hi is that 999

Pd101 Trainees as your friends in group chat

Seonho : shares food picture at 1am and makes everyone hungry

Guanlin : never shows up unless you mention his name

Choi Minki : haVE YOu guys heard the *western singers name*’s new song itS LIT

Jonghyun : always whishes goodnight to everyone

Hwang Minhyun : the one who always shares crime news and tells everyone to be careful

Dongho : actually reads everything but doesnt talk much

Daehwi : guYS the ice in the poles are melting and poLAR BEARS are dying, WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING

Samuel : the clueless one “wait we were talking about chicken all this time ?”

Jisung : sends memes at 3am

Ong Seongwoo : everytime he appears, the group chat will end up at 999+ notifications

Jaehwan : sends voice note of his laugh

Park Woojin : somehow always manages to send his messeges to the wrong chat room

Hyunbin : never seen in the group chat after 9pm

Jinyoung : suddenly leaves the group, making everyone shook, but actually accidentally pressed the wrong button

Daniel : the one that tries his best to respond when everyone is speechless

Sungwoon : keeps all the important screenshoots for blackmailing purposes(as joke)

Sewoon : lots of typos and doesnt bother to make the correction

Hyungseob : changes his name and profile picture exactly the same as someone in the group chat and confuses people

Jihoon : sends picture of cute animals every hour

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Prompt- Lily is on her period and James is sort of uncomfortable with the whole menstruating thing but eventually is really cool and supportive.

  • “oh my god, are you dying?”
  • james finds lily on the floor in the bathroom, covered in sweat and in a loose baggy t-shirt which he realises with a start is his
  • out of respect james hurries out before lily can scream at him
  • he takes out his phone and is ready to diall 999 and call for an ambulence because lily is literally the strongest person he knows and something must be very wrong with her to be in that sort of condition 
  • she looks like hell when she finally comes out. white, ghoulish skin, prominent eye-bags and chapped lips that could do with thousands of sweet, toe-curling kisses
  • and yet she’s still the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and he still gets those damn butterflies every time
  • “do you need me to call 999?” 
  • she’s staggering to the kitchen like she’s an 85 year old pensioner who forgot her walking stick. she’s mumbling something, her cheeks a little flushed as she sits down on a chair. something like ‘eve’s in the house’
  • he knows no one called eve
  • “i’m sorry, i didn’t catch that.”
  • “pardon?”
  • “lily, babe you really need to speak up a bit-”
  • “……..oh.”
  • he has no idea what to do
  • lily is obviously in a lot of pain, that much is certain; she’s just sat in a chair, going ‘bugger’ and swearing like there’s no tomorrow
  • he’s super uncomfortable because well, when he was younger he once found his mum’s tampons and lets just say when she came home they both had a humiliating and mortifying conversation 
  • he’s never had any experience (can he even call it that?) about women and their periods. what is he supposed to do?
  • but then he remembers when lily looked after him two months ago. he had the worst flu ever, was stuck in bed for 2 days, was sweaty, had a runny nose, he lost his voice and ached all over 
  • but lily was there literally through it all. she was there, to listen to him say ‘babe, if i die please dont forget to eat that tuna in the fridge because it’s been in there for two days and it’ll go off’ only for her to snort, chuckle and say that she’d nurse him back to health. and she did. 
  • so now it’s not just that he’s obligated to do the same, but, heck, she’s the love of his life
  • that’s how he ends up in tesco 20 minutes later. staring, half traumatised, at sanitary towels. 
  • does she want ?normal? or those beasts which say ultra night 100% protection? he buys both. and gets neurofen express period pain, buys a bag of maltesers and the newest cosmopolitan magazine
  • the cashier is a middle aged woman and she beams at him when it’s his turn. 
  • ‘your wife is lucky to have you. what a wonderful gentleman.’ 
  • his hand cluctches the small box inside his coat pocket almost insantaneously. he gives it a tight squeeze before smiling and hurrying back to lily’s
  • she’s on the sofa now and as soon as he gets in he rushes to the kitchen and is making her a tea before she can even ask
  • “can i have a sugar though this time, please?”
  • he doesnt even bat an eyelid when he asks how many and she says, oh so casually, “three…. and a half
  • he runs her a hot bath, puts the items on the floor and sits, twiddling his thumbs. he holds the box as he waits, maybe he’ll have to ask her another time… but as soon as he hears the bathroom door open he hides it
  • “you okay?” 
  • he sits with his arms around her, stroking her soft hair and feeding her maltesers as they sit through episode after episode of friends. 
  • she apologises and he says she has nothing to be sorry for. being there for her is the only thing he wants to do
  • she smiles. he smiles. she says she feels a little bit better now, but he still insists on making the next three rounds of tea
  • that’s when he hears her voice ring through the living room and into the kitchen
  • “james… what’s in this box?”
Kiss, Kill, or Marry

I was given the prompt of using the phrases “Right now, I don’t know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge.    Can I pick?” by @anoutlandishidea. I hope you like it!

