke I don’t even remember how I look like with black hairㅜㅜ

F: What do you do when you’re having a hard time?
KG: When I’m having a hard time, I listen to music and think of the fans?? kekekeke you can’t have a hard time…ㅠ

F: What is something you love the most hearing from the fans?
GJ: That they will always love us..? kehehe ♥

F: What is one song you like? Please recommend !
KG: Park Hyoshin’s ‘Snow Flower’

F: Bitto oppa always makes my heart beat go fast. What should I do?
B: My heart is beating too… My heart is fluttering ㅠ

F: What were you doing when the first snow came last year!??????
KG: Last year…….. I was practicing my singing and dancing >.<

F: Who is the most shy around girls?
B: uhm… Wooshin…? hehehehe

F: What is your favorite food?
GJ: I like anything spicy~~~

F: Kogyeol~~!! My love~~! What do you do to have such pretty fingers? ^//^
KG: It’s my parents’ genes~~ ke

F: I don’t know how it feels like to get a mention so please let me know :(
GJ: Uhm… Like this??

F: How old is Gyujin really?? Is he an oppa, is he a dongsaeng?? I’m really curious ㅠ
K: it’s keukeukeuKuhn~ to be honest, Gyujin might be more of a hyung than me kekeke

F: Who is the noisiest in the dorms?
B: Hwanhee!!! He sings everyday ㅜㅜ  and he shoutsㅠㅠㅠ

F: Kogyeol-ah please atleast say ‘Flora’ (fan’s name) once ㅜㅜ♥
KG: Flora flora flora I said it three times

F: Will you reply to me? Why arent you replying to Arab fans? T_T
B: Hello~~ There’s so much so we cant see all of themㅠㅠ I’m sorry ♥

F: What drama is your favorite?
K: I enjoyed watching ‘Discovery of Love’ keke

F: Oppa receive my love~ Oppa I’m a chinese fan.~ Nihao~
W: Got~ it!! :) Thank you for the love~ xiexie!!

F: Which one of the parts you sing do you like better, in So,Dangerous or Catch Me?
KG: I like them both but I choose adrenaline~ (so, dangerous)

F: If you didn’t become an idol, what did you dream to be originally?
B: A dancer!!! hehe

F: Which song is your favorite from the album?
B: I like all~~~ of them!! But my favorite is the song Changjo hyung wrote for us, Party2Nite~~!

F: Can you recommend me a song?
KG: CN Blue Lee Jjonghyun’s My Love!!

F: Oppa, how are you so hot? Just kill me T_T
GJ: It might be because I resemble my dad? hahahaha

F: Who would you want to be stuck in a desert with?
K: Hm… If I wanted to get out of the desert quickly, wouldnt it be good to be stuck with Gyujin who also has a strong body so we can escape? kekeke

F: What is Gyeol oppa’s charm?
KG: I’m noble? kekekeke I’m really very nice ~.~

F: Kogyeol, do you like meat?
KG: No, i love it

F: Kogyeol-ah what do you eat to be so cute???
KG: kekekeke UP10TION’s love?

F: Everytime I send a mention, I cover my eyes because I may die if Wei oppa sends me a replyㅠ Just look at me once  ㅠㅠㅠ
W: dont dieㅜㅜ I will continue to look at you!! Eye contact!!!

F: How did you start doing freestyle rap?
KG: I was just playing around but I liked the feeling so I started actually doing it YO~

F: Minsoo seems to have a very small hands  ㅜㅜ is yours the smallest amongst the members?
KG: No, mine is almost the biggest ! I have big hands hehe

F: Kogyeol, I miss youㅜㅜ
KG: I miss you more though.. ㅠㅠ

F: What song do you listen to often?
B: I’ve been listening to Standing Egg a lot recently hehe

F: What do you wish for right now?
KG: To be a singer you’ll be proud of~

F: Sleeping habits?
B: Sunyoul hyung doesn’t do it anymore… but he used to talk in his sleep kekeke

F: Is there a country you want to visit? If so, with who?
K: its keukeukeuKuhn ~ I’ve wanted to visit the hot Boracay hehehe I also want to try traveling alone hehe

F: Like the playful concept, which one of the pranks have you done in real life?
GJ: Pulling out the chair while my friend was about to sit kekeke

F: Kogyeol oppa! How did it feel like meeting the fans today after a while?
KG: I have to say this. I was very happy^^

F: Noh Sooil what are you doing right now!!
GJ: He’s in front of me replying to mentions kekeke

F: Who’s the most handsome member?
W: It’s Wei~!! hehe

F: If tomorrow was your last day on earth, what would you be doing?
GJ: I want to try backpacking~

F: I’m so sad ㅠㅠ please send me a reply oppa ~~~
W: Don;t be sad~ Wei is here~!

F: Who plays a lot of games? Who is the best player? My guess is Changhyun oppa kekekeke
B: kekekekeke I’m the best player but to be humble, Wooshin plays well too…. hehe

F: What is your favorite hair color??
GJ:  Red, khaki, black and dark green!

F: Where can I find happiness?
B: Oh I know!! The  answer is UP10TION!!

F: Who is the scariest among the members?
GJ: Our disciplined vice president Kuhn hyung is the scariest when he’s angry ‘.’

F: Oppas!!! What do you think our fandom name should be? Please reply… I’ll be waiting
B: High10sion? Tension UP? I like them both!

F: Where do I find such a handsome man in this world..?
KG: Here~~~~~~~~

F: Which member sleeps a lot?
W: Our blazing guy Kuhn hyung ^^

F: Who is the cutest member?
B: huh~~~~~??? Isn’t it Bitto~~~?!

F: A lot of people seem to be awkward with Minsooㅜㅜ What should be done get closer to you? 
KG: Ah, I like socializing though.. why are they awkward? I’ll become  closer to them

F: What is something you like hearing from people?
GH: “You’re tall!”

F: Bitto…b kekeke (BTOB)
B: I respect them!!! Their songs are the best!!!

F: What do you think of girls with pretty eyes? I get told a lot that I have pretty eyes so I’m confident about it!!!!!!!!! A question to UP10TION who I want to go out with (and no one replies)
KG: I’ll ask my mom

F: What are the other members doing?
GH: Sunyoul hyung is peeling oranges kekeke

F: A pledge if you win #1?
K: We’ll have a meat party with the fans kekeke

T/N: Not all replies were translated. Some were deleted, some were generic replies

trans.cr; fy-u10t
Please take out with full credits!