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what is the significance of Jon Snow being the 998th lord commander? it's not quite #1000, it's not even #999 (which is THE number that's significant for.. not being #1000). why even explicitly name him as being 998 in the books, if the number doesn't mean anything?

I think it shows that Jon’s ultimate narrative destiny is not at the Night’s Watch. His time there is an important part of his story (understatement!), but staying there is not for him.

Lord Commander #999 will probably be from the mutineers.

The numbering is significant for a character who will end up in the Night’s Watch as their endgame. They get the significant #1000th LC of the Night’s Watch numbering. Some think this will be Stannis; I tend to think Jaime.

Pd101 Trainees as your friends in group chat

Seonho : shares food picture at 1am and makes everyone hungry

Guanlin : never shows up unless you mention his name

Choi Minki : haVE YOu guys heard the *western singers name*’s new song itS LIT

Jonghyun : always whishes goodnight to everyone

Hwang Minhyun : the one who always shares crime news and tells everyone to be careful

Dongho : actually reads everything but doesnt talk much

Daehwi : guYS the ice in the poles are melting and poLAR BEARS are dying, WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING

Samuel : the clueless one “wait we were talking about chicken all this time ?”

Jisung : sends memes at 3am

Ong Seongwoo : everytime he appears, the group chat will end up at 999+ notifications

Jaehwan : sends voice note of his laugh

Park Woojin : somehow always manages to send his messeges to the wrong chat room

Hyunbin : never seen in the group chat after 9pm

Jinyoung : suddenly leaves the group, making everyone shook, but actually accidentally pressed the wrong button

Daniel : the one that tries his best to respond when everyone is speechless

Sungwoon : keeps all the important screenshoots for blackmailing purposes(as joke)

Sewoon : lots of typos and doesnt bother to make the correction

Hyungseob : changes his name and profile picture exactly the same as someone in the group chat and confuses people

Jihoon : sends picture of cute animals every hour

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Prompt- Lily is on her period and James is sort of uncomfortable with the whole menstruating thing but eventually is really cool and supportive.

  • “oh my god, are you dying?”
  • james finds lily on the floor in the bathroom, covered in sweat and in a loose baggy t-shirt which he realises with a start is his
  • out of respect james hurries out before lily can scream at him
  • he takes out his phone and is ready to diall 999 and call for an ambulence because lily is literally the strongest person he knows and something must be very wrong with her to be in that sort of condition 
  • she looks like hell when she finally comes out. white, ghoulish skin, prominent eye-bags and chapped lips that could do with thousands of sweet, toe-curling kisses
  • and yet she’s still the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and he still gets those damn butterflies every time
  • “do you need me to call 999?” 
  • she’s staggering to the kitchen like she’s an 85 year old pensioner who forgot her walking stick. she’s mumbling something, her cheeks a little flushed as she sits down on a chair. something like ‘eve’s in the house’
  • he knows no one called eve
  • “i’m sorry, i didn’t catch that.”
  • “pardon?”
  • “lily, babe you really need to speak up a bit-”
  • “……..oh.”
  • he has no idea what to do
  • lily is obviously in a lot of pain, that much is certain; she’s just sat in a chair, going ‘bugger’ and swearing like there’s no tomorrow
  • he’s super uncomfortable because well, when he was younger he once found his mum’s tampons and lets just say when she came home they both had a humiliating and mortifying conversation 
  • he’s never had any experience (can he even call it that?) about women and their periods. what is he supposed to do?
  • but then he remembers when lily looked after him two months ago. he had the worst flu ever, was stuck in bed for 2 days, was sweaty, had a runny nose, he lost his voice and ached all over 
  • but lily was there literally through it all. she was there, to listen to him say ‘babe, if i die please dont forget to eat that tuna in the fridge because it’s been in there for two days and it’ll go off’ only for her to snort, chuckle and say that she’d nurse him back to health. and she did. 
  • so now it’s not just that he’s obligated to do the same, but, heck, she’s the love of his life
  • that’s how he ends up in tesco 20 minutes later. staring, half traumatised, at sanitary towels. 
  • does she want ?normal? or those beasts which say ultra night 100% protection? he buys both. and gets neurofen express period pain, buys a bag of maltesers and the newest cosmopolitan magazine
  • the cashier is a middle aged woman and she beams at him when it’s his turn. 
  • ‘your wife is lucky to have you. what a wonderful gentleman.’ 
  • his hand cluctches the small box inside his coat pocket almost insantaneously. he gives it a tight squeeze before smiling and hurrying back to lily’s
  • she’s on the sofa now and as soon as he gets in he rushes to the kitchen and is making her a tea before she can even ask
  • “can i have a sugar though this time, please?”
  • he doesnt even bat an eyelid when he asks how many and she says, oh so casually, “three…. and a half
  • he runs her a hot bath, puts the items on the floor and sits, twiddling his thumbs. he holds the box as he waits, maybe he’ll have to ask her another time… but as soon as he hears the bathroom door open he hides it
  • “you okay?” 
  • he sits with his arms around her, stroking her soft hair and feeding her maltesers as they sit through episode after episode of friends. 
  • she apologises and he says she has nothing to be sorry for. being there for her is the only thing he wants to do
  • she smiles. he smiles. she says she feels a little bit better now, but he still insists on making the next three rounds of tea
  • that’s when he hears her voice ring through the living room and into the kitchen
  • “james… what’s in this box?”