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Claire Beauchamp was well known in her Advanced Higher program for several things. One was her impeccable promptness. Another was her intense need to get a higher mark than her classmates. Those two facts never surprised people, seeing as she was the only child of professors with multiple Ph.Ds. The one thing she was absolutely shite at was her ability to work well with others. Full stop. She was horrible when forced to participate in group projects. It was in part because she had little control in the situation, which made the back of her head buzz with annoyance. After much deliberation she had, however, concluded it was because she could do a much better job on her own. Unfortunately her psychology professor had refused to listen to her strongly worded persuasive essay.

“Professor, I have nothing against Angus Mhor, Rupert MacKenzie, or James Fraser,” Claire asserted,”It’s just that I fail to see the necessity of a team building project if I’m going to be a forensic pathologist.”

“Miss Beauchamp, what you will fail to ‘get’ is a passing grade.” she snapped. “If you refuse to participate in this assignment you will fail my course. You have the school email address for the other two in your group and I expect you to contact them before our next class.”

“Bu-bu-but ma’am!” Claire spluttered. ”I’ve had a flawless transcript since, since, well, forever and my scholarships for postgraduate studies depend on exceptionally high marks!”

“It would seem the answer is simple, then. Isn’t it?”


Jamie, Rupert, and Jamie sat in the school canteen, laughing loudly as they shoveled food in their mouths unaware of what was happening across campus. The cousins had been thick as thieves since they were young, usually up to something mischievous. The main problem was that all three were much cleverer than most people expected - Angus, the one who always had some sort of injury. Rupert, chubby boy with mussed hair and charity shop clothes. Last, but not least, there was Jamie, the brash laird’s son. A simultaneous beep from their mobiles interrupted a daily discussion on the best in the camanachd Premier League.

“Pardon me!” Angus said between belches. “Wait. Why did my arse vibrate?”

Rupert sighed loudly and Jamie clapped his smaller cousin on the back.

“A Dhia! How did you get the highest score on your SQC?” Jamie groaned. “Most of the time you’re dumber than the bawbag you came from!”

Angus folded his arms with a huff.

“You asked me if chili was cold because it sounded like c-h-i-l-l-y. You get Rickrolled by me at least once a week. You put a jumper on your Mam’s laptop because she told you it had a virus. The best had to be when you heard that if you put your mobile in a microwave it would boost the memory.” Rupert recalled. “Shall I continue?”

Jamie turned his attention to his phone. He scrolled through his texts, several from his sister, reminding him it was his nephew’s birthday the following weekend and multiple ideas for gifts. When his phone vibrated again, he remembered the reason he had opened his mobile in the first place - the email they received.

“Never mind that!” Jamie interjected.”We got an email from that Claire Beauchamp! I can’t believe she’s not trying to weasel out of the assignment!”

“Blasphemy!” Rupert and Angus said in unison. They covered each other’s ears as their excessively aghast faces made some girls at a nearby table burst into giggles.

“Jesus, Mary, and Bride!” Angus prattled to himself. “That has to be a sign of the apocalypse. War, pestilence, famine, and that Sassenach doing a project that she can’t be in complete control over!”

“Death. You’re thinking of death.”

“There’s a difference?”


After several emails between them all, a time and place was set to talk over how to set their scene perfectly. Since it would be on stage at the fine arts auditorium they decided to check out the venue after a student performance. They all brought notes,as well as pens to take notes, and their syllabus to read the detailed requirements for what was expected.

The task set before the quartet was not an easy one. They were challenged to set up a crime scene, with the assisting makeup skills of the theatre and multimedia departments, to stump everyone else.

“I’ve drawn up a plan and chatted with the special effects assistants we’ve been given.” Claire said. “They should be here any minute now.”

All three boys groaned loudly then voiced their opposition to her self-nominated captaincy.

“This isn’t your show Your Ladyship!” Jamie barked. “This affects all of us, so all of us will give our input.”

