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In honour of Liberation Day in the Netherlands, let me tell you something about Willem Arondeus, homosexual activist, anti-fascist artist and writer and member of the Dutch Resistance during the occupation of Nazi Germany.

During the early Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Willem realised that the demand by the Nazis that all Jewish people register with local authories was not, as the Nazis claimed, for their own safety, but to deport them to concentration camps. 

Willem was one of the first to join the Dutch Resistance and together with numerous other artists, he created an illegal periodical that called for mass resistance against the German occupation.

As a member of the Resistance Council – which also included other openly gay members – he put his artistic skills to use by forging tons of identity papers and recruiting new members. In March 1943, Willem led a group in bombing the Amsterdam Public Records Office in order to hinder the Nazis.

Willem dressed as a Nazi Army captain and with the group, he disabled the guards by drugging them and positioned the explosives, destroying thousands of files.

Within a week after the bombing, he and the other members were arrested and sentenced to death after a short trial. On July 1st 1942, Willem was executed. Shortly before his execution, however, he told his lawyer the following:

‘’Tell the people that homosexuals are not cowards.’’

In 1945, after the Dutch Liberation by the Allied forces, Willem was awarded a posthumous medal by the Dutch government and was reburied in a honorary cemetry.

lmao can we please stop with the “adam fell in love with ronan therefore he no longer wants to leave the state and get everything he’s always wanted” let adam have what he wants he deserves it and he’s allowed to have it and just because he’s in love and happy doesn’t mean he doesn’t want those things anymore or doesn’t need them

Happy Birthday *throws confetti* ILU~ you’re the best owl ever.

I seem to have a talent for being just a tad bit late with my birthday pictures. (that does not at all imply that I completely forgot it was Bo’s birthday until I saw @franeridart‘s post on my dash… ゞ◎Д◎ヾ )

The Mac Tirs + Ferelden
The name "Mac Tir" means "son of the land."
It was bestowed upon Loghain by King Maric after the Battle
of River Dane.
The Fereldan people considered the name highly appropriate:
to them, Teyrn Loghain was a son of the entire nation,
and he was famously said to have told a crowd
that Ferelden would forever be "part of his blood"

—Tch, what a flirt!

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me, watching the entire fandom infantilize jyushi and fuck up his entire character

Baby Munakata: “Boy, getting into Hope’s Peak Academy is the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope I make lots of LARGE CHESTED friends–”


In a frankly surprising turn of events, helix’s ideal biking speed is just shy of taking flight, and Emma is a slow and steady leisurely trot kind of dog.


JCW - for “Hallyu Pia”, Japanese Magazine [x]


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To the one who has the brightest smile, weirdest funniest jokes ever, happy happy birthday Moon Angel!!! I love you to the moon sun and back multiplied by a million times. Keep smiling and shining, Jongup! #ForeverWithMoon