Robron December 2017

December 18th 2017

Gifs by @aarondingel

Fanfic by @thesnowyswan  //  thesnowyswan on AO3

T, 10,956 words

Read on AO3 here

Summary: An accident on Christmas Eve sends Robert on a well overdue journey to get right with himself.

Warnings for biphobia, internalised biphobia, violence towards a minor and underaged drinking.

Author acknowledgements: ‘cause I have to thank Haley and Mal for the literal babysitting they had to do for this to even get finished. Thank you for always supporting me.

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ZE Aesthetics » Snake

The light can easily turn people into cowards. From time to time, a life in darkness can give you courage.

Three Black Words

Description: Dan and Phil were each about to turn eighteen and get their soulmate tattoo, revealing to them the first words they’d hear their soulmate say. Phil was a bit concerned, considering he couldn’t hear at all. Dan stopped caring long ago. When the two bumped into each other and caused chaos on the streets of London, both their mindsets changed forever.

Fic Masterlist!

Genre: Soulmate AU, Angst, Fluff 

Warnings: Mentions of murder and depression/cutting, blood/blood triggers

Word Count: 2006

A/N: I’m mostly sticking to the prompt above, but I’ve got my own idea to replace the suggestion. :) (Please come back elephant anon I need some more good prompts) Also, I don’t usually do time skips, but I think it fits best here, so enjoy the crappy style! P.S. (as if this A/N isn’t long enough) I’m sure I don’t do justice to deafness and muteness in this, and I’m really sorry for that. I’m just not quite sure how to portray it. :( 

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Cuddling with >< would includee: :) (I can’t wait)


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•pretends he doesn’t love it but he so does

•sleeping in eachother’s arms, your forehead to his chest and resting on his shoulder

•him being the big spoon sometimes and secretly loving being the little spoon

•smiling to himself as you cuddle him thinking about how happy and lucky he is that he has you

•running your hands through his hair, purposely making it even messier than it already was (much to his distress and love)

•glasses askew •he’s so cute


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•his arms around you cONSTANTLY

•he can’t sleep without touching you in some way •he’s so wARM

•having to try and laughingly and lovingly escape from his lazy ass body in the mornings

•him waking up as you do so groaning and try’s to pull you back into his sleepy embrace

•99.999% of the time you always give in

•who needs work when you have Ron cuddles


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•merlin’s beard

•playing with your hair •playing with his hair

•stroking your face softly


•quiet conversations murmered to eachother •whispered I love you’s

•he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you

•be so careful with you and treat you like a frjdidbsiing princess

•kisses every 5 seconds •ahhhh

•he smells aMAZING


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•the frijsudbsiing cuddliest little shit around

•oh I want to ahh •hed be so warm

•and spoon you so amazingly

•and nuzzle his head into your neck *squeal of delight*

•he’d keep telling you he loves you in between the amazing kisses and ahh

•and random tickles with cute laughs and smug grins

•and so many kisses •just everywhere

•all over your body •he’d make you laugh sm ugh I love him!!

•he’d just sprinkle you with kisses

•and cute grins

•and did I mention kisses??

•he’s just so cute



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•oh it would be so good

•and the spooning

•I feel like he’d be such a neck kisser

•and pepper you with sensual kisses everywhere

•and play with your damn hair

•and never want you to leave his presence and stay attached to him forever

•Fred would always catch you cuddling and say he’s so much better at it hehe


•his touch would just be so amazing

•head resting on his chesttt

•man I’m getting way too into this


•he’s just such a cute cinnamon roll

•he’d be so gentle •and give the softest kisses

•I feel like Eskimo kisses are such a thing with you both ahhh

•he’d touch and look at you like you were the most precious things omygod

•but try to hide it a bit (and failing cutelyyyyy:))

•he’d blush all the time and have small smiles whilst he’s shy and a little embarrased ahhh

•you’d always hold hands •you’d love him so much


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•merlin I love this boy

•he would touch and look at you like you were a goddess

•he would hold you so so close and you’d feel so amazinggg

•like his hold would just be oh godric

•he would smell so gooddd

•another not letting you get up typa guy ;))

•he would smirk so muchhhhh


•often this cuddling may lead to other particular things ;))

•but siriusly •ahhh


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(This gif is so cute ahh)

•so gentle, so so gentle •perfection

•he’d always tell you he loves you

•hold you so close as if he were scared you’d disappear

•ugh I love him so much •neck nuzzlerrrr!!

•you’d kiss his scars ahhh and make him feel amazing •he’d bring you hot chocolate and tea and make you laugh ahhh

•and you’d just snuggle into eachother so muchhh


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•neck nuzzlingg mannnnnn

•cute ass bed hair •his scent ahhh

•why do I think his skin would be so soft

•big spoonnnnnn


•legs tangled togetherrrrr!!

•holding hands while cuddling

•so warmmmmm

•head resting on his chest

•TIRED GRIN •nothing else needs to be said :)))