Rupert scowled at Claire who immediately returned the same look. “We’ve already come up with a winning scenario that no one will be able suss out.” he asserted. “Just listen to Angus. And be glad he uses his powers for good.”

For once in a blue moon, Claire did as she was instructed without any snarky reply, just a simple nod. She had seen for herself in class that Angus was well read  and only spoke when he knew he could add to the discussion, usually to correct a previous erroneous statement. His emphasis on only proven facts earned her respect more than once so this time she’d expect the same.

As Angus finished his explanation he smiled to see Claire’s amazed visage. “I see you approve of my machinations.” he added. “So do I get the golden buzzer?”

Since words were unreachable, she simply nodded again.

This time the cousins cheered at her response.


Over the next two weeks they spent dozens of hours on the best way to set up their tableau. In the beginning, Jamie and Claire had struggled for control over the situation. Then,after a draw in an arm wrestling tournament, they concluded that sharing was the better option since they all had individual strengths. They had even started to spend time together outside of their school assignment which confused Angus to no end.

Their allotted time sped by and it was finally their turn to present the assignment.

Everything had been discussed down to the smallest detail and gone over with four sets of eyes with a fine tooth comb. It was foolproof!

They set their scene on the stage with a made up Jamie as the body, and waited for questions from their peers milling around the stage.

“Nothing like a real life game of Cluedo, right Your Ladyship?” Angus whispered to Claire. He knew full well she despised but it made him giggle when she turned scarlet at its mention.

“I’m so glad that nickname stuck, aren’t you Fraser? Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!” she hissed.

Jamie coughed as he struggled to hold back his laughter.

“He’s in a library so he got stung by a wasp. They live in old wooden buildings and eat paper.  Anaphylactic shock. Too easy!”

“You’re warm.” Rupert replied.

More guesses were heard, inquiring attempts made, but none had the exact answered. At the thirty minute mark a perfect score looked obtainable until Jamie stood up and promptly fainted as a coughing fit left him gasping for breath.

Claire’s scream echoed through as she ran to his side. “Call 999!”


As soon as he was allowed visitors, Angus, Rupert and Claire arrived with grapes and the results of their assessment. He looked ashen but grinned widely when he saw them.

“Give me the bad news first.” Jamie asked. “Let’s get that over with first.”

“I hate to tell you cousin, but you’re still a left handed ginger.” Rupert said solemnly. “They say it’s a terminal case.”

Jamie laughed. “Thank you, Rupe. What did we get? Please tell me anaphylactic shock was worth at least a ninety five.”

“Right now, I don’t know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge, Jamie Fraser!” Claire howled. She smacked his arm as she glowered at him.

“Can I pick?”

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Bts reaction when their s/o passing out

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR QUESTION AND WE ARE SOO SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY!!! We have both been very busy and just haven’t had enough time to answer questions in our inbox x.

As we are only 3 members for reactions, I will choose 3 members for you randomly.

Your 3 members arreee……NAMJOON, MIN YOON GI AND TAEHYUNG

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First he would probably poke you, to see if you are joking around. He would then start lauging and strat saying ‘Okay babe the joke is oer, you can sit up now, you got me’ He will then see you are not responding and…that…is…when…the..pANIC…STARTS…SETTING…IN!!!!!!!!

HE FRANTICLY LOOKS FOR WATER WHILE LOOKING FOR HIS PHONE AS WELL. HE STARTS DIALLING 999 (because i live in the Uk) and starts splashing water in your face and starts hitting your face. He starts panicking a lot. You then finally wake up and he hugs you tightly and whispers ‘Please don’t scare me like that again…please don’t’ and he starts to weep

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NAMJOON/ ‘You got no jams’ man

He takes the situation very seriously as he never takes stuff like this as a joke and tries to stay calm but can’t. He looks for his phone calls the ambulance and carries you to the closest place for you to lie down comfortably. He starts praying and hoping that uou would wake up but at the same time shaking you and repeatedly calling the ambulance becasue he is starting to get impatiant. You finally wake up from your ‘passing out’ and he steps back takes a deep breathe, screams YEEEEEESSSSS and then lunges himself at you becuase he is sooo happy you’re awake again. 

