hi it's 4:30 am

Happy New Years! Let’s make 2017 the greatest year yet!

I was just on the Today Show site looking for info about Louis and Steve’s upcoming performance, and it looks like the NYC studio will be closed on Friday as the show is going to be broadcast from DC that day. So my guess is their performance will be prerecorded from an LA/Vegas event.

it’s extremely weird to think about how i’ll be turning 25 this year and that i’ve been on this website since i was 18……. my blog is 7 years old already what is this

why am i getting so old why is time going by so fast wHY IS IT THAT I’M ONLY 5 YEARS AWAY FROM TURNING 30?????


HYUNGIM going for a ride and drink

No, no action at all (✿◡‿◡)


“I never knew that love had a sound, until I heard you laugh.” Since you got scouted at age 17, you probably haven’t had the time to spend your birthday back in L.A. despite this, I hope wherever you are, you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you. Even if we are unable to meet one day, the fact that you and I exist under the same sky is enough for me. Instead of making a graphic, I decided to gif clips of your laugh/smile, because all I want for your birthday is your happiness. Thank you for working hard for us~ Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, Joshua Hong ♡ #가장_위험한_세븐틴_교회오빠_탄신일

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//OH FUCK WE DID IT GUYS I’M SO DAMN HAPPY AHH IM GONNA CRY (just look at the stick figure and boom ya got my expression rn) THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AHHH ;v;