hi i'm new to homestuck

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Hi, new Homestuck reader here (I'm at the beginning of act 6, so no spoiler please) and I've been wondering why the fandom is (or was, at this point) so hated by everyone, since now it's kinda dead/asleep, so no one actually complains about it. Because you know, it's strange reading something that had such a bad fame not so long ago, and seeing no reason to it, since nobody talks about it anymore.

It’s the rise and fall of fandom drama honestly. Anything that’s big is “the worst ever” and “has a horrible fandom” ect ect. Like… I’ve been in fandom for 10 years and the cosplay scene for 8. I can promise you anytime anything gets big, it has haters. Was there some terrible stuff in Homestuck? Yeah. Was there some people who were obnoxious or otherwise mean? Of course! But no much more so than any other fandom of it’s caliber.

I wrote a post a while ago about this but basically imagine 1% of a fandom is irredeemable shit people who bully and hurt and are terrible for the sake of terribleness. Well in a small fandom of 100, that’s just 1 rando. Homestuck had, at it’s peak, over 5 million fans. That’s 50,000 assholes??? And that’s a lot of assholes.

Basically, it’s about perspective. Homestuck was never worse than any other fandom because people share fandoms! There are just shitty people lol.

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Hi, I'm new to the whole homestuck thing. Should I start reading homestuck, all my friends say no but it looks interesting.

Do your friends read homestuck? If yes, I can assure you they are saying no in a joking fashion and you should read homestuck. If no, don’t listen to them, they haven’t read homestuck, they don’t know what the jazz is all about, you should read homestuck.