‘If you ever do that again, I’m going to have to keep you cuffed at home so you can never fall ill. Wait that would probably make you want to pass out even more. Oh well, lets go have some chicken to make you feel better :)’

He was soo worried ABOUT YOU MAN

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When you fall down and pass out, he falls down with you and starts lauging. He thinks you two are roll playing again. He wants you to be the doctor and for you to treat him, but little does he know that yu have actually just passed out. He starts noticing that you are not responding back to him. He turns around to you and starts tugging on your arms. He starts to Panic and then he starts breathing heavily. ‘Babe, babe, babe…babe…babe…BaaBBBBBeeeeEEEEE!!!!!’ He is really worried now and wants you to ‘stop playing around’ He has no idea what has actually happened. He stands up, takes a step back and starts screaming for help, he falls onto his knees and starts calling out your name ‘Y/N, baby, wake up, *kisses forehead multiple times* ‘Baby Y/N, please wake up, don’t scare me’ He then finally calls the ambulance, you then wake up and he hugs you soooooOOOOOO tightly that you feel you’re about to pass out again. He steps back ‘sorrrryyyy’ But then comes back for another hug and kisses your face. Like every part of your face. 

‘Please don’t do that to me ever again. I can’t lose you. You are tooooOOOOO special to me’

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ZE Aesthetics » Snake

The light can easily turn people into cowards. From time to time, a life in darkness can give you courage.


Boy’s ceremonial kimono. Meiji period (1868-1911), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A plain silk miyamairi kimono used for christening a baby boy at a Shinto ceremony, featuring yuzen and painting depictions of the famous folktale battle scene of Gojo Bridge. The Gojo Bridge folktale painted on this kimono involves two beloved historical figures that have been turned into legends. The first of the two historical figures was Benkei, a Japanese warrior monk (sohei) who left the Buddhist monastery and became a ‘yamabushi’, a member of a sect of mountain ascetics who were recognizable by their black caps. The second figure is Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a son of the warlord Minamoto no Yoshitomo. As depicted on this kimono, Benkei posted himself at Gojō Bridge in Kyoto, where he disarmed every passing swordsman, eventually collecting 999 swords. On his 1000th duel, Benkei was defeated by Minamoto no Yoshitsune – thereafter, he became a retainer of Yoshitsune. Benkei is painted in detail on this miyamairi kimono, while Minamoto no Yoshitsune is represented merely by a sword – a clever way to highlight Benkei and simplify the image. This legend is very suitable for a boy’s kimono - parents would want their boy to grow up to be as brave and noble as these two famous legends. The painting is very detailed relative to most miyamairi kimonos: the river waves, the bridge, and especially the carefully-rendered bamboo grass and flower motifs on Benkei’s kimono and hakama are wonderfully executed.

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I saw a documentary recently, in which they said, Iceland became Christian basically because Denmark became Christian and imprisoned every Iceland not der on it's soil, sending an ultimatum to Iceland, that they would execute them, if Iceland wouldn't convert. A heathen law man, respected by Christians and Heathens alike, was in the end asked to decide. After some days he decided that Iceland should become Christian by name but in private every Icelander was free to do whatever. Can you confirm?

Sæl vinur,
(Hello friend,)

For the most part, yes, but also not exactly, because we should add a dash of ‘it’s complicated’ just to be safe. Allow me to briefly retell the story:

All of the parts are correct, but the interpretation of all those parts together is up for some debate. After all, documentaries are not exempt from having a bias, and not in the sense of having an agenda, but just because it is simply human nature to have certain inclinations. I suppose it is better to say that the documentary may have made some claims or assumptions that could be seen from various perspectives, and every interpretation is but one perspective out of many. I am finding myself being carried away in a moment of philosophical contemplation, so I digress (my apologies, but, in my defense, those are things we ought to think and talk about).

Anyway, Iceland was indeed pressured by Norway and not exactly Denmark. To be more specific, though, it was King Olaf Tryggvason who truly pressured the Icelanders, especially after his missionary, Thangbrand, returned from there with little success in 999.(1.) After this, the king not only imprisoned Icelanders as hostages (not a ton, mind you), but he also closed off Norwegian ports to Icelandic merchants.(2.) Now this was a big deal. Iceland was an island, after all, which meant that many goods needed to be imported. I would argue that it was not only the pressure from executing hostages that placed an ‘ultimatum’ on Iceland, but the economic strangling that King Olaf placed around their necks.

Yet, there were hostages, and they were the often the “sons and daughters of prominent Icelandic pagans.”(3.) Furthermore, King Olaf did threaten to “maim or kill [them] unless Iceland accepted Christianity.”(4.) Yet, this, as I mentioned above, was not the only force creating pressure. Believe it or not, there were already Christian Icelanders, some of which were fairly prominent, too.(5.) Why would they need to care about someone else’s family members? Unless they had some sort of bonds through kinship, they didn’t. 

