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In case you don’t know, I’m part of a fan group that organizes geek culture (mostly harry potter related) events in our town and we were invited by a big bookstore to create something to celebrate nerd pride day and I worked in the direction of the event (I’m usually just a minor part of the staaff and talk on pannels) but I asked for a short, smaller pannel on Mahou Shoujo and even though the leader was skeptical, he likes me and gave it to me and I made the gifts myself and I prepared and it was a huge hit? It had a LINE to get in??? It was a smaller pannel on the outside of the library but people went there specially and my credentials were special and had Sailor Uranus on it and I’m so extra, the cards to allow you into the pannel were little clow cards called “the invite” and had numbers on it and I made stickers and MOON STICKERS FOR PEOPLE TO GLUE ON THEIR FOREHEADS and I made a Princess Serenity print and mahou shoujo themed stickers and Sailor V masks for people I ALSO CUT BY HAND MYSELF.

And when I say I’m extra, I mean I’m SO extra that I gave the other pannelist toasts so we could walk into the pannel while eating toast like magical girls late for school and everyone laughed and got it and it was SO GREAT.

People actually complained about it being short and small and they wanted more and I told them to go to my boss and when I told him I wanted to do a bigger event centered on female heroes, shoujo and mahou shoujo manga, female authors and all female culture for the next International Women’s Day he was like “wow let’s do that”.

No, srsly, imagine a a woman’s day event that is not about getting roses or pink stuff for a change.

My gift bags also had little sakura petals I cut out of paper myself. I’m so proud of how it all turned out.  So many people on the bookstore were wearing moons on their foreheads, it was so sweet. 

  • Me: Tomorrow night, to celebrate our relationship's 8th month, I want you to get the camera and the tripod. We are getting wild.
  • My bf: Ok, great, it's a plan.
  • What you think we are talking about: sex tape
  • What we are actually planning: Pictures dressed up as Tulio and Miguel from the motion picture Road to El Dorado

You know a subject I never find good songs about? The friendzone. But not as in “I’ve been put in the friendzone”, there are tons of those (usually by male artists who’d ever guess). I mean, like, women singing about the men who say have been put there by them. I want songs about how you love someone’s friendship and then they call you shitty for not sleeping with them, I want angry songs about guys who go around telling people they’ve been put on the friendzone when, for starters, you didn’t even know his name. I want sad melodies about how men get to be put in the friendzone and we have to think we are too ugly, too thin, too fat, too unworthy. 

I want women to let the world know just how much it sucks to have people stop talking to you and start calling you names just cause you weren’t attracted to them. I want thousands of songs about this. I want catchy pop tunes and angry punk anthems and I want the lyrics to be stuck on everyone’s head because this is a feeling every woman in the world can relate to. 

My mom is a marine biologist and the other day we were shopping and got to the toy aisle where there were some toy dinossaurs and she was like

“I can never remember which ones were real. Dinossaurs or dragons.”