There was something else on the line here, though. An aspect of Iceland’s foreign policy was to maintain a good relationship with Norway for two reasons: family and economic ties.(6.) Many Icelanders, whether pagan or Christian, had family in Norway, and therefore would prosper from continued positive relations. Furthermore, as already mentioned, Norway was Iceland’s major trading partner, and a falling through would be devastating on the economic front.

As for the “heathen law man,” his name was Thorgeir Thorkelsson, a chieftain (goði) from the farm of Ljósavatn in the Northern Quarter.(7) Most of what the documentary seems to have said pans out to be true, although his motives are, you guessed it, up for debate. Various accounts do agree, though, that he was indeed the Lawspeaker to make this decision.(8.) Here is an account from Njal’s Saga:

“Thorgeir lay for a whole day with a cloak spread over his head, and no one spoke to him. The next day people went to the Law Rock; Thorgeir asked for silence and spoke: ‘It appears to me that our affairs will be hopeless if we don’t all have the same law, for if the law is split then peace will be split, and we can’t live with that. Now I want to ask the heathens and the Christians whether they are willing to accept the law that I proclaim.’” 

They all assented to this. Thorgeir said that he wanted oaths from them and pledges that they would stick by them. They assented to this, and he took pledges from them.

‘This will be the foundation of our law,’ he said, ‘that all men in this land are to be Christians and believe in one God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and give up all worship of false idols, the exposure of children, and the eating of horse meat. Three years’ outlawry will be the penalty for open violations, but if these things are practiced in secret, there shall be no punishment.’

All of these heathen practices were forbidden a few years later, so that they could neither be practiced openly nor in secret.” (9.)

He was indeed a heathen, and he did, as illustrated above, for some unknown reason, deem that Iceland should adopt Christianity. It is also true that heathen practices were allowed afterwards, but not indefinitely. In Ari Thorgeirsson’s Íslendingabók, he says this about what happened afterwards:

“And he (Thorgeir Thorkelsson) brought his speech to a close in such a way that both sides agreed that everyone should have the same law, the one he decided to proclaim. It was then proclaimed in the laws that all people should be Christian, and that those in this country who had not yet been baptised should receive baptism; but the old laws should stand as regards the exposure of children and the eating of horse-flesh. People had the right to sacrifice in secret, if they wished, but it would be punishable by the lesser outlawry if witnesses were produced. And a few years later, these heathen provisions were abolished, like the others.” (10.)

So, given that account, people were “free to do whatever,” but only during this period of transition. Now, we may enter the realm of reasonable probability, but that, of course, comes with its limitations. Still, we can assume that it was quite possible that people still remained heathen for quite some time, yet this would have been difficult, mainly due to social pressures. It may have been more likely that some families retained their heathen traditions in somewhat of a hybrid religious state, in which they worshipped both Christ and the old gods. This was actually not unheard of. In Landnámabók, the Icelandic Book of Settlements, a man named Helgi the Lean is described as such:

“Helgi’s faith was very much mixed: he believed in Christ but invoked Thor when it came to voyages and difficult times.” (11.)

My final judgement is to say that this documentary was correct, of course, but not an ‘absolute truth’ on the matter. Besides there not being such a thing as an ‘absolute truth’, especially in regards to history, the documentary only provided one telling of a complicated tale; there were quite a few complications likely not discussed in the documentary. 

After all, there was more going on behind the scenes back when King Olaf was taking hostages. Furthermore, although Thorgeir allowed heathens to continue practice, this was only a temporary condition. Yet, even so, we do not truly know the reality that was in place. All we have are generalized accounts that tell us the ideal or legal standpoints. Let us not forget, either, that these very sources were written by the ‘winning’ party. As I said when I began this post, we all have a bias, whether we like it or not. There is no shame in this, but it must be known to properly handle the sources that we are given.

My advice, then, is to understand that documentaries, and even many works of academia, often only grant you one version of the story. Even the version I have told above leaves out certain details that honestly need consideration. Still, the documentary was not wrong, but there are always many levels of intricacy that truly need consideration before we can fully understand any given situation. 

Anyway, I truly am grateful that you asked this question. It was a pleasure to respond to it, and I do hope that you and many other prospers from my insights.

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With kindness and respect